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									                                                           Planning Commission
                                                                    Staff Report
                                                                       October 26, 2005
                                                                               Item 6.e.

SUBJECT:                   PDR-496

APPLICANT:                 City of Pleasanton

PROPERTY OWNER:            City of Pleasanton

PURPOSE:                   Application for design review approval for the Delucchi Park
                           Public Restroom.

GENERAL PLAN:              Parks and Recreation.

ZONING:                    PUD-OS (Planned Unit Development – Open Space)

ATTACHMENTS:          1. Location Map
                      2. Exhibit A: Design Review Submittal, Including Site Plan,
                         Landscape Plan, Building Elevations, Floor Plan.
                      3. Visual Analysis
                      4. Minutes of the City Council meetings dated April 19,
                         2005, May 17, 2005, and October 4, 2005


The Downtown Specific Plan contains a policy to “construct public restrooms (including
one with family facilities) on Main Street and at Delucchi Park.” The Pleasanton
Downtown Association (PDA) has long believed that providing public restrooms is a
high priority for the Downtown so that convenient facilities would be available to
visitors. The lack of public restrooms can discourage visitors from staying in the
Downtown to shop and pursue other activities.

Staff has been working with representatives from the PDA who have participated in a
committee effort to provide the requested information to the City Council for
consideration and direction. The committee consisted of various City staff (Planning,
Public Works, Support Services, Parks and Community Services, and Landscape

Case No. PDR-496                                                    Planning Commission
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Architecture) and two (2) designated representatives from the Pleasanton Downtown
Association. The group discussed a variety of issues, including site furnishings, fixture
types, preferred building materials, signage, and security lighting.

Council Review and Direction

On April 19, 2005, the City Council reviewed seven proposed locations for placing a
public restroom in the Downtown area. The locations under consideration were Delucchi
Park near West Angela Street, Delucchi Park near Neal Street, Lions Wayside Park, Main
Street Green (Vervais Street), Historical Museum, Veterans Plaza, and Civic Park.

Council approved the location of the public restroom at the southwest corner of Delucchi
Park near West Angela Street and emphasized this as the ‘highest priority location’ for a
public restroom in the Downtown area.

The Delucchi Park Restroom would be operated as similar facilities in other parks,
closing at dusk. Custodial services would be provided similar to other existing facilities,
and the restroom would be reopened at sunrise. The design would also include infant
changing tables. Council directed staff to prepare conceptual design options, including
costs and operational hours associated with the design and construction for a public
restroom facility.

On May 17, 2005 staff returned to the City Council with a program developed to guide
the design of the structure identifying the opportunities and differences between a
‘custom’-designed and prefabricated or “manufactured” structure. The program included
the proposed building size, the number and type of plumbing fixtures, and the
construction materials with an emphasis toward lasting, maintainable materials.

Council directed staff to proceed with the design for a new custom design public
restroom facility in Delucchi Park to include the following added spaces/fixtures: one
additional sink in either restroom, a diaper changing station in both restrooms, a drinking
fountain, benches, bicycle racks, and the incorporation of art work. Staff was directed to
include the Pleasanton Downtown Association and the Planning Commission in the
process, to work with the selected architect to negotiate a reduction in the design fees
while maintaining a quality structure, and to allocate any remaining funds from this
project towards a future downtown restroom project to be discussed.

On June 21, 2005, the Council approved an agreement with ELS Architecture and Urban
Design (ELS) to design the Delucchi Park public restroom facilities based on an agreed
scope of services. Based on the direction provided to staff by Council, ELS began
preparing conceptual designs for the restroom. To receive input on the architecture for
the building, ELS held a meeting on July 26, 2005, with staff and PDA representatives. It

Case No. PDR-496                                                       Planning Commission
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was the consensus of the group that a traditional “railroad style” of architecture be

On October 4, 2005 staff returned to the City Council with two design styles,
contemporary and a traditional or ‘railroad’ theme along with a preliminary cost estimate.
The City Council approved the contemporary ‘custom’ design and directed staff to
present the project to the Planning Commission.


Site Development

The existing park site is relatively open and flat, which should allow for easy
development. Existing trees on the park’s southern end can be preserved to shade and
frame the proposed structure. Sanitary sewer and water lines are nearby (West Angela
Street and First Street), allowing for tie-in to the proposed structure. A service point for
electrical connection has not yet been identified, but staff is currently working with
PG&E toward that end.


In directing ELS’ schematic design work, some basic parameters for the proposed
building were established. Based on previous experience, staff identified a structure of
approximately 650 square feet to 750 square feet in overall size, which would contain the
following spaces/fixtures:

       Women’s restroom – five (5) stalls (1 of which is disabled accessible) and two (2)
       hand sinks.

       Men’s restroom – two (2) stalls (1 of which is disabled accessible), three (3)
       urinals, and two (2) hand sinks.

       Family restroom – one (1) disabled accessible stall, one (1) hand sink, and a diaper
       changing station.

       Janitor’s storage room – approximately 60 square feet.

In addition to the space allocations outlined above, access to at least a majority of the
building’s plumbing system should be available by means of a small access corridor or
chase. Such access reduces building “down time” and maintenance expense by
facilitating rapid repairs.

Case No. PDR-496                                                        Planning Commission
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The City’s Support Services Division is knowledgeable regarding the successful
maintenance of public restrooms and recommends the following construction materials
for durability and ease of maintenance:
       Foundation – concrete slab with epoxy coating.
       Exterior walls – stucco or split-face concrete masonry units (CMU).
       Roofing – standing-seam metal or 50-year composite shingle (no clay or concrete
       tile). A built-up membrane roofing system is also acceptable.
       Interior walls (if applicable) of concrete block, epoxy coated.
       Toilet partitions – utilizing ceiling-hung hardware (to facilitate maintenance);
       solid polyurethane composition.
       Toilets and sinks – Bradley fixtures; stainless steel is preferred.


This is the most subjective of the proposed building’s requirements, but as noted earlier,
City Council has directed staff to pursue the contemporary design. The custom facility is
a good site-specific ‘fit’. Delucchi Park is a relatively narrow area. The narrow offset
building footprint with extended wingwalls provides a type of “front entrance” on both
the West Angela Street and First Street sides emphasizing a good “fit” to the site.


As previously mentioned, staff has included both the PDA and the City’s Support
Services Division, along with various other City staff, in the design process and program
development for the restroom facility. The architect is confident that materials, finishes,
and fixtures can be incorporated that will satisfy the City’s Support Services staff,
considering the rigors of public use. Due to its flat, composite roof and curving exterior
wall, the building will possess a clean, contemporary appearance, similar to the existing
Dolores Bengtson Aquatic Center and proposed Firehouse Arts Center. Staff believes
that this is a wholly appropriate architectural style for park architecture, as it combines a
certain dynamic “whimsy” with substantive civic quality.


This project is categorically exempt pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act
(CEQA), Section 15303(c)(d), Class 3, New Construction or Conversion of Small
Structures. Therefore, no environmental document accompanies this report.

Case No. PDR-496                                                        Planning Commission
                                      Page - 4 -

Staff believes that the proposed building has been sensitively designed to meet the site
constraints, the program elements providing a style and design character that will serve
the Downtown area, Delucchi Park, and Lions Wayside Park, and act as an added feature
of tying the architecture to the future Firehouse Arts Center Project. The exterior is
intended to complement the Firehouse architectural materials.


Staff recommends that the Planning Commission adopt a resolution approving
Case PDR-496, subject to the conditions of approval in Exhibit B.
For questions please contact Donna Decker, Principal Planner, (925) 931-5604 or James Wolfe, Director of Parks and
Community Services.

Case No. PDR-496                                                                               Planning Commission
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                                           EXHIBIT B
                                   Draft Conditions of Approval

                                  PDR- 496, City of Pleasanton
                                Delucchi Park Restroom Facilities
                                       November 16, 2005

1.      Development shall be substantially as shown on the development plans, Exhibit A,
        dated "Received November 4, 2005" on file with the Planning Department, except
        as modified by the following conditions. Minor changes to the plans may be
        allowed subject to the approval of the Planning Director if found to be in
        substantial conformance to the approved exhibits.

2.      This design review approval will lapse within one (1) year from the date of
        approval unless a building permit is issued and construction has commenced and is
        diligently pursued toward completion or an extension has been approved by the

3.      The design shall effectively screen from view all ducts, meters, air conditioning
        equipment, and any other mechanical equipment, whether on the structure, on the
        ground, or on the roof, with materials architecturally compatible with the main
        structure. Screening details shall be shown on the plans submitted for issuance of
        building permits, the adequacy of which shall be determined by the Planning
        Director. All required screening shall be provided prior to occupancy.

4.      A final landscape plan and irrigation plan shall be submitted to and approved by
        the Planning Director as part of the building permit plan set prior to issuance of an
        on-site permit. Said landscape plan shall be consistent with the approved
        landscape plan plus any conditions of approval, and shall be detailed in terms of
        species, location, size, quantities, and spacing.

5.      All trees used in landscaping shall be a minimum of fifteen (15) gallons in size
        and all shrubs a minimum of five (5) gallons, unless otherwise shown on the
        approved landscape plan.

6.      All site improvements and house construction activities shall be limited to the
        hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Donna Decker, Principal Planner, (925)931-5604 or

Case No. PDR-496                                                                Planning Commission
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