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									                                                                                  October 2010

Setu                                           Vol II • Issue 8


Under the aegis of the National e-Governance Plan of Govt. of India

           Giving wings to rural


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                           17 Sahaj Scape

03 Top VLEs

04 Other Successful VLEs   18 Fun Fundaa

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                                                       Vol II • Issue 4

                                               Vol II • Issue 8


Under the aegis of the National e-Governance Plan of Govt. of India

Under the aegis of the National e-Governance Plan of Govt. of India                      EDITORIAL
               Coordinating Editor:                                                        Rural Youth: fuelling the growth engine
           Bhavna Shah Chatterjee
                                                                          Have you ever thought why crossword puzzles, riddles, Sudoku, and
                                                                          other brain teasers are so popular? They are downright difficult and there
                       Art- Editor:
                                                                          lies the crux. These brain teasers are intensely challenging. They stimulate
                     Subimal Saha                                         the brain, raise self-esteem, efficacy and confidence. Today's rural youth
                                                                          are actually the need of the hour. One of the best ways to challenge youth
                   Asst. Art-Editing:                                     power is to put them in charge. This issue is a celebration of the transition
      Suman Das & Niladri Banerjee                                        in the way the rural youth see themselves today -- both as actors and
                                                                          participants of the development process.
                                                                          Sahaj is proud to possess massive numbers of Generation Y youth (the
                                                                          new generation following Gen X) who are coming of age in exceptional
                                                                          numbers. These young and aspiring youths are a new breed of youth with
                                                                          optimism, attitudes and inclusive views. They are a unique combination
                                                                          of technological gadgetry and prowess. They like resolving problems and
                                                                          change things for better. This issue of Sahaj Setu gives you a glimpse of a
                                                                          dynamic bunch of youth power and how Sahaj in turn empowers them.
                                                                          But were they always like this? It would take days to debate this shift and
                                                                          decipher the winds of change blowing, the awakening of thousands of
                                                                          young people across rural India. For better of course, this change is
                                                                          indeed laudable and now that rural youth is empowered, they are
                                                                          desperately yearning for something more, something bigger, and
                                                                          something more excelling for the country. Let's put forth a question at all
                                                                          of us – are we actually doing something for the country, other than
                                                                          complaining and lamenting about the situation. Lot many do feel that
                                                                          things need to change and a change is possible.
                                                                          Sahaj is all about power, truth, transformation and empowerment that
                                                                          complement the rural youth's temperament so well that youngsters in
                                                                          rural India attach themselves to Sahaj's values and benefits. This is what
                                                                          spurs Sahaj up. Sahaj Setu is here to get this message across and it does
                                                                          this in a beautiful way – dedicating this issue to the rural youth across the
                                                                          Let's wake up and work steadily to create a multidimensional, flourishing
                                                                          and diverse nation. Let's all of us take a bold initiative and say “I will count
                                                                          for something, dedicated to my nation”
                                                                          Let me know if you enjoyed this issue as much as I did writing it. Send your
                                                                          views, feedback to
             Published by :                                               Happy Reading!
 Sahaj Media Business & Comm. Dept.
      Srei Sahaj e-Village Limited


                                                                          Sahaj Setu • October 2010                                                     1
CEO Speaks
                                                                    Nearly 30 Crores of national youth resides in rural
                                                                    areas. The new age consumer base is all set to decide
                                                                    the fate of Indian markets. They are well informed
                                                                    unlike their predecessors & have an aspiration fuelled
                                                                    by the information overdrive in rural India through
                                                                    mediums like Sahaj. They are connected to the world
                                                                    through the virtual web & know one brand from

                                                                    Even the Government is constantly taking measures to
                                                                    ensure empowerment of the rural youth. Sahaj, on its
                                                                    part, has been intensely involved with the
                                                                    development of youth in Rural India. Today we have
                                                                    67,511 students registered in our various eLearning
                                                                    courses, which come with assured job assistance.

                                                                    Under the Skills Development initiative of the MoRD,
                                                                    GoI, the Sahaj Academy is constantly training
                                                                    underprivileged / BPL candidates under short
                                                                    placement linked skills development courses. These
                                                                    trained candidates are then placed in various sectors
                                                                    of the industry by, thus ensuring
                                                                    sustainable livelihood.

                                                                      It is not only about training or placement assistance.
                                                                      The deep seated cause is bringing about a paradigm
shift in the outlook & livelihood of citizens all across. Awareness is the key to exponential growth & we at Sahaj are
constantly on our toes devising new ways of bringing forth the tides of change.

Mr. Sanjay Kumar Panigrahi
Srei Sahaj e-Village Ltd.

Sahaj Setu • October 2010                                                                                                 2
Top VLEs
(across Sahaj States)

           VLE Name           Income (in )
   Banti Daimari                 60000           Business, Education & Government
   Raju Bardoloi                 24006

           VLE Name           Income (in )
   Harendra Kr. Singh          17597
                                                                     Services Available
   Pankaj Dwivedi              16343
                                                                     • Digital photography
                                                                   • ROR
                                                                 • NREGA data collection
  Odisha                                                       • Government form
           VLE Name           Income (in )
                                                           • Birth / Death certificate
    Pratap Kr. Patel           32886                     • Agricultural soil testing
                                                       • Life & Non-Life
   Ratnakar Mahapatra          19202                  Insurance service
                                                    • e-Learning
                                                     • IGNOU higher
 Tamil Nadu                                             • Electricity bill collection
           VLE Name           Income (in )                • Telephone bill collection
   Kumaresan R                 43990                        • Mobile top-ups
                                                              • DTH Recharge and
   Renuka Kr. C                24960                            Booking
                                                                 • Mobile Value-Added
                                                                     • Railway reservation
  Uttar Pradesh                                                        • Two wheeler booking
           VLE Name           Income (in )
                                                                         • - Job Portal
                                                                         • Matrimonial service
   Jay Singh Yadav               42706
                                                                     Future Services
   Rambabu Rastogi               25160
                                                                   • e-Commerce
                                                                 • Agricultural diagnostics
                                                               • Distance education
 West Bengal                                                 • Postal service
                                                           • Infotainment
          VLE Name            Income (in )               • IEC (Information,
   Subendhu Chowdhury          15646
                                                        Education and
   Manzar Aqil                 14407

  Sahaj Setu • October 2010                  3
Other Successful VLEs
Mitali Gohain                  Kumar Chandramani
Tinsukia, Assam                Vaishali, Bihar

Income from Online Services:   Income from Online Services:

DLF Pramerica                  IRCTC1: 9
Life Insurance: 24000          IRCTC2: 18
                               Oxigen Mobile Top up: 2.72
Total Income: 24000            DLF Pramerica Life Insurance: 2400
                               National Insurance: 456.25
                               Tata AIG Life Insurance: 2500
                               DPLI RW: 8225
                               DTH: 0.3

                               Total Income: 13611.27

Salil Kumar Sahu               Dayanantha C
Sonepur, Odisha                Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu

Income from Online Services:   Income from Online Services:

                               Oxigen Mobile Top up:     8.53
DLF Pramerica
                               DLF Pramerica
Life Insurance: 16800          Life Insurance: 9600
                               DTH: 0.4
Total Income: 16800            Tally course: 3000

                               Total Income: 12608.93

Deepanker Kumar                Milon Nandi
Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh          Howrah, West Bengal

Income from Online Services:   Income from Online Services:
DLF Pramerica
Life Insurance: 21600          WBSEDCL Bill Collection: 5225
Oxigen Mobile Top up: 0.14     BSNL Bill Collection: 306
                               IRCTC1: 8.97
Total Income: 21600.14         Oxigen Mobile Top up: 2.63
                               Windows XP: 500
                               Microsoft Package: 2700
                               DTH: 1.1
                               Tally course: 5000

                               Total Income: 13743.70

Sahaj Setu • October 2010                                           4
Tally and Computer Hardware &                               Health Care Camp in Darrang, Assam
Networking courses launched in Assam                        - a Sahaj-NABARD initiative
Sahaj's recent e-learning program Tally and Computer                                        The Sahaj team in
Hardware & Networking courses were officially launched                                      Darrang RCC,
in Assam's Dhubri district. Shahidul Islam, Assam Head of                                   Assam extended a
Operations Sahaj and Mohibul Hoque, Chairperson                                             helping hand to the
AMTRON, launched the courses. Students have begun                                           O l d      B o y s
enrolling in the programs.                                                                  Association Sainik
                                                                                            School, Goalpara
                                                                                            and Pragatisil
                                                            Gramin Vikash Krishak Sangha (a farmer's club of
                                                            NABARD) in organizing a Medical and Health Camp at
                                                            Salikajhar in Darrang district of Assam on 26th
                                                            September, 2010.
                                                            The camp attracted a large crowd of local people who
                                                            were eager to take advantage of the free medical
                                                            facilities offered by a dedicated team of medical
                                                            professionals. The local population of the area
                                                            expressed their gratitude to the organizers of the camp
                                                            for providing such a vital service free of cost.
                                                            The Sahaj team had put up a stall at the site which was
                                                            visited by a large number of people keen to know about
                                                            the services offered by the Sahaj CSCs.

Sahaj VLEs win Goa contest organised
by DLF                                                      Sahaj participates in NABARD's
Twenty three Sahaj Village Level Entrepreneurs won a 3      Nature Fest
days 2 nights Goa trip organised by DLF Pramerica Life
                                                            NABARD celebrates the rich diversity of nature. Natural
Insurance. The contest required the VLEs to generate a
                                                            Resource Management Consultants (NRMC), a
business of two lakhs in two months. Twenty three VLEs
                                                            development consultancy firm set up by NABARD is
won the contest and were given the opportunity to visit
                                                            organising a Nature Fest from 25th October to 3rd
Goa. The winners were accommodated at Neelam The
                                                            November, 2010. The Nature Fest is organised for
Grand at Calungute, Goa.
                                                            showcasing and displaying NRM technologies and
                                                            products of different partner institution viz., NGOs,
                                                            Farmers' clubs, Self Help Groups, Research Institutes
                                                            and private industries. Sahaj will be participating in the
                                                            Fest to showcase its services like agricultural services, e-
                                                            learning services, etc. The Fest will also exhibit products
                                                            like mat, sitalpati, coir, jute, sisal fibre, banana fibre,
                                                            areca leaf, terra-cotta, dry flower, recycled paper etc.
                                                            The items will be available for sale. In addition to normal
                                                            visitors, about 50-60 farmers from West Bengal and
                                                            neighbouring states will be visiting the fest. The venue of
                                                            the programme is Central Park fair ground,
                                                            Karunamoyee, Salt Lake, Kolkata.

 Sahaj Setu • October 2010                                                                                            5
Sahaj Triumph
Launch of new e-Siksha courses in Assam
                                                            In an impressive function held at a CSC in Dhubri district of
                                                            Assam, two new e-Siksha courses - Tally and Computer
                                                            Hardware & Networking were officially launched by Sri
                                                            Mohibul Hoque, Chairperson, AMTRON, in the presence of
                                                            Shahidul Islam, Head Operation, Assam. Incidentally,
                                                            AMTRON is the SDA for the implementation of the CSC
                                                            project in Assam. The said CSC belongs to Lisa Choudhury.
                                                          Speaking on the occasion, AMTRON Chairperson lauded Srei
                                                          Sahaj e-Village Ltd. for introducing two new courses which are
                                                          very much in demand and expressed the hope that e-Siksha
                                                          courses will fill the gap that exists in the current education
                                                          system. He also remarked that with CSCs coming up in the
                                                          rural areas, there is no need for the village population to go to
                                                          the cities to avail services like education, mobile/DTH
recharges, insurance, Birth/Death Certificates, Permanent Residence Certificate (PRC) and other such services which are
easily available to them through the CSCs.
Shahidul Islam, Head Operation, Assam speaking on the occasion said that he truly believes that the new courses will meet
the aspirations of the student community. He also reiterated that Srei Sahaj is determined to introduce promising courses
and services like these for the benefit of the common people.
Lisha Choudhury is ambitious about the future prospects of the course. Lisa also said that she is happy and proud to
introduce such services through her CSC. Such services, she says, is the need of the hour and is critical at a time when jobs
in technical field is in huge demand. Lisa's CSC contains 10 desktop computers with state-of-the-art CSC infrastructure,
attractively designed and decorated.

Assam VLE shines at ASSOCHAM meet
                                      For Nina Doley, one of the best performing women VLE from the remote region of
                                      Dhemaji in Assam, meeting Shri Sachin Pilot, Hon'ble Minister of State for
                                      Communications & IT, Government of India, was like a dream come true. Nina
                                      Doley was given the opportunity, courtesy Lt. Col.Shahidul Islam, Head Operations,
                                      Srei Sahaj, to participate in ASSOCHAM's conference, the 7th National Summit on
                                      National e-Governance. Nina was the only female VLE present in the conference.
                                      She also took part in the discussions “Ask India: What do the citizens expect?” And
                                      “Ask India: What do the VLEs expect?” and put forward her viewpoints with clarity
                                      and lucidness

G2C Services: Beginning head start
Dipanjali Hazarika is the first Sahaj woman entrepreneur to give a remarkable boost to G2C services delivery through her
CSC in Assam. Dipanjali from Sonitpur district of Assam has accomplished great feats by issuing 1000 numbers of
Government certificates (Delayed Birth, Delayed Death, Income, PRC, Electoral Roll, Next of Kin, etc) through e district
portal from her CSC.

Sahaj Setu • October 2010                                                                                                  6
Sahaj Triumph
Sahaj VLEs on a exploring spree in Goa
Beach destinations have a distinct charm.
Some are romantic and exotic, others are
known for best leisure sites, and yet others
are fabulous for surfing. Beach lovers
adore the rejuvenating ambience that the
surrounding exhibits. Our country
abounds in many beach destinations that
are gathering crowd higher than
International beach destinations like Ibiza,
Rio or even Australia. Goa is one of them.
It is the ideal beach destination in India.
Located in South West India, Goa is a city
of sun, sand, seafood, beaches and
nightlife. It is lively and modern, with
beautiful nightlife and many western style

 SL       Name                    State         Business

      1   Pooja Kumari            BIHAR         331500
      2   Dharmendra kr Tiwari    BIHAR         226500     entertainments. Sahaj Village Entrepreneurs, courtesy DLF
      3   Ajay kumar              BIHAR         204000     Pramerica Life Insurance, were given the opportunity to explore
      4   Ashok Kumar Singh       BIHAR         208000     this paradise of natural serenity and relaxation.
      5   Sunil Kumar             BIHAR         201000
                                                           DLF Pramerica Life Insurance organised a contest for Sahaj Village
      6   Sanjay krmishra         BIHAR         201000
                                                           Level Entrepreneurs where the qualifying VLEs will be entitled to a
      7   Aditya Pathak           BIHAR         201000     3 days 2 nights Goa trip. To qualify the criteria required a VLE to do
      8   Pratap Kumar Patel      ORISSA        219000     an insurance business of Rs. 2 lakhs in two months. The contest
      9   Bikash Chandra Prusti   ORISSA        200000     was valid for the six states where Sahaj is operational. A total
  10 Ajay swain                   ORISSA        200000     number of 23 Village Level Entrepreneurs qualified for the contest
  11      Kavitadevi kumari       ORISSA        200000     and visited Goa on 17th September 2010. Regional Managers
  12 Dayanantha C                 TAMIL NADU    302000     from Team Orissa and officials from Sahaj Head Office also
     Nagarajan G /                                         accompanied the VLes for the trip.
  13 Saravanan                    TAMIL NADU    212000
          Arjunan S               TAMIL NADU    203000
                                                           The VLEs were accommodated at Neelam - The Grand, a four-star
                                                           restaurant in Calangute, Goa. It was a refreshing treat for the VLEs
  15      Chandrasekar M          TAMIL NADU    201000
                                                           who luxuriated in the swaying palms, white sands, pristine
  16      Murugesan S             TAMIL NADU    200000
                                                           beaches and sparkling waters. The VLEs visited the Baga beach
  17      Ramalingam N            TAMIL NADU    200000
                                                           and cherished the laid-back languidness of a Goan lunchtime, the
  18      Purnendu Pramanik       WEST BENGAL   237300     charming local people, and the tranquillity on the beach. They
  19      Anup Kumar Biswas       WEST BENGAL   202000     also visited the 'Queen of Beaches'- the Calangute Beach. The
  20      Rishi Kumar Pandey      PRADESH       205000     beach symbolises Goa's reputation as a haven for beach and
                                  UTTAR                    coastal splendour. After relishing at the beaches, they turned to
  21      Kamal Mishra            PRADESH       218000     spend some quite moments in the popular churches of Goa.
  22      DanBahadur Singh        PRADESH       201000
  23      AyodhyaPrasad Gupta     PRADESH       211000

 Sahaj Setu • October 2010                                                                                                     7
UPSC encourages online applications
as part of e-governance initiative

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) today said an increasing number of candidates were applying online for the
examinations notified by it this year.
Although the facility is in addition to the option of submitting paper applications already available, the candidates are
encouraged to use the online mode of applying, an official press release said.
According to it, a candidate applying online has the following advantages:
• One can apply in a hassle free manner at the convenience of sitting at home or at cyber cafe or any other place any time,
  even during night hours.
• Prompt confirmation of submitted application is received. An online application requires one to pay only 50% of the fee
  required otherwise while applying offline. The cost of buying paper application from the Post Office as well as postal
  charges is also saved.
• One doesn't run the risk of postal delays.
• Lower risk of rejection of one's application on account of wrong/incomplete data entry since online application system
  has built-in self- scrutinising features not allowing an applicant to leave any column blank.
• One can view and take a print out of one's application for future reference.
• When applying online in response to any Examination Notice of the Commission, all one needs is, the applicant's
  scanned photo and scanned signature in .png format of size not exceeding 40 KB.
• For fee payment, one may choose any one of the three options:- pay through any Visa/Mastercard debit or credit card
  issued by any bank/institution; pay through the Internet Banking facility of State Bank of India or through cash at any
  branch of State Bank of India, through a challan generated through the UPSC Online website.

                                                                                                    National NetIndian News Network
                                                                                                      New Delhi, September 22, 2010

Sahaj Setu • October 2010                                                                                                                                       8

                                            “One Farmer
                                                     One Farm”
                                                   Depending on the financial strength and environment
                                                        each and every farmer's need is different.
                                                     So we give
                                                  Customized solutions –
                                                            different for every farmer
                                                     Sahaj Krishi Plan             Sahaj Krishi Nidan Pariseva        Sahaj Krishi Bhoomi Pariksha Pariseva
                                                     The farmer gets cultivation   The farmer gets crop consultancy   The farmer gets chance to test the soil
                                                     and farm management plan      from Agricultural Experts          of his cultivation land and gets expert
                                                     for a whole year              for 1 crop season                  consultancy for a better production
                                                                                                                      of the coming crop
XIX Commonwealth Games 2010:
Get to know it better

The opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games took place at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi on 3rd October,
2010. The Games was held in Delhi fom 3rd October to 14th October. It was the second time that the Commonwealth
Games was held in Asia, the first host city being Kuala Lumpur in 1998.
Delhi, India was allotted the bid to host the Games at the General Assembly of the
Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) held in Montego Bay, Jamaica 2003. It was
in this meet that the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) bid for Games. The bid was
successful and India won the bid to host the XIX Commonwealth Games. After
winning the bid, an Organizing Committee CWG was formed. It was a registered
society and the IOA President was the Chairman of the Committee. The Committee
was responsible for conducting the Games.

Queen's Baton Relay
Similar to the Olympic Torch Relay, Queen's Baton Relay is a relay around the world
and is held before the commencement of the CWG. The relay has been a prelude to
the Commonwealth Games since its introduction at the 1958 British Empire and
Commonwealth Games in Cardiff, Wales. The 2010 Queen's Baton Relay marked its
commencement on 29 October, 2009 when Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Head
of Commonwealth entrusted the baton to the first Baton bearer at the Buckingham
Palace in the presence of Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil, President of India and Dr.

 Sahaj Setu • October 2010                                                                                    9

                                          M.S. Gill, Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports. The baton contains the
                                          Queen's message to the athletes.
                                          Over a 340 day period, the baton travelled a distance in the excess of
                                          190,000 kilometres. This clearly made the Delhi 2010 Queen's Baton Relay
                                          one of the longest relays in the history of the Commonwealth Games. The
                                          baton journeyed 170,000 kilometres for 240 days in the international
                                          sector, comprising of 70 nations and territories of the Commonwealth. The
                                          Baton entered India at the Wagah Border on 25th June, 2010. On its 100
                                          day national tour, the baton visited every Indian state and its capital,
                                          reaching millions of people to join in the celebrations for the Games.

                                          Logo & Mascot
                                          Logo: The XIX Commonwealth Games logo is inspired by the Chakra. The
                                          spinning wheel symbolizes dharma and law. Since time immemorial, the
                                          chakra has inspired the nation as a symbol of freedom, unity, energy and
                                          power. Today it has taken a new meaning depicting a vivacious and
                                          rejuvenated nation that reached out to the world, leading and embracing all
                                          the 71 CGAs to unite and host the best Commonwealth Games ever.
                                          Mascot: Shera (meaning Tiger) is the mascot for the 2010 Commonwealth
                                          Games. This mascot embodies values like power, charisma, strength, grace
                                          and victory. Shera also depicts friendliness, fierce competition but with
                                          integrity and honesty.

Winners of the XIX Commonwealth Games 2010
Here's a complete list of India's female medal winners, along with their sport and
state of residence or affiliation..
•   Ashwini Chidananda Akkunji, Sini Jose, Mandeep Kaur and Manjeet Kaur, 4×400m relay, Karnataka, Kerala, Punjab
    and Punjab
•   Anita, freestyle wrestling (67kg), Haryana, wrestling
•   Dola Banerjee, Deepika Kumari, Bombayala Devi Laishram, team recurve archery, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Manipur
•   Jwala Gutta and Ashwini Ponnappa, badminton doubles, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka
•   Deepika Kumari, archery, Jharkhand
•   Saina Nehwal, badminton, Andhra Pradesh
•   Krishna Poonia, discus throw, Rajasthan
•   Geeta Rani, freestyle wrestling (55kg), Haryana
•   Anisa Sayyed, 25m pistol, Maharashtra
•   Rahi Sarnobat and Anisa Sayyed, 25m pistol pairs, Maharashtra
•   Heenu Sidhu and Annu Raj Singh, 10m air pistol pairs, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh

Sahaj Setu •October 2010                                                                                          10

•      Alka Tomar, freestyle wrestling (59kg), Uttar Pradesh
•      Renu Bala Chanu Yumnam, weightlifting (58kg), Manipur

•      Babita Kumari, freestyle wrestling (51kg), Haryana
•      Soniya Chanu, weightlifting (48kg), Manipur
•      Mouma Das, Poulomi Ghatak, Kumaresan Shamini, table
       tennis team event, West Bengal, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu
•      Nirmala Devi, freestyle wrestling (48kg), Haryana
•      Prajusha Maliakkal, long jump, Kerala
•      Sania Mirza, tennis individual, Andhra Pradesh
•      Tejaswini Sawant, 50m rifle prone, Maharashtra
•      Rahi Sarnobat, women's 25m pistol, Maharashtra
•      Harwant Kaur, discus throw, Punjab
•      Tejaswini Sawant and Lajja Goswami, 50m rifle 3 positions pairs, Maharashtra and Gujarat
•      Heena Sidhu, women 10m air pistol, Punjab

•   Seema Antil, discus throw, Haryana
•   Sandhya Rani Devi Atom, weightlifting (48kg), Manipur
•   Dola Bannerjee, archery, West Bengal
•   Bheigyabati Chanu, Jhano Hansdah and Gagandeep Kaur, compound team archery, Manipur, Jharkand and Punjab
•   Rushmi Chakravarthi and Sania Mirza, tennis doubles, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh
•   Mouma Das and Poulomi Ghatak, table tennis doubles, West Bengal
•   Jyothi Hiriyur Manjunath, Srabani Nanda, Geetha Satti and Priya P   .K., 4×100m relay, Karnataka, Orissa, Andhra
    Pradesh, Kerala
• Meena Kumari and Tejaswini Sawant, 50m rifle prone pairs, Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra
• Suman Kundu, freestyle wrestling (63kg), Haryana
• Monika Laishram Devi, weighlifting (75kg),
• Kavita Raut, 10,000m, Maharashtra
• Suma Shirur and Kavita Yadav, 10m air rifle pairs, Karnataka
*India also won a silver in a mixed badminton event featuring Ms. Gutta and Kerala's V. Diju.

Here's a complete list of India's male medal winners, along with their sport and state
of residence or affiliation.
•      Rahul Banerjee, individual recurve archery, West Bengal
•      Abhinav Bindra and Gagan Narang, 10m air rifle pairs, Punjab

    Sahaj Setu • October 2010                                                                                    11

                                                           • Somdev Devvarman, tennis, Assam
                                                           • Yogeshwar Dutt, freestyle wrestling (60kg), Haryana
                                                           • Achanta Sharath Kamal and Subhajit Saha, table tennis
                                                              doubles, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal
                                                           • Imran Hassan Khan and Gagan Narang, 50m rifle 3
                                                              positions, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab
                                                           • Anil Kumar, greco-roman wrestling (96-kg), Haryana
                                                           • Manoj Kumar, boxing (64kg), (Haryana)
                                                           • Rajender Kumar, greco-roman wrestling (55kg), Haryana
                                                           • Ravi Kumar, weightlifting (69kg), Orissa
                                                           • Vijay Kumar and Gurpreet Singh, 25m rapid fire pistol pairs,
                                                              Himachal Pradesh and Punjab
                                                           • Vijay Kumar and Harpreet Singh, 25m centrefire pistol
                                                              pairs, Himachal Pradesh and Haryana
                                                           • Vijay Kumar, 25m rapid fire pistol, Himachal Pradesh
                                                           • Sanjay Kumar, greco-roman wrestling (74kg), Haryana
                                                           • Sushil Kumar, freestyle wrestling (66kg), Delhi
                                                           • Gagan Narang, 10m air rifle, Punjab
                                                           • Paramjeet Samota, boxing (over 91kg), Haryana
•   Gurpreet Singh and Omkar Singh, 10m air pistol pairs, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh
•   Harpreet Singh, 25m centrefire pistol, Haryana
•   Omkar Singh, 50m pistol, Madhya Pradesh
•   Omkar Singh, 10m air pistol, Madhya Pradesh
•   Ravinder Singh, greco-roman wrestling (60kg), Haryana
•   Suranjoy Mayengbam Singh, boxing (52kg), Manipur
•   Narsingh Panch Yadav, freestyle wrestling (74 kg), Haryana

•    Abhinav Bindra, 10m air rifle, Punjab
•   Chandrashekhar Kumar Chaudhary and Samresh Jung, 25m standard pistol pairs, Himachal Pradesh
•   Ritul Chatterjee, Jignas Chittibomma, and Chinna Raju Srither, compound archery, Andhra Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh,
    Tamil Nadu
•   Bharat Kumar Chetri (Karnataka), Bharat Chiraka, Arjun Halappa (Karnataka), Tushar Khandkar (Karnataka),
    Dhananjay Mahadik, Danish Mujtaba (Uttar Pradesh), Ravi Pal (Punjab), Vishnu Vikram Pillay (Maharashtra),
    Dharamvir Singh, Gurbaj Singh (Punjab), Raj Pal Singh (Punjab), Sandeep Singh, Saravanjit Singh (Punjab), Sardar
    Singh, Shivendra Singh (Punjab), Prabodh Tirkey, field hockey
•   Sukhen Dey, weightlifting (56kg), West Bengal
•    Vikas Shive Gowda, discus throw, Karnataka
•   Anuj Kumar, freestyle wrestling (84kg), Uttar Pradesh
•   Ashish Kumar, gymnastics (vault), Uttar Pradesh
•   Joginder Kumar, freestyle wrestling (120kg), Haryana
•    Manoj Kumar, wrestling (84kg), Maharashtra

Sahaj Setu •October 2010                                                                                              12

•      Asher Noria and Ronjan Sodhi, double trap pairs, Andhra Pradesh and Punjab
•      Deepak Sharma and Omkar Singh, 50m pistol pairs, Madhya Pradesh
•      Manavjit Singh Sandhu and Mansher Singh, men's trap pairs, Punjab
•      Ronjan Sodhi, individual double trap pistol, Punjab
•      Vijay Kumar, 25-meter centerfire pistol, Himachal Pradesh

•      Rahul Banerjee, Jayanta Talukdar and Tarundeep Rai, team recurve archery, West Bengal, Jharkhand and Sikkim
•      Jai Bhagwan, boxing lightweight (60kg), Haryana
•      Mahesh Bhupati and Leander Paes, tennis doubles, West Bengal and Karnataka
•      Dharmender Dalal, greco-roman wrestling (120kg)
•      Samresh Jung, 25m standard pistol, Himachal Pradesh
•      Anil Kumar, freestyle wrestling (55kg)
•      Ashish Kumar, gymnastics (floor), Uttar Pradesh
•      Sudhir Kumar, weightlifting (77kg), Karnataka
•      Sunil Kumar, greco-roman wrestling (66kg), Haryana
•      V.S. Rao, weightlifting (56kg), Andhra Pradesh
•      Manavjit Singh Sandhu, men's trap, Punjab
•      Amandeep Singh, boxing lightflyweight (49kg), Punjab
•      Dilbagh Singh, boxing welterweight (69kg), Punjab
•      Gurpreet Singh, 25m rapid fire pistol, Punjab
•      Vijender Singh, boxing middleweight (75kg),
•      Sharath Kamal Achanta, Anthony Amalraj and
       Abhishek Ravichandran, table tennis team, Tamil
•      Sharath Kamal Achanta, table tennis individual,
       Tamil Nadu
•      Prasanta Karmakar, para sport 50m freestyle
       swimming, Karnataka
•      Parupalli Kashyap, badminton, Andhra Pradesh
•      Renjith Maheswary, triple jump, Tamil Nadu
•      Kashinath Naik, javelin throw, Karnataka
•      Shameer Naseema Manzile, Rahamatulla Molla,
       Md. Abdul Najeeb Qureshi and Suresh Sathya,
       4×100m relay, Andhra Pradesh
•      Harminder Singh, 20km race-walk, Punjab
•      Jayanta Talukdar, recurve archery, Jharkhand
*India also won a silver in a mixed badminton event featuring Andhra Pradesh's Jwala Gutta and Kerala's V. Diju.
                                                                                       Ministry of Youth Affairs website
                                                                                              Wall Street Journal's blog

    Sahaj Setu •October 2010                                                                                          13
  Cover Story
Philippines' national hero Dr. Jose Rizal once said “The Youth is the Hope of the Mother Land”. It is the young adult who
augments development process and social transformation. Youth empowerment is a gateway to empower young people
and enhance their contribution towards the growth and development of the nation. When the youth is empowered, their
full engagement in constructive decision-making at all levels is ensured. This enables them to implement changes and
make an impact not only in their lives but the society as a whole. Empowering youth means giving the authority to young
people to help them apply choice mechanism, set their own priorities, act on their own behalf and learn from the
The history of youth empowerment dates back to the
1960s when university students across the United
States started getting involved in politics on campus.
They demanded the right to be heard. It was for the
first time then that the youth and the students began to
be considered as political and social agents. Since
those days, youth empowerment continues to be an
important means to bring about a transition in an
adult's life. This was accompanied by their
involvement in activities whereby they are
encouraged to make independent decisions, stick by
them, and gradually learn from the experiences.
Today economies across the globe support youth
empowerment. A number of youth organizations and
a variety of youth empowerment initiative are
underway around the world. Today many structural
activities take place within the communities where
youth are empowered for community decision-
making, organizational planning and education

  Giving wings to rural

Commonwealth of Nations fostering Youth
On the Commonwealth definition, "Young people are empowered when they acknowledge that they have or can create
choices in life, are aware of the implications of those choices, make an informed decision freely, take action based on that
decision and accept responsibility for the consequences of those actions. Empowering young people means creating and
supporting the enabling conditions under which young people can act on their own behalf, and on their own terms, rather
than at the direction of others."
The 53 member countries of the Commonwealth of Nations have all signed up to the Commonwealth Plan of Action for
Youth Empowerment (2007-2015). The Plan is the base for the Commonwealth Youth Programme (CYP). The Plan

 Sahaj Setu • October 2010                                                                                                     14
  Cover Story
encourages youth mainstreaming and contains thirteen points of concerns for governments. The 13 points address
economic enfranchisement of young people, sustainable livelihoods, gender equality, HIV/AIDS, education, etc.
The CYP part of the Commonwealth Secretariat, advocates the effective participation of the youth both men and women in
economic development. In association with young people, governments and other institutions, CYP works actively to
empower and encourage the youth.

S a h a j ' s c o n t r i b u t i o n t o Yo u t h
In keeping with it's mission to prevent the youth from
being marginalized and inspire them to drive societal
transformation, Srei Sahaj E-Village Ltd. offers the rural
youth a path to march on, be in tune with the present
times as well as employ their skills so as to own a
powerful future. Sahaj encourages personal growth
and empowerment by helping the youths of rural India
recognize their individual strengths and aptitude.
Sahaj understands that there can be no development if
the rural population is mired in poverty and
unemployment and faces high rural-urban economic
inequality. The development quotient, in fact, highly
depends on the economic status of the rural
Initiatives of Sahaj allow the rural youths to take charge of their lives as responsible citizens, enter into sustainable
relationships with their neighbourhoods, stand as leaders and succeed in creating certain niche for themselves in the village
community. In this process of transformation and development, Sahaj makes sure that they secure standard livelihood for
Encourage entrepreneurship among rural youths
                                           Sahaj ensures that India's rural population benefits on an equal footing from the
                                           rights and opportunities granted by the government to other parts of the
                                           population. Sahaj has laid great stress on ensuring entrepreneurship and
                                           ownership of the rural populace within its operations of infrastructural
                                           developments triggered towards rural development in India. It encourages and
                                           supports the Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs) through infrastructural and
                                           financial support. These VLEs own the Sahaj CSCs and provides services like
                                                     education, soil testing, railway reservation, electricity bill collection,
                                                     jobs, etc. to the rural people. The Village Level Entrepreneurs have
                                                     created a niche for themselves. Today a VLE is not only a service provider
                                                     but an agent of change bringing the dream of transformation in rural
                                                     India, and making thousands of rural populace believe that a change is
                                                      Connecting Rural India to State-of-the-art Technologies
                                                 The IT- enabled kiosks or the CSCs has a great impact on the rural
                                                 population and this is on a purely technological basis. Lack of access to
                                                 technology bridges the urban-rural gap. Sahaj CSCs bridge this crucial
                                                 gap. The Village Level Entrepreneurs are equipped with latest
technologies. Sahaj provides the Common Service Centers (CSCs) with state of the art equipments related to IT and non-IT
services. These equipments are symbolic of modernization that rural India is stepping in.

 Sahaj Setu • October 2010                                                                                                   15
  Cover Story
Provide Sustainable Livelihood
                                                                Sahaj thinks innovatively and doesn't consider rural
                                                                India solely as an agricultural belt with agrarian as major
                                                                population. Sahaj instead believes that rural India
                                                                abounds in rich human resource: a resource of young at
                                                                heart, dynamic, of skilled people. If guided rightly, they
                                                                can be successful professionals, entrepreneurs, etc.
                                                       is Sahaj's rural job portal aimed at
                                                                providing sustainable livelihoods to the unskilled and
                                                                semi-skilled workers in villages across West Bengal,
                                                                Assam, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, and Tamil Nadu.
                                                                Chaakri aims to generate employment for the blue-
                                                                collared workforce in rural India. The companies that
                                                                place their trust in Chaakri's candidates are India
Infoline, Eureka Forbes, Usha Martin, DLF Pramerica, ICICI Prudential, Peerless, etc.

Enhancing Educational Access for the rural youth
Education plays a vital role in the development of the nation. Young people in rural India usually educate in the non-formal
setting and sometimes the quality of education offered is not good enough to accommodate them in the competitive job
market. Mindful of the requirements of the current job market, Sahaj provides online courses on various subjects. Sahaj e-
Learning courses like Tally, Hardware & Networking, Advanced Computing, HTML, JavaScript, SQL, Personality
Grooming, Interview Etiquettes, etc. optimize the chances of the rural youth's success in the professional market. The
courses are offered at nominal fees to ensure affordability.

Promote gender equality and women
For ensuring a youth-empowered community, it is necessary that young women participate in the development. It is
imperative that they make their voices heard in the rural community. Involving women in the development process
requires reversing women's traditional roles and attitudes. Sahaj understands this paradox. It believes in training, giving
opportunities and providing resources to creating and managing an entrepreneurial environment among the women.
Sahaj today is proud to have empowered women as entrepreneurs. Today there are around 1200 women entrepreneurs
in the Sahaj family and the number keeps increasing.
Srei Sahaj envisages youth empowerment as a strategy for the ends of youth development and hence social development.
It has paved paths for the youth of rural India to survive in better way, with increased facilities of income, employment and
life situations. It is remarkable that the youth in rural India has given a positive response and shown their motivation
towards social and economic development. They have adopted the Sahaj culture and have put themselves in a vehement
process of acknowledging individual strengths and thereby creating milestones in the process. Still, a lot remains to be
Sahaj takes pride in the fact that it empowers the rural youth to engage in the right vocation and seek fulfillment. It gives the
young people a vision, an alternative and better prospect to lead life.

Thousands of youth in rural India are still marginalized and eluded from the benefits that the urban section of the nation
inherits. The network of Sahaj is growing by day and it aims to ensure complete inclusion of the rural Indian in the process
of economic development and social transformation. Here it is also critical to mention that the youth should try to
empower themselves, their life principles and responsibilities. They should have the responsibility to take care of
traditional ethos and fine-tune themselves with technology advances. All of us must appreciate that youth comes once in a
lifetime and hence we must do our desired responsibilities, become good son/daughters, study well, become law-abiding
citizens and participate in developmental issues. The end result of all this is: a progressing, empowered, developed and a
happier nation.

Sahaj Setu • October 2010                                                                                                     16
Sahaj Scape
Glimpses from the events in Sahaj

AMTRON Chairperson launching Tally and Computer Hardware &          Utility services training in Bongaigaon, Assam
          Networking Courses in Dhubri, Assam

    Sahaj – NABARD Health Care Camp in Darrang, Assam          WB VLE organises free eye checkup for senior citizens

                Winners of DLF Goa contest                   DLF Dhan Suraksha contest winners at Lake Chilika, Odisha

Sahaj Setu • October 2010                                                                                                17
Fun Fundaa


                                      WELL. ACTUALLY
   I ALMOST DIED !                    ITSELF WASN’T
                                        SO FUNNY...    HOW DID HE          IT CAME UP HIS NOSE!
                                                       TEL IT ?

Sahaj Setu • October 2010                                                                         18
1        2         3         4       5    6    7    Across                            Down
                                                    1. Large house (7)                1. Tycoon (7)
                                                    5. Pieces of information (5)      2. Dissonance (5)
8                            9
                                                    8. Profits (5)                    3. Perceptiveness (7)
                                                    9. Gruesome (7)                   4. Wanderers (6)
10                                   11             10. Retaliated (7)                5. Aspect (5)
                                                    11. Form of transport (5)         6. Vegetable (7)
                                                    12. Hostility (6)                 7. Austere (5)
12      13                        14 15        16   14. Stick (6)                     13. Discomfort (7)
                             17                     18. Permit (5)                    15. Mocks (7)
                                                    20. SIncere (7)                   16. Pull out (7)
18                19         20           21
                                                    22. Creatures (7)                 17. Stopped (6)
                                                    23. Doctrine (5)                  18. Accumulate (5)
22                                   23             24. Ledge (5)                     19. Dock (5)

                                                                                                                        Solutions on page 25
                                                    25. Sweet (7)                     21. Bird of prey (5)

24                           25

                                                      • The Earth is the closest planet to the sun to be orbited by a

Sudoku                                                • If the earth were the size of an apple, it would feel as
                                                        smooth as a billiard ball.
                                                      • Identical twins do not have identical finger prints.
                                                      • The Teddy Bear was named after Teddy Roosevelt after he
                                                        refused to kill a defenseless bear cub while on a hunting
                                                        trip in Mississippi.
                                                      • Abraham Lincoln, who invented a hydraulic device for
                                                        lifting ships over shoals, was the only US president ever
                                                        granted a patent.
                                                      • The only country in the world that has a Bill of Rights for
                                                        Cows is India.
                                                      • About one-tenth of the earth's surface is permanently
                                                        covered with ice.
                                                      • French was the official language of England for over 600
                                                      • A father sea catfish keeps the eggs of his young in his
                                                        mouth until they are ready to hatch. He will not eat until
                                                        his young are born, which may take several weeks.
                                                      • A woodpecker can peck twenty times a second.

 Sahaj Setu • October 2010                                                                                        19
Sahaj Suswasthya
Comprehensive Calorie Chart…
getting slim isn't a dream anymore
Today's era is all about high style, fashion and versatility. Hence having a
perfect personality is everybody's top choice. You too would like to possess
a personality that makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd. After all,
who doesn't love to get compliments from everyone around? For this, you
need to shed off those extra pounds from your body. Weight loss is
downright difficult and the regimen equally tough. Weight loss or making
the body slimmer can mean a lot easier than you think. Watching your diet
and eating the right amount of calories can do wonders. If you want to burn
excess fat, you need to minimise the amount of calorie intake coupled with
regular workouts. Remember if you rarely indulge in any kind of exercise or
physical activity, you need to loose more amount of calorie.
Caloric needs depend on your age, weight and height. Aiming to eat at least 500 less calories than what you already eat,
will help you get rid of excess body fat. In no case, however, should your calorie intake fall below 1200 calories per day,
unless on a medically supervised weight loss program.
                                 Below is a comprehensive calorie chart of Indian food. The chart will help you guide
                                 through the caloric need of your body. Now you can keep track of your food and also
                                 adopt healthy eating habits. And the result your dream of a slim physique and ripped abs
                                 will come true.

                                                                 Calories in Fruits              Per 100 Grams
                                                                 Apple                           56
                                                                 Avocado Pear                    190
                                                                 Banana                          95
                                                                 Chickoo                         94
 Calories in Vegetables            Per 100 Grams                 Cherries                        70
 Broccoli                          25                            Dates                           281
 Brinjal                           24                            Grapes Black                    45
 Cabbage                           45                            Guava                           66
 Carrot                            48                            Kiwi Fruit                      45
 Cauliflower                       30                            Lychies                         61
 Fenugreek (Methi)                 49                            Mangoes                         70
 French beans                      26                            Orange                          53
 Lettuce                           21                            Orange juice 100ml              47
 Mushroom                          18                            Peach                           50
 Onion                             50                            Papaya                          32
 Peas                              93                            Pears                           51
 Potato                            97                            Pineapple                       46
 1 cup Raw Spinach                 7                             Plums                           56
 1 cup boiled Spinach              41                            Strawberries                    77
 Tomato                            21                            Watermelon                      26
 Tomato juice 100ml                22                            Pomegranate                     77

Sahaj Setu • October 2010                                                                                               20
Calories in Cereals         Per 100 Grams
Bajra                       360
Maize flour                 355
Basmati Rice (1/2)          325
Brown Rice (1/2)            350
Wheat flour                 341
Breads per piece
1 medium chapatti           119
1 slice white bread         60
1 paratha (no filling)      280
Oatmeal 28 gms              108
Cornflakes 28 gms           87

Calories in Beverages        Per 100 Grams
Tea (per cup)                79
Coffee (per cup)             98
Apple Juice                  55
Grape Juice                  55              Calories in Fish & Meat   Per 100 Grams
Mango Juice                  58              Prawn                     89
Orange Juice                 44              Hilsa fish 112 gms        310
Pineapple Juice              52              Chicken                   109
Sugarcane Juice              36              Mutton                    194
Coconut milk                 76              Egg (Hen’s)               173
Coconut water                24              Egg (Duck’s)              180
                                             Beef                      114
Calories in Milk & Milk      Per cup         Pork                      114
Butter 100gms                750             Cooked Food               Calories
Buttermilk                   19              Sweet Biscuit 15 gms      70
Cheese                       315             Medium Dosa (plain)       120
Cream 100gms                 210             Medium Dosa (masala)      250
Ghee 100gms                  910             Pakoras 50 gms            75
Milk Buffalo                 115             1 large Puri              85
Milk Cow                     100             1 piece Samosa            140
Milk Skimmed                 45              1 small Medu Vada         70
Curds                        51
                                             Other Items               Calories
                                             1 tbsp Sugar              48
                                             1 tbsp Honey              90
                                             Carrot Halwa 50 gms       300
                                             Jalebi 20 gms             100
                                             Kheer 100 gms             180
                                             Rasgulla 150 gms          140

Sahaj Setu • October 2010                                                              21
External Window
Food Crisis
What the World Bank is doing ?
                                               In response to the severity of the food crisis and the need for prompt
                                               action, the World Bank Group set up the Global Food Crisis Response
                                               Program (GFRP) in May 2008 to provide immediate relief to countries
                                               hard hit by food high prices. The Bank response has been articulated in
                                               coordination with the United Nations' High-Level Task Force on food
                                               security. Through its response, the Bank is supporting the implementation
                                               of the joint Comprehensive Framework for Action (CFA).
                                               • The World Bank Group increased GFRP to $2 billion in April 2009 to
                                                provide immediate relief to countries hard hit by food high prices.
                                                GFRP was created in May 2008 to reduce the threat high food prices
                                                and rising agricultural production and marketing costs pose to the
                                                livelihoods of the world's poor. The money is used to feed poor children
                                                and other vulnerable groups, provide for nutritional supplements to
                                                pregnant women, lactating mothers, infants and small children, to
                                                meet additional expenses of food imports or to buy seeds for the new
GFRP has approved $1,238.2 million in 35 countries as of September 9, 2010. $972.4 million out of the $1,238.2 million
in Board-approved Bank-funded GFRP projects has been disbursed (78 percent of Board-approved funds).

Sahaj Setu • October 2010                                                                                            22
Grant funding has also been made available
through several external-funded trust funds in
support of the full range of interventions
available under the GFRP A Multi-Donor Trust
Fund (MDTF) has received contributions of
AUD 50 million from the Australian
government, €80 million from the government
of Spain, 3 billion Korean Won from the
Republic of Korea, CAD 30 million from the
government of Canada, and $0.15 million
from International Finance Corporation (IFC).
The Russian Federation has also allocated $15
million for the Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan,
through the Russia Food Price Crisis Rapid
Response Trust Fund, which became
operational in April 2009.
The European Commission has allocated has allocated €111.8 million to support operations in 10 countries. As of
September 9, 2010, $181.08 million has been approved under externally funded trust funds 7 MDTF-funded projects, two
Russia FPCR TF-funded operation, and 11 European Union (EU) Food Crisis Rapid Response Facility-financed operations.
Total disbursements under externally funded trust funds amount to $51.60 million.
• The quality of results from World Bank investment in agriculture and rural development through the regular programs
  remains among the highest priorities. In fiscal year 2010, IBRD/IDA assistance to agriculture and related rural
  development, as described in Implementing Agriculture for Development: World Bank Group Agriculture Action Plan,
  FY10-12, was $4.1 billion (7 percent of total IBRD/IDA). This is a decrease from the $5.3 billion in FY09, but is higher
  than the average of $3 billion per year over FY06-08. One reason for the drop in assistance was the food crisis response
  that induced “front-loading” of projects into FY09 originally scheduled for FY10. The rapidly emerging financial crisis
  which led to strong competing demand for large financial transfers vis-a-vis investment projects also contributed to the
  drop in FY 10 agricultural lending.
• In addition to the IBRD/IDA investments of $4.1 billion, IFC invested $2 billion in agribusiness and related sectors,
  resulting in total World Bank Group assistance of $6.1 billion to agriculture and related rural development lending. The
  Action Planprojects an increase in support from the World Bank Group (IDA, IBRD, and IFC) to agriculture and related
  sectors from a baseline average support in FY06-08 of $4.1 billion annually to between $6.2 and $8.3 billion annually
  over FY10-12. For FY09-10, average World Bank Group assistance ($6.7 billion) was within the lower bound of the
  projection ($6.2 billion to $8.3 billion).
• Tripling investments in safety nets and other social protection programs in health and education to $12 billion over next
  two years, as announced in April 2009.
• Establishing Agriculture Finance Support Facility to expand rural finance through a $20 million Bill & Melinda Gates
  Foundation contribution, as announced in June 2009. The Facility will increase access to financial services, such as
  savings, credit, payments and insurance.
• Working to help countries develop financial market insurance products and risk management strategies to ensure
  increased capacity to respond to future prices increases, such as weather derivatives and crop insurance.
• Through the HLTF Secretariat, the Bank is working through existing country-level coordination mechanisms and regional
  initiatives such as the Comprehensive African Agriculture Development Program (CAADP) to identify opportunities and
  constraints in CFA implementation on the ground.
                                                                                            Source: World Bank website

 Sahaj Setu • October 2010                                                                                              23 : List of Job Vacancies

Sahaj Setu • October 2010               24
 25                                                 Sahaj Setu • October 2010
M A N S     I O N   F A    C T   S
A   O   N   O   A   A   T
G A I N S   M A C A B R E
N   S   I   A   E   B   R
A V E N G E D   T R A I N
T       H   S       G
E N M I T Y   A D H E R E
    A       C   E       X
A L L O W   E A R N E S T
M     A   H    AI   A   R
A N I M A L S   D O G M A
S   S   R   E       L   C
S H E L F   D E S S E R T
                 : List of Job Vacancies
                                                                                                                                        : List of Job Vacancies

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