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					                          CHAPTER SIXTY-SEVEN

                               SHELTON WILSON


      We have very few details concerning George Shelton, the ancestor of the family of that
name in this county. One tradition is that he came to Miller County from McMinn County,
Tennessee, in the early forties, but he may have been born in Alabama. He lived on Wimmer
Creek, also in the corner of this county on the place now owned by the Duncan estate (the heirs
are his great-grandchildren), but seems to have moved back to Miller County, where he died. His
first wife is thought to have been a Roberds; his second wife was Celia Burks, and both
marriages may have taken place in Tennessee. Of the thirteen children born to George Shelton
and living to maturity, two, John and Edward, were born of the first marriage.

    John Shelton. possibly the older, was born in 1831 and died in 1922. His first wife, and the
mother of all his

children, was Elizabeth, daughter of William Massey, who was born January 28, 1834, and died
October 20, 1890. Of the five children born of this marriage two, George W. Shelton of this
county, and Rose, wife of Stephen Helton (to whom she was married December 22, 1887) of
Texas County, survive; the three who have passed away are: Mary, Alfaretta, and William.

    Mary, widow of 'Bill Ed' Lawson, who died at her home in Locust Grove, Oklahoma, in
January, 1941, left descendants, but the list of them has not been received.

     Alfaretta, the other deceased daughter, married Thomas J. Stokes August 1, 1889, and has
been dead many years. The six children born to her, all living, are: Everett in California; Eva,
Ethel, Leonard, Laverne, and Fred, all in Oklahoma; their marital circumstances are not known.

     William M. Shelton, the deceased son, was born April 25, 1853, and died August 28, 1904.
He was married December 25, 1884, to Amanda Lawson who survives, together with five of the
eight children born to them: Bennett and Rosa, widow of James N. Lawson, live in this county,
Lawrence in Phelps County, John in St. Louis, and Mrs. Elsie Chaney in Miami, Oklahoma;
three children, Grover, George, and Allen, died single.

     Edward Shelton, the other son of the first wife, married Clarissa Lawson, and both he and
his wife have been dead many years. It is believed that he spent his entire married life in Miller
County, because no property in this county has been identified as belonging to him. The three
living children of the seven born of this marriage are: James Pinkney in Oklahoma, Azalia, wife
of Bert Osborne, in Illinois, and Clara, who married Andrew Singer and lives near Meta. The
four children who have passed away are: Harvey, Celia, Mary, and Paralee.

    Harvey went to the Joplin vicinity when a young man,

married and died there. It is thought he left descendants, but their number, names, and present
addresses are not known to relatives here.

     Celia married James Boyd and is also dead, but her widower is believed to be yet living.
The five children born of their marriage are: Leonard of Jefferson City, Conrad and Isabelle,
wife of William dark, of Miller County, Eliza, wife of Frank Smith of Iberia, and Minnie who
married in the Joplin area where she still lives.

     Mary C. Shelton married James Alonzo Crisman January 5, 1888, and died at Maynard,
Arkansas, some years ago, her husband later passing away at the same place. Two children, a
boy and a girl, were born to them before they left here, and possibly others afterward.

    Paralee Shelton married Henry Singer at Meta, and is survived by one daughter, Rosalee,
whose married name is not at hand.

     The eleven children born of George Shelton's second marriage, not in their age-order, are:
James, Willis, William. Wiley Lee, Jesse, Wash, Taylor, Nancy. Polly, Elizabeth, and Addie. Of
these Willis died single, and Polly married George and Jesse Wilson; their descendants are
recorded in the Wilson section of this chapter.

     James Shelton died in the Union Army in Jefferson City during the Civil War. His wife was
Louisa, daughter of William Lawson, but if any descendants of this union are now alive relatives
here have no knowledge of them, and there probably are none.

      William Shelton married Polly Ann Lawson (his wife and the wife of James Shelton were
sisters of the wife of Joseph Crismon). They were the parents of thirteen children, of whom three
are believed to have died in infancy. A complete account of the descendants of this man is not

at hand, and only two children, Owen at Baxter Springs, Kansas, and George who married Cora
Rowden and lives near Meta, are thought to be still alive. The others are: Martha who married
Reuben Short; Jack, who married Leerva Berry; Josie, first wife of Bob Crismon (which see);
Sarah, wife of William A. Burd; William C. who married Alma Gray; Caroline, first wife of
Mart Helton, the wife of Bud Francher; and the wife of Gay Whitaker. Mrs. Burd was the mother
of six children, Irene, Grace, Prue, and another girl, and Guy and another son. William C.
Shelton, who may still be living in Oklahoma, was the father of three daughters; their mother is

     Wiley Lee Shelton was born in Tennessee in the early eighteen forties, and died near Long
Lane, Dallas County, November 26, 1935. He married Sarah Ellis and spent the first part of his
married life on the present Duncan farm in this county, about 1900 he moved to Long Lane
where he spent the remainder of his life. George W. Shelton, his oldest son, born August 13,
1869, lives at Dixon, where he was for many years cashier of the Bank of Dixon and is now
postmaster. The other children are: Laura, wife of William Kershner (married August 19, 1888),
Phoebe, William, Robert, Thomas, Buford, and John. One of these, thought to have been John,
died in Colorado about 1920. So far as is known the others are yet living.

     Jesse Shelton was twice married; his first wife, Laura Brannam, and their two children died
in their early married life. Some years later (September 19, 1886), he married Emma, daughter of
Burr Briggs. Both he and his second wife have passed away. The five children born of the
second marriage and reaching maturity, all yet living, are: Allie who married a Barlow, Grace,
wife of Jack Harris, and Dora W., all of near Hazelgreen; Gordon and Georgia, who married a
Harrison, live in Oklahoma.

    George Washington Shelton married Mary J. Brannam,

and both died in Oklahoma many years ago. Their six children, Doward, Herbert, George, Allen,
Lou, wife of Roe Whitaker, and Eliza, wife of James Skaggs, all believed to be yet living, are in
that state.

     Allen Taylor Shelton was born in Miller County February 29, 1852, and died there May 31.
1938. He was married to Rachel McKee about 1876. she having passed away April 28, 1931. He
spent all his active life farming along the Big Tavern, and was probably the wealthiest of the
descendants of Gorge Shelton at the time of his death. One son born of this marriage died in
infancy, the two daughters, yet living and both residents of Miller County, being Sarah E., wife
of Fred Crismon, and Mrs. Cora Fancher, both of the Iberia vicinity.

     Elizabeth Shelton, known to have been among the older children, married W. E. (Bud)
Calvert in this county and lived here a number of years, after which the family moved to Texas.
The husband may have died there, but it is believed his widow later remarried and died in
Oklahoma. A son, Guy, and a daughter, Gertie, were born to them before they moved from this
county, and others may have been born after they reached Texas, but relatives here have been out
of touch with them for many years.

     Addie Shelton, the remaining daughter, first married a Skouby, and later became the wife of
Ewing Roberson, under which name her known descendants will be found. They, too, moved to
Texas and after the death of her second husband she married a man named Dennis in that state;
no children were born of the last marriage.

    James Wilson, father of the Joseph Wilson who came to this county, died in November,
1849. His mother, whose maiden name was Martha Anderson, died August 22, 1841.
Unavailable are their birth dates, their former residence, or the place and time of their marriage.
Nor do we have the names of any of their children except Joseph Wilson,

who was born in Whiteley County, Kentucky, November 12, 1812, and died in this county
October 1, 1875. He was married in McMinn County, Tennessee, May 5, 1833, to Nancy
Monroe, who was born in Grainger County, Tennessee, September 20, 1814, and died in this
county January 26, 1902. Her parents were George Monroe, who was born April 14, 1782, and
died October 13, 1868, and Elizabeth Peters, who was born in North Carolina January 1, 1786.
Neither the James Wilson nor George Monroe families ever came to this state.

      Joseph Wilson and his wife and the three children born in Tennessee of this marriage
arrived on the Little Tavern in this county December 3, 1838, and made the immediate vicinity
of their first settling their home until their deaths. So far as is known farming and cattle raising
were his only occupations. The ten children born of this union and living to maturity were:
Elizabeth Jane, James M., Jesse Lafayette (all born in Tennessee) Sarah Ann, William Lindsay,
Malinda Carnetta, Louisa, Joseph, Margaret Katherine, and George W. Wilson. The names are in
their age-order except that of George W. Wilson.

      Elizabeth Jane Wilson, the oldest child, was born in McMinn County, Tennessee,
September 20, 1834, and married Charles Otto Curtman in this county October 21, 1858. The
latter was a chemist and physician, and at or shortly after the outbreak of the Civil War took his
family to St. Louis where he went into the employ of the government, his chief occupation being
the manufacture of gun caps. The family never returned to this county, both he and his wife died
and are buried in St. Louis. The three daughters born to this couple all married there and their
married names and descendants are not now known to relatives here. The one son of this
marriage, Charles, also remained in St. Louis. The other, George Curtman, studied medicine
under his father and took up active practive in this county, where he lived the remainder of his
life. His wife was a daughter of Isaac Helton Senior. The four children

born of their marriage were: Otto, Elmer, Fred, and Edward Curtman.

      Of the four Elmer is the only one of the family who lives in this county. Edward lives in
Oklahoma, and Fred just over the line in Miller County. Otto, the remaining son, died in this
county several years ago. His wife, the former Emma Parker and now Mrs. Isaac Renfrow, lives
in Maplewood as do their three daughters, Ida, Charlsie, and Anna is single. The three boys born
of this marriage are Wendell of Meta, Clarence of this county, and Henry, probably in St. Louis.

     James Monroe Wilson, the second child, was born February 12, 1836, and died February 9,
1929. He was married to Salina Moss, who was born in Tennessee December 22, 1835, and was
brought here by relatives in her infancy. She died October 25, 1909. They spent most of their
married life on or near the Little Tavern, where Mrs. Wilson died, but her husband passed away
at Eldon. Of the five children born of their marriage two, Charles and Tina, died single, and one,
Eliza, who married Asa Crismon February 7, 1875, died childless. George M. Wilson, the fourth
child, married Clara Robertson May 24, 1888, and both are now dead, as well as one of the four
children born to them, Minnie, wife of Fred Ricker. Her three living children are Clyde and
Clifford, both of Jefferson City, and Viola, whose married name is not at hand, in St. Louis.

     J. H. (Buddy) Wilson, the remaining son, married Millie Blanton November 21, 1879. They
lived on the Maries-Miller County line for many years, but afterwards moved to Eldon, where
Mrs. Wilson died. Her widower re-married, and may yet be living. The six children were: Elmer
at Sedalia; Dixie, wife of Roy Bruffy, at Eldon; Ollie who died near Eldon, married, leaving
children; Mary, also at or near Eldon; Ethel, wife of Charles Martin, and Fred who lives in the

      Jesse Lafayette Wilson, the last child born in Tennessee, was born September 25, 1837, and
died of the measles at Springfield, Missouri, in 1862, while on his way home from the southern
army. He was married April 16, 1857, to Polly Ann, daughter of George Shelton, and one of the
three children born of this union, Sarah, widow of J. R. Duncan, to whom she was married
November 15, 1874, survives, and still lives on and owns her Grandfather Shelton's home place
in this county. The other two children were George and William Wilson.

     (After the death of Jesse L. Wilson his widow later married James K. Polk Hale, by whom
she was the mother of two daughters: Clarice who married Robert Woody and lived in Miller
County, and Lottie who married Henry Juergens. She was born December 14, 1870, and died
August 27, 1926, survived by her husband (now also dead) and their seven children, all yet
living: Archie H., Jesse M., George L., Dory J., Clemens, Millie, wife of Otto Roberds of
Jefferson City, and Laura, wife of Arch Irvin, the last residing on the home place. Polly Shelton-
Wilson-Hale's third marriage, which was to Riley Messersmith, was childless.)

      George Wilson's first wife, to whom he was married September 1.1881, was Mary Moss.
They were the parents of at least six children living to maturity: Grace, wife of Claude Rowden
in this county; Bryan in California; Boone at St. Clair or St. Louis; Minnie, married name not at
hand, in Kansas City; George, address not known, and Orval. The last is now deceased; his wife
was Alma Humphrey and they are believed to have left children, who probably live in Miller
County. Another list furnished the writer includes Daisy, wife of Clergy Crismon, and Leda, who
married a man named Hepper and lives in South Dakota. This list is probably correct. After the
death of his first wife George Wilson married Leona, widow of Charles Helton, nee Finn, no
children being born of this union. He died in 1940. His widow survives, and lives at Meta.

     William, the remaining child of Jesse L. Wilson, first married Laura Leatherman, by whom
he was the father of two children: Sophia who married a Koester and lives at Union, and Herbert
who died in Oklahoma; no record is at hand of any children born to him. William's second wife
was Caroline Braiser, and six children were born of their marriage: May, Leana, Everett, Dewey,
Rex, and Ray. William Wilson died in St. Louis, but at last accounts his widow was still living,
making her home with a daughter in Maplewood. The further descendants of their children, as
well as their married names and addresses, are not known here.

      Sarah Ann, the oldest of the Missouri-born children of Joseph Wilson, was born on the
Little Tavern May 19, 1839, and died in Miller County November 17, 1915. She was married
December 13, 1860, to Calvin Joshua Berry, who was born in Kentucky April 1, 1831, and died
also in Miller County, 31, 1919. They spent most of their married lives on Humphrey Creek, in
Miller County, but both probably died at Eldon. Of the four children born to them, three:
William P. at Eldon, Mary J. who married an Atkinson and lives on Humphreys Creek, and
Leerva, widow of Jack Shelton, son of William, in California, survive. The fourth child, Roan,
wife of William McGriff, also of Miller County, is dead, as is her husband.

    William Lindsay Wilson, whose birth date is uncertain, married Esther Cansler. The family
moved to Kansas a great many years ago, where both he and his wife died. Relatives here are
uncertain as to their descendants, but one daughter, Mrs. Pearl Oliver, now or lately resided at
515 North Walnut Street, Iola, Kansas.

     Malinda Carnetta Wilson, born May 25, 1844, was married on July 15, 1865, to Henry V.
Warren, later School Commissioner and State Representative of this county. No children were
born of their marriage.

     George Washington Wilson was born August 19, 1842, and died April 21, 1933. He was
married October 16, 1863, to Nancy Emeline, daughter of George Shelton, who was born in
1843 and died in 1929. He served in the Union Army in the Civil War, and upon the death of his
father purchased his place from the other heirs and thereafter made it his home. Part of the home
place was afterwards known as Vancleve, from the post office established on it by his son,
Lewis. Three of the five children born of this marriage are yet living: Parthenia who married
William M. Stokes April 11. 1889, owns and lives on part of the original Joseph Wilson home
place; James M. Wilson, merchant for many years at Meta; and Dr. C. D. Wilson, dentist, at 119
1/2 West High Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The two children who have passed away are J.
T. and W. L. Wilson.

     William L. Wilson, for many years farmer, merchant, stockman, and postmaster at
Vancleve, died April 17, 1932, having been preceded in death by his wife, Leona, daughter of
Levi F. Parker. The three surviving children are Verna and Bonnie, wife of William Barnhart,
both of Vancleve, and Rainey of Union, Missouri. Another son, Tony Wilson, died September 7,
1918, and is survived by his widow, now Mrs. Veva Dunlap, nee West, and their one son,
Howard Wilson, of the Little Tavern.

     John T. Wilson, the other deceased son, was born September 15, 1872, and died at
Steelville, Missouri, September 26, 1938. After studying at Washington University he was
graduated in dentistry at the Kansas City Dental College and settled at Steelville about 1898,
where he married Lulu Craig and spent the remainder of his life, being prominent in the affairs of
the community as well as in his profession. He is survived by his widow, his two sons, Craig and
John T., and his daughter, Dorothy, all of Steelville.

    Louisa Wilson, daughter of Joseph, was born July 23,

1850, and married March 8, 1869, to William Wiley Gardner, of Miller County. Their entire
married life was spent in that county, where both died. Their two sons, Everett and Fred Gardner,
live in Kansas City or its vicinity.

     Joseph Wilson, the youngest son, born January 25, 1852, was married August 18, 1872. to
Brunetta Ann Hargett. They spent most of their married life farming on the Little Tavern,
afterwards moving to or near Eldon, where both died, as well as their one son, Carney Wilson.
Carney had married and left children now living in the Eldon vicinity, but their names have not
been received.

    Margaret Katherine Wilson, the youngest child, was born September 23, 1854, and married
Asa Rowden on March 14, 1875. About a year ago she was still living at Johnstown, Colorado.

     James G. Wilson, who is believed to have been some relation to Joseph, also settled in this
county at an early day, possibly as early as his kinsman, and in the same general vicinity. He
married, after coming here, Martha, daughter of John Cansler, his home place being the land now
owned by the Juergens family near the Stokes Graveyard. Here he died in August, 1862,
survived by his widow and their five children: Texas, Tennessee, Susan, Rufus, and Marion,
none of them grown, so that he was probably much younger man than Joseph Wilson, about of
an age to have been his nephew. His widow afterwards married James Burns at or about the close
of the Civil War, and shortly thereafter the family moved to the upper Niangua in Camden
County, where they lived about ten years, and where Mrs. Burns died. Her widower and their
two children, accompanied by at least some of the Wilson children most of whom by then were
about grown, returned to this county, but their later history is not clear. The likeliest tradition

is that they all returned to Camden County, where Rafus and possibly the other son had
continued to live. Mrs. Burns' brother, Tom Cansler, went to that county with the family and died
there, single.

      Marion Wilson married Emeline, daughter of Gabriel Crismon, October 15, 1876, and
Martha S. Wilson, who may have been Susan, married William Earp about 1880; Tennessee has
been identified as having married Luke C. Lea April 21, 1878, all the above marriages occurring
in this county. No further details as to any of them are at hand, and it is believed they all moved
farther west, since Earp and Lea are known to have been natives of Miller County.

     John S. Wilson, another old-timer in Boone Township, is known to have not been related to
the others, and to have come to this county long after the others were living here.


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