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									                                                                                                                     January 1, 2007

        Resources                                   Federal Career Week: A Reprise


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                                                   I n late November, the Office of
                                                     Domestic Programs Returned
                                                   Volunteer Services (RVS) spon-
                                                                                      held at GAO headquarters. All
                                                                                      was made possible through the
                                                                                      various relationships forged by
                                                                                                                         The panelists were former Hill
                                                                                                                         staffers Amy Horton, Direc-
                                                                                                                         tor of Domestic Programs, and
                                                   sored Federal Career Week, a       RVS with numerous non-profit       Courtney Santonicola, Peace
                                                   special series of events focused   agencies and professionals in-     Corps’ Chief Compliance Of-
                                                   on careers with the federal        volved in federal workforce        ficer, who discussed potential
                                                   government. As a first in the      development activities. The        career paths, including their
                                                   history of the Agency, the de-     events were all free-of-charge     own, taken by Hill employees.
                                                   partment coordinated more          and were tailored to address       Afternoon sessions focused on
Peace Corps Hotline                                than a dozen career events in a    RPCV interests and highlight       federal internships and gradu-
                                                   single week. This also marked      opportunities available to the     ate school.
              Robert Michon                        the first time RVS focused ca-     RPCV community.
    Manager, Returned Volunteer Services
                                                   reer events solely on work op-                                        The federal internship panel
                                                   portunities with the federal       Day one centered on struc-         on Tuesday discussed programs
             Heather Groome                        government. Well over 100 RP-      tured training and professional    that allow RPCVs to “fast
               Assistant Editor                    CVs and approximately twenty-      development opportunities for      track” to federal jobs. Hakeem
  Admin. Ass’t, Returned Volunteer Services        five selected federal agencies     prospective federal employees.     Basheerud-Deen, Office of Per-
        To place job announcements, visit          and bureaus participated in        Max Stier, President and CEO       sonnel Management (OPM) Pol-             various events throughout the      of the Partnership for Public      icy Manager, reviewed special
                    or contact                     four days. Admissions repre-       Service , spoke directly to the    authorities governing the pro-
                 Peace Corps                       sentatives and faculty from        multitude of employment op-        grams. Through the panel dis-
         Returned Volunteer Services               graduate programs in public        portunities steadily becoming      cussion, attendees recognized
          Phone: 202.692.1430 or                   administration and public pol-     available in the public sector.    the diversity of federal intern-
          800.424.8580, ext. 1430                  icy served on panels and then      He discussed key trends such as    ship opportunities within and
      E-mail:               hosted booths at a recruitment     increasing numbers of retire-      throughout federal agencies.
             Fax: 202.692.1421
                                                   event. Peace Corps staff made      ment-eligible federal employ-      The differences were apparent
 How can I stay connected                          presentations, sat on panels,      ees; federal employee benefits     in many ways, including the
   to the Peace Corps?                             and led workshops. The week        such as loan forgiveness; and      application process, qualifica-
                                                   also included a career fair fea-   special RPCV hiring authorities,   tions for participation, types
There are many ways to stay connected. Visit     turing recruiters and represen-    such as non-competitive eligi-     of mentoring offered, tuition
                former.staycon                     tatives from 16 government         bility. Each of these topics was   and loan repayment policies,
                                                   agencies and culminated with       addressed again in various ways    program size, and job duties
Participate as a Paul D. Coverdell World Wise
                                                   two information sessions, one      throughout the week.               and responsibilities. A major
Schools speaker. Visit
                                                   conducted by the Centers for                                          myth that panelists countered
 Share your experience during Peace Corps          Disease Control and Prevention     After Mr. Stier’s opening ad-      related to financial compensa-
   Week. Visit           (CDC) at Peace Corps head-         dress, attendees took part in      tion for interns. Participants
                                                   quarters and one conducted         a panel discussion highlighting    in the session learned that
Let Peace Corps help pay for graduate school.      by the Government Account-         the types of work opportuni-       federal interns can be college
                                                   ability Office (GAO), which was    ties available on Capitol Hill.                    Continued on page 16
    Hotline                                    For Returned Volunteers / From the Office of Domestic Programs
                                                            municable disease, maternal and child health,       4H YOUTH DEVELOPMENT
                   Public Sector                            health promotion, and community health proj-        EDUCATOR • Mt. Morris, NY
                                                            ects. Qualifications: must be eligible for licen-   Position available with Cornell Cooperative
     OFFICE AUTOMATION ASSISTANT •                          sure as an RN in Alaska and have a BSN from         Extension, Livingston County. Duties: plans,
     Cook, MN                                               a NLN accredited college. For more informa-         implements, and evaluates educational opportu-
     GS-5 position available with United States             tion phone 907.465.1277 or e-mail Sylvia_Se-        nities for youth in Livingston County. Qualifica-
     Forest Service, Superior National Forest. Du- To apply, visit www.     tion: MS in youth development or related field.
     ties: performs office automation work requir-                                         Deadline: 1/17/2007. For more information, vis-
     ing the use of software applications and com-                                                              it
     puter equipment; prepares correspondence, re-          FIELD ENGINEER • Window Rock, AZ                    pa427.htm. Send letter of intent, résumé, and
     ports, technical documents, graphs and charts,         Position available with the Indian Health Ser-      transcript to PA#427, Box 26 Kennedy Hall,
     forms, and other office support materials. Sal-        vice, USPHS. Duties: manages water and              Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853.
     ary: $28,349–$36,856. Deadline: 1/8/2007. For          sanitation projects on the Navajo Reservation,
     more information and to apply, visit announce-         including engineering design and construction       EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR • Cobleskill, NY
     ment number “ADS07-R9SUP-LAC-006G” at                  supervision. Qualifications: BS or higher in        Position available with Cornell Cooperative Ex-                                civil or environmental engineering. For more        tension, Schoharie County. Qualifications: MA
                                                            information and to apply, phone Adam Bjornst-       required; six years’ experience required includ-
     REALTY SPECIALIST TRAINEES/                            edt (RPCV, Jamaica) at 928.871.1350; address:       ing four years’ management experience. Dead-
     INTERNSHIPS • AUBURN, WA                               Office of Environmental Health, P.O. Box 9020,      line: 2/15/2007. For more information, visit
     GS-5/7 positions available with the General            Window Rock, AZ 86515; fax: 928.871.1462; 
     Services Administration. Duties: work with             e-mail:                    pa426.htm for details. Send letter of intent, ré-
     customers and other federal agencies to pro-                                                               sumé, and transcript to PA#426, Box 26 Kenne-
     vide solutions to their space and building needs.      URBAN PUBLIC SCHOOL PRINCIPAL •                     dy Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853.
     Qualifications: degree in business preferred, or       Various locations
     experience related to real estate, leasing, con-       Positions available with New Leaders for            GIS SENIOR RESOURCE EDUCATOR •
     struction, or project management. Training is          New Schools. Qualifications: highly motivat-        Millbrook, NY
     provided. Salary: $30K–$36K with promotion             ed; success leading adults; K–12 teaching ex-       Position available with Cornell Cooperative Ex-
     potential to GS-9/11. E-mail résumé to Interns.        perience; relentless drive to lead an excellent     tension, Dutchess County. Duties: organizes and with “Peace Corps” in             urban school; unyielding belief in children to      implements GIS programs; provides GIS ser-
     the subject line.                                      achieve academically at high levels. Deadline:      vices related to natural resource protection and
                                                            3/1/2007. For more information and to apply,        the environment. Qualifications: MS/MA with
     PUBLIC HEALTH NURSES • Juneau, AK                      visit; e-mail:;          experience required. Deadline: 1/12/2007. For
     Positions available with the State of Alaska,          phone: 646.792.1070.                                more information, visit http://hosts.cce.cornell.
     Public Health Nursing. Duties: work in com-                                                                edu/admin/careerops/pa428.htm. Send letter of
                                                                                                                intent, résumé, and transcripts to PA#428, Box

                                                                                                                26, Kennedy Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca,
                                                                                                                NY 14853.

                                                                                                                PROGRAM SPECIALIST • San Francisco
                                                                                                                GS-12 position available with the USDA Food
                                                                                                                and Nutrition Service (FNS). Duties: provides
         PEACE CORPS CAMPUS REPRESENTATIVE • Seattle                                                            policy guidance and oversight for state offices
         Position available with Washington State University and the Peace Corps. Position runs for the         administering FNS programs. Qualifications:
         2007/2008 academic year. Qualifications: previous Peace Corps service required; current or             strong oral and written communication skills;
         future student enrollment at the Washington State University or University of Idaho. Duties:           analytical and problem solving ability required;
         promotes Peace Corps service to students living in Moscow, Idaho and Pullman, WA through a             related experience preferred; overnight travel
         variety of outreach activities, including participation in campus fairs, classroom presentations,      required. Deadline: 1/15/2007. For more in-
         and information meetings; responsible for interviewing prospective Peace Corps volunteers.             formation, phone 415.705.1314; e-mail: mavis.
         E-mail a cover letter and a résumé to                           ; To
                                                                                                                apply, visit
         Position available with Visions in Action. Qualifications: knowledge of Quickbooks account-
         ing software and fluent with a double-entry, accrual method of accounting needed; experience                      Private Sector
         producing financial statements and working with external auditors required; experience manag-
         ing finances of U.S. government contracts, especially USAID; one or more years’ experience             PROGRAM SUPPORT COORDINATOR •
         living and working in a developing country; knowledge of African and/or Latin American de-             New York City
         velopment issues required; previous international volunteer experience preferred; university           Temporary position available with RockCorps.
         degree required, preferably in business or accounting; Spanish or French language capability           Position runs from 1/12/2007 to 4/1/2007 with
         preferred. For more information and to apply, e-mail; phone:             possible extension. Duties: assists in manage-
         202.625.7402.                                                                                          ment of volunteer services department; coordi-
                                                                                                                nates volunteers and community service proj-
                                                                                                                ects; performs data entry, paperwork, and e-mail

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Hotline                                  For Returned Volunteers / From the Office of Domestic Programs

communication with volunteers; communicat-            ESL INSTRUCTOR, CASE                                  board. Send cover letter and résumé to Human
ing with volunteers by phone. Salary: $15/hour.       MANAGEMENT SUPPORT • Brooklyn, NY                     Resources, OMSI, 1945 SE Water Avenue,
For more information, visit www.boostmobile-          Position available with CAMBA. Duties: teach-         Portland OR. 97214; fax: 503.239.7818; e-mail: E-mail cover letter and résumé         es ESL for job seekers who are refugees, immi-; website: www.omsi.
to                                grants, and asylees; provides case management         edu/info/employment.
                                                      support to refugee resettlement program. Quali-
PROGRAM SUPPORT • New York City                       fications: excellent administrative skills; self-     OUTDOOR SCIENCE INSTRUCTORS •
Temporary position available with RockCorps.          starter; organized, detail oriented, and energetic;   Fossil, OR
Position runs from 1/12/2007 to 4/1/2007 with         ability to multi-task; experience teaching ESL        Positions available with Oregon Museum of
possible extension. Duties: communicates with         or literacy; BA; ability to speak French, Arabic,     Science and Industry. Qualifications: BA/BS;
volunteers regarding volunteer projects; per-         Tibetan, Fulani, or Haitan Creole preferred. For      teaching experience, First Aid/CPR certifica-
forms data entry; manages phone; works week-          more information and to apply, e-mail rozc@           tion; excellent driver’s record required. Training
ends. Salary: $12–$14/hour. E-mail cover letter                                            available during non-work dates at employee’s
and résumé to                                                                           expense. Salary: $55–$75/day with benefits and
                                                      DIRECTOR OF COMPENSATION •                            housing available for some positions. Send cover
PROGRAM ASSISTANT • DC                                Cambridge, MA or DC                                   letter and résumé to Human Resources, OMSI,
Position available with American Councils.            Position available with Management Sciences           1945 SE Water Avenue, Portland OR. 97214;
Qualifications: strong oral and written commu-        for Health. Duties: oversees U.S. and overseas        fax: 503.239.7818; e-mail: employment@omsi.
nication skills in Russian and English; experi-       compensation efforts; provides vision and stra-       edu; website:
ence with international exchange programs. For        tegic leadership and practical experience to job
more information, visit www.americancouncils.         classification, salary administration, and incen-     LEAD INSTRUCTOR • Fossil, OR
org. Send cover letter, résumé, and salary re-        tive and reward strategies. Qualifications: dem-      Positions available with Oregon Museum of
quirements to HR Department, American Coun-           onstrated success developing and implementing         Science and Industry. Duties: provide program
cils, 1776 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 700,           compensation programs; ability to manage com-         support and ecology, geology, astronomy, natu-
Washington, DC 20036; fax: 202.872.9178               plex and competing priorities required; excep-        ral resource management, and wilderness skills
or 202.833.7523; e-mail: resumes@american-            tional communicator with strong conceptual and        instruction for students ages 7 to 18 on one to                                         analytical skills; CCP and experience consulting      three week summer camp and research trips in
                                                      with U.S. government contractors preferred. For       the summer and outdoor school programs and
PROGRAM ASSISTANT • DC                                more information, visit To apply,        during the school year. Qualifications: BA/BS
Position available with American Councils.            visit                         in natural science; teaching experience; ability
Qualifications: BA; experience with educa-                                                                  to develop and implement lesson plans in vari-
tional programs; study abroad experience. For         DIRECTOR OF STAFFING •                                ety of subjects; current first aid/CPR certifica-
more information, visit www.americancouncils.         Cambridge, MA or DC                                   tion; commercial driver’s license; lifeguard and
org. Send cover letter, résumé, and salary re-        Position available with Management Sciences           WFR certification. Send cover letter and résumé
quirements to HR Department, American Coun-           for Health. Duties: oversees strategic global         to Human Resources, OMSI, 1945 SE Water Av-
cils, 1776 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 700,           recruiting and talent acquisitions; provides          enue, Portland OR. 97214; fax: 503.239.7818;
Washington, D.C. 20036; fax: 202.872.9178             strategic leadership and practical experience         e-mail:; website: www.
or 202.833.7523; e-mail: resumes@american-            to deliver workforce planning and internal and                                         external talent acquisition strategies, new busi-
                                                      ness development and employee development             FACILITIES ASSISTANT • Fossil, OR
CASE MANAGEMENT SUPPORT/                              and retention initiatives. Qualifications: dem-       Position available with Oregon Museum of Sci-
ESL INSTRUCTOR • Brooklyn, NY                         onstrated success developing and implement-           ence and Industry. Duties: supports residential
Position available with CAMBA. Duties: re-            ing talent acquisition programs in the U.S. and       education programming through janitorial,
source development; tracks and responds to            overseas required; exceptional communicator           grounds-keeping, and basic maintenance. Qual-
donations; obtains from local service provid-         and manager; strong conceptual and analytical         ifications: minimum one years’ relevant facility
ers financial documentation regarding service         skills; work seamlessly across countries, cul-        support experience; must have food handler’s
values; enters information into online budget-        tures, organization units; experience with a U.S.     license and driver’s license. Send cover letter
ing and benefits screening and reporting tools;       government contractor strongly preferred. For         and résumé to Human Resources, OMSI, 1945
teaches vocational ESL to mixed levels includ-        more information and to apply, visit        SE Water Avenue, Portland OR. 97214; fax:
ing pre-literate; creates lesson plans pertinent to                                        503.239.7818; e-mail:;
rapidly changing student population; assesses                                                               website:
student English levels and prepares service plan      CAMP COOKS • OR
for each student. Qualifications: attention to de-    Temporary positions available with Oregon             DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT AND
tail; organizational skills; experience teaching      Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI). Po-            COMMUNICATIONS • New York City
ESL; college degree; strong communication and         sitions run from 2/2007 to 11/2007. Duties:           Position available with Action Against Hunger
interpersonal skills; computer literacy; under-       prepare meals for campers enrolled in OMSI’s          (ACF-USA). Duties: oversees external commu-
standing of confidentiality. For more informa-        summer science camps and adventures; run the          nications and all aspects of fund development
tion and to apply, e-mail             kitchen, plan meals, order food, and cook for         to expand ACF-USA’s growing support among
                                                      up to 100 people in camp setting. Qualifica-          individuals, foundations, corporations, and in-
                                                      tions: must have food handler’s license; must         stitutional donors. Deadline: 1/15/2007. For
                                                      be able to cook vegetarian and non-vegetar-           more information, visit www.actionagainsthun-
                                                      ian meals. Salary: $60–$75/day with room and                                          Continued on page 6

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         PEACE CORPS Fellows/USA
   Peace Corps Fellows/USA works with more than 40 universities that offer financial assistance to RPCVs who wish to attend
   graduate school and work in underserved U.S. communities. Below is a list of universities and some of the subject areas they
   offer. For the complete list, visit; call 800.424.8580, ext. 1440; or e-mail

                             ARIZONA                              Contact: Felicia Spencer                                 Phone: 800.526.9943
                                                                  Phone: 203.432.9394                                      E-mail:
         University of Arizona                                    E-mail:
         Tucson, AZ                                                                                                                            INDIANA
         Criminal justice, community development, environ-                  DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA
         ment, health, nonprofit finance, public policy, and                                                               Indiana University
         more.                                                    George Washington University                             Bloomington, IN
         Contact: Georgia Ehlers                                  Washington, DC                                           Master of Public Affairs (MPA) with choice of nine
         Phone: 520.621.9103                                      Transition special education, secondary education.       concentrations, including Comparative and
         E-mail:                            Contact: Dr. Jeanne Embich                               International Affairs; Environmental Policy and
                                                                  Phone: 202.973.1061                                      Natural Resource Management; Policy Analysis; and
         Northern Arizona University                              E-mail:                                  Non-profit Management. Master of Science in
         Flagstaff, AZ                                                                                                     Environmental Science (MSES) programs in Applied
         Business.                                                                     FLORIDA                             Ecology, Environmental Chemistry, and Water
         Contact: Jane Thompson                                                                                            Resources. Joint Master Degree (MPA-MSES) and
         Phone: 928.523.7387                                      Florida Institute of Technology                          combined Master Degree with other programs also
         E-mail:                                      Melbourne, FL                                            available.
                                                                  Environmental science, engineering, management,          Contact: Jennifer Forney
                           CALIFORNIA                             teaching, and other areas of education (science, math-   Phone: 812.855.2840
                                                                  ematics, computer).                                      E-mail:
         Humboldt State University                                Contact: Dr. Tom Marcinkowski
         Arcata, CA                                               Phone: 321.674.8946                                                           KANSAS
         Secondary education program with placement at            E-mail:
         Academy of the Redwoods—an early college high                                                                     Wichita State University
         school.                                                                       GEORGIA                             Wichita, KS
         Contact: Keri Gelenian                                                                                            Teacher education: middle and secondary grades, art,
         Phone: 707.476.4577                                      Georgia College & State University                       music, English, French, Spanish, biology, chemistry,
         E-mail:                       Milledgeville, GA                                        physics, math, TESOL (if already teacher-certified),
                                                                  Various education degrees, creative writing. Teaching    comprehensive social studies, special education (if
         Loma Linda University                                    assistants, tutors, special education teacher train-     already teacher- certified).
         Loma Linda, CA                                           ing, community creative writing program. Benefits        Contact: Dr. Judith Hayes
         Public health, including global health, humanitarian     include tuition waiver, stipend.                         Phone: 316.978.6580
         assistance, and reproductive health.                     Contact: Dr. Roy Moore                                   E-mail:
         Contact: Lory Alido                                      Phone: 859.257.8204
         Phone: 909.558.1000, x42072                              E-mail:                                                 LOUISIANA
                                                                                       ILLINOIS                            University of New Orleans
                            COLORADO                                                                                       New Orleans, LA
                                                                  DePaul University                                        Public administration, urban planning and urban
         University of Denver                                     Chicago, IL                                              studies with concentrations in housing/community
         Denver, CO                                               Program temporarily suspended.                           development, land use/environment, historic preser-
         International administration; international business     Elementary and high school special education             vation, urban anthropology, and nonprofit manage-
         transactions; international development; international   certification.                                           ment.
         human rights; international studies; international       Contact: Justin Speer                                    Contact: Dr. Marla Nelson
         security; global finance, trade, and economic integra-   Phone: 773.325.7170                                      Phone: 504.280.3110
         tion.                                                    E-mail:                                E-mail:
         Contact: Nicole Vilegi
         Phone: 303.871.3838                                      Illinois State University                                Xavier University of Louisiana
         E-mail:                             Normal, IL                                               New Orleans, LA
                                                                  Applied economics, political science, sociology, with    Fast Track to Teaching Program for those interested
         School of Communication: International and inter-        sequence in applied community/economic devel-            in teaching math, science, or special education.
         cultural communication.                                  opment, including community project design and           Contact: Dr. Renee Akbar
         Contact: Dr. Margaret Thompson                           management, topics in administration and planning,       Phone: 504.520.5389
         Phone: 303.871.3947                                      and 11-month paid internship.                            E-mail:
         E-mail:                                  Contact: Beverly Beyer
                                                                  Phone: 309.438.7090                                                        MARYLAND
                         CONNECTICUT                              E-mail:
                                                                                                                           Johns Hopkins University
         Yale University                                          Western Illinois University                              Baltimore, MD
         New Haven, CT                                            Macomb, IL                                               Nursing, public health.
         In Development:International relations MA with con-      Business administration; economics; geography;           Contact: Mary O’Rourke
         centrations in history, economics & political science;   health sciences; political science; recreation, park,    Phone: 410.955.7548
         joint degrees available in Forestry and Environmental    and tourism administration.                              E-mail:
         Studies, Management, Law, or Public Health.              Contact: Karen Peitzmeier

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University of Maryland–Baltimore                         Contact: Sandra Cheesman-Cattefesta                      Phone: 919.613.9218
Baltimore, MD                                            Phone: 856.225.6860                                      E-mail:
Obtain an MSW while doing exciting field work.           E-mail:
Fellowship involves working at a community based         NEW MEXICO                                                                      OHIO
placement with marginalized populations. A variety
of fellowships are available, including assistance for   New Mexico State University                              University of Cincinnati
students interested in community development/orga-       Las Cruces, NM                                           Cincinnati, OH
nizing and policy development.                           Degrees in public health, border health, health          Economic development planning, environmental
Contact: Lane Victorson                                  education, social work, and nursing, plus joint public   planning, international development planning, physi-
Phone: 410.706.5316                                      health and social work degree.                           cal planning, urban design.
E-mail:                     Contact: Dr. Sue Forster-Cox                             Contact: Dr. Johanna Looye
                                                         Phone: 505.646.2183                                      Phone: 513.556.4943
University of Maryland–Baltimore County                  E-mail:                                E-mail:
Shriver Peaceworker Program
Baltimore, MD                                            Western New Mexico University                                                 OREGON
All programs of University of Maryland–Baltimore         Gallup, NM
County: education, policy, applied sociology, inter-     Elementary, secondary, or special education; counsel-    University of Oregon
cultural communications, etc. Select consortium pro-     ing; educational leadership.                             Eugene, OR
grams: social work (MSW), urban studies, nonprofit       Contact: Dr. Patricia Maguire                            Community and regional planning.
management, etc.                                         Phone: 505.722.3389                                      Contact: Megan Smith
Contact: Dr. Joby Taylor                                 E-mail:                              Phone: 541.346.3881
Phone: 410.455.6398                                                                                               E-mail:
E-mail:                                                NEW YORK
                    MISSOURI                             Columbia University, Teachers College
                                                         New York, NY                                             Carnegie Mellon University
University of Missouri-Columbia                          Urban education, including bilingual education,          Pittsburgh, PA
Columbia, MO                                             teaching math or science, ESOL, special education,       Public policy/management, arts management, or
Geography, public affairs, political science, rural      reading specialist.                                      healthcare policy management.
sociology, social work, agricultural economics. In-      Contact: Reed Dickson                                    Contact: Renee Hairston
state tuition, possibility for assistantships, waivers   Phone: 212.678.4080                                      Phone: 412.268.1909
and additional support.                                  E-mail:                                 E-mail:
Contact: Donald Spiers
Phone: 573.882.6131                                      Fordham University                                       Duquesne University
E-mail:                             Bronx, NY                                                Pittsburgh, PA
                                                         MA programs in international political economy and       Graduate School of Business Administration: MBA,
University of Missouri-Kansas City                       development with specializations in international        Information Systems Management, Taxation.
Kansas City, MO                                          development studies, international banking and           Contact: Dr. William Presutti
Master of Public Administration (MPA) with special-      finance, international and development economics,        Phone: 412.396.6269
ties in urban administration, nonprofit management,      and international political analysis.                    Email:
and heath services administration. Benefits include      Contact: Dr. Henry Schwalbenberg
wages from intern stipend, $10,000; 6 credit hours       Phone: 718.817.4064                                      Environmental Science; Environmental Management;
tuition remission and possibilities for additional       E-mail:                                 Environmental Policy: water resources and watershed
assistance.                                                                                                       protection, green building, energy conservation, envi-
Contact: Liana Riesinger                                 The New School                                           ronmental education, brownfield redevelopment.
Phone: 816.235.2291                                      New York, NY                                             Contact: Dr. Stanley J. Kabala
E-mail:                              Urban policy analysis/management, health services        Phone: 412.396.4233
                                                         management and policy, human resources manage-           E-mail:
               NEW HAMPSHIRE                             ment, organizational change management.
                                                         Contact: Peter King                                      Graduate Center for Social and Public Policy:
Southern New Hampshire University                        Phone: 212.229.5400, ext. 1108                           analysis and administration, conflict resolution, peace
Manchester, NH                                           E-mail:                              studies.
Community economic development, international                                                                     Contact: Dr. Evan Stoddard
community economic development, business, Na-                          NORTH CAROLINA                             Phone: 412.396.5179
tional Weekend Program.                                                                                           E-mail:
Contact: Dr. Catherine Rielly                            Duke University
Phone: 603.644.3156                                      Durham, NC                                               Seton Hill University
E-mail:                                Master of Public Policy (MPP) with option to earn        Greensburg, PA
                                                         joint degrees in professional or PhD programs.           Art therapy (counseling specialization), business ad-
                   NEW JERSEY                            Contact: Duke MPP Admissins Office                       ministration, elementary education, inclusive educa-
                                                         Phone: 919.613.9205                                      tion (online), instructional design (online), marriage
Rutgers University                                       E-mail:                                and family therapy, special education, popular-fiction
Camden, NJ                                                                                                        writing.
Master of Public Affairs in educational policy and       Program for International Development Policy             Contact: Dane Zimmer
leadership with K–12 teaching position at the LEAP       (PIDP) with several concentration options.               Phone: 724.838.4209
Academy.                                                 Contact: Stephanie Alt Lamm                              E-mail:

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     PEACE CORPS Fellows/USA
                   SOUTH CAROLINA                          ics; management; strategic planning; marketing;             history, sociology, urban
                                                           public policy; healthcare; leadership; international        studies.
     University of South Carolina                          public administration; human resources; budget-             Contact: Lisa Heuler-Williams
     Columbia, SC                                          ing/finance; organizational development; information        Phone: 414.229.6155
     Multidisciplinary program (written/oral proficiency   technology.                                                 E-mail:
     in Spanish required).                                 Contact: Edward R. McMahon
     Contact: Teresa Butkus                                Phone: 802.656.4565                                         University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point
     Phone: 803.777.1365                                   E-mail:                                    Stevens Point, WI
     E-mail:                                                                                        Fields relating to the environment, including natural
                                                                                VIRGINIA                               resources, forestry, environmental education, youth
     Moore School of Business: International business                                                                  programming, land-use planning, wildlife, soil and
     administration.                                       George Mason University                                     water science.
     Contact: Reena Lichtenfeld                            Fairfax, VA                                                 Contact: Dr. Tim Ginnett
     Phone: 803.777.6749                                   Elementary education and English as a second lan-           Phone: 715.346.4191
     E-mail:                         guage master’s programs.                                    E-mail:
                                                           Contact: Lynn Walker Levy
                             TEXAS                         Phone: 703.993.3602                                                            WYOMING
     University of North Texas                                                                                         University of Wyoming
     Denton, TX                                                               WISCONSIN                                Laramie, WY
     Anthropology, applied economics, applied gerontol-                                                                American studies with concentration in education,
     ogy, environmental science, public administration,    Marquette University                                        geography, history, or literature.
     social work, sociology, urban geography, volunteer    Milwaukee, WI                                               Contact: Dr. Eric Sandeen
     management.                                           Business, engineering, communication, English,              Phone: 307.766.3898
     Contact: Syl Flores                                   economics, history, international affairs, philosophy,      E-mail:
     Phone: 940.369.7795                                   political science, public service. Benefits: full tuition
     E-mail:                                   scholarship and monthly stipend.
                                                           Contact: Carole Ferrara
                         VERMONT                           Phone: 414.288.5861
     University of Vermont
     Burlington, VT                                        University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee
     Community and economic development; entrepre-         Milwaukee, WI
     neurship; environment; agriculture; applied econom-   Business administration, economics, geography,

     Continued from page 3 E-mail cover letter,     cal Assistance Resources Program (AIDSTAR).                 will comprise up to 30 percent of the work load.
     résumé, and salary expectations to Director of        Duties: provides leadership for the development             Qualifications: college degree preferred, ability
     Human Resources, to jobs@actionagainsthun-            of proposals; oversees financial and administra-            to multi-task, work in team environment; excel- with “DevComDir2007” in the subject           tive management of IQC activities; manages all              lent communication skills; animal experience
     line.                                                 aspects of technical and cost proposal develop-             preferred; available some nights/weekends for
                                                           ment. Qualifications: advanced degree required;             on-call duties; valid driver’s license required.
     ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES                                five years’ financial and administrative manage-            Salary: $12–$14/hour. Send cover letter, ré-
     MANAGER • DC                                          ment of federal contracts and IQCs; solid un-               sumé, and salary history to Jennifer Newman,
     Position available with PADCO. Duties: pro-           derstanding of FAR; proven skills in managing               AWLA, 2650 South Arlington Mill Drive, Ar-
     vides leadership, guidance in areas of water re-      complex projects with tight deadlines. For more             lington, VA 22206; fax: 703.931.2568; e-mail:
     sources and environmental management, policy,         information and to apply, e-mail trukundo@psi.     No phone calls.
     and compliance; natural resources management;         org; phone: 202.785.0072.
     helps the strategic direction of service area in-                                                                 ASSOCIATE PROGRAM MANAGER • DC
     cluding proposal development; identifies and          EXECTIVE DIRECTOR • DC                                      Position available with World Learning for In-
     develops business opportunities; oversees travel      Position available with the International Eco-              ternational Development. Duties: provides daily
     to developing countries required. Qualifica-          tourism Society (TIES). Duties: grows the fund-             programmatic and logistical coordination and
     tions: degree in environment related discipline;      ing base to more widely influence the applica-              support for one or more unit program manag-
     MA preferred; strong understanding of develop-        tion of ecotourism principles and sustainable               ers; supports a range of unit projects. Deadline:
     ment and foreign aid; experience working donor        travel globally. Position begins 2/1/2007. For              1/5/2007. For more information, visit www.
     funded projects in developing world;10 years’         more information and to apply, visit     
     environmental management, compliance, and   
     policy experience; ability to work in difficult                                                                   VARIOUS POSITIONS • Brooklyn, NY
     overseas environments. E-mail CV to careers@          VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR •                                     Positions available with Opportunities for a                                      Arlington, VA                                               Better Tomorrow, a not-for-profit organization
                                                           Position available with Animal Welfare League               providing employment and training to youth
     IQC MANAGER • DC                                      of Arlington (AWLA). Duties: supervises and                 and adults. Positions include teachers in math,
     Position available with Population Services In-       coordinates volunteer programs and training for             English, business skills, computers and key-
     ternational and the AIDS Support and Techni-          foster program and adoptions; front office work                                               Continued on page 11

Page 6
 Crisis Corps Recruiting Short-Term Volunteers
The Ministry of Environment requests one              The Ministry of Health, District of Cantel            tural marketing projects; experience working
Crisis Corps Volunteer to work as a Landfill          requests one Crisis Corps Volunteer for a six         with farmers and indigenous populations; strong
Engineer Advisor for a six month assignment.          month assignment to work as a HIV/AIDS                interest in agricultural marketing.
Duties: works with the Ministry of Environment        Specialist. Duties: researches locally available
representatives to ensure proper management           information and organizations conducting HIV/         Municipality of Tacaná requests one Crisis
of the Naboro Landfill in terms of landfill engi-     AIDS programming in the region; establishes           Corps Volunteer to work as a Disaster Pre-
neering issues. Duties: assists in reviewing and      relationships with organizations conducting           paredness and Mitigation Specialist for a
approval of the following plans and subsequent        HIV/AIDS activities; serves as a liaison be-          six month assignment. Duties: develops a di-
updates: develops a Landfill management plan;         tween those organizations and the district’s ru-      saster preparedness program in case of a vari-
commissions the plan; borough area manage-            ral health promoters; analyzes, together with the     ety of natural disasters, including hurricanes,
ment plan as it relates to waste management;          district health staff, HIV risks in communities;      landslides, floods, earthquakes, and volcanic
creates a waste acceptance criteria; designs the      conducts workshops on HIV/AIDS awareness              eruptions; researches the activities of other or-
leachate treatment ponds and gas collection sys-      for Trainer or Trainers; helps design and plan        ganizations engaged in disaster management;
tem; development plans and subsequent updates         weekly radio programs on HIV/AIDS; provides           consults with organizations undertaking com-
of these plans; assist in responding to notifica-     recommendations to the district health office to      munity-based disaster management activities;
tion of landfill design defects; assists in review-   further integrate HIV/AIDS awareness into ex-         trains the municipality and other organizations
ing Stage 2 development and assists in setting        isting programs; provides trainings to interested     in the communities on the concepts of the Early
Capital Reserve fee; provides assessment of the       PCV’s who wish to work in HIV/AIDS aware-             Alert System in the region; helps to implement
condition of landfill asset and that landfill being   ness, including techniques for working with           and expand current municipal development plan
filled to design; assists in inspection to monitor    different populations. Qualifications: BA/BS          to reflect current projects and changes based on
licensee performance as part of performance re-       in a development or international-related field,      the aftermath of Stan. Qualifications: PCV ser-
bate; assists in review and approval of monitor-      preferably health-related; successful completion      vice in Latin America; experience in disaster
ing plan and any subsequent updates; assist in        of Peace Corps Volunteer Service in a health-re-      mitigation, preferably in heavy rains, landslides,
assessing reports of environmental harm; assists      lated sector; fluent in oral and written Spanish;     and earthquakes; fluent oral and written Span-
in reviewing complaints about landfill perfor-        experience working with HIV/AIDS awareness            ish; experience in evaluating, planning, and
mance. Qualifications: environment or landfill        programs in a developing country context; ma-         implementing grassroots training activities and
engineering degree or higher qualification, ei-       ture and professional interpersonal skills, which     community-based projects; experience conduct-
ther postgraduate or MA in this area; successful      allow for cultural, religious, and political sen-     ing training sessions in Spanish with local coun-
completion of at least five years landfill engi-      sitivity and diplomacy in a variety of contexts       terparts; strong organizational skills and ability
neering and management work; ability to work          and with diverse partner staff and organizational     to work independently or with little supervision;
efficiently and divulge information to the rele-      working styles; dynamic and proactive person          ability to meet physical demands of hiking in
vant personnel. Desired Qualifications: training      with demonstrated organizational skills; flexible     high altitude.
and capacity building experience; former PCV          self-starter, able to work individually as well as
from Fiji Pacific Island Nation; experience in        a part of a team.                                     Familia a Familia requests one Crisis Corps
Environmental sector projects.                                                                              Volunteer to work as an Agro-forestry Special-
                                                      Fundación Solar requests one Crisis Corps Vol-        ist for a six month assignment. Duties: evaluates
                                                      unteer for a six month assignment to work as an       the degree of deforestation in the rural country-
Guatemala                                             Agricultural Marketing Specialist volunteer.          side; develops a report detailing the reality of
Asociación Maya-Mam de Investigación                                                                        the deforestation; formulates a reforestation
                                                      The CCV will work with local community rep-
y Desarrollo (AMMID) requests one Crisis                                                                    plan for the communities; gives presentations
                                                      resentatives to develop a market research study
Corps Volunteer to work as a Water and Sani-                                                                and trainings on the importance of reforestation
                                                      for agricultural produce. Duties: develops stan-
tation Specialist for a four month assignment.                                                              and soil conservation; trains local communities
                                                      dardized survey materials and questionnaires
Duties: assesses damage to community water                                                                  on the construction and management of tree
                                                      for field research; conducts comprehensive in-
systems; develops cost-effective design to re-                                                              nurseries. Mandatory Qualifications: degree in
                                                      terviews with local farmers, local and interna-
pair water systems; develops materials list for                                                             forestry, sustainable agriculture, or other rel-
                                                      tional organizations, and buyers and sellers of
water system repair; assists with cost-estimate                                                             evant discipline with experience in rural com-
                                                      agricultural produce; market research, including
for water system reconstruction using locally                                                               munity development; fluent in Spanish; expe-
                                                      travel to, local, regional, and national markets
available materials; designs and installs an ap-                                                            rience in construction and management of tree
                                                      to investigate supply and demand of agricultural
propriate water disinfection method; supervises                                                             nurseries; experience in implementing refores-
                                                      produce; helps develop marketing plans with
construction activities; responsible for commu-                                                             tation programs; ability to direct and to promote
                                                      community groups and farmers. Qualifications:
nity follow-up and operations assistance after                                                              discussions and analysis, to formulate conclu-
                                                      RPCV in Guatemala or other Latin American
reconstruction and repair of water system fa-                                                               sions, and to propose solutions with groups on
                                                      country; fluent in Spanish; positive attitude with
cilities. Qualifications: degree in engineering or                                                          the subject of the environment; strong organiza-
                                                      ability to work individually as well as in a team
other relevant discipline with experience in ru-                                                            tional skills and ability to work independently or
                                                      environment; experience working on market re-
ral community water systems; fluent in Spanish;                                                             with little supervision. Desired Qualifications:
                                                      search projects, preferably related to agricultural
experience in project planning and water system                                                             knowledge of the causes of natural phenomena
                                                      marketing; self-motivator and creative thinker,
design in developing countries; ability to work                                                             like hurricanes; knowledge of the socio-politi-
                                                      willing to take innovative approaches to reach
independently with minimal support; ability to                                                              cal, environmental reality, economic conditions
                                                      diverse populations. Desired Qualifications: ex-
meet physical demands of working on water                                                                   and culture of Guatemala; experience working
                                                      perience with NGOs working in rural agricul-
systems at high altitude.

                                                                                                                                                             Page 7
    Crisis Corps Recruiting Short-Term Volunteers
   in soil conservation projects; experience work-       Malawi                                              to work in multicultural setting. Desired
   ing in medicinal plants and/or family gardens.        Tiyanjane AIDS Support Group, a local com-          Qualifications: MA in public health, devel-
                                                         munity based organization (CBO), requests one       opment, or related field; strong monitoring
   The Suchitepéquez Education Office in Maza-           AIDS and Community Development Facili-              and evaluation skills and experience (famil-
   tenango requests one Crisis Corps Volunteer           ator/Trainer Crisis Corps Volunteer for a six       iarity required); RPCV Malawi; knowledge
   to provide technical assistance in both over-         month assignment focused on training the sup-       of Chichewa/Tumbuka, depending on dis-
   all strategy and implementation of HIV/AIDS           port group in training others in HIV/AIDS pre-      trict placement.
   awareness activities. The CCV will provide            vention, Home Based Care, community mobi-
   linkages and serve as a liaison between Suchite-      lization, and effective communication. Duties:      Mlanzi Community Initiative for Devel-
   péquez Education Office, community teachers,          develops the Community Based Organization           opment (MCID) is a community based
   and other organizations working in the sector of      (CBO) in the areas of project and program man-      organization (CBO) implementing various
   HIV/AIDS. During the four month assignment            agement and development, staff development          development activities in Dowa District
   the CCV will be based in Mazatenango, but will        (trainings), communication and networking           with an aim of reducing the spread of HIV
   work throughout the department to increase the        with other similar CBOs, NGOs, and govern-          and improving the quality of life for those
   general awareness of HIV/AIDS. Duties: gath-          ment organizations; trains members of Tiyan-        infected and affected at the community
   ers information on organizations conducting           jane AIDS Support Group on Home Based               level. MCID requests one Program Tech-
   HIV/AIDS programming in the department, in-           Care, Family Planning, Prevention of Mother to      nical Assistant Crisis Corps Volunteer for a
   cluding who’s doing what, where, and in what          Child Transmission, and STI/HIV/AIDS; trains        six month assignment with the Community
   timeframe; strengthens relationships and infor-       members of Tiyanjane in income generating           Based HIV/AIDS Integrated program. Du-
   mation sharing with organizations conducting          activities, creating materials to be distributed    ties: focuses on capacity building at the In-
   HIV/AIDS activities; serves as liaison between        in the community and to people living with          stitution in both administration and program
   those organizations and the education office in       HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). Mandatory Qualifica-              delivery; at administration level, assists the
   Mazatenango; analyzes, together with the depart-      tions: prior experience in Africa; knowledge        organization in developing the HIV strat-
   ment education staff, HIV risks in communities        about HIV/AIDS/STIs, family planning, Home          egy for the organization, policies, systems
   and possible responses to those risks; conducts       Based Care and PMTCT; experienced trainer;          and procedures, resource mobilization, and
   workshops on HIV/AIDS awareness for teach-            experience with groups that have been dealing       other necessary skills required for the staff;
   ers and other Ministry of Education personnel         with HIV/AIDS; experience in working with the       at program delivery level, assists the organi-
   and support them in their development of aware-       village communities; creative and flexible with     zation in developing relevant communica-
   ness workshops, including improved teaching           the ability to work independently with minimal      tion strategies, messages, and interventions
   techniques in HIV/AIDS; provides recommen-            support. Desired Qualifications: MPH, interna-      required for specific social target groups
   dations to the Suchitepéquez Education Office in      tional development, or other related graduate       according to culture and economic back-
   Mazatenango as to future steps they could take        degree; previous experience with CBOs; Ma-          ground of the local population; helps build
   to further integrate HIV/AIDS awareness into          lawi RPCV; knowledge of Chichewa.                   capacity of the organization and staff mem-
   existing education programs; as needed, assists                                                           bers with specific responsibilities of assist-
   with other duties related to community health or      The Ministry of Local Government and Ru-            ing the organization in: resource mobiliza-
   HIV/AIDS, as assigned by the counterpart orga-        ral Development requests six Crisis Corps Vol-      tion; networks with similar CBOs, NGOs,
   nization; provides training, through an organized     unteers (CCVs) to provide technical assistance      and government sectors conducting similar
   workshop, to interested PCVs who wish to work         as District Aids Coordinators at the district       programs and activities; develops tools and
   in HIV/AIDS awareness, including techniques           assemblies and with the District-based CBOs.        procedures for effective communications
   for working with different populations. Manda-        Each CCV will be assigned to a different region     between relevant organizations; develops
   tory Qualifications: BA/BS in a development           and will work under the District HIV/AIDS co-       strategies and communication tools in age
   or international-related field, preferably health-    ordinator with community based organizations        and population specific areas of HIV/AIDS
   related; successful completion of Peace Corps         (CBOs) engaged in HIV/AIDS activities in the        transmission, prevention, and available ser-
   Volunteer Service, preferably in a health-related     districts. Duties: provide guidance and techni-     vices. Mandatory Qualifications: BA/BS in
   sector; fluent in oral and written Spanish; dem-      cal assistance in areas of system strengthening,    medical or public health, social sciences,
   onstrated experience designing a community-           networking, HIV/AIDS related trainings, and         program management, or related field; ex-
   based HIV/AIDS awareness program in a devel-          monitoring and evaluation; assist CBOs and          perience with HIV/AIDS education and de-
   oping country context; dynamic and proactive          staff in monitoring the utilization of monies and   velopment at community level, preferably
   person with demonstrated organizational skills;       in the development of basic tools for simple        with youth, orphans and people living with
   flexible self-starter, able to work individually as   financial checks and balances and appropriate       HIV/AIDS; ability to work independently
   well as a part of a team; program development         money/budgetary methods and skills. Manda-          with minimal support; strong communica-
   and or training experience; ability to work with      tory Qualifications: BA/BS in public health,        tion and multicultural skills; experience
   PLWHA or HIV+ adults and children. Desired            social sciences, community development, or          with monitoring and evaluation of proj-
   Qualifications: MPH or MA in development field        related field; experience in capacity building      ects; willingness to learn Chichewa; previ-
   such as public health; prior experience working       and organizational development; strong man-         ous experience working in Africa. Desired
   in Guatemala or Latin America.                        agement and strategic planning and program          Qualifications: MA in public health, social
                                                         development skills; experience in report writing    sciences, international and community de-
                                                         and monitoring and evaluation; previous experi-     velopment, or related field; RPCV Malawi;
                                                         ence working in sub-Saharan Africa, preferably      knowledge of Chichewa.
                                                         in Malawi; strong communication skills; ability

Page 8
Crisis Corps Recruiting Short-Term Volunteers
Forum for Tumbuka Cultural Heritage re-                and Administrative Crisis Corps Volunteer to           or diploma or extensive experience in youth de-
quests one Crisis Corps Volunteer to work as           assist in the design of a finance and administra-      velopment or related field; experience working
a Care and Training Program Advisor for a              tive system for its core activities and a template     with HIV/AIDS affected youth and community
six month assignment to oversee social welfare         model for application in its partnership projects      members in a developing country context; strong
projects and prevent the spread and impact of          in order to create financial sustainability for both   communication skills and experience working
HIV/AIDS. To this end the Forum is overseeing          the organization and its community-based part-         with youth and young adults; good computer
the creation and operations of the Jenjera Pallia-     ners. Duties: participates in an initial assessment    skills; a willingness to work with a Christian
tive Care Center. The goal and objectives of the       of existing systems and reviews feedback of au-        organization and faith based approach; ability to
project are to provide an “end of life” palliative     ditors in order to implement recommendations           relate to youth and young adults. Desired Quali-
care residential facility that affords comfort and     to migrate current financial system to Pastel and      fications: previous experience in project man-
dignity to persons for whom the “home based            upgrade the stock control system; assists in the       agement; knowledge of basic bicycle mainte-
care” model has proven ineffective or unavail-         design of appropriate finance and administrative       nance or the willingness to learn; willingness to
able. Additionally the Center would/may be             procedures and systems for accounting and re-          help teach basis computer skills; experience in
used for educating persons who have learned of         porting that meet various donor and governmen-         the Training of Trainers in youth development
their HIV positive status in proper nutrition and      tal requirements; assists in building the capacity     and HIV/AIDS awareness; experience in work-
activities that will provide them with longest         of local staff to implement the new system; as-        ing with orphans and vulnerable children.
and best possible future. Demonstration/Nutri-         sists in the development of finance management
tional/Medicinal gardens presenting a variety          strategies for income generation activities with       Ileni Tulikwafeni: The Center for Hope and
of vegetables and gardening techniques, will           local partners, to include some field-based work       Trust requests one Organizational Develop-
expand the alternatives currently available. Du-       in rural Namibia to help partners analyze and          ment Capacity Builder CCV for a four month
ties: assists in creating job descriptions, service    improve their own systems. Mandatory Quali-            assignment to help build the capacity of the or-
schedules, an operations manual and appropri-          fications: successful completion of two years          ganization by mentoring staff on issues related
ate reporting forms; assists in overseeing the         Peace Corps service; finance, management, or           to administration and management, and by as-
implementation of appropriate repairs and im-          other relevant degree (graduate or undergradu-         sisting in the development of internal organiza-
provements to the Center; organizes and con-           ate degree); understanding of management of            tional systems that will allow the organization
ducts relevant trainings on palliative care, HIV/      nonprofit organizations; ability to work inde-         to become more self-sufficient and reach more
AIDS awareness, and program management and             pendently with minimal support; experience in          people-in-need in the future. Duties: assesses
reporting; assists staff and volunteers in over-       devising financial systems for small and infor-        the current strengths and weaknesses of the
seeing organizational and project development          mal enterprises; training and capacity building        center’s organizational development; promotes
via the implementation of appropriate repairs          experience. Desired Qualifications: experience         organizational planning, monitoring, and evalu-
and improvements and in creating job descrip-          working with small community-based organiza-           ation; works with existing leadership to set
tions, service schedules, an operations manual         tions; experience working with Pastel Account-         priorities that will help ensure the self-suffi-
and appropriate reporting forms. Mandatory             ing software; experience living and working in         ciency of the organization and assists with their
Qualifications: knowledge of the nutritional and       sub-Saharan Africa; flexibility to provide addi-       implementation; helps to set up internal organi-
emotional needs of persons receiving palliative        tional field support in the rural areas if needed.     zational structures and systems; helps mentor
care; ability to train others in providing for those                                                          and transfer skills to the project coordinator and
needs; BA/BS in nutrition, public health, social       TOV Multipurpose Center requests one Crisis            others associated with the organization for im-
sciences, or related field; experience working         Corps Volunteer to work as a Youth Develop-            proved outreach and programming to target at
in Africa with HIV/AIDS infected and affected          ment Advisor for six months to help the staff          risk youth, PLWHA, and OVC; assists with the
populations; project management and develop-           and youth leaders develop additional methods           identification of new resources (both external
ment skills; strong communication skills; train-       to build leadership skills and raise HIV/AIDS          and local, financial and in-kind); helps to im-
ing experience, preferably with caregivers pro-        awareness, not just through the Bike Shop but          prove computer literacy of staff and volunteers.
viding home-based care and nutrition training;         through all areas of programming and activities.       Mandatory Qualifications: successful comple-
experience with home-based care and PLWHA              Duties: works with counterparts transfer skills        tion of two years Peace Corps service; orga-
groups; previous experience with and ability to        and get innovative youth empowerment pro-              nizational development experience with small
work with start-up organizations and programs;         grams running in the community; collaborates           NGOs; strong administrative skills, including
flexibility and creativity or strong problem-solv-     with local youth to establish the TOV Commu-           simple financial systems; basic computer and
ing skills. Desired Qualifications: MA in nutri-       nity Bicycle Shop; helps transfer skills in proj-      word processing skills; flexibility and the ability
tion, public health, community development,            ect administration through the establishment of        to work well independently and cooperatively;
or related field; RPCV Malawi; knowledge of            the bicycle shop, linked to life skills training       love of start-up organizational work; strong
Chichewa.                                              for youth affected (and possibly infected) by          writing skills; understanding of poverty issues
                                                       HIV/AIDS; develops leadership skills in youth;         and HIV/AIDS; interest to work with both youth
                                                                                                              and adults; prepared to work directly with those
Namibia                                                formulates plans for youth empowerment and
                                                       life skills training; creates and institutes orga-     infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. Desired
Bicycling Empowerment Network Namibia
                                                       nizational controls and monitoring and evalua-         Qualifications: experience working with small
(BEN Namibia), a locally registered nonprofit
                                                       tion mechanisms; provision of technical guid-          community-based organisations; experience liv-
organization, aims to empower disadvantaged
                                                       ance on projects and sponsorship; provision of         ing and working in sub-Saharan Africa; flexibil-
Namibians through provision of sustainable
                                                       training for staff and community partners; trains      ity to generate new program ideas and activities
transport and bicycle-related income generation
                                                       youth in HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, and           as needed; self-starter, creative, and patient with
opportunities. BEN Namibia requests a Finance
                                                       care options. Mandatory Qualifications: degree         slow pace of community mobilization work.

                                                                                                                                                                Page 9
     Hotline For Returned Volunteers / From the Office ofVolunteers
     Crisis Corps Recruiting Short-Term                   Domestic Programs

     The Namibia Red Cross requests one Pro-                  The Bugiri Network of AIDS Service Orga-                 with HIV/AIDS within the organization. Duties:
     gram Development CCV for the Caprivi office              nizations (BUNASO) requests one NGO orga-                work together with AATAZ staff to strengthen
     to assist field officers with the management and         nization development CCV to offer technical              the organization’s systems and capacity and to
     implementation of the Home Based Care proj-              support to the Network in building its organiza-         help grow their programs. The Data Monitoring
     ect, Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC)               tional capacity. Duties: provides resource mo-           and Evaluation Advisor assists and trains staff
     support, and Income Generating Activities                bilization and technical support for area AIDS           in data collecting and processing; trains staff
     (IGA). The volunteer will play an important role         support organizations through the identification         in designing monitoring and evaluation tools;
     in staff capacity building and in giving guidance        of the capacity needs and gaps; links the mem-           trains staff in report and proposal writing; as-
     to field officers involved in IGAs and OVC sup-          ber organizations to opportunities such as fund-         sists staff in donor report writing. Mandatory
     port activities at regional level. Duties: assists       ing agencies and training providers to improve           Qualifications: successful completion of Peace
     in conducting the necessary assessments and              institutional capacity in the response of HIV/           Corps service in Africa; degree in any social sci-
     mapping exercises as well as the development             AIDS services; provides technical guidance in            ence with experience in information technology;
     of documents like business plans and training            the development of HIV/AIDS strategic and                minimum one year of experience in monitoring
     manuals for IGA and OVC activities; gives                implementation plans; ensures that proper finan-         and evaluation, preferably with HIV/AIDS re-
     technical support and assistance to the officials        cial management systems, policies, procedures,           lated programs or activities; previous experi-
     at Katima Mulilo on the identification and es-           and regulations are put in place; fosters effective      ence in data collection; experience in report and
     tablishment of IGA; assists in building the ca-          communications by improving current reporting            proposal writing; and experience in computer
     pacity of communities involved in IGA through            tools and systems and creating new ones; pro-            skills. Desired Qualifications: familiarity with
     training and other activities; assists in capacity       motes sharing and learning among the member              HIV/AIDS awareness, education and communi-
     building of employees in computer skills. .Man-          organizations; promotes authentic collaboration          cation programs and skills; training and capac-
     datory Qualifications: graduate degree in any            and relationships with the government and de-            ity building experience.
     relevant social sciences with experience in proj-        velopment partners; provides technical advice
     ect management and development; experience               to BUNASO members so that they are able to               The Anti AIDS Teachers Association of
     in business management and Income Generat-               make informed decisions in relation to resource          Zambia (AATAZ) is a Zambian teacher led
     ing Activities; previous experience in project           mobilization. Mandatory Qualifications: RPCV;            nongovernmental organization with the aim of
     planning and management; ability to adapt to             BA/BS in social sciences, humanities, or related         bringing HIV/AIDS sensitization to teachers in
     living in a rural setting; good oral and written         field; minimum of two years’ experience in proj-         both primary and secondary schools. AATAZ
     communication skills; ability to successfully            ect resource mobilization or organizational de-          is requests one HIV/AIDS Field Outreach
     work on a team; ability to work independently            velopment and/or program management in a de-             Officer. AATAZ’s major focus is to create
     with minimal supervision; willingness to travel          velopment organization; strong skills in training        HIV/AIDS awareness at the grass roots level
     and work in the community.                               and capacity development; excellent oral and             for teachers and pupils and to lobby and create
                                                              written communication skills. Desired Quali-             support mechanisms for members living with
                                                              fications: dependable, trustworthy, innovative,          HIV/AIDS within the organization. AATAZ
     Uganda                                                   and willing to learn and to share the learning;          requests assistance from two CCVs to work
     Apoolo Na Angor requests one Crisis Corps                ability to work independently with minimal su-           together with AATAZ staff to strengthen the
     Volunteer to work as a Technical Advisor for             pervision; knowledge in or previous experience           organization’s systems and capacity and to help
     a six month assignment. Duties: develops op-             working with HIV/AIDS services or programs;              grow their programs. The HIV/AIDS field out-
     erational policies, monitoring and evaluation            Africa or Uganda RPCV; proficient in local lan-          reach officer will: provide onsite VCT training
     procedures, and staff job descriptions and work          guage.                                                   to the staff; assists in mobilization of counselors
     contracts to allow the organization to function                                                                   working with the program; assists in the mobi-
     more effectively; assists with development of                                                                     lization of school teachers for the establishment
     human resources and financial policies; helps            Zambia                                                   of workplace HIV/AIDS policies; facilitates
     create a workplace training program for staff;           The Anti AIDS Teachers Association of Zam-
                                                                                                                       workshops on HIV/AIDS awareness, STIs and
     formats job descriptions and employment con-             bia (AATAZ) is a Zambian Teacher led nongov-
                                                                                                                       other related workshops; conducts outreach ser-
     tracts; develops monitoring and evaluation tools         ernmental organization with the aim of bringing
                                                                                                                       vices outside Lusaka. Mandatory Qualifications:
     for staff performance and programs; designs              HIV/AIDS sensitization to teachers in both pri-
                                                                                                                       successful completion of Peace Corps service in
     appropriate daily management methods; devel-             mary and secondary schools. AATAZ requests
                                                                                                                       Africa; MPH or related degree; experience in
     ops a resource mobilization strategy focused             two Crisis Corps Volunteers to work as an HIV/
                                                                                                                       HIV/AIDS work; strong training and capacity
     on sustainability. Qualifications: Africa RPCV;          AIDS Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor
                                                                                                                       building skills; previous experience with VCT
     MPH/MS/MA in organizational psychology or                and Data Monitoring and Evaluation Advi-
                                                                                                                       in schools and skills in peer counseling; flexible
     related degree; experience in IEC development            sor for six months. AATAZ’s major focus is to
                                                                                                                       person willing to work in an organization that is
     and training and in organizational and human             create HIV/AIDS awareness at the grass roots
                                                                                                                       still developing; ability and willingness to travel
     resource development, training, and capacity.            level for teachers and pupils and to lobby and
                                                                                                                       25 percent of the time. Desired Qualification:
                                                              create support mechanisms for members living
                                                                                                                       ability to work with multicultural set up.

     How to Apply
     For additional assignments and more detailed descriptions of these assignments, including the required qualifications, visit the Crisis Corps website at www.peacecorps.
     gov/rpcv/crisiscorps; or call 202.692.2250 or 1.800.424.8580, ext. 2250. Applications can be downloaded from the website at

     Send Crisis Corps application, résumé, and Description of Service (if available) to; fax: 202.692.2251; address: Peace Corps - Crisis
     Corps, 1111 20th St. NW, Washington, DC 20526. To be considered for a specific assignment, indicate the position title on the cover letter or application.

Page 10
Hotline                                 For Returned Volunteers / From the Office of Domestic Programs

boarding and word processing, counselors, case       package. For more information, visit www.           outdoor leadership experience; WFR/EMT de-
managers, job developers, employment spe-   Send cover letter and résumé      sired. E-mail cover letter, résumé and two let-
cialists, public speaking and communications         to Richard Huffman, Purrfect Pals, 230 McRae        ters of reference to Jim Martucci at jmartucci@
teacher, evening ESL and GED teachers. E-mail        Road NE, Arlington, WA 98223; e-mail: rich-; address: P.O. Box 400,
cover letter, résumé, and salary requirements to                               Loa, UT 84747; phone: 435.836.1212.
                                                     PROGRAM OFFICER, LATIN AMERICA
RESEARCH ASSOCIATES • DC                             AND THE CARIBBEAN • Miami                                       International
Positions available with Development Alterna-        Position available with Planned Parenthood
tives, Inc. (DAI). Duties: provide research and      Federation of America International (PPFA).         RESIDENT MICROFINANCE ADVISOR •
other support to DAI-managed USAID project           Duties: facilitates the development, implemen-      Afghanistan
focused on public-private alliances. Positions       tation, and long-term viability of PPFA’s client-   Position available with CHF International. Du-
available to undergraduates and MBA gradu-           centered international sexual and reproductive      ties: builds institutional capacity of CHF’s af-
ates. E-mail cover letter and résumé to gda@         health and rights projects so that international    filiated microfinance operation AMFI; overall with “Research Associate” in the sub-        partners in Latin America and the Caribbean can     responsibility for the institution, including staff
ject line.                                           carry out their respective missions. Qualifica-     training and mentoring, product development,
                                                     tions: excellent oral and written communication     and representation on behalf of CHF and AMFI
DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT • DC                         skills in English and Spanish; ability to travel    among donors and investors. For more informa-
Position available with the Center for Inspired      a minimum of 35 percent of the time; MA, ad-        tion and to apply, visit www.chfinternational.
Teaching. Duties: advances and manages the or-       vanced degree, or related number of years’ ex-      org.
ganization’s growth while providing input to the     perience in public health, international develop-
organization’s three to five year strategic plan;    ment, or related field required; ability to work    COUNTRY DIRECTOR •
professionalizes fundraising efforts and devel-      with a multicultural workforce; three to five       Kabul, Afghanistan
ops a diverse, sustainable base of financial sup-    years’ experience in project planning, designing,   Position available with American Councils.
port to enable Inspired Teaching to realize the      and monitoring and evaluation; minimum two          Qualifications: BA; graduate degree preferred;
goals developed and projected in its strategic       years’ work experience in Latin America. For        fluent in Dari and or Pashto preferred. For more
plan to improve learning for children in DC and      more information and to apply, e-mail LARO@         information, visit www.
nationally; acts as a guiding force in growing; phone: 305.480.0030.                      Send cover letter, résumé, and salary require-
the organization; works closely with the execu-                                                          ments to HR Department, American Coun-
tive director and board of directors to develop      FIELD INSTRUCTOR • Hunt, TX                         cils, 1776 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 700,
and implement a fundraising strategy. Qualifica-     Position available with the Mo Ranch Environ-       Washington, D.C. 20036. Fax: 202.872.9178
tions: highly motivated, entrepreneurial, and in-    mental Leadership Program (ELP). Position           or 202.833.7523; e-mail: resumes@american-
spirational. For more information and to apply,      begins 2/5/2007. Duties: leads students through
e-mail                    teambuilding and self confidence enhancing
                                                     activities on ropes challenge course. Qualifica-    REGIONAL COORDINATOR •
NATIONAL ADVOCACY MANAGER • DC                       tion: BA/BS from an accredited university. Ben-     Belgrade, Serbia
Position available with KaBOOM! Duties:              efits include housing, hourly wages, and some       Position available with American Councils for
works within the RALLY initiative to inform,         meals. Deadline: 1/15/2007. For more informa-       International Education. Qualifications: BA;
educate, and mobilize advocates of play and the      tion and to apply, phone Patrick Fitzgerald at      regional experience; strong regional language
public-at-large by developing and maintaining        800.460.4401, ext. 249; e-mail: elp@moranch.        skills. For more information, visit www. ameri-
a system for communication, sharing of best          com.                                       Send cover letter, résumé,
practices, research and up-to-date legislative ac-                                                       and salary requirements to HR Department,
tivities, and alerts. For more information, visit    CREW LEADER/ASSISTANT CREW                          American Councils, 1776 Massachusetts Av- E-mail cover letter and ré-          LEADER • Eugene, OR                                 enue, Suite 700, Washington, D.C. 20036. Fax:
sumé to human resources at            Positions available with the Northwest Youth        202.872.9178 or 202.833.7523; e-mail: re-
                                                     Corps (NYC). Duties: work and live in remote
NATIONAL ADVOCACY                                    settings throughout the Pacific Northwest, su-
COORDINATOR • DC                                     pervising youth ages 14–19 years old in ten-        CONSULTANT • Kampala, Uganda
Position available with KaBOOM! Duties: co-          person work crews as a two-member staff team.       Position available with American Refugee Com-
ordinates and executes RALLY administrative          Salary: $73–$85/day. For more information,          mittee International. Duties: reviews technical
and outreach duties. For more information, visit     visit E-mail cover let-       material for inclusion in curriculum to ensure E-mail cover letter and ré-          ter and résumé to            that there is sufficient material for each module;
sumé to human resources at                                                                trains ARC trainers. Qualifications: prior train-
                                                     WILDERNESS THERAPY                                  ing in Africa; youth or conflict-prevention back-
VOLUNTEER OUTREACH                                   INSTRUCTOR • Loa, UT                                ground; exp. in low level curriculum; five years’
COORDINATOR • Arlington, WA                          Positions available with the Aspen Achievement      relevant experience. For more information and
Position available with Purrfect Pals. Duties:       Academy, an outdoor treatment program with an       to apply, visit
coordinates all volunteer activities for organi-     emphasis on therapy, experiential learning and
zation; plans and implements adoption events         personal growth. Qualifications: Desire, will-      PROGRAM COORDINATOR • Uganda
and other activities. Qualification: Peace Corps     ingness, and ability to provide compassionate,      Position available with American Refugee Com-
experience is highly preferred. Salary: $29K–        creative, and dedicated care to students ages 13    mittee International (ARC). Duties: develops
$33K with medical benefits and personal leave        to 17; previous experience working with teens;

                                                                                                                                                           Page 11
     Hotline                                 For Returned Volunteers / From the Office of Domestic Programs

     life skills units; performs KAP surveys; builds     CHIEF OF PARTY • Africa                              itinerary for visiting medical triage teams; col-
     relations with stakeholders; progress and donor     Position available with Counterpart Internation-     laborates with international NGOs and donors
     reports. Qualifications: experience in similar      al. This is a four year agricultural development     to identify and implement projects to meet local
     field; M&E and KAP experience; TOT experi-          project that will begin mid-2007. Duties: targets    needs. Qualifications: BA/BS; strong organiza-
     ence; three to five years’ program management       smallholder farmers and associated cooperatives      tional and management skills; fluent in Spanish;
     experience; report and proposal experience. For     in MCC countries in Africa; focuses on capac-        two years’ experience in international develop-
     more information and to apply, visit www.AR-        ity-building, production, credit, and marketing      ment working in indigenous communities, pref-                                        improvements. Qualifications: broad agriculture      erably in Guatemala. E-mail cover letter and
                                                         development knowledge and experience with            résumé to David Lazerwitz, Director, at partner-
     COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT                               design and manage programs required; experi-
     PROGRAM MANAGER •                                   ence organizing smallholder farmers; experi-
     Bong County, Liberia                                ence managing donor-funded projects; private         AFRICA DEPUTY DIRECTOR •
     Position available with American Refugee Com-       sector agriculture experience; advanced degree       Nairobi, Kenya
     mittee International (ARC). Duties: manages         in agriculture, economics, business, or related      Position available with World Concern, an in-
     community empowerment projects (livelihoods         field; five years’ international experience, in      ternational Christian disaster response and de-
     focus); manages IDP toolkit; develops and over-     Africa preferred. For more information and to        velopment organization. Duties: works with the
     sees implementation plans, proposals, trainings,    apply, visit            Africa director and staff; provides leadership,
     and budgets. Qualifications: two years’ project                                                          management, administration, planning, orga-
     management experience, in Africa preferred;         GENDER STRATEGY CONSULTANT •                         nization, and controls necessary to accomplish
     participatory methodology experience; training      Afghanistan                                          field objectives. Qualifications: minimum five
     experience. For more information and to apply,      Temporary position available with Counterpart        years’ management experience, including three
     visit; e-mail: briank@        International (CPI). Position runs from 2/2007       years’ working in Africa managing national and; phone: 612.872.7060.                     to 4/2007. Duties: designs and develops gender       international staff and financial systems; field
                                                         strategy for Counterpart and its 10 partners; pro-   project implementation experience; ability to
     PRESIDENT • United States and Haiti                 vides consulting services to CPI in developing       give a minimum of five years’ commitment;
     Position available with the Haitian Project, a      participatory gender strategy to guide efforts       must raise a portion of personal support. For
     Catholic NGO which owns, supports, and op-          within I-PACS. Qualifications: extensive gender      more information and to apply, visit http://www.
     erates a free, Catholic boarding school for eco-    experience; experience developing gender strat-
     nomically under-privileged Haitian children.        egies; regional experience and good understand-      aspx?&pid=922&srcid=497.
     Qualifications: administrative and financial        ing of Afghan culture. For more information and
     leadership skills with a proven emphasis on         to apply, visit         TECHNICAL AND HEALTH
     fund development; ability to travel extensively,                                                         CONSULTANT • Central America
     spending a considerable time each year at the       PROGRAM MANAGER • Senegal                            Position available with Pure Water for the World
     school in Haiti; commitment to Catholic social      Position available with Counterpart Interna-         (PWW). PWW makes and distributes household
     teaching. Send cover letter, résumé, and refer-     tional (CPI). CPI goals are to improve access to     water filters to rural communities and provides
     ences to Brian Vogrinc, Vogrinc and Short 429       education, improve caretaker practices in health,    follow-up education. Qualifications: knowledge
     South Phelps Avenue, Rockford, IL 61107;            nutrition and hygiene, increase nutritional and      of Spanish; design or health experience with
     phone: 815.394.1001; fax: 815.394.1046;             organizational support to PLWHAs and OVCs,           water; available for one year. Benefits include
     e-mail:                        improve agricultural production, processing,         a stipend and paid in-county travel expenses.
                                                         marketing, and the general economic condition        For more information, visit www.PureWater-
     EUROPE DIRECTOR • London, England                   of the region. Deadline: 1/12/2007. For more E-mail cover letter and CV to
     Position available with Population Services In-     information and to apply, visit http://jobs.coun-
     ternational (PSI), Europe. Duties: works closely
     with PSI affiliates throughout the world, as well                                                        DIRECTOR OF PROGRAMS •
     as headquarters in Washington, D.C.; meets          SENIOR MANAGEMENT SPECIALISTS •                      Wiltshire, England
     regularly with counterparts across Europe,          Latin America                                        Position available with Hope and Homes for
     working to ensure that donors are well informed     Positions available with Development Alter-          Children (HHC). Duties: implements strategic
     about social marketing, PSI and PSI’s global        natives, Inc. (DAI). Positions include chiefs        and operational policy for overseas programs
     network of affiliates; communicates European        of party (COP), program directors, and senior        and for their management. Qualifications: BA/
     trends in donor thinking to PSI in Washington       managers for donor-funded projects in Latin          BS or graduate degree in relevant subject; mini-
     D.C.; helps identify financing opportunities        America with a focus on the Andean Region.           mum five years’ program management experi-
     for international social marketing programs;        For more information and to apply, visit www.        ence with a development or care agency; under-
     oversees the preparation and submission of                                             standing and experience of social policy and de-
     some grant applications, focusing on those for                                                           velopment issues relevant to HHC; senior level
     which only European or Southern NGOs are            DIRECTOR OF RURAL STUCTURES •                        policy work; resource management experience
     eligible; represents PSI at meetings and confer-    Coban, Guatemala                                     at a regional or global level; understanding of
     ences on relevant topics. For more information      Position available with Partner for Surgery, a       and commitment to children’s rights and protec-
     and to apply, e-mail; phone:       U.S.-based NGO connecting underprivileged            tion issues; proven management, team building,
     202.785.0072.                                       Guatemalans with surgical services made avail-       and leadership abilities; strong communication
                                                         able by volunteer surgical teams. Duties: su-        skills. Deadline: 1/19/2007. E- mail cover letter
                                                         pervises 14 local managers; organizes training       and CV to Michael Wills at mwills@oxfordhr.
                                                         sessions and meetings for local staff; organizes

Page 12
 Hotline                                  For Returned Volunteers / From the Office of Domestic Programs

RURAL DEVELOPMENT                                    BUSINESS AND ASSOCIATION                             e-mail; website:
INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEER •                            DEVELOPMENT MANAGER •                      
Badakshan, Afghanistan                               Kabul , Afghanistan
Position available with PADCO and Alternative        Position available with Root of Peace. Duties:       ORGANIC FARM INTERNSHIP •
Livelihoods Program-North. Duties: provides          develops trader associations working with fruit      Gainesville, FL
expertise and technical and administrative man-      and nut crops; develops export markets and           Internship available with Rosie’s Organic Farm.
agement for infrastructure development activi-       value-added processing; improves rural infra-        Duties: works with owner and operator of farm;
ties focusing on rural roads and irrigation; su-     structure of value chains, including cold storage    plants, harvests, markets, and crop management.
pervises Afghan project staff and subcontractors.    network, farm-to-market roads, and new con-          Qualifications: self-motivated, energetic, and
Qualifications: experience in building paved and     nector firms for raisins and nuts. Qualifications:   reliable; interest in sustainable agriculture; must
unpaved roads in mountainous regions; experi-        minimum 10 years’ international experience           be able to do physical labor and tolerate subtrop-
ence building irrigation, small dams, and small      working with high-value horticulture products        ical environment. Benefits include stipend and
structures; experience with construction team        specializing in agribusiness and association         on-farm housing. Position runs from 1/15/2007
supervision. E-mail cover letter, CV, and three      development; experience in USAID funded              to 7/15/2007. For more information and to
references to      projects in developing countries preferred; flu-     apply, phone Rose Koenig at 352.331.1804;
                                                     ent in English with good writing skills required;    e-mail:
VEGETABLE PRODUCTION                                 knowledge of Dari preferred. E-mail CV and
SPECIALIST • Badakshan, Afghanistan                  references to      ORGANIC FARM INTERNS •
Position available with PADCO. Duties: pro-                                                               Chambersburg, PA
vides farmers technical assistance and field         FIELD COORDINATOR • Tanzania                         Internships available with Fulton Center for
demonstrations. Qualifications: BS/BA or MA          Position available with International Rescue         Sustainable Living, Wilson College. Posi-
in related agriculture science; practical experi-    Committee. Duties: ensures successful comple-        tion runs from late-4/2007 to 10/2007. Duties:
ence producing vegetables on small scale and         tion of project goals and objectives within the      seeding, transplanting, weeding, harvesting,
truck farm basis; ability to develop training and    Kibondo District camps; ensures monitoring of        produce preparation, and marketing; manage
launch vegetable production extension service;       program quality and effectiveness; ensures the       greenhouses, farmers’ market stand, and CSA
minimum10 years’ experience, including five          implementation of IRC’s security policies and        distributions. Qualifications: strong work ethic
years’ international experience in developing        surveillance within their area of responsibility;    and desire to learn and practice sustainable agri-
country, managing field vegetable programs,          represents IRC interests at district level inter-    culture; ability to work outside in all conditions.
trials and demonstrations; previous field expe-      agency meetings; serves as liaison with donors,      Salary: $125/week with housing, produce, edu-
rience in Central and/or South Asia preferred.       media, local and international partners, and IRC     cational opportunities. For more information
E-mail cover letter, CV, and three references to     headquarters in the areas of compliance, report-     and to apply, visit or e-mail with “Exten-        ing, M&E, and program development. For more          Mary Cottone at; phone:
sion Veg-Prod” in subject line.                      information and to apply, visit www.theIRC.          717.709.1995.
PROGRAM OFFICER • Khartoum, Sudan                                                                         ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION
Position available with the Office of U.S. For-      PROGRAM COORDINATOR •                                INTERNSHIPS • KY
eign Disaster Assistance (OFDA). Duties:             Democratic Republic of the Congo                     Internships available with Pine Mountain Settle-
serves as primary point of contact in the field;     Position available with the International Rescue     ment School (PMSS). Position runs 2/15/2007
develops strategies and plans; reviews propos-       Committee. For more information and to apply,        to 5/30/2007. Duties: observe staff teaching and
als; monitors grants; liaises with grantees and      visit                                when comfortable, will begin teaching classes,
other members of the humanitarian community;                                                              using the school’s 800-acre campus. Groups
reports on the humanitarian situation. For more      DEPUTY PROGRAM DIRECTOR •                            coming to PMSS are elementary, middle, and
information and to apply, visit          Democratic Republic of the Congo                     high school students, and some adult and fam- Must submit a signed OF-612 form          Position available with the International Rescue     ily groups. Qualifications: like working with
and document addressing the 5 Quality Ranking        Committee. For more information and to apply,        children; have an interest in environmental and
Factors listed in the solicitation.                  visit                                cultural topics. Stipend: $65/week with hous-
                                                                                                          ing and meals. For more information and to
CONVERSATIONAL ENGLISH                                                                                    apply, e-mail; phone:
INSTRUCTOR • Kiev and Odessa, Ukraine                         Intern/Volunteer                            606.558.3542.
Positions available with American English Cen-
ter. Duties: teach various levels of conversation-   INTERN/VOLUNTEER • DC                                VOLUNTEER SCHOOL
al English and lead conversation groups. Quali-      Internships and volunteer positions available        ADMINISTRATOR • Anupshahr,
fications: energy and enthusiasm; no experience      with Agora Partnerships, a new social enterprise     Bulandshah, and Uttar Pradesh, India
necessary, will train. Benefits include monthly      that works to give developing world entrepre-        Position available with Pardada Pardadi Girls
salary and bonus, paid vacations, subsidized         neurs the management tools, networks, and fi-        Vocational School. Duties: fundraises; net-
apartment, language, and concierge. For more         nancing necessary to launch successful, socially     works with schools from abroad for creating
information, visit       responsible companies. Qualifications: expe-         exchange opportunities; upgrades quality of
E-mail résumé to Jon Pernick (RPCV) at jon-          rience or interest in developing websites, IT        teaching methods; expands school capacity;                           systems, and business development. Positions         manages daily activities. Qualifications: BA or
                                                     are unpaid. For more information and to apply,       MA; minimum six months abroad experience;
                                                                                                          Hindi language skills preferred. For more infor-

                                                                                                                                                           page 13
      Hotline                                   For Returned Volunteers / From the Office of Domestic Programs

     mation, visit        dean’s grants. For more information, phone          tists and engineers with the technical, profes-
     E-mail cover letter and CV to pardada_pardadi_        Sawyer Pouliot or Rebekah Leger, Master’s           sional, and personal skills needed to meet the                                     International Coordinators at 800.676.5389;         career demands of the future. For more informa-
                                                           e-mail:; website: www.           tion and to apply, visit; e-mail:
     ESL TEACHER • Anupshahr, Bulandshah,                                   ; phone: 866.593.9103.
     and Uttar Pradesh, India
     Volunteer position available with Pardada Par-        GRADUATE FELLOWSHIPS •                              URBAN TEACHER FELLOWSHIP •
     dadi Girls Vocational School. Duties: teaches         Various locations                                   Denver
     English; develops teaching materials with local       Institute of International Education NSEP Boren     The Boettcher Teachers Program is an urban
     teachers; becomes involved in community- and          Fellowships offers U.S. students financial assis-   education fellowship designed to better prepare
     school-based projects. Qualifications: BA or          tance to study world areas and languages critical   teachers for urban public schools. Boettcher Fel-
     MA; minimum six months’ abroad experience;            to U.S. national security. Emphasized areas in-     lows are specially trained and endorsed to work
     Hindi language skills preferred; ability to com-      clude Africa, Asia, Eastern and Central Europe,     with ELL students, earn Colorado licensure, and
     mit to a minimum of three months. Benefits            the NIS, the Middle East, and Latin America         a MA in education from the University of Den-
     include room and board at the school’s guest          and the Caribbean. Deadline: 1/30/2007. For         ver. Fellowship includes year-long teaching res-
     house. For more information, visit http://www.        more information and to apply, visit www.iie.       idency with skilled mentor teacher. No previous E-mail cover letter and         org/nsep.                                           teaching experience required. Qualifications:
     CV to                                                                   BA/BS; well prepared academically in math,
                                                           MS TESOL GRADUATE PROGRAM •                         science, social studies, liberal arts, Spanish or
                                                           Los Angeles                                         English. Deadline: 2/1/2007. For more informa-
                    Education                              University of Southern California and the Rossi-    tion and to apply, visit www.boettcherteachers.
                                                           er School of Education offers an MS in Teaching     org; e-mail:
     SOCIOLOGY RESEARCH •                                  English to Speakers of Other Languages (TES-
     Fort Collins, CO                                      OL). This is a two-year program for experienced     TEACHING FELLOWSHIP •
     Colorado State University and the Center for          and prospective language educators who wish to      New York City
     Fair and Alternative Trade Studies (CFATS) of-        start or improve their ESL or EFL career in the     The NYC Teaching Fellows program is a highly
     fers graduate research on the processes of social     U.S. or overseas. Deadline for fall admission:      selective, innovative path to enter the classroom
     change emerging through market and movement           2/1/2007 (early) and 3/1/2007 (final). Qualifica-   and make a difference in New York City’s high-
     based initiatives in response to globalization.       tion: GRE required. For more information, visit     need schools. No previous teaching experience
     Full funding opportunities may be available.         or education coursework is necessary. While
     Applicants must be accepted into the graduate         masters/academic_masters_tesol.htm; e-mail:         teaching, fellows pursue an MA in education
     program in sociology and send CFATS a letter; phone: 213.740.0224.               that is subsidized by the New York City Depart-
     of interest at the time of application to                                                         ment of Education. For more information and         MA/FELLOWSHIPS IN                                   to apply, e-mail;
                                                           INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION • DC                        phone: 718.935.4528.
     SOCIAL WORK SCHOLARSHIPS •                            George Washington University offers a graduate
     St. Louis, MO                                         degree in international education with concen-      FELLOWSHIPS • Worchester, MA
     The George Warren Brown School of Social              trations in education and development, interna-     Clark University offers at least one full-tuition
     Work at Washington University offers two              tional-intercultural study and students, educa-     fellowship worth $46,800 to RPCVs through
     $35K John F. Kennedy Scholarships annually to         tion of the marginalized, and technology and        graduate programs in international develop-
     RPCVs. Earn an MSW in two years full-time             international education. Full or part-time study,   ment, community, and environment (IDCE).
     study. Six concentrations and specializations         internships, travel, and research opportunities     All RPCVs will receive a 40 percent tuition fel-
     are offered including management, social and          available. Those seeking fellowships are en-        lowship that can be applied towards an MA in
     economic development, children, youth, and            couraged to apply by 1/17/2007 for priority con-    international development and social change,
     families, gerontology, and health and mental          sideration. Applications accepted until 3/1/2007    geographic information sciences for develop-
     health. Applications are accepted on a rolling        for summer and 4/1/2007 for fall. For more in-      ment and environment, community develop-
     basis and there is no standardized test require-      formation and to apply, visit www.gsehd.gwu.        ment and planning, or environmental science
     ment. For more information and to apply, visit        edu/iep; phone: 866.653.5035.                       and policy. Additional scholarships are avail-; e-mail: msw@wustl.                                                                  able for RPCVs. Programs are designed for
     edu; phone: 314.935.6676.                             GRADUATE OPPORTUNITIES •                            applicants interested in careers in conflict and
                                                           Various locations                                   development, gender and development, com-
     MA OF PUBLIC HEALTH • New Orleans                     National Science Foundation Integrative Grad-       munity-based development, environmental
     Tulane University School of Public Health and         uate Education Research and Traineeships            justice, GIS, or natural resource management.
     Tropical Medicine offers rolling admissions           (IGERT) Graduate Programs offers PhD train-         Deadline: 1/15/2007. For more information,
     and is accepting applications for Fall 2007 and       eeship opportunities. Receive a $30K annual         visit For an ap-
     Spring 2008 semesters. MA or PhD specializa-          stipend with waiver of tuition and fees. There      plication, contact Admissions, IDCE Depart-
     tions include biostatistics, epidemiology, tropical   are 140 National Science Foundation sponsored       ment, Clark University, Worcester, MA 01610-
     medicine and parasitology, community health,          programs across the country seeking students        1477; phone: 508.793.7201; fax: 508.793.8820;
     international health, environmental health, and       interested in pursuing graduate degrees in the      e-mail:
     health systems management. RPCVs are eli-             areas of science, mathematics, engineering, and
     gible for a limited number of one-time $3,500         technology. IGERT programs equip PhD scien-

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 Hotline                                 For Returned Volunteers / From the Office of Domestic Programs
 The Monterey Institute of International Studies     repairs, and volunteer event hosting. Qualifica-       service projects. For more information and to
 offers scholarships ranging up to $10K to quali-    tions: three to six months’ experience in con-         apply, visit
 fied RPCVs. Programs include MBA, interna-          servation corps work or related work; must be          programs/nccc.asp.
 tional and environmental policy studies, public     between 18 and 36 years old; familiarity with
 administration, translation and interpretation,     hand tools; proven oral communication skills;          LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT CREW •
 TESOL, and teaching foreign languages. The          ability to work in a team; clean driving record.       Eugene, OR
 Institute prepares students for international ca-   For more information and to apply, e-mail doug.        Positions available with Northwest Youth
 reers in the private, public, and nonprofit sec-                             Corps and the Leadership Development Pro-
 tors. For information, call 831.647.4123 or                                                                gram (LDP), which integrates team-based work
 800.824.7235; e-mail:; web-          CONSERVATION CREW LEADER •                             projects, education, and on-site technical train-
 site:                                 Richmond, VT                                           ing into the natural world. Position runs from
                                                     Position available with Vermont Youth Conser-          2/15/2007 to 4/29/2007. Participants develop
                                                     vation Corps (VYCC). Duties: trains and super-         hard skills working on restoration projects
        Americorps/VISTA                             vises small teams of high school and college-age       as well as the soft skills essential to being a
                                                     crew members in conservation work and educa-           successful leader spanning a variety of disci-
 CASEWORKER • MD                                     tion programs; works on trail construction and         plines. Benefits include a weekly stipend and
 Positions available with the Choice Programs.       watershed restoration projects across the state        an AmeriCorps education award. Qualification:
 Duties: responsible for client intake and assess-   of Vermont. Salary: $430–$500/week with the            minimum 19 years old; CPR and first aid train-
 ment interviews; establishes goal oriented ser-     potential for an AmeriCorps education award,           ing; minimum high school degree required. For
 vice and educational plans; developes activity      room and board (depending on position), and            more information and to apply, visit www.nwy-
 plans; provides informal counseling, advocacy,      compensated staff training. For more informa-
 and monitoring of youth; some evening and           tion and to apply, visit; phone:
 weekend work required. Qualifications: BA;          800.639.8922 or 802.434.3969.                          SPECIALIST • New York City
 valid driver’s license and automobile required.                                                            Position available with Upwardly Global. Du-
 Salary: $21K with eligibility of $4,725 Ameri-      PROJECT ASSISTANT •                                    ties: supports the development and growth of
 Corps education award. Send cover letter and        Newton Grove, NC                                       Upwardly Global NYC expansion and activi-
 résumé to Coordinator, Personnel, The Choice        Position available with Episcopal Farmworker           ties; coordinates and delivers services to em-
 Programs, 971 Seagull Avenue, Baltimore, MD         Ministry. Duties: assists in logistics of training a   ployers; institutes and coordinates a corporate
 21225; fax: 410.354.4938.                           pilot group of farm workers in skills necessary        marketing strategy; supports employer network
                                                     to plan, cultivate, harvest, and market produce        through research, outreach, coordination, and
 AMERICORPS PEER REVIEWERS • DC                      from a community garden; operates a centrally          project logistics; matches open positions with
 Positions available with Corporation for Na-        located market and exchange; upkeeps garden            jobseekers; follows up on candidates presented
 tional and Community Service. Duties: read and      during the week; attends and participates in           to employer partners; fosters relationships with
 evaluate grant proposals for FY 2007 programs.      advisory committee meetings; meets regularly           corporate sponsorships via info sessions, net-
 The peer review process uses a Web-based sys-       with participants (including weekends); facili-        working events, and annual fall seminar. E-mail
 tem allowing reviewers to read and score ap-        tates on-site storage, inventory, and record man-      cover letter and résumé to sherazade@upward-
 plications from home then travel to a site for a    agement; documents policies and procedures;  ; website:
 couple of days of final consensus discussions       leads group workdays in the garden; supervises
 in 2/2007 or 3/2007. For more information and       the market, including weekends. Deadline:              CREW LEADER • Logan, UT
 to apply, visit      1/8/2007. For more information and to apply,           Position available with Utah Conservation Corps
 pr_main/newaccount.jsp; e-mail: cncsreview@         e-mail Bryan Bell at             (UCC). Duties: leads AmeriCorps crews on trail                                         or Katherine Hogan at katherine@designcorps.           and restoration projects in partnership with Na-
                                                     org; phone: 919.828.0048.                              tional Parks and Forests. Benefits include health
 CONSERVATION CORPS MEMBER •                                                                                insurance, monthly living allowance, $4,725
 King County, WA                                     TEAM LEADERS •                                         education award, Wilderness Medicine certifi-
 Position available with Mountains to Sound          Denver; Perry Point, MD; Sacramento                    cation, chainsaw certification, and college cred-
 Greenway Trust and the Greenway Steward-            Positions available with AmeriCorps’ National          it. Deadline: 1/31/2007. For more information
 ship program. Duties: uses various equipment        Civilian Community Corps (N-Triple-C) Duty:            and to apply, visit; phone:
 in stream and habitat restoration, plantings,       work ten months leading teams of a dozen 18            435.797.0964.
 invasive plant control, trail construction and      to 24 year olds all over the country for national

To submit a mailing address change, visit You can also send address changes to
Disclaimer : When responding to a listing, please indicate with a cover letter that you are a returned Peace Corps Volunteer submitting your résumé
in response to a HOTLINE announcement. Questions concerning positions should be addressed to the advertiser, not to Returned Volunteer Services.
HOTLINE is published twice monthly for the use of RPCVs and should not be posted on bulletin boards or passed on to non-RPCVs. The Peace
Corps has no control over, nor responsibility for, HOTLINE advertisers, nor do we have personal knowledge relating to working conditions of
advertised opportunities. If you have any complaints about an advertiser, please write us.

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     Hotline                            For Returned Volunteers / From the Office of Domestic Programs

     graduates, of any age, and can command a      skills, and abilities (KSAs); and USAJOBS.     critical tasks of reflecting on Peace Corps
     starting salary of over $30,000 - even over   Representatives from the Office of Person-     service experience, identifying accom-
     $40,000 - based on education and experi-      nel Management led two of the sessions,        plishments, defining marketable skills,
     ence. In addition to dialogue on agency-      while Raymond Limon (Honduras ‘90),            and practicing the communication of such
     sponsored internships, a representative       Chief Human Capital Officer for the Cor-       through informational interviews and like
     from the White House Fellows program          poration for National and Community Ser-       conversations. Bob’s workshop led smooth-
     shared details about the rigorous selec-      vice, facilitated the third session.           ly into a series of informal roundtables
     tion application process and challenging                                                     allowing attendees to engage RPCVs cur-
     professional development opportunities        Exploring the work and opportunities avail-    rently employed at Peace Corps.
     offered through the prestigious fellowship    able at the Peace Corps dominated day
     program.                                      three activities and energized the already     All of the activities from Federal Career
                                                   engaged Federal Career Week audience.          Week reinforced attendee preparedness
     Career preparation in the form of advanced    Deputy Director Jody Olsen (Tunisia ‘68)       and enthusiasm for the Thursday evening
     studies was the topic of another day one      gave the opening address. Her remarks          career fair. Recruiters and representatives
     panel. Graduate School faculty and admis-     addressed the reasons why the Peace            from 16 federal agencies and bureaus were
     sions staff from the University of Pennsyl-   Corps is a federal agency of choice for        on-hand to discuss their agency missions,
     vania, American University, Georgetown        many current and aspiring public adminis-      jobs, and recruiting and hiring mecha-
     University, and Johns Hopkins University      tration professionals. The sentiments were     nisms.
     served on a panel outlining the curriculae    reinforced by a diverse panel of senior
     and details of graduate programs in both      Peace Corps staff. Betsi Shays (Fiji ’70),     The full roster of attendees – guest speak-
     public administration and public policy.      Director, Center for Field Assistance and      ers, event coordinators, job seekers, re-
     The session was facilitated by Scott Talan,   Applied Research; David Kotz, Inspector        cruiters, and others who invested their
     Director of Marketing for the National As-    General; Allene Zanger (Panama ’95), IAP       time to attend – expressed enthusiasm
     sociation of Schools of Public Policy and     Regional Director; Shirley Everest, Manag-     and appreciation for the opportunity to
     Administration (NASPPA).                      er of the American Diversity Program, and      participate in Federal Career Week activi-
                                                   Lynn Kneedler (Tanzania ’67), Mid-Atlantic     ties. The week was comprehensive, jam-
     Participants in day one activities had the    Regional Manager shared details about the      packed, and proved responsive to the in-
     opportunity to personally engage graduate     mission and structure of their units, types    terests and needs of all involved.
     school and federal internship representa-     of work opportunities commonly available
     tives at an evening recruitment fair.         in their departments, and the qualifications   For more information about Federal Ca-
                                                   for related jobs. Each panelists spent time    reer Week and other RVS-sponsored career
     The second day mainly focused on ways to      after the session speaking directly with at-   events, be sure to regularly visit www.
     effectively prepare federal resumes. Na-      tendees interested in learning more about Updates will
     tionally-renowned Federal Resume Coach        topics discussed.                              be posted as available.
     Kathryn Troutman led a morning session                                                       1
                                                                                                    The Partnership for Public Service (PPS) is a
     walking attendees through her trade-          Bob Michon (Lesotho ’97; UNV Tuvalu
                                                                                                  nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to
     marked, “Ten Steps to a Federal Job.”         ‘00), RVS Program Manager, facilitated         revitalizing public service through a campaign of
     Her presentation was complemented by          an interactive workshop highlighting the       educational efforts, policy research, public-private
     three afternoon workshops covering non-       importance of networking in the federal        partnerships and legislative advocacy. For more
     competitive eligibility (NCE); knowledge,     job search. He guided RPCVs through the        information on PPS, visit

                                                                                  Peace Corps Week
                                                                                  February 26 to March 4, 2007
                                                                        You are a vibrant part of the Peace Corps legacy. Join the
                                                                        Peace Corps family in celebrating our 46th anniversary.
                                                                        Fascinate…Challenge…Inspire…Share your Volunteer story
                                                                        with others. Promote cultural awareness and inspire the
                                                                        next generation of Volunteers during Peace Corps Week.

                                                                        Register online today and we’ll send you a free presentation
                                                                        kit full of ideas and resources for your Peace Corps Week

                                                                        We would like to hear from you. Questions, comments?
                                                                        E-mail or phone 800.424.8580,
                                                                        ext. 1961.

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                  Peace Corps’ Office of Domestic Programs,
                        Returned Volunteer Services
                              Introduces SIGI3
What is SIGI3?
SIGI3 helps students and other job seekers create a career plan that’s right for them.

SIGI3 is a highly interactive career assessment tool that is designed to help you make informed and rational decisions about your
field of study and career. SIGI3 can help you assess your work-related values, interests, and skills. SIGI3 will help you examine key
motivators and match work-related values, interests, and skills to educational and career pathways. First you will enter your work-
related preferences, and then SIGI3 will search its built-in library and find those careers that most closely match your preferences.
SIGI3’s library is so large that it may well find career options that you never even considered or knew existed!
SIGI3 takes the confusion out of career and educational planning. Straightforward instructions and logical sequencing will enable
you to work independently, right from the start. You can work through the program at your own pace, moving steadily toward your
personal goals.

How do I register for access to SIGI3?
In order to gain access to SIGI3, follow these simple instructions:

        Step 1: In order for you to register for a SIGI3 account, you must submit to RVS ( an email
        request containing your full name, country and dates of Peace Corps service.

        Step 2: Wait for a reply email! Upon receipt of this email, a member of the RVS staff will provide you with the link to the
        SIGI3 page and the access code necessary to register for a SIGI3 user account.

        [Please note the licensing restriction at the bottom of this page. Upon receipt of the access code, you are prohibited from
        sharing it with anyone else. Any requests to use SIGI3 must be authorized by Returned Volunteer Services.]

        This access code is the first of 2 logins required to access SIGI3. Each time you wish to access SIGI3, you will be
        prompted to input the access code before being directed to the main Login Page.

        Step 3: Once you have entered the access code, you will come to the Login page. You will have to register a user ID and
        password in order access SIGI3. To create a new SIGI3 user ID, click on the “I want to create a new SIGI3 ID” link.

        Step 4: Input your new User ID and password and click on the Login button. Upon entering SIGI3 for the first time, click on
        the INTRODUCTION button. This section will teach you how to navigate through SIGI3.

SIGI3 software integrates self-assessment with in-depth and up-to-date career information that is easy to use and will provides you
with a realistic view of the best educational and career options for your future success. This program is a useful tool and while SIGI3
will not tell you what to do with your life, it will generate options, provide information, and teach you how to make decisions. SIGI3
will help create a career plan that’s right for you!

                                     **SIGI 3 is licensed to the United States Peace Corps.
                           Use of this license by individuals not officially and directly authorized by
                           Peace Corps’ Office of Domestic Programs/Returned Volunteer Services
                                                          is prohibited.**

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