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In Literature
    Definition of Structure

basic organization or arrangement
 of events, details, words, images
 and parts (chapters, stanzas,
       Other structure notes…

   Perspective, setting, characterization, and
    style have a profound influence on
    structure and on how an author arranges
    and organizes
     Structure in Prose Fiction
   In prose fiction, plot is the arrangement of
    events, and therefore, provides structure.

   Structure may use tradition plot structure
             Exposition
             Rising Action
             Climax
             Falling Action
             Resolution/ Denouement
     Structure in Prose Fiction

   The author can interrupt the structure with
    various techniques.
        Flashback
        Foreshadowing
        Subplot
        Motifs
          Structure in Drama

   The basic structure in drama revolves
    around the conflict and the dialogue.
           Structure in Drama
   Other dramatic devices that affect
    structure in drama:
        Conventions   and traditional practices
        Intermissions
        Entrances/Exits– scenic construction; getting
         characters off/on stage
        Tonal relief– relaxing tension through dialogue
         (also known as comic relief)
        Play within a play– structural device unique to
           Structure in Drama
   Other dramatic devices that affect
    structure in drama:
                   illusion– character steps out of
        Interrupted
        character and speaks to audience (Thorton
        Wilder’s Our Town is a classic example)

        Double    illusion– character drops on character but
        is still a created character; may adopt new
        Structure in Poetry

In poetry, structure is the basic organization
  of all words, details, images, and parts of
  the poem.
           Structure in Poetry

   Some terms that discuss structural
    techniques in poetry:
        Blank verse– unrhymed iambic pentameter
        Couplet
        Sonnet
        Elegy
        Free Verse– freedom in rhyme and rhythm