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									                                                                       Nov - Dec 2010

Setu                                           Vol II • Issue 9


Under the aegis of the National e-Governance Plan of Govt. of India

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                                                       Vol II • Issue 4

                                               Vol II • Issue 9


Under the aegis of the National e-Governance Plan of Govt. of India

Under the aegis of the National e-Governance Plan of Govt. of India                      EDITORIAL
               Coordinating Editor:                                                 Citizen-centric Services: finally it's there on ground
           Bhavna Shah Chatterjee
                                                                          We are halfway through 2010 financial and finally there is something to
                                                                          cheer. After waiting for two long years, Sahaj VLEs can finally breathe a
                       Art- Editor:
                                                                          sigh of relief with the introduction of public services. Reasons are obvious
                     Subimal Saha                                         – a substantial increase in income generation which was so much
                                                                          necessary for making the CSC project a sustainable one. This should also
                   Asst. Art-Editing:                                     bring greater joy to people in rural India for whom public services would
      Suman Das & Niladri Banerjee                                        now be within easy reach. We therefore decided to make public services
                                                                          our theme for cover story of this issue.
                                                                          The status of public service in our country continues to evoke mixed
                                                                          feelings. Should we celebrate the implementation of public service in
                                                                          rural India even in small measure or do we lament its non availability
                                                                          throughout the six mandated states. How can things be improved? Don't
                                                                          we already know from the status of our CSC roll outs that internal
                                                                          efficiency, management support and effective functioning of the
                                                                          government are factors that contribute to successful implementations of
                                                                          public services? A lot more has to be done to translate this realization into
                                                                          good practice.
                                                                          It is, to put it mildly, a curious time for our government to articulate a
                                                                          vision of how it could improve the delivery of public services to its
                                                                          citizens. Afterall its all about implementation and not plans on paper.
                                                                          On a positive note, October has been an important month for Sahaj. The
                                                                          launch of public service in Assam, undeniably, was a great progress. Sahaj
                                                                          and DLF Pramerica settled the first life insurance claim in Orissa. This was
                                                                          followed by yet another insurance claim settlement by Sahaj – NIC in
                                                                          Tamil Nadu. A number of VLE training cum refresher programme was
                                                                          organized in different states. In the last issue we carried news about
                                                                          Sahaj's participation in NABARD sponsored Nature Fest. In this issue we
                                                                          provide a comprehensive summary of the event.
                                                                          It's also time to welcome a new vertical in Sahaj – the Capacity Building
                                                                          department which is all set to fine tune the resources required to manage
                                                                          and monitor the CSC project - a programme of this magnitude. We wish
                                                                          them wonderful times and enriching experience in Sahaj.
                                                                           We would be glad to receive any feedbacks or comments – another
                                                                          reason for us to come with something better every time. Mail us at
             Published by :                                               Happy Reading!
 Sahaj Media Business & Comm. Dept.
      Srei Sahaj e-Village Limited


                                                                          Sahaj Setu • Nov- Dec 2010                                                 1
CEO Speaks
                                                           The CSC project is a comprehensive acknowledgement of a
                                                           widely known fact that Government alone cannot create this
                                                           bridge infrastructure and that it requires the assistance of rural
                                                           entrepreneurship to achieve this stupendous feat. This project
                                                           aims to achieve exactly this. However, the promised
                                                           Government to Citizen (G2C) services have been extremely
                                                           slow to come by despite availability of an amazingly versatile
                                                           CSC infrastructure created in far-flung areas. The fact that the
                                                           main objective of CSC is to create points of delivery of
                                                           governance and that there can be no e-governance without
                                                           G2C services, though widely accepted in the Government, has
                                                           been rather scarcely acted upon. I strongly believe that we
                                                           need to closely work with the Government to remedy this
                                                           situation at the earliest and one of my goals as the CEO, Public
                                                           Services and e-learning would be to achieve this task.
                                                           It is my strong belief that if G2C services are not routed through
                                                           the CSCs, the centres would survive, albeit with some difficulty,
                                                           but the NeGP may not.
                                                        We know that G2C services can bridge the gap between
                                                        survival and success for CSCs and the VLEs. The current
                                                        inadequacies and difficulties being faced by VLEs in the
absence of promised G2C services are fully appreciated by us and the Government, but I firmly believe that this is only a
transitory phase.
There is an acknowledgement of this moral responsibility at the Union as well as State Government level now, which was
evident at the deliberations of the National Advisory Council on e-Governance chaired by the Communications and IT
Minister at New Delhi on 12th November. The SCA's point of view that G2C services should have been offered through
CSCs as of yesterday was paid heed to for the first time during this conference and Government promised to remedy the
Meanwhile, Sahaj has begun closely interacting with a range of Ministries of the Government of India and departments of
all related State Governments and has been able to break the ice effectively. There are many Ministries that are now
openly supporting the cause of using CSCs as effective mechanism for rolling out newer services. However, I believe that a
time has come to ask the critical question as to what constitutes G2C services. Can MGNREGA, National Population
Register, UID and host of Financial Inclusion schemes including pension schemes be kept out of the basket of G2C
services? The obvious and commonsense answer is 'NO'. Unfortunately, today the Government does not seem to agree
with this fully, but I am sure it is possible to convince them that these services must form part of the G2Cs basket to be
seamlessly routed through CSCs.
Sahaj is rapidly emerging as a winner in bringing the Government to agree that they need to invest their full trust and
confidence in this painstakingly created unique infrastructure. Till it actually happens, my plea to all of you would be to
keep standing there with your head held high and not allow any passing storm to destabilize this shared dream of ours.

Mrs. Meena Chaturvedi
Srei Sahaj e-Village Ltd.

Sahaj Setu • Nov- Dec 2010                                                                                                 2
Top VLEs
(across Sahaj States)

          VLE Name             Income (in )
         Sonu Thapa              14411            Business, Education & Government
       Rupam Baruah               9750

          VLE Name             Income (in )
    Shailendra Chourasia         28587
                                                                       Services Available
       Pramod Kumar              17138                                 • Digital photography
                                                                     • ROR
                                                                   • NREGA data collection
  Orissa                                                         • Government form
                               Income (in )
          VLE Name
                                                             • Birth / Death certificate
       Sanjukta Meher            22119                     • Agricultural soil testing
    Subratakumar Beriha
                                                         • Life & Non-Life
                                                       Insurance service
                                                     • e-Learning
                                                       • IGNOU higher
 Tamil Nadu                                              education
                               Income (in )
                                                           • Electricity bill collection
          VLE Name
                                                             • Telephone bill collection
        Dayanantha C             54095                         • Mobile top-ups
        Kumaresan R              46485
                                                                 • DTH Recharge and
                                                                    • Mobile Value-Added
  Uttar Pradesh                                                         • Railway reservation
                                                                          • Two wheeler booking
          VLE Name             Income (in )
                                                                           • - Job Portal
     Sanjay Kumar Singh          19419                                     • Matrimonial service
  Gulab Chand Singh Yadav        12212                               Future Services
                                                                   • e-Commerce
                                                                 • Agricultural diagnostics
 West Bengal                                                   • Distance education
                                                             • Postal service
          VLE Name             Income (in )                • Infotainment
         Tufan Maji              32448                   • IEC (Information, Education
                                                        and Communication)
     Ramkrishna Senety           11151

  Sahaj Setu • Nov- Dec 2010                  3
Other Successful VLEs
Sikdar Abdul Matin             Ashok Kumar Singh
Barpeta, Assam                 Aurangabad, Bihar

Income from Online Services:   Income from Online Services:

DLF Pramerica                  IRCTC1: 9
Life Insurance:    9840        Oxigen Mobile Top up:     7.32
                               DLF Pramerica
Total Income:     9840         Life Insurance: 17121

                               Total Income:    17137.32

Manoj Kr. Karna                Rajaraman K
Sonepur, Orissa                Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu

Income from Online Services:   Income from Online Services:

Oxigen Mobile Top up: 0.36     Oxigen Mobile Top up: 0.32
DLF Pramerica                  DLF Pramerica
Life Insurance: 16057.44       Life Insurance: 26880
DTH: 0.2                       Tally & ERP Course: 1000

Total Income:     16058        Total Income:    27880.32

Shamim Akhter                  Subhojit Biswas
Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh       Jalpaiguri, West Bengal

Income from Online Services:   Income from Online Services:
DLF Pramerica
Life Insurance: 9605           IRCTC1: 80.73
                               IRCTC2: 8.97
Total Income: 9605             Oxigen Mobile Top up: 1.62
                               DTH: 0.6
                               Bharat Matrimony: 12372.75

                               Total Income:    12464.67

Sahaj Setu • Nov- Dec 2010                                      4
Utility services training for VLEs in                          V L E Tr a i n i n g c u m R e f r e s h e r
Assam                                                          programme

Srei Sahaj organised a utility services training session for
Oxigen (Mobile and DTH recharge), IRCTC, Spice, Bharat
Matrimony and TVS for the Village Level Entrepreneurs of       VLE training cum refresher program was arranged at RCC
Assam. The training was conducted in Bongaigaon,               Dhemaji on 3rd and 4th October, 2010. Training was
Sonitpur, Tinsukia, Sivasagar, Golaghat & Darrang districts    imparted to the VLEs on every financial and online
of Assam. VLEs from respective districts attended the          services offered by Srei Sahaj. This was followed by an
training followed by an open house meeting.                    open house discussion on various aspects of CSC
                                                               management. A similar training programme for the VLEs
Health cum Awareness Camp, Darrang                             was held at the RCC Goalpara.

                                                               Srei Sahaj and DLF Pramerica settles
                                                               first life insurance claim

Following the first Health cum Awareness Camp in
Salikjhar, the Sahaj team in RCC Darrang, Assam in
association with NABARD and the Old Boys Association,
Sainik School, Goalpara held another camp, this time in
Lakshimpur. The camp was organised on 31st October,
The Srei Sahaj team had put up a stall at the site which was   Srei Sahaj and DLF Pramerica Life Insurance have settled
visited by a large number of people keen to know about         the first death claim at Nabrangpur on 29th October 2010.
the services offered by the Sahaj CSCs. The camp               Md. Anish Hingura, nominee of deceased Nazmu Banu
attracted a big crowd of local people who were eager to        received the settlement cheque from Mr. Sibabrata Dash,
take advantage of the free medical facilities offered by a     Hon'ble Collector, Nabrangpur in the presence of Col
dedicated team of medical professionals. The local             (Retd.) AP Mishra, Subhasis Das from DLF Pramerica and
population of the area expressed their gratitude to the        dignitaries from district administration. Other officials of
organizers of the camp for providing such a vital service      Srei Sahaj were present along with large number of local
free of cost.                                                  people.

 Sahaj Setu • Nov- Dec 2010                                                                                              5
Srei Sahaj and NICL settles life                              Public service launch in Barpeta
insurance claim in Tamil Nadu                                 Public service was launched in Assam's s Barpeta district.
Srei Sahaj and National Insurance Company Limited             Mr. Phanidhar Kalita, Deputy Commissioner, Barpeta
settled the first life insurance on October 24, 2010. Dr.     launched the service in the presence of senior officials of
Santosh Babu, IAS, CEO – ELCOT handled the claim              Barpeta district along with 50 Sahaj Village Level
amount to Shivakumar, nominee of the deceased                 Entrepreneurs. As a result of this launch, about 15 services
Krishnan. The occasion took place at ELCOT's office in        will be delivered through Sahaj Arunoday Kendra.
                                                              Sahaj conducts live webcast of select
Introduction of 35 new public services                        booths in Bihar polls
through Sahaj CSCs

Mr. Chandraprakash, Chief Secretary, DIT, Uttar Pradesh
declared that a total of 35 additional public services
would be made available through Sahaj Jan Seva Kendras
in Uttar Pradesh from 30th December 2010. New                 Srei Sahaj conducted live webcast of Bihar Assembly
services to be offered would include services like            elections. Kumar Anshumali, Additional Chief Electoral
application for new ration card, ration card renewal,         Officer said, “The EC has decided for live webcast of the
registration of unemployment application, renewal of          Bihar assembly elections, first time in any polls in India.”
registered application, etc. Mr. Chandraprakash               Sahaj conducted the webcast at 1284 polling booths and
mentioned that 17909 Jan Seva Kendras would be                provided 1306 laptops, 1013 web cameras and 579
established throughout the state. Sri Chandraprakash also     gensets for the elections. The webcast was conducted and
informed that till recently 22 lakhs different certificates   managed by Sahaj VLEs, IT engineers, managers and
have already been isuued through Sahaj Jan Seva               executives. The live webcast was meant for poll
Kendras.                                                      surveillance purpose only and not for public viewing.

Sahaj Setu • Nov- Dec 2010                                                                                               6
Sahaj Triumph
Srei Sahaj and DLF Pramerica
settles first life insurance claim
                                                               Srei Sahaj and DLF Pramerica Life Insurance have
                                                               recently settled a death claim at Nabarangpur district of
                                                               Orissa on 29th October, 2010. Md. Anish Hingura,
                                                               nominee of the deceased Nazma Banu received the
                                                               settlement cheque from Mr. Sibabrata Dash, Honourable
                                                               Collector, Nabarangpur who presided the function in the
                                                               presence of Col (Retd.) A.P Mishra, Subhasis Das from
                                                               DLF Pramerica and dignitaries from district
                                                               administration. Officials from Srei Sahaj E-Village Ltd.
                                                               were also present along with a large number of local

                                                               Md. Anish Hingura, nominee of the insured says, “The
                                                               payment of the claim amount was a great help. The claim
                                                               was settled easily with minimum of issues, which makes
                                                               me feel that my late sister had picked the best policy.
                                                               Though no amount of money can lessen my grief, having
                                                               received the claim amount is very reassuring especially
                                                               after hearing horror stories from friends about policy
                                                               claims. Sahaj and DLF Pramerica treated me with respect
                                                               and made me feel like I am very important. I am very
                                                               much pleased with their service.”

                                                               Mr. Sibabrata Dash, in this occasion has addressed VLEs
 It is our life's purpose to be happy. However, the purpose
                                                               and villagers about the importance of life insurance and
 is sometimes disturbed if luck decides to spin the wheel
                                                               praised the service rendered by Srei Sahaj and DLF
 of chance; if we meet with any emergency like a sickness,
                                                               Pramerica to the villagers. He emphasized the need of
 accident or even death. When such situation strikes, it
                                                               bridging gap between urban and rural areas in Orissa,
 becomes obvious to question the existence of life but the
                                                               which is a major obstacle in the development of the state,
 purpose is so deeply ingrained in us that it counters
                                                               and the district. He praised the bold and futuristic
 everything that throws our way.
                                                               initiative taken by Govt. of India, Govt. of Orissa, and Srei
 In an emergency like death, the countering device that        Sahaj E-Village Ltd. in rolling out Jana Seba Kendras
 you have at your disposal is the life insurance claim that    (CSCs) which serves the poorest of the poor in the state.
 your loved ones would receive in your absence. DLF            Srei Sahaj is rolling out these centres in 16 districts that
 Pramerica Life Insurance's DLF Tatkal Suraksha policy         almost cover half of the population of rural and urban
 offered through Sahaj Common Service Centres in the six       Orissa. Mr. Dash reiterated the good purpose and told
 states is designed in such a way that it counters the worst   that the scheme will generate entrepreneurs at village
 that life can throw at you and in the event of any            levels who can provide various services i.e. government,
 unforeseen situation like death, it provides timely and       private and corporate, in the doorsteps of people, which
 appropriate claim amount.                                     will further generate additional employment in the CSC
                                                               in the field of service delivery.

Sahaj Setu • Nov- Dec 2010                                                                                                 7
Sahaj Triumph
 Nature Fest: Sahaj celebrates the diversity of Nature

 A warm, sunny day welcomed 5000 visitors to the Nature
 Fest in Kolkata's Karunamoyee Fair Grounds. Visitors came
 from the local area, as well as from Assam, Tamil Nadu,
 Orissa, etc. These visitors came in search of an opportunity
 to enjoy the unique and rich diversity of Nature in India.
 The fest that was held from 25th October 2010 to 3rd
 November, 2010 was organised by Natural Resource
 Management Centre (an institution of NABARD). The
 exhibition was inaugurated by Dr. Asim Dasgupta, West
 Bengal Finance Minister in the presence of Umesh Sarangi,
 Chairman, NABARD. Eminent speakers like Dr. K.K.
 Satpathy from NIRJAFT, Shri M.K. De from NABARD,
 Swami Saniruddhonanda Ji from RKMSSS, etc. interacted              Farmer's club, government aided co-operative sectors,
 with the farmers on topics spanning soil and water                 NGO driven co-operatives, etc. from states like Orissa,
 conservation at farmer's field, seed production, use of            Assam, West Bengal, Kerala, etc. had also participated in
 renewable energy for self employment, NRM based                    the Nature Fest.
 livelihoods, climate change, etc.                                  Following are the brief of the participants who
 The exhibition had lots of trade stands displaying and             participated on the fest.
 retailing natural products like jute, banana fibre, bamboo,        1. Government sponsored private sectors:-
 mat, terra-cotta, sital pati, synthetic foods, silks like Ahimsa     a) ICAR
 (ERI), Muga, Tassar and Mulberry, coir, coconut waste                b) CAFRI
 products, was on display and available for sale. Various             c) Central Silk Board.
 NGOs, Self-Help Group, Research institutes, Government
                                                                      d) Nabard etc.
 sponsored private sectors with value-addition in NRM,

Sahaj Setu • Nov- Dec 2010                                                                                                 8
                                                         b) Bhaskar Solar India Pvt Limited
                          Srei Sahaj has done a
                                                         c) Nazat Jaganbandhu Club (NGO)
                          contribution to the
                                                         d) Agri eco-nature welfare association (NGO) etc.
                          NRMC by developing
                          value-added services for
                          the Indian farmers.
                          Fa r m e r s i n I n d i a ,
                          especially in the eastern
                          side are dwindling .
                          Sahaj Krishi Samadhan
   Ayan Dasgupta          has showed the courage
   Senior Manager,        by trying to traverse the
   Agricultural Projects  road uphill for
                          contributing to change
   in the agricultural scenario of the mandated
   states in India. Its services including farm
   management, crop advisory, soil testing and
   other value-adding expert solutions about NRM
   is definitely a big step towards environment
   friendly cultivation by using home-made
   agricultural inputs.                                  With a view to promote and educate people about
                                                         climate change and environment hazards, solar street
                                                         lamps were put up on the fair grounds. The fair also has a
                                                         display of electricity production through windmills.
   2. Government aided co-operative sectors:-
a) Green Energy Development Agency
b) WWF India
c) National afforestation of eco-development board
d) Indian government mint etc.

3. Corporates & NGOs.
a) MPS foods India Private Limited.

                                                         The fest also gave the visitors an opportunity to meet a
                                                         host of experts who experience all the splendours that
                                                         nature has to offer and who are willing to share their skills
                                                         with us. On 3rd Novemner, 2010, Nabard congratulated
                                                         Srei Sahaj and also gave a Certificate of participation.

 Sahaj Setu • Nov- Dec 2010                                                                                         9
The Trainers' Diary
Investing in
Capacity Building and Skills Development
                                                                proactive approach rather than reactive approach
                                                                designating training as a continuous and on-going process
                                                                within the company.

                                                                Aims and Objectives of Training
                                                                Armstrong (1999) states that the fundamental aim of
                                                                training is to help organisations achieve their purpose by
                                                                adding to their key resources i.e. the people they employ.
                                                                Investing in training means that employees will be able to
                                                                perform better and empower themselves to make use of
                                                                their natural abilities.
                                                                The main objectives of training are to:
                                                                a. Develop competencies of employees to improve their
                   Paromita Bhattacharya
                                                                b. Help people to grow within the organization so that
                 VP - Capacity Building, Sahaj
                                                                   future human resources can be met from within the
Capacity building is often referred to as the assistance that      organisation.
is provided to entities or individuals who have a need to
develop a certain skill or competence for general
upgrading of performance ability.
Training Building Philosophy
According to Armstrong (1999) there are three broad
approaches to training opened to organisations. Some
adopt a lassie-faire approach, believing that employees
will find out what to do for themselves or through others.
(E.g. If skill shortages were to be encountered, they would
rectify the situation by poaching staff from other
organisations that invest in training).
Secondly other organisations may invest in training.
Thirdly organisations that adopt a positive training
philosophy do so because they are convinced that they
live in a world where competitive advantage is achieved         c. Reduce the learning time for new employees on areas
by having higher quality individuals than their                    like appointment, transfer, or promotion, and ensure
competitors. This goal cannot be achieved if organisations         that they become fully competent as quickly and
do not invest in developing the skills and competencies of         economically as possible.
their employees.
                                                                Principles of Effective Training
It is important for employees whose skills are being
developed to also realize that organisations are showing        For a company to design an effective training programme
an act of faith by creating opportunities for further           the following principles should be known and
education and enhancement of their skills. This is the          understood:

 Sahaj Setu • Nov- Dec 2010                                                                                             10
a. Training can only be successful if it is recognised as a
   voluntary process where individuals are keen to learn
   and consequently they must be properly motivated.
b. Learning is hindered by feelings of nervousness, fear,
   inferiority, and by lack of confidence.
c. Instruction must be given in short frequent sessions
   rather than a few long lectures.
d. Training must be participatory, involve participants in all
   aspect of the training schedule.
e. Trainees need clear targets and progress to be checked
f. Confidence has to be built up by praise, not broken
   down by reprimand so as to make learning rewarding.
Benefits of Effective Training                                     them to identify with the mission and objectives of the
The principles of effective training dictate that training
needs must be tailored to suit individual needs. If these        e. Provide higher levels of service to customers.
principles are followed and understood the following             The following are the Assessments methods:
benefits could be obtained:
                                                                 • Observation
a. Minimized learning costs.                                       Physically watching a learner perform a task.
b. Improved individual, team and corporate performance
   in terms of output, quality, speed and overall                • Questioning
   productivity.                                                   Asking questions relating to work performance, range
                                                                   of situations and understanding (knowledge) of a unit.
c. Attract high quality employees by offering learning and
   development opportunities, increasing levels of               • Simulation
   competence andenhancing skills thus enabling them to            Assessing a learner in an environment or situation
   obtain more job satisfaction to gain higher rewards and         similar to the real one.
   to progress within the organisation.                          • Product Sample
d.Increase the commitment of employees by encouraging              Checking the end result / product of learner work
                                                                 • Testimony
                                                                   Asking a third party to comment on learner
                                                                 Capacity Building in the States
                                                                 Refresher Training in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu
                                                                 A capacity building cum refresher training for sales
                                                                 executive, team leaders and zonal managers, was
                                                                 conducted in West Bengal in the Head Office & in Tamil
                                                                 Nadu state on 10th November. The session was full of
                                                                 learning & enthusiasm.
                                                                 The session started with an ICE breaker and introduction
                                                                 of the participants, followed by DPLI facilitator. The first
                                                                 part of the session was to revisit the products that Sahaj

Sahaj Setu • Nov- Dec 2010                                                                                                 11
The Trainers' Diary

offers and deliver sales pitch at the same time. The session   there commendable contribution last month towards
was very interactive and examples were drawn from real         selling Airtel products.
life case studies. The later part of the session was on
Sahaj's E-learning courses Tally, hardware networking          Activation Meet for the VLEs
and keyboard & internet usage.                                 Capacity Building vertical of Srei Sahaj conducted an
                                                               activation meet for non-transacting VLEs. The meet was
Mr. Ayan Dasgupta, Senior Manager              Agricultural
                                                               held in three states West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Assam.
Projects, Srei Sahaj and his team introduced everybody to
                                                               As the VLEs came in the meeting, tilak was applied on
a new product Sahaj Krishi Samadhan, which has been
                                                               their forehead. This not only charmed the VLEs but also
launched primarily in four districts of WB. The said service
                                                               took them for surprise.
is proposed to bring huge benefit to the farmers in rural
India. Afaq Shah, Head Resource Mobilization &                 The session started with some motivational videos where
Treasury, Srei Sahaj and briefed the audience about the        the VLEs were encouraged to transact and perform. This
implementation of the proposed CMS that would enable           was followed by some FHI (first hand insight) where good
the VLEs to transfer funds easily their Skash account. The     performing VLEs shared their success stories and mantras
information shared by him will be very useful for faster       for success. The successful VLEs present there acted as
disbursement.                                                  mentors and helped the other VLEs to know the prospects
                                                               of the project as a business. They interacted with each
A representative from Airtel and Jayanta Das, Chief            other, discussed their concerns and cleared their queries.
Manager, Business Development, Srei Sahaj launched
new products from Airtel. They explained the entire            At the end f the session, an action plan was set for the
process in details.                                            inactive VLEs. It was amazing to know that after the
                                                               session, a number of VLEs in Jalpaiguri and Burdwan
Towards the end of the session, Malda and Coochbehar           districts started transacting on a regular basis. This is a
districts from West Bengal were highly recognized for          testimony to the importance of such trainings for the VLEs.

 Sahaj Setu •Nov- Dec 2010                                                                                               12
Sahaj Scape

Events held in Sahaj across states

    Utility Services Training in Darrang, Assam    CEO-Sahaj, Mr. Sanjay Panigrahi
                                                     at Assam State Review Meet

     Refresher Training Session in Tamil Nadu     Interview line up outside Sahaj H.O.
                                                           for BPO recruitment

      Sahaj officials interviewing candidates
                                                  Sahaj Stall at Nature Fest, Kolkata
               for BPO recruitment

Sahaj Setu • Nov- Dec 2010                                                               13
  Cover Story

           Now within
           Easy Reach

My Sahaj Arunoday Kendra has been a one-stop solution for many
people in my district. Today I have a chain of customers who look
upon my CSC all kinds of services – from mobile recharge, railway
tickets to insurance, utility bill payments, etc. In spite of providing
such valuable services, my income generated was not quite
sustainable. People in my districts had huge demand for Public
services like birth certificates, employment exchange services,
and etc. We have waited for a long time for Public services
implementation. And now that it is here and available, it gives me
immense pleasure to say that my income has increased. In fact,
the availability of Public services has become the USP of my CSC.
Dipanjali Hazarika, a women entrepreneur gave a remarkable boost to Public
services delivery through her CSC in Assam. A woman VLE from Sonitpur
district of Assam has accomplished great feats by issuing 1000 numbers of

Sahaj Setu • Nov- Dec 2010                                                   14
                                                              bring about unprecedented changes in the manner
                                                              people live life, communicates, interact and conduct
                                                              business. Believing that information and technology
                                                              intervention can become an enabling tool for reaching out
                                                              to citizens of the country with ease, speed and economy,
                                                              the Government of India launched the Common Service
                                                              Centres (CSC) Scheme in 2006 as a part of its initiative for
                                                              National e-Governance Plan. Through the CSC scheme
                                                              the government committed itself to addressing these
                                                              divides since it believes that e-governance could trigger
                                                              the economic and conditions of these sections not only
                                                              improving the standards of their lives but also allowing
                                                              them access to economic opportunities than ever before.
                                                              Our country is a land of diverse culture, tradition,
                                                              geography and equally diverse is the social and economic
                                                              condition of its people. A significant number of people in
                                                              India are below the minimal socio-economic benchmarks
                                                              sections like the urban and rural poor, historically
                                                              disadvantaged people, etc. constitute a major portion of
                                                              the population. Adding to the woes is the fact that the
                                                              vulnerability of these sections has been increasing ever
Government certificates (Delayed Birth, Delayed Death,        since the onset of globalization. This has resulted in these
Income, PRC, Electoral Roll, Next of Kin certificate, etc.)   sections becoming even more marginalized both socially
through e district portal from her CSC. Public services had   as well economically.
a head-start beginning through Sahaj e-kiosks after
overcoming implementation challenges.                         NeGP envisions making all Government services
                                                              accessible to the common man in his locality, through
There is a growing recognition of the fact that information   common services delivery outlets and ensuring efficiency,
technology together with communication technology can         transparency and reliability of such services at affordable
                                                              costs to realise the basic needs of the common man.
                                                              Accordingly, CSC project was launched with the primary
    Electronic governance or                                  objective of providing various Government Services to the
    e-governance is the                                       rural citizens through one-stop shops called Common
    implementation of information and                         Services Centres.

    technology in a manner that it                            The Government has approved a Common Services
                                                              Centres (CSCs) Scheme for providing support for
    smoothens government functioning
    and hence bring about Simple,
    Moral, Accountable, Responsive
    and Transparent (SMART)
    governance. SMART governance
    ensures active involvement of
    citizens and transforms the society
    from information to a knowledge-
    based society.

 Sahaj Setu • Nov- Dec 2010                                                                                              15
  Cover Story

 establishing 100,000 Common Services Delivery Outlets           been implemented in all the mandated states. Red-tapism
 (Common Services Centers) in more than 600,000 villages         has been the major obstacle in timely introduction of
 of India. The Scheme envisions CSCs as the front-end            Public services. Storing physical information in a centrally-
                                                                 managed server is equally critical.

 delivery points for Government, private and social sector       It is widely believed that availability of various government
 services to rural citizens of India, in an integrated manner.   services at the CSCs would enhance the credibility of the
 The objective is to develop a platform that can enable          CSCs. People would distinguish these centres from other
 Government, private and social sector organizations to          commercial centres and they would accept these centres
 align their social and commercial goals for the benefit of      as their own institutions. To make this happen,
 the rural population in the remotest corners of the country     Government of India listed 80 services under 15
 through a combination of IT-based as well as non-IT-based       categories for delivery through the CSC network in the
 services.                                                       country. However, various Ministries / Departments / State
                                                                 Governments are still in the process of defining the
 Challenges in the way of public service                         services to be delivered to the citizens through the CSCs.
                                                                 Consequently, hardly any Public services have rolled out
                                                                 so far through CSCs and as a result CSCs are having an
 Today, thousands of Sahaj Common Service Centres are            uphill task trying to establish themselves as delivery outlets
 ready to host Public services through integrated delivery       of all government services as well as an alternative and
 system the needs of approximately a million of rural            sustainable income earning model for the small
 population base. However, Public services have yet not          entrepreneurs of rural areas. Therefore, it is needless to

Sahaj Setu •Nov- Dec 2010                                                                                                   16
 reiterate that the very core of CSC project remains rolling   As a new development, Department of Information &
 out of Public Services.                                       Technology, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh has declared the
 Roll out of Public services has been lagging since a long     provision of 35 additional public services through Sahaj
 time now. At present, only a few CSCs are able to provide     Common Service Centres in Uttar Pradesh. New services
 Public services to the rural population base. Hence           that would be added to the already available services
 success of the CSC project requires:                          include application for new ration card, ration card
                                                               renewal, registration of unemployment application,
 • Large-scale computerization
                                                               renewal of registered application, certificate for handicap,
 • Reengineering of the existing government processes          health fund grant, widow pension, family benefit plan,
 • Leveraging private investment                               scholarship for SC/ST/General category, grant for marriage
 • Need for government-wide electronic information             and sickness, income certificate, legal assistance for
    infrastructure                                             victims of dowry, grant for the marriage of a widow's
                                                               daughter, etc.
 Public services offered through Sahaj
 Common Service Centres                                        Sahaj's Proposals for Public services
 Out of the six mandated states, at present Public services    sanctioned during 2009-2010
 are available at Sahaj Common Service Centres only in the
 states of West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and
 Assam, Services offered are:
 Income certificate, Birth certificate, Death certificate,
 Patta copy (chitta extract), Land record certificate, Caste
 certificate, Caste certificate other than SC, Next-of-kin
 certificate, Bakijai clearance certificate, Senior citizen
 certificate, Permission of delayed birth/death certificate,
 Certified copy of court order, Certified copy of electoral
 rolls, Permission of special events, Public complaints,
 Certified copy of jamabandi copy, Land valuation
 certificate, Certified copy of mutation orders, Non
 creamy layer certificate, Electoral card, Voter IDs,
 Telephone bills, Electricity bills, Land records,
 Employment registration and WBSRDA services like
 Registration for new employment exchange card,
 Updation of employment exchange card, Renewal of
 employment exchange card, and Issue of duplicate
 employment exchange card.
 Availability of citizen centric services through Sahaj

                                                               In the financial year 2099-2010, Public services vertical of
                                                               Srei Sahaj submitted numerous proposals relating to
                                                               services such as: e-filing of VAT/CST Returns and e-
                                                               Panchayat of VAT/CST through CSCs, Registration of
                                                               jobseekers' names with Employment Exchange through
                                                               CSCs, Electoral registration and applications for EPIC
                                                               through CSCs, Various Panchayati Raj services including
                                                               NREGA data entry works, India Asking Campaign House
                                                               to House survey on people through CSCs and

Sahaj Setu • Nov- Dec 2010                                                                                               17
 Cover Story

                                                                 data entry works, complaint management, generation &
                                                                 distribution of ration cards, generation & distribution of
                                                                 BPL / Job Cards, etc.
                                                                 • Steps taken for rolling out electoral registration job
                                                                    through CSCs
                                                                 • Initiatives taken for Generation and distribution of BPL
                                                                    Cards/Ration Cards.
                                                                 • Approached concerned departments in Bihar for taking
                                                                    up Agriculture Survey work.
                                                                 • Approached BELTRON for awarding the job of
                                                                    scanning PDC coupons and sending MIS on such
                                                                    coupons daily.
Applications for marriage registration through CSCs. Of all      • The pilot project has been launched in two blocks of
the proposals submitted, Srei Sahaj received sanction for           Patna districts.
four proposals from the UNDP Government of India and
                                ,                                • Submission of bids in response to RFQ notified by
State Governments. The proposals are:                               various authorities.
                                                                 The success and timely implementation of the first of its
• Proposal submitted to Ministries of Govt. of India for Skill
                                                                 kind CSC scheme largely depends on the initiatives
  Development under SGSY was sanctioned
                                                                 displayed by the government. Keeping in mind the
• Proposal submitted to UNDP for NREGA Convergence               challenges of implementation, the response and support
  was sanctioned                                                 of the government has been quite encouraging. However,
• Proposal submitted to Govt. of Tamil Nadu for Electoral        a lot remains to be done for the proper implementation of
  Registration was sanctioned                                    Public services. Once the proper implementation takes
• Proposal to Govt. of Wes Bengal for Registration of Job-       place, the entire process will redefine by itself and rural
  seekers' name with Employment Exchange has been                citizens across the nation would benefit from these
  sanctioned.                                                    services being provided at their doorstep.
Sahaj Public Service vertical - current year's initiative                                                     Courtesy :
                                                                                                     Nepal Chandra Sen
Steps taken for introducing Public services like NREGA
                                                                                                 VP - G2C Services, Sahaj

       Golam Mustafa Mollah & Chandranath Sadhukhan for successful
       placement of Ajoy Sardar and Debasis Dhali through
       Golam Mustafa Mollah & Chandranath Sadhukhan have secured a commission of Rs. 750 each for
       candidates placed by them through Chaakri portal, having completed 3 months.
        VLE Name: Golam Mustafa Mollah          VLE Name: Chandranath Sadhukhan
        VLE Id: 1916140300000947                VLE Id: 1905010800001629
        Location: WB- South 24 Parganas         Location: WB- Howrah
        VLE Contact No: 9874415644              VLE Contact No: 9874092348
        Client: Eureka Forbes Ltd.              Client: National Moulding Company
        Candidate : Ajoy Sardar                 Candidate: Debasis Dhali
Sahaj Suswasthya
Chocolate: Health benefits & disadvantages
As you hear the word chocolate, it brings to mind sumptuous taste and hearty
satisfaction. It is a great treat that waters the mouth immediately. But we all have
grown to the fact that chocolate is not good for health and that eating chocolates
frequently will bring about health problems. But the fact is that chocolates have
health benefits. The contents are related to various health benefits. Read on.
In fact, researchers have found that eating 100g of dark chocolate every day for
15 day lowers blood pressure. An Italian expert said that dark chocolate was
helpful in controlling diabetes and blood pressure. Studies conducted at the
University of L'Aquila revealed that the body's ability to metabolize sugar was
improved. It has been proved that that there is quite a good number of health
benefits of eating chocolates. Nutrients present in chocolates help our body in a
number of ways. Let's have a look at the nutritional content of chocolates:
Calories, saturated fat, carbohydrates, protein, minerals like potassium,
magnesium, phosphorous, and iron. Chocolates also contain vitamins like vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C and E. Last but not the
least, chocolates contain Flavones.
Cocoa content in chocolates are advantageous to health. Cocoa has a good amount of Polyphenols that acts as anti-oxidants
and fights free radicals in the body. Chocolates with flavonol contain nitric oxide that helps in preventing cardiovascular
diseases and maintains blood pressure. Flavonol also prevents the blood from clotting caused due to excessive clumping of
blood platelets. Magnesium present in chocolates combats hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases, joint problems, and also
pre-menstrual tension. Saturated fats present in chocolates do not promote cholesterol issues. Properties present in
chocolates work against sugar's tendency to produce oral bacyteria that causes tooth decay. Actually, health and chocolate
go hand in hand.
It's preferable to choose reputed brands of chocolates. Prefer dark chocolates to milk chocolates since dark chocolates are a
rich source of polyphenols.
It would be wrong to say that there are no disadvantages of chocolates. Yes there are. Some of the disadvantages of eating
                                                           chocolates are: Chocolate has calorie and an amount of
                                                           unsaturated fat content that can promote obesity. Chocolate
                                                           might make you addictive because of properties like sugar,
                                                           theobromine, and caffeine. If you eat chocolate daily, you have
                                                           to cut your calories and fat intake through other foods. That
                                                           means you might have to cut down on some of your favorite
                                                           food. Chocolate calories are hard to digest. Chocolate contains
                                                           compounds known as vasoactive amines. Such compounds are
                                                           known to promote migraines and nervous tension.
                                                                So we see that there is fair amount of disadvantages of eating
                                                               chocolates but when compared to the healthy benefits of
                                                               chocolates, the disadvantages seem little. You just have to
                                                               make sure that you do not eat too much of it. You should check
                                                               if you're being addictive. Once things are in control, munching
                                                               a bite will do no harm but will in many ways improve your
                                                               health. So feel less guilty if you like chocolates so much. Go
                                                               grab it but as said earlier, get it from a good brand.

 Sahaj Setu • Nov- Dec 2010                                                                                                19
Fun Fundaa

Sahaj Setu • Nov- Dec 2010   20
1                    2           3         4    5    6    Across                               Down
                                                          1. Goddess of love (5)               1. Asinine (7)
                                                          3. Revoke (7)                        2. Satire (7)
7           8                              9
                                                          7. Floor show (7)                    3. Turn on an axis (6)
                                                          9. Oversight (5)                     4. Unguent (5)
10                               11             12
                                                          10. Last letter of the Greek         5. Mischievous fairy (3)
                                                          alphabet (5)                         6. Live (5)
                                                          11. Rising warm air current (7)      8. Transience (7)
13                                    14   15        16   13. Symbol of disgrace or infamy     12. Gruesome (7)
                                                          (6)                                  15. Explanation (7)
                                                          14. Sour (6)                         16. Forceful and extreme (7)
18                   19                    20
                                                          18. Inscrutable (7)                  17. Educational institution (6)
                                                          20. Type of snake (5)                18. Intone (5)
                                                          21. Photo book (5)                   19. Musical speed (5)
21          22                   23

                                                                                                                                 Solutions on page 25
                                                          23. Luxurious (7)                    22. Saloon (3)
                                                          24. Commotion (7)
24                                         25             25. Restorative (5)

                                                          • A cough releases an explosive charge of air that moves at speeds
                                                            up to 60 mph
                                                          • A fetus acquires fingerprints at the age of three months.
                                                          • A fingernail or toenail takes about 6 months to grow from base
Sudoku                                                      to tip.
                                                          • A person will die from total lack of sleep sooner than from
                                                            starvation. Death will occur about 10 days without sleep, while
                                                            starvation takes a few weeks.
                                                          • After spending hours working at a computer display, look at a
                                                            blank piece of white paper. It will probably appear pink.
                                                          • Beards are the fastest growing hairs on the human body. If the
                                                            average man never trimmed his beard, it would grow to nearly
                                                            30 feet long in his lifetime.

                                                          • By age sixty, most people have lost half of their taste buds.

                                                          • Laughing lowers levels of stress hormones and strengthens the
                                                            immune system. Six-year-olds laugh an average of 300 times a
                                                            day. Adults only laugh 15 to 100 times a day.
                                                          • The average human produces 25,000 quarts of spit in a
                                                            lifetime, enough to fill two swimming pools.
                                                          • The human body has enough fat to produce 7 bars of soap.

    Sahaj Setu • Nov- Dec 2010                                                                                              21
External Window
World Bank supports India's Health Sector
                                                        The health of India's people has improved significantly since
                                                        independence sixty years ago. But, a high proportion of the
                                                        population continues to suffer and die from easily preventable
                                                        diseases and childbirth-related complications. Of particular
                                                        concern is the health of India's children. Chronic adult diseases
                                                        are also on the rise. Recently, the Central Government has
                                                        focused new energy and attention on the health sector. A National
                                                        Rural Health Mission (NRHM) was launched in April 2005, and
                                                        government health departments have been reorganized at the
                                                        national and state level.
                                                         The World Bank has been lending for health and nutrition in India
                                                         since the early 1990s. Ongoing projects support national
                                                         programs for disease control - such as malaria and other vector-
                                                         borne diseases, polio, HIV/AIDS, and TB. They also support child
                                                         nutrition and reproductive and child health programs. Projects
                                                         are also working to strengthen state-level systems for rural
healthcare, as well as national programs for food and drug regulation and disease surveillance.

Malaria, Kala Azar and Polio
The World Bank is helping India to halve malaria deaths and eliminate kala azar by 2010, as well as eradicate polio. India
reports some 2 million malaria cases each year; about half are caused by Plasmodium Falciparum (Pf), a rapidly spreading
and often fatal strain. India also bears a high burden of other vector borne diseases such as dengue, Japanese encephalitis,
lymphatic filariasis, and the sandfly-transmitted kala azar. Malaria and dengue are on the rise in the urban areas. While
most parts of India today are polio free, the disease is endemic in UP and Bihar which together comprise 25 percent of
India's population.

India has made remarkable progress in controlling tuberculosis - its
leading cause of adult illness and death from a communicable
disease. In 1997, the Government of India decided to gradually
replace the traditional approach to tuberculosis control with the new
and much more successful DOTS approach. The government's
program was supported by the World Bank's first Tuberculosis
Control Project. The now closed project helped to make DOTS
treatment available in all districts of India. Despite the rapid
expansion of this rigorous approach across the country, sound service
delivery of the program has been maintained. Case detection rates -
at 64 percent - have almost reached the global target of 70 percent.
And, cure rates have been consistently maintained at 84 percent on
average since 2003. The global target for cure rates in 85 percent.
The World Bank is now supporting a new Tuberculosis Control
Project to take the agenda forward.

Sahaj Setu • Nov- Dec 2010                                                                                                22
Cataract Blindness
India was home to more than one-third of the world's blind people, with the vast majority of cases being caused by cataract
blindness. As the country's leading partner in controlling cataract blindness, the World Bank has supported country-wide
improvements in surgical interventions for the eye. Under the now closed Cataract Blindness Control Project, a total of
15.3 million cataract operations have been performed, saving people from blindness. The incidence of cataract has been
reduced by more than half in areas covered. Innovative approaches to engage non-government providers have been
pioneered in the program.
Till not long ago, India accounted for two-thirds of the world's leprosy burden with 300,000 new cases diagnosed each
year. Two World Bank-supported Leprosy Control Projects have helped develop and implement the government's
national leprosy program and increase access to diagnosis and treatment services, particularly for the poorest people in the
country. Partly as a result of these projects, India has reduced the prevalence of leprosy from 24 per 10,000 in 1991 to less
than 1 per 10,000 today, the official level of “elimination” of leprosy as a public health problem at the national level.
                                                                                                       Source: World Bank

 Sahaj Setu • Nov- Dec 2010                                                                                                     23

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