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Personal Details

Name               Edmond Trimarchi.

Home Address On Request

Telephone          55290243(Home), 0403952922(Mobile)


DOB                27 March 1962

Education Details

                   Bachelor Of Applied Science (Computing) (Honours).
                   Queensland University Of Technology (Gardens Point Campus).
                   Graduated - 1993.

1989 - 1991
                   Bachelor Of Applied Science (Computing).
                   Charles Sturt University (Riverina).
                   Graduated - 1992.

1987 - 1988
                   i) Introduction to Computer Programming.
                   Riverina-Murray Institute of Higher Education.

                   ii) Bridging Mathematics.
                   Riverina-Murray Institute of Higher Education.

1977     -         NSW School Certificate.
                   Wade High School, Griffith, NSW. 1977.

Current Ability Summary

        Extensive 4GL corporate database development experience both in teams and alone.
        Experience in assembling and troubleshooting data systems and hardware/software connectivity from
         custom-made and proprietary to off-the-shelf peripherals.
        Ability to analyse complex techinical and functional business requirements and devise IT-based
         solutions using off-the-shelf or inhouse software.
        Creation and delivery of inhouse training courses and presentations.
        Extensive software development knowledge in C, VB, SQL, PL/SQL and HTML with high potential
         for acquisition of further programming languages.
        Competency via several years experience and self-education in the use of Microsoft Office products
         including Word, Excel, Access, Outlook and Powerpoint.
        Extensive maintenance abilities of computing hardware including bios and driver updates, problem
         research and solution options.
        TCP/IP LAN configuration and maintanance
        Experience in digital imaging, image processing, image restoration and noise reduction techniques.
        Extensive Photoshop experience as well as some profiling knowledge for colour calibration of
         monitors and printers.
        Graphic design, Web Development, Webmaster and some FrontPage experience.
        Excellent documentary, analytical, communication and knowledge-transfer skills.
        Open-minded and eager to learn new skills.
Employment History

1997 – Current

Job Title                                              Owner / Operator
Employer                                               AstroShed / Self
Duration                                               8+ Years Part-Time to present


AstroShed is a hobby that became a business through necessity with myself as the only employee and covers
many diverse areas.

        Software development with an emphasis on image processing and hardware control under Windows-
         based operating systems using the .Net 2003 Visual Studio development platform.
        The operation and maintainenance of a fully-functional astronomical observatory with computer-
         controlled 0.28 metre telescope and high-resolution imaging facilites.
        On-demand imaging of celestial objects for various end-purposes such as video of Mars at
         opposition for Nine Gold Coast News, public gallery displays, presentations and international
         publication. (See example Moon Phase Maps at
        Layout, print proofing and printing of up to A2-size archive-quality prints.
        Up to A2-sized cold-lamination (pressure sensitive).
        Photographic-quality business cards.
        Computer/software maintenance and troubleshooting.
        Beta Testing of software and hardware components by manufacturers. Involving installation,
         integration and testing as well as the creation of clear and detailed problem reports to enable
         problem duplication by the manufacturer.

AstroShed Software Development Examples

Imagen - CCD Camera Control Software for Starlight Xpress cameras and motorised filter wheels.

FitsPlug – A Plugin for PC versions of Adobe Photoshop allowing the scientific image format FITS to be
treated by Photoshop as an internal image format. Fitsplug has over 1,000 users worldwide with 200 of those

Fits4Win – A Windows Explorer extension which includes a Fits thumbnail generator for all Windows
versions > 95 and combined with an integrated Fits Previewer for manual Fits file inspection of pixel and

1st-July-1993 – 28th-April-2004

Job Title                                              Senior Software Engineer
Employer                                               Morris International
Duration                                               10 years and 8 months
Reason for Leaving                                     Redundancy due to business downturn.
Reference                                              Available

         In a predominantly Windows/Novell based (2000,XP, 98) environment with the majority of business
         data and functionality being Oracle-based with front-end development using various tools including
         Visual C, C++, SQL, PL/SQL, Borland C-Builder, Visual Basic, Oracle Forms and Reports:

         To specify functional requirements, analyse, design, develop, test, document, install, support, create
         training plans and train users in the use-of inhouse-developed software for any internal or external
         business requirement while adhering to technical, legal and functional company policies.
        As a senior programmer, to analyse and design large projects involving the integration of external
        company components such as from banks and external businesses using proprietary interfaces, with
        our own.

        Print data formatting, printer interfacing and data integration for mass-mailing.


Job Title                                             Part-Time Tutor/Marker/Supervisor
Employer                                              Queensland University Of Technology
Location                                               Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Duration                                              12 months

To aid students in completion and understanding of coursework, related to computing material covering a
wide variety of subjects and topics. Assignment and Exam marking for 1 st and 2nd-year computing
undergraduates and computing subjects for non-computing majors.

1990 - 1992

Job Title                                             Software Developer
Employer                                              Self
Location                                              Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia
Duration                                              6 months

Produce a PC-based software system to emulate and enhance the operation of a manual motel cash register for
tracking restaurant and motel inventory and room bookings, receipts, accounts and statements.

This system was written with Visual Basic and developed for The Prince Of Wales Motor Inn, Wagga, NSW.

Job Title                                             Part Time Tutor/Supervisor/Marker
Employer                                              Charles Sturt University (Riverina)
Location                                              Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia
Duration                                              2 Years

Supervising practical classes for subjects including Spreadsheeting, Database Management, Word Processing
and Computer Technology in PC and Macintosh environments. Aiding students with problems concerning the
subject material. Assignment marking.

1990 - 1992 (cont)

Job Title                                             Computer Operator
Employer                                              Charles Sturt University (Riverina)
Location                                              Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia
Duration                                              2 Years

Perform general maintenance of Computing facilities located in the Jack Cross Centre for Computing Studies.
Help Desk / Assisting users in the use of facilities. Ensure that facilities are kept operational. Facilities
include, 3 Local-Area networks (2 x Novell, 1 X Appleshare) , 3 Vax Minicomputers, and IBM, Amiga,
MacIntosh and Apple PC Labs.

1984 - 1989

Job Title                                             Musician, Songwriter, Guitarist
Employer                                             Riverina Trading Trust
Location                                             Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia
Duration                                             6 Years

        Writing music, recording and performing across the east coast of Australia.


Job Title                                             Sales Assistant
Employer                                              Country Car Parts
Location                                              Griffith, NSW, Australia
Duration                                              6 months
         Assisting in Sales. Stockkeeping. Inventory Control.

1978 - 1981

Job Title                                           Driveway Attendant
Employer                                            Marios Service Centre
Location                                            Griffith, NSW, Australia
Duration                                            4 years
         Sales. Customer Service. Light Mechanical Duties. Assisting qualified mechanics in major
mechanical work.


Job Title                                           Process Worker
Employer                                            Nugans Pty Ltd
Location                                            Griffith, NSW, Australia
Duration                                            3 months
         Process Work. Packing Fruit. Loading transport with Farm Produce.


Computing, Software Development, Listening to and playing music of various styles, largely mood-
dependant, playing guitar and bass, Live Concerts, Astronomy, Astrophotography, Image Processing,
Photography in general, Electronics, Personal computing, Squash, Tennis.


Professor Robert Moore
School Of Information Studies
Charles Sturt University (Riverina)
Wagga Wagga NSW 2650
Phone: (612) 6933 2584

Dr. Shlomo Geva
Senior Lecturer
Queensland University of Technology
Queensland, 4000
Phone: (617) 864 2606


Mr Martin Choinski
Manager of Computer Services
Morris International
9 Ouyan Street
Bundall, Queensland
Phone: (617) 5538 3977


Mr Jason Hoefler
24 Dulcie Drv
Burleigh Heads
Queensland, 4220
Phone: (617) 5576 5642

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