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July 13_ 2010 - Graduate _ Professional Student Council


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									                            Graduate and Professional Student Council
                                Meeting Minutes for July 13, 2010
                                Student Center Kaskaskia Room

I. Call to Order
       The meeting was called to order at 7:01 PM.

II. Roll Call
       Wendi Middleton (Health Education), Ben Wodika proxy for Margaret Sullivan (Health
       Education), Alicia Wodika (Health Education), David Aubrey (Law), Cole Williams proxy
       for Jonathan Ingram (Law), Jessica Armijo proxy for Caitlin Knutte (Law), Kevin Morrison
       (Law), Emily Rollman (Law), Cara Sronce (Law), Pete Stevenson (Law), Jerry Tuffentsamer
       (Law), Ben Craig (Philosophy), Dennis Lunt (Philosophy), Ed Ford proxy for Alen Avdic
       (Psychology), Matt Picchietti (Psychology), Alicia Swan (Psychology), Kevin Winstead
       (Sociology), Jared Bishop (Speech Communication), Jamie Huber (Speech Communication),
       Clarissa Wiley (Workforce Education), Michelle Dewey (Graduate Council), Nick Hoffman
       (Graduate Council), Joe Moore (Graduate Council), Grant McBride (Vice President for
       Administrative Affairs).

III. Approval of the Agenda
       A motion was made to amend the agenda to add a Fee Allocation Board recommendation.
       The agenda was approved as amended.

IV. Approval of the Minutes from June 29, 2010
      A motion was made to amend the minutes to indicate that the resolution affirming the student
      Trustee election results had passed. The rationale was that, while the GPSC Constitution
      requires a majority vote of all voting members present, the Student Trustee Election Laws
      state that only a majority of all those voting is required to ratify the election results. It was
      pointed out that, since no results were received from the commission, there was nothing to
      ratify, thus, the resolution should follow the constitutional requirements. The motion failed
      A motion was made to table the approval of the minutes. The motion failed 11-11-2.
      Approval of the minutes failed 10-11-3.

V. Officer Reports
       A. President: Steven Middleton
           In order to facilitate construction, the planned Student Services building will be on the
           site of the current parking deck, rather than at the site of the current football stadium.
           Natasha Aldrich has been named to the Rainbow’s End board of directors.

       B. Vice President for Administrative Affairs: Grant McBride
          As noted at the last meeting, there are some questions concerning the actual amount of
          Activity Fee which we have received. These are continuing to be pursued with Student
          We have secured a spot in the Bowling and Billiards area to advertise GPSC and our
          funded events for the coming year.

       C. Vice President for Graduate School Affairs: Shauna MacDonald
          GPSC will have a presence at graduate student orientation and volunteers are welcome.
          GPSC’s Facebook page is active.

VI. New Business
      A. Fee Allocation Board Recommendations
         At our last meeting we approved expenditures for a lecture by artist Vitaly Komar
         including up to $1500 for honorarium and up to $400 for airfare. The Fee Allocation
         Board is recommending altering this plan to up to $1900 for honorarium and airfare,
         so as to be able to purchase a more expensive air ticket. The recommendation was
         approved 24-0-0.

VII. Adjournment
      The meeting was adjourned at 7:46 PM.

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