Plan Ahead for Elementary Instrumental Music in the Fall! by neolledivine


									Plan ahead for elementary instrumental music in the Fall!

As school begins, your elementary school child will have the opportunity to study a musical
instrument and participate in our instrumental music program. As you may already realize, user
fees are charged to help offset the cost of the program. This year, the fee will remain $425. We also
want all parents to be aware of the Arlington Public School’s policy not to deny any child the
opportunity to study an instrument because of inability to pay.

This coming academic year the Arlington Public Schools will continue to benefit from a generous
grant by a private foundation with ties to Arlington. This grant allows the Arlington Public Schools
to help families who need financial aid to pay for elementary instrumental music lessons. In this
coming year, we also have good reason to believe that the generous donation will be able to help
cover instrument rental costs for families requiring financial aid. The sign-up forms will be sent out
in the fall. However, the school department wants to make you aware of this continued and
expanding grant support so that you can start planning now to include instrumental music as a part
of your child’s education.

If you have questions regarding the music program, please contact your child’s music teacher. For
questions about financial aid for instrumental music, please contact Susan Mazzarella, Chief
Financial Officer, Arlington Public Schools, at 781-316-3511 or

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