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                Home Fragrances
                USA 2006
                Kline's eleventh-edition report on home fragrance products is
                the authoritative source of information in this market, covering:

                   Industry trends and important developments
                   Market size and growth
                   Five-year forecasts
                   New products and key fragrance scents
                   Retail distribution and merchandising trends

                Featuring a new section on auto air fresheners

                                                  Published: April 2007

           Home Fragrances USA 2006

The U.S. home fragrances market
registers a strong year of growth in        Figure 1

2006 with an overall sales increase         TRENDS IN THE U.S. HOME FRAGRANCE MARKET, 2006

of 7% over prior-year sales.
                                             Reed diffusers infiltrate the home fragrances market       All channels
Individual product category gains
                                             More intense fragrancing and colors in candles             All channels
for the year range from 2% to 17%.
                                             Dual fragrancing in diffusers                              Specialty store and mass market
Of the six categories analyzed in
                                             Layering of fragrances and colors within a single candle   All channels
this report, potpourri is the only one
                                             Home fragrance concepts that make a décor statement        All channels
to experience a sales decline due
                                             Growing popularity of soy blend candles                    Mass market
to competition from newer, more
                                             Designer name home fragrance lines stores                  Department stores
modern product types. Candles, the
                                             Potpourri losing favor in the market                       All channels
largest category of the market, post
                                             Fragrance oils gaining share                               All channels
one of the strongest gains in five
years despite another year of
mixed results from leading competitors.

Innovation continues to play a key role in the launch of new products with S.C. Johnson at the
helm in both the diffusers and candles categories. Procter & Gamble, a relative newcomer to
the market, continues to grow its Febreze franchise with the launch of a new oil diffuser prod-
uct that is strongly supported with a hefty advertising budget. Reed diffusers, which were ini-
tially launched in the specialty store segment of the market two years ago, can now be found
in most mass-market retail stores.

On the retail channel front, mass merchandisers and specialty stores continue to experience
strong gains while the direct channel continues to suffer. Mass merchandisers edge out spe-
cialty stores in 2006 to become the leading channel of distribution for home fragrance prod-
ucts. Specialty store retailer Bath & Body Works (Limited Brands) continues to reposition itself
and realizes some of the fruits of its labor with an impressive year. Yankee Candle Company
goes from public to private and is now part of an investment firm. The candle giant also goes
on a buying spree in 2006, adding Illuminations and Aroma Naturals to its family.

A key addition to the 2006 edition of this report is a special section devoted to the automotive
air freshener market. This market is closely related to home fragrances and shares some of
the key competitors who have turned here for incremental sales. This section focuses on mar-
ket trends, competitors, and opportunities that lie ahead.

Kline has published Home Fragrances USA annually for 11 years. This in-depth study is a
leading source of information and market date for this industry.
               Home Fragrances USA 2006

                                                                                     Table of Contents

     Sources and methods


Profiles are presented for each of the categories listed in Table 1. Information provided in each category profile includes:
     Product description/definition
     Category development
     Manufacturers' sales
     Retail sales
     Unit sales
     Private-label activity
     Retail outlets
     Outlook to 2011

Profiles are presented for the marketers of home fragrance products listed in Table 2. Each profile includes:
     Corporate sales
     Home fragrance products and sales
     Outlook and assessment

     Product description                    SECTION

     Category development
     Manufacturers’ sales
     Retail value
     Retail outlets
     Private-label activity
     Retail pricing
     Advertising and promotion
Home Fragrances USA 2006

                                    Table 1
                   Categories Profiled in the Study

       Diffusers (adjustable solids, electric wall diffusers, etc.)
       Room sprays
       Specialty room products (incense, scented ceramics, fragrance
       oils, and light bulb rings)
       Specialty wardrobe products (sachets, scented hangers, etc.)

                                    Table 2
                    Companies Profiled in the Study

       Aromatique                                 Limited Brands
       Blyth                                      Pier 1 Imports
       Esscentual Brands                          Procter & Gamble
       HCC Brands                                 Reckitt Benckiser
       Henkel                                     S.C. Johnson
       Home Interiors                             Village Candle Company
       Lancaster Colony (Candle-lite)             Yankee Candle Company
       Home Fragrances USA 2006

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Sources and Methodology                                         ny-specific work session to help each subscriber
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Kline & Company's consumer products consulting staff            Expenses related to any travel made at the
conducted the research and analysis of Home                     request of the subscriber are to be reimbursed by
Fragrances USA 2006. Kline utilizes its expertise in            the subscriber.
primary research techniques to gather the necessary
data through a series of interviews with manufactur-            Hard copy, online, and pdf versions of the
ers, retailers, and suppliers of home fragrances.               report. The standard subscription includes one
                                                                hard copy, the report contents in pdf format, and
In addition, we performed a thorough review and                 unlimited online access to the report contents
search of secondary information such as company                 through for members of the sub-
financial reports, product literature and price lists,          scribing company. Additional hard copies will be
trade/professional publications, and related informa-           available for a nominal fee.
tion. Store checks were conducted to verify informa-
tion on product pricing, positioning, and availability.
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Forecasts in this report were generated with Kline's        described in the attached subscription agreement.
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ments in the assumptions behind the forecasts can           details on the study program, please contact us at any
bring about different outcomes.                             of our locations listed on the back cover.

What's New
A new bonus section on auto air fresheners is includ-
ed in the 2006 edition. Over the past few years, many
key home fragrance marketers have tapped into this
market with unique products. Given the slow growth of
home fragrances, this segment provides incremental
sales for many of these companies and offers a more
upscale choice to consumers. This section includes
industry sales, growth, market shares, and trends.
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Home Fragrances USA 2006

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