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Project on Laptop Industry of Problem on Laptop - PDF


Project on Laptop Industry of Problem on Laptop document sample

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									Laptop Roaming
         It’s about freedom for the user
                  Freedom to connect anywhere and
                 be perfectly adapted at every location

Move around and stay

 Roam between job sites,
 client sites and your home
 or private sites.
The brilliant idea of Laptop Roaming

The professional workforce is becoming increasingly mobile. For professionals who are advisers or
consultants, moving between client sites is nothing new. But throughout the industry the talent and
competence of professionals are used and appreciated in task forces and project teams across

Combined with the fact that today almost everyone is dependent on a computer, a workstation or a
laptop for their work, the need for effective solutions to make these tools, the workstation or laptop,
truly mobile is, not surprisingly, increasing.

The answer is Laptop Roaming.
                                                    H o te l
            H om e                                                                                    A irp o r t

So far laptop roaming has been mostly about access. The necessity of getting access from wherever
you are. The dominant way of getting off site access has been dial-up connections over the telecom
network, but broadband technologies and wireless LAN technologies are growing quickly.

But laptop roaming is not just access. What a mobile professional really needs is a laptop that
becomes a site and situation adapted workstation. Wherever the professional opens his laptop to start
work, the laptop should be configured and prepared for the work and environment at that site. The
professional should spend no time to rearrange, reconfigure or set up workarounds.

Laptop Roaming is making the laptop a mobile workplace.

                                                        A work station user expects
                                                        •Printing to happen on default printer when hitting the print button
If you achieve this, the                                •Mail account overview to show available and relevant accounts
                                                        •Explorer or save or open buttons to display drives, folders and
effectiveness of a professional                         files that are available, applicable and relevant.
will increase dramatically. The
professional will focus on the                           Some work station users expect
task at hand and not be                                  •To share files on the work station with others
distracted by the problems of                            Every work station user expects
getting the laptop set-up                                •To be connected to the appropriate network section,
acceptable.                                              domain or work group and to be given the appropriate
                                                         access and user rights

                                          The roaming laptop user expects to be as adapted as a
                                          stationary work station wherever he connects his laptop

With the MultiNetwork Manager from GlobeSoft, each location is given a profile,
and when starting to work at that location the laptop user simply applies the location profile, and the
laptop is automatically configured to fit exactly into the working and network environment at that
location. This of course applies to the sometimes complicated connection and network parameters that
are needed to be appropriately connected to the network, but it also includes things like default printer
and mail accounts which are so easily forgotten to be changed, creating unnecessary disruptions and

At boot-up or when moving
choose your location from
the menu, apply and your                          Office profile
                                                  •Default printer
laptop is instantly adapted                       •Network drives
                                                  •Domain/Work group
to the local network                              •Mail client


                                                     HQ profile
                                                     •Default printer
                                                     •Network drives
                                                     •Mail client

                                                             Mfg profile
                                                             •Default printer
                                                             •Network drives
                                                             •Shared folders/drives

                                                            Home profile
                                                            •Default printer
                                                            •Mail client

Benefits with Laptop Roaming

Laptop Roaming using the MultiNetwork Manager from GlobeSoft means increased efficiency and
reduced cost.
     Increased effectiveness for professionals who move between work sites
     Significantly reduced costs for dial-up connections
     Increased IT organisation effectiveness and reduced IT support costs

The increased effectiveness for professionals due to the ease of changing workplace and to be
perfectly adapted without the embarrassment and intimidation of not mastering network technology is
obvious from the discussion above. But there are also the other ways that laptop roaming saves costs
and increases effectiveness.

    1. Significantly reduced costs for dial-up connections

As mentioned previously, the dominating way of getting access is through dial-up connections. Using a
modem connection, however, only gives a very simple connection normally not allowing anything but
reading mail. The demand for functionally more advanced connections via modem is limited since the
speed of a modem connection anyway limits the usefulness.

Besides, telecom charges apply when using a modem connection, analogue or ISDN. With the
increasing number of professionals working from remote sites, or from home, the telephone bill grows
to a significant cost for mobile laptop use. And this is especially annoying, knowing that connection
through the network at the remote site, or via a broadband connection using VPN from home, would
reduce these costs to more or less nothing.

The barrier to start using network access instead of a dial-up connection has been that the
professionals very often are not skilled enough in IP networking to master the necessary changes to
the laptop settings. Besides, changing these settings often includes manipulating parameters that are
associated with the operating system or the intricacies of networking. Having failed several times and
been through the discomfort of calling a young IT support person to come and fix settings that were
corrupted, properly told how stupid the whole matter is and how easily it could have been avoided if
only people knew the basic things about windows and networking, a professional understandably uses
the telephone line the next time.
It is worth noting that the advent of wireless LANs doesn’t solve this problem. Access through a
wireless LAN to a local network requires the same reconfiguration and adjustment of connectivity and
network settings as connecting through an Ethernet wire. The wireless LAN, however, requires
additional settings and scanning for radio signals, which is normally taken care of by the adaptor client
software. Using the MultiNetwork Manager this functionality is included so that there is no need for
special client software when using wireless LAN.

Public places such as hotels or airports now increasingly offer wireless Internet access. Using VPN the
user can connect to the office network to get access to resources needed for his work provided the
VPN settings are correct. WLan settings including access keys for billing and VPN settings are
handled by the MultiNetwork Manager as well as other configuration data that may be relevant for the
particular site.

Using the MultiNetwork Manager also allows a professional to use his laptop from home, connecting to
his home environment, which could be anything from a printer to a complete local network, or
connecting to the office or to a client site over VPN without being intimidated by the risk of corrupting
system or network settings.

 Achieve this…

     Connect anywhere
          Connect your laptop to the network at the office, at your regional or local sites, at
          client or customer sites, at home, in hotel rooms and airport lounges with automatic or
          very minimal reconfiguration using company standard equipment/peripherals.

     Seamless access to network resources
          While connected to each network, access available network resources at that location
          including file shares, printers, intranet, Internet and applications, and additionally
          simultaneously and seamlessly access company network resources via VPN
          including Outlook email, file shares intranet and applications

     Roam between locations
          Roam between these locations and quickly and easily connect the workstation to the
          network to facilitate for professionals to do their work and increase their effectiveness
          and freedom.

 …without the need for technical specialists, IT-support or more than general
 PC user knowledge

     2. Increased IT-organisation effectiveness…

Earlier it was mentioned that each location is given a profile defining all the settings needed to adapt
the laptop to the environment at that location.

But how is this profile created? And especially, how is this profile created without causing
embarrassment or intimidation to the professional?

The MultiNetwork Manager uses available methods and protocols to search the network for
configuration data, and use that data in an auto detect and auto configuration process. In almost all
cases the auto detect function provides the connection parameters needed for Internet access via a
local network. For additional configuration data the MultiNetwork Manger has a set of very user-
friendly interfaces and wizards to guide the user through the configuration process. This also includes
information to the user of data that cannot be obtained automatically, but should be given by the
system or network operator.

             Auto detect manages to configure network
             settings automatically in 9 of 10 cases.

             MultiNetwork Manager import and export can be
             used to make network administration more cost
And with the starting point always being to save the settings currently on your laptop in a current
profile, the user can always go back to that point by retrieving the saved current profile.

So instead of being intimidated by complicated and scattered procedures to set configuration data in
windows, the professional now can use auto detect, a common, friendly user interface and an escape
way back if by mistake or ignorance some data were incorrectly set.

The laptop user can in many cases easily help himself without IT support.

    3. …and reduced IT support costs.

But the idea is not that the professional should spend time to find out and set configuration data. Data
that in some cases are not publicly available, for security reasons, and therefore has to be set or given
by the system or network administrator.

If the professional at the first visit to a work place, asks an IT administrator to configure the laptop with
everything needed and appropriate at that work place, then the only thing the professional has to do is
to capture that configuration in a profile. The profile associated with this workplace can then be
retrieved every time the professional arrives at this location and the laptop will always be adapted and
allow access to all needed resources.

Sometimes it’s hard to find an available IT administrator, and it is always expensive and inefficient to
send someone to site to help configure a laptop.

So the MultiNetwork Manager includes an import function, which allows the system or network
administrator to prepare a configuration file, and store it from where it can be imported by the laptop
user. The laptop user imports the file and creates the location profile. The profile can then be retrieved
every time the professional returns to this work place.

Because the MultiNetwork Manager makes it easy to handle network configurations adapting laptops
to different work environments, it reduces dramatically the cost for IT support related to support calls
caused by failed configuration attempts. And this cost can be quite significant.

And by using the MultiNetwork Manager, the IT support can rationalise implementing network changes
even further. Changes to the network may require changes to the settings in the workstations
connected to the network. Such changes can be prepared in MultiNetwork Manager import files, and
all workstation users can be asked to create a profile using this imported file. At the date of
changeover, the workstation user applies the new profile and the workstation is reconfigured.

In this way the MultiNetwork Manager can be used to significantly reduce IT support costs.

As a matter of fact, the MultiNetwork Manager has been used as part of a standard software build,
loaded into all deployed workstations. At site the receiver applies the applicable and pre-prepared
location profile, and the workstation is connected to the network. This eliminated the need for an IT
support engineer to go to site.


Laptop Roaming makes life easier and work more pleasant and effective for the professional. It
enables him to move between work places and makes his special skills available where it’s needed, a
benefit to the whole organisation.

Support calls caused by configuration problems, maybe the most frequent reason for support calls,
can be almost eliminated, and the bill for dial-up connections heavily reduced.

As important is the fact that the tool that enables Laptop Roaming also means dramatically reduced IT
support costs when applied throughout the organisation and used properly.

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