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616 - PowerPoint


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									The ABC’s of a Customer Multi-site
Contact Center, the Ciber Story

Jeff Edelman   Vice President Contracts &
               Compliance, CIBER, Inc.
Gary Cordero   Application Sales Consultant, SPS

                                      Session # 616   2
Housekeeping Notes
• Please remember to turn cell phones to
  vibrate or off.
• Please remember to complete the session
  evaluation at the end of this session.
• The session number is: 616

                                 Session # 616   3
 CIBER, Inc.
Ciber, Inc. is a Leading international system integration consultancy
with superior value-priced services for both private and government
                             sector clients.

Ciber Services are offered on a project or strategic staffing basis for
      custom and enterprise resource planning (ERP) package
 environments across all technology platforms, operating systems
                        and infrastructures.

   Founded June 1974 in Michigan by present Chairman, Bobby

His Vision: “Run a services company because there weren’t any at
               the time that were very well-known.”
  His goal: Create a company that “would treat its customers and
   employees better” than the company he worked for as an IMS
                       database programmer.

  Operations in 18 Countries, 60+ US Offices, 20 European, 4 Asia
          8,250 Employees        Annual Revenue $1 Billion (+/-)
                                                         Session # 616    4
                CIBER, Inc.
• Commercial & Public Sectors Solutions:

  • Microsoft

  • Oracle

  • CIBER Novasoft SAP Practice

  • Supply Chain and Technology Solutions

                                  Session # 616   5
                           CIBER, Inc.
• Awards and Recognition

   • 2006 Oracle® North America Titan Award (PeopleSoft App.
   • 2006 Financial Implementation Principal Category Leader
   • 2006 CIBER UK Wins Pinnacle Award From SAP
   • 2006 “Government VAR 100” VARBusiness magazine
   • 2006 “VARBusiness 500” list VARBusiness magazine
   • 2006 Colorado Top 50 Public Companies
             • ( Rocky Mountain News, 2006)
   • 2005 IBM PartnerWorld Beacon Awards:
      • Finalist, Overall Technical Excellence in an IBM Business
   • 2005 Gartner Magic Quadrants:
     o ERP Services
     o Web Services
     o Desktop
     o Help Desk

                                                       Session # 616   6
SPS : The Leading Provider of Converged
                   Scope: Total Voice and Data Solution Provider
                                             Stability: 18 Years of Profitable Growth
                                             Reach: 17 Locations, Serving 31 Markets
  80                                             Nationwide Implementation Capability
  70                                         Experience: 8,000+ Clients
  60                                         Scale: Third Largest Avaya Partner
                                                  $99M+ 2006 Estimated Revenue
  30                                             Avaya’s Largest Vertically Integrated Partner
  20                                         Certification:
  10                                             Avaya Platinum & 3 Star Business Partner
   0                                             Cisco Premier Partner
       96 97 98 99 00 01 02 03   04 05 06
                                       Est       Extreme Advanced Solution Partner
                                                 Juniper Elite Partner
                                                 Microsoft Gold Partner

                                                                             Session # 616   7
CIBER, Inc Call Center

                         Session # 616   8
Advantages of a Single Call Center

• Increased Agility of Agent Resources
• Centralized Management of all skills
• Centralized Reporting
• Business Continuity
• Consolidation of Servers & Applications
• Utilization of at-home & satellite agents
• Support branch offices

                                   Session # 616   9
CIBER’s Call Center Application
•   Reliability
•   Digital Set, VoIP, Softphone and IP Telephone
•   Multiple Skill Support for Customer
•   Flexible Remote Agent Capabilities
•   Centralized Reporting
•   Desktop Statistics for Local and Remote Agents
•   Business Continuity for CIBER Locations
•   Remote Service Observe for Customers
•   Call Recording
•   Overflow Voice Mail Box Capabilities
                                        Session # 616   10
Ciber’s Business Continuity Requirements
• Communication Server Call Center Reliability
   • Main Location
   • Communications Manager Server Duplication Requirement
      • 8710 Server
   • Branch Location
      • Local Spare Processor Duplication Requirement
      • Voice Mail/INTUITY LX
      • Announcement Duplication

• Local and Wide Area Network Component Duplication
   • Diverse High Speed Network Access
   • Firewall Duplication
   • Router Duplication
   • Layer 3 Switches Availability

                                                      Session # 616   11
CIBER’s Network Infrastructure
• Local Area Network QOS Implementation
• Wide Area Ds3 Diversification
   • MPLS with QOS Requirements
      • Vendor Choice Criteria
         • Features, Costs, Service
         • Bandwidth Considerations
            • Interoffice Calls
• Local IP Agent VoIP Implementation
   • USB Headset Requirement
• Remote IP Agent Implementation
   • USB Headset
   • Broadband Implementation Requirements
• Local Survivable Processor/H248 Gateway Choice
                                          Session # 616   12
Flattened and Consolidated Solution Features
(Communications Manager 3.1)
• Location Preference Distribution
   • Bandwidth Reduction of ACD Calls and VoIP Resources across
• Locally Sourced Music and Announcements
   • Improved Survivability of Announcements in a Survivable Mode
• Location Preference Distribution
   • Bandwidth Reduction of ACD Calls and VoIP Resources across
• Survivable CMS
   • Call Center Reporting in Survivable
• Multi Site Call Recording with Single Step Conference
   • Ability to Call Record and Remote Service Observe for Customers
• Variable for Messaging Command
   • Allows Message Box for VDN or Specified Extension
                                                     Session # 616   13
CIBER’s Survivable CMS
New Jersey                        WAN                                     DALLAS

                NORMAL OPERATION:
                There is a main/active CMS in New Jersey                LSP8300
   Main S8710   and a Survivable/Backup CMS at the
                Dallas locations in a standby mode (i.e. not            LSP8300
                taking call data)
                FRAGMENTED NETWORK: The LSP has
                taken over the operation at the Dallas
                New Jersey still operates on its own
                receiving data.
   Main                                                            CMS3.1

                                                                  Session # 616    14
Highlights of Survivable CMS operation
 • When NOT in survivable mode:
    • Survivable/backup CMS is running, but not receiving data
    • Nightly CSI software package pushes admin from Main CMS to
       survivable/backup CMSs (one-to-many push)
    • Admin on all CMSs is the same.
 • When IN survivable mode:
    • Survivable/backup CMS receives data for all trunks the controlling
       ESS/LSP knows about
    • Main CMS may also continue to receive data while in Survivable
    • Several Survivable/backup CMSs may receive data.
 • After return to normal operation
    • CSI software package will aggregate data from survivable/backup
       CMSs onto Main CMS
    • All data will remain on the survivable/backup CMSs until aged off
       via normal CMS data aging operations.

                                                           Session # 616   15
CIBER Witness Recording

                     Session # 616   16
CIBER Test Plan
• Avaya System Test Plan August 29, 2006
• Scope
For PBX in Edison and Dallas, test normal operations, component failures,
   and disaster recovery scenarios. Document PBX configurations,
   processes to be followed based on scenario, and functionality
• Components Tested
   Edison                              Dallas
•       S8710                          S8300 (MG1-4)
•       CMS                            Survivable CMS
•       Intuity                        Intuity
•       AES                            Witness
•       Witness                 Marquee
•       Marquee

                                                          Session # 616     17
•   Configuration
•   The Avaya S8710 in Edison and the S8300 in Dallas normally operate as one
    distributed PBX with control residing in the S8710. All call setup and takedown
    normally occurs on the S8710. Configuration changes must be implemented on
    the S8710 and will be replicated to the S8300. Communications between the
    two PBXs for these reasons is important. In the event of a communications
    failure or a system failure, the PBXs can operate independently. Each PBX
    must be able to support the ACD queues, announcements, and voicemail for
    every client.
•   Normal Operations
•   CIBER has help desk analysts operating from its call center facilities in Edison
    and Dallas. All Analysts have been provided notebooks and use IP Agent
    (VoIP) to access the PBX. Analysts at times operate remotely from home and
    from other approved locations. CIBER clients are served primarily from either
    the Edison or Dallas call center. Client’s are assigned TFNs and their calls are
    directed to trunks connected to the PBX in their assigned primary call center.
    The majority of calls are handled by analysts in the client’s primary call center.
    Out-of-hours and overflow calls may be handled in the secondary call center.
•   When operating in Normal Mode, voice traffic (i.e., VoIP) including Witness
    recording is kept local to the primary call center’s PBX.

                                                                     Session # 616       18
• Disaster Recovery
• If either PBX is rendered unable to provide
  service, analysts will logon to the available
  PBX and TFNs will be rerouted to that PBX.
  If the Edison PBX fails, all recording will be
  unavailable until it is restored to service.
• Testing
• The components shown above, IP agents,
  and IP soft-phones must be tested for the
  three scenarios.

                                       Session # 616   19
• Test
   • General                    Verify all components in Dallas and Edison
                                         have been configured correctly and
     operating                                  properly.

   • Voicemail                           Verify that voicemail has been
     configured in                                both Edison and Dallas for
     all clients                                          properly.

   • Announcements              Verify that announcements have been
                                configured in both Edison and Dallas for all
                                         clients properly.

   • Witness Recording                   Verify that Dallas analysts are
     recorded in                                          Dallas and Edison
     are recorded in Edison.                                      Verify that
     service observing by Ciber and
       Clients is working properly in both locations.
                                                              Session # 616     20
• ACD Queues            Verify that ACD Queues are defined in
  Edison                         and Dallas for every client.

• LSP Mode                      Verify that Dallas and Edison
  operate properly                       when the S8300 is operating
  as a standalone PBX                            (i.e., LSP Mode)

• Analyst Login         Verify that IP Agents are properly configured,
                        that network regions are properly configured,
  and                            that analysts can login to either (i.e.,
  surviving)                             PBX.

• Remote Access         Verify that all analysts can establish VPN
                                 connectivity to both Dallas and
  Edison PBXs.

• Marquee/Desktop Statistics    Verify that Marquee works properly
  when in LSP                            Mode.
                                                      Session # 616   21
• CMS               Verify that CMS and Survivable CMS are operating
                             properly in normal and LSP mode and that
  Ciber knows                        how to synchronize data following a

• Monitoring                Verify that PBX’s are being properly
  monitored by CA                    Unicenter.

• Networking                Verify that network routes are in place.

• Documentation:

Document procedures for client implementation (i.e. setup) and
Document procedures related to Disaster recovery. Document
  Disaster Recovery test plans.

                                                         Session # 616   22
Final Reminders
• Please remember to turn in session
• The session number is: 616

                                  Session # 616   23
Thank You
Thank You

      Session # 616   24

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