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FOH Training                                                                                        Server Guide

                                    Server Job Description
Your job is to create an Excellent Guest Experience for our Guests. Everything you do in the restaurant is
built upon one of the Core Values below. By performing each of these elements, you will guarantee
Excellence for every one of your Guests.
Your Trainer will share his/her personal job description on your first day of training. We call this the “Cover
Values Speech”. We look forward to hearing your Core Values Speech every day during training!
Here are the basics of your job. You will personalize this description as you learn more about your Server

What to Expect:
                                                            Prepare for Shift 1
Your Training Shifts will look like this:
                                                                •   Study for FOH Basics Test
   • Pre-Shift Work
                                                                •   Review Job Description
   • General Discussion
                                                                •   Study for Restaurant Layout/Table
   • Tests                                                          Numbers Test
   • Touch Points Discussion
   • Rock the Guest Element/Culture Focus
   • Shift Work
   • Post Shift Work
   • Review (Trainer and Manager)
   • Prepare for Next Shift

FOH Training                                                                                                               Server Guide

GM Init.                      Task                           GM Init.                                 Task
           OPENING DUTIES (Transparent)                                 Clean Each Table And Surrounding Area:
           On time, in uniform, ready to work                           a)   Windex table tops
           Station assignment                                           b)   Wipe down chair seats and legs; dust backs
           Tables/chairs/ surrounding area are clean,
           sanitized, and “Guest ready”
                                                                        c)   Sweep floor and surrounding area
           Put the patio chairs down.                                   d)   Set table to standard:
                                                                        e)   Place mat, forks on the left (far left lower), B&B plate on
                                                                             the left, folded napkin in the middle, and knife on the
           Set the soda machine, arm the spreaders put                       right with the cutting side facing inside
           it back in to the soda machine
           If soda syrup box is less than ½ full, (coke,
           ice tea or pink lemonade) stock back-up
           before the shift.                                            f)   Chairs aligned to the table
           Marking plate is stocked and Guest ready                     g)   Tables balanced (not wobbly)
                                                                        h)   Silverware spotless/salt/pepper shakers

           Fill the soup warmer with hot water and plug
           it in with the correct lids.                                 Sequence of Service (SUPERLATIVE)
                                                                        Greet Guests at the Table
           Restock soup wares                                           Suggestively “Sell” Menu Items
           Check and restock sugar caddies; make sure                   Take the order
           they’re properly placed
                                                                        Deliver the order
           Check and restock salt and pepper                            Present Guest check on request
           Check all sauces – make sure lids are clean                  Warmly thank the Guest for dining with us
           and all bottles are free of residue
                                                                        Reset the table
           Stock Service Stations:                                      Team Work
           •   Lemons (cut enough for the entire day)                   Bartender
           •   2 bottles each olive oil, balsamic vinegar               Dessert Person
           •   2 pepper mills; red crusted pepper                       Food Runners
           •   1 pitcher water; 1 pitcher tea                           Expo
           •   Paper napkins                                            Host/Hostess
           •   Straws                                                   Special Occasions
           •   Printer paper                                            Catering events
           •   Staples                                                  Large groups
           •   Stock all glass/cutlery from previous shift              Guest celebrations
           Wipe down wood dividers
           Restock Coffee and To Go area
           Fold Napkins
           Advise Managers of anything out of place
           Attend Pre-Shift Meeting (Line Up)

FOH Training                                                                                                  Server Guide

           Restock ice, water pitchers                        Repeat opening duties as needed
           Restock glasses
                                                              Help keep all workstations clean
           Change tea/water pitchers as needed
                                                              CLOSING DUTIES
           Expo and run food                                  Tables/chairs/ surrounding area are clean, sanitized, and
                                                              “Guest ready”
           Pay attention to dining room atmosphere
           (lighting, temperature, etc.)                      Clean all table tops with Windex
           Check and replace soup as needed                   Go through Closing Duties Checklist
                                                              Get signatures from checkers (FOH/BOH)
           Change garbage as needed
           Cut lemons as needed                               Check schedule for next shift to work
           Keep service stations stocked and clean            Cash out with Closing MOD
           Keep To Go station organized (take out             Clock out
           containers, pizza boxes, to-go bags, etc.)
           Keep Service Bar clean and organized (return
           glassware, re-stock napkins, straws espresso
           saucers, cups and demitasse spoons)
           Keep fridge neat and clean; stock to par
           Take pasta spoons and steak knives to expo
           Take dessert spoons to dessert station
           Return menus to host stand
           Return cocktail trays to each station
           Follow Server Running Duties Checklist

FOH Training                                                                                                  Server Guide

                                                       Shift 1
Shift Goals                                                   During the Shift
After today, you should be able to:                           3-Table Station: You shadow Trainer
⎯   Write a ticket                                            OBSERVE and PRACTICE:
⎯   Take orders using Pivot Point Seating
⎯   Ring, Add-on, Split, and Close a check                    ⎯   Writing tickets using Pivot Point Seating
⎯   Use Dish Decoy System                                     ⎯   Ringing Checks
⎯   Setup and restock tables                                  ⎯   Checking orders for accuracy
⎯   Carry a tray                                              ⎯   Delivering orders to Guests
⎯   “Sell” menu items                                         ⎯   Completing shift duties
⎯   Process payments (technology and etiquette)               ⎯   Completing Side duties
⎯   Discuss Server Financial and checkout procedures          ⎯   Completing Checkout

Pre-Shift                                                     Post Shift
⎯   Uniform inspection                                        Role Plays
⎯   Q&A time                                                  ⎯ Beverage “Sell” – Drinks 1–3 of Top 15
⎯   Job Description                                           ⎯ Food “Sell” (see Food Training Checklist)
⎯   Training process
⎯   Validation
                                                              Review Shift with Trainer
⎯   MICROS drills                                             ⎯   Complete Gut Check
⎯   Carrying a tray                                           ⎯   Discuss both perspectives
⎯   Service Areas tour                                        ⎯   Review to make sure you met shift goals
⎯   Bar tour                                                  ⎯   Q&A
⎯   Liquor, Beer, Wine (LBW) Job Aid                          Review Shift With Manager
General Discussion – FOH Basics                               ⎯ Trainer reviews shift with MOD
⎯ FOH Basics                                                  ⎯ You review shift with MOD
     ⎯ Taking the Guest Experience Order First                ⎯ Clock Out
     ⎯ Who’s Who
     ⎯ What’s What
     ⎯ Answering the telephone
     ⎯ Emergency procedures
     ⎯ Spills that can’t be cleaned immediately
⎯ Sense of Urgency
⎯ Teamwork – Building Relationships
⎯ Full Hands in Full Hands Out
⎯ Guest Loyalty Program
⎯ Pivot Point Seating
Complete Tests
⎯ FOH Basics Test (open book)
⎯ Restaurant Layout/Table Numbers Test
                                                              Prepare for Shift 2
                                                              ⎯   Practice Core Values Speech
Touch Points                                                  ⎯   Recite Dressings, Side Items, Refillable Beverages
⎯   Always practice Guest right-of-way                        ⎯   Alcohol Awareness Test
⎯   Escort Guests to restrooms and phone                      ⎯   “Sell” Beverage– Drinks 4–6 of Top 15
⎯   Never interrupt a Guest’s conversation                    ⎯   “Sell” Food (see Food Training Checklist)
⎯   Take women and children’s orders first
⎯   Offer to serve children’s meals first

FOH Training                                                                                           Server Guide

                                              “Sell” This!

   •   Taste the menu item(s) you have been given.
   •   Write your answers to the four questions.
   •   Be honest –it’s important for you to TRY our menu items; you don’t have to LIKE them.
   •   Our goal is for you to be the menu expert, so when a Guest asks about a menu item, you can say,
       “You really should try this!” or, “A lot of people like this item, it’s just not MY favorite.”
   •   Keep this page in your check presenter for reference. Happy Dining!

What is the name of the   How would you describe   If you do not like this item, how     Would you recommend this
 menu item you just        this item to a Guest?         would you describe or         item to your friends or family?
        tasted?                                        recommend it to a Guest?

FOH Training                                                                                                                Server Guide

                                                            Gut Check

                                          Attitude Skills Knowledge
   Using the scale below, circle the number you think reflects your performance for this shift. Be ready to
   discuss your self-evaluation with your Trainer
               1    -   Needs improvement          2    -    Making progress                   3    -   Ready to validate

       A.S.K.                                                                                                          Rating
       Attitude (“can-do” attitude; willingness to learn and help; teachable; building relationships)              1    2    3

       Skills (ability to perform tasks related to position). Refer to Training Checklist.                         1    2    3

       Knowledge (demonstrate knowledge of Bruschetta standards and expectations) Refer to Training                1    2    3

FOH Training                                                                                      Server Guide

                                       Our Spirits (Liquor)
We feature six main spirits at Bruschetta®. These spirits cover our well and premium brands and are
bases for many of our cocktails:
                                •   Vodka                 •   Gin
                                •   Tequila               •   Bourbon/Whiskey
                                •   Scotch                •   Rum

   •    Prepare for the Shift 4 Liquor Quiz by:
              Memorizing the definitions of the spirits we serve.
              Listing the spirits we serve in each of the tables on the following pages.

         Spirit               Description                                   Flavor
 Vodka                  The most popular          Vodka is the perfect form of alcohol; if it was invented
                        vodkas are made from      today, it would be called the perfect marketing idea
                        grain, but are also       because it simply has no taste. Its pure uncomplicated
                        made from potatoes,       alcohol, which makes it a great base for flavors and
                        grapes and sugarcane.     mixers.

       Call            Well          Premium                               Flavored

         Spirit               Description                                   Flavor
 Gin                    From the Dutch term       Juniper berries contribute to Gin’s distinctive taste.
                        for juniper – Geneve      Distillers of Gin have precise recipes that include other
                                                  ingredients such as angelica, liquorices, orris root,
                                                  lemon rind, and caraway seeds.

       Call            Well          Premium                               Flavored

FOH Training                                                                                   Server Guide

                                     Our Spirits (Liquor)
           Spirit          Description                                  Flavor
 Tequila             A distillate of the       Three distinctive types of tequila:
                     “agave” plant.            Blanco – rougher taste with their more distinct agave
                                               Reposado – sharper, almost peppery flavor
                                               Añejo – smooth, woody aroma

      Call          Well          Premium                              Flavored

           Spirit          Description                                  Flavor
 Bourbon or Whiskey Grain, malted barley or    These brown spirits offer a wide variety of mellow and
                    rye is malted,             subtle smoky and woody flavors.
                    fermented, distilled
                    and aged.

      Call          Well          Premium                              Flavored

           Spirit          Description                                  Flavor
 Scotch              Blended whiskeys from     The smoky flavor comes from drying malted barley over
                     native barley grain and   peat fires. Produced only in Scotland. Exported Scotch
                     Scottish pot stills.      is at least four years old and is usually 80 to 86 proof.

      Call          Well          Premium                              Flavored

FOH Training                                                                                      Server Guide

                                      Our Spirits (Liquor)
         Spirit               Description                                  Flavor
 Rum                   From “rumbullion” –        Molasses (the after-product of pressed sugar cane).
                       any hard liquor.           Spiced rums feature vanilla and other spices for a more
                                                  zestful flavor.

       Call           Well          Premium                               Flavored

                                              Our Beers
We feature several Beer selections for our Guests. With the help of your Trainer, fill in the names of the
beers we carry and indicate if it is a Domestic or Import.

Draft Beers                         Domestic/Import Bottled Beers                           Domestic/Import

FOH Training                                                                                        Server Guide

                                               Our Wines
To serve our Guests’ differing tastes, we offer a wide selection of wines. With the help of your Trainer, fill
in our wines below.
The trick to remembering food and wine pairing is: Full-bodied wines go well with heavier foods, and light,
crisp wines compliment lighter fare.

                                                 RED WINES
Go well with: Pasta with red sauce, Steaks
                      Premium                                                    House

                                              WHITE WINES
Go well with: Pasta with white sauce, Seafood with cream sauce, Chicken
                      Premium                                                    House

                                              BLUSH WINES
Go well with: Pasta with red sauce, Spicy food
                      Premium                                                    House


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