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									     Your 21-Point Action Plan On
So, now, QC member, you‟re the author, co-author or editor of a BOOK. Whatcha gonna
do about it? [And, guess what?! Even if you choose NOT to publish the book – and I‟m
confounded why anyone would choose that option – what follows below is a KILLER
      ACTION PLAN for any form of prospect and client nurturing.]

     NOTE: everything in this Action Plan can be replicated for other NON-BOOK
     marketing strategies. For example, free reports, bulletins, videos, risk
management tools, etc., etc.

1. Send a PRESS RELEASE. Include all the local papers, radio, TV, etc. If you have
   commercial niches, send it to the trade mags. Put a copy of the press release in your
   Client Newsletter. Don‟t know how to write a Press Release? Fear not, gentle reader.
   We‟ve written one for you (see last two pages of this Action Plan).
2. Segment your book of business.
       a. Send one to EVERY VIP level client. That‟s a no-brainer.
       b. Do the math on the rest of your book of business. It‟ll take about a $4
          investment per client to publicize your business. Really – who would NOT be
          worth a $4 mega-nurturing vitamin? The economics will tilt your direction at
          almost every segment of business.
3. Put your book – PROMINENTLY DISPLAYED – in your lobby. Sign them.
   (“To your SAFETY!”) Make a display sign: Take one! It‟s free! Add a note on your
   sign: “As an insurance agent, I want to do more than PROTECT you with insurance.
   I want to protect you from danger altogether. Please accept this book as my gift to
   your safety – and that of your family, friends and business. [Your Signature.]
4. Give a stack of them to your CSR’s. With instructions on what to do with them.
   (Thank you gifts. Apology gifts. Gifts with quote. Etc., etc., as CREATIVE as
   you can!) Instead of telling them the maximum number of books they can mail or
   give away, give them a MINIMUM QUOTA. (Yes, you have to WOW no fewer than
   five people a week. Is that too much to ask!!!)
5. Surprise gift with every referral. “<<first name>>, THANK YOU so much for
   referring <<name of referral>>! It really means a lot to us. Please accept this gift as
   a small way of saying „thank you!‟ [Your signature, REAL signature, in BLUE felt tip
   pen] PS: If you already have a copy of my book, feel free to give it to a friend.
   And, yes, the “social connectors” who are most likely to give you a referral are ALSO
   the most likely to give your book to their friends and colleagues – and turn people
   into your RAVING FANS even before they become your clients. (Yes, that is the
   MAGIC POTION in great marketing. After all, with a little time, attention and
   strategy, we can all turn our clients into raving fans...but here is how you can turn
   your PROSPECTS into raving fans!)
6. Add it to your Welcome Kit. Sure enough, you MUST get a Welcome Kit to all of
   your new clients in less than 21 days. That‟s High Impact Marketing 101. But now
   you can eliminate ALL buyer‟s remorse, ALL doubt about their new decision to enter
   into “the great unknown” of doing business with you – but you will also turn EVERY
   new client into an impressed and delighted member of your “listening audience.”
7. Add some EXTRA psychology oom-pah-pah – unleash the Law of
   Engagement. Research into the science of human psychology proves over and over
   that ANY time you get someone to “inch” your direction (instead of YOU, the
   “salesperson” always moving THEIR direction), you‟ll massively deepen, strengthen
   and lengthen the relationship. So, instead of just sending your book to them, FIRST,
   ask them if they want a copy. Yes, you should “pitch” it, load your offer with benefits
   and make it easy to respond. For example, ZipDrip this email:
Dear Homer,
The truck just backed up to my office with a pallet of books. And I
thought I should give YOU one. What is it? It’s my latest book,
“Protect Yourself: An Insurance Agent Reveals 373 Ways To Protect The
Safety And Well-Being Of What Matters Most To You … Yourself, Your
Family, Home, Business – and Practically Everything Else”.
As your agent, I feel that my most important job is to PROTECT you.
Not just with insurance. That’s only good when something goes wrong.
I want to protect from things going wrong in the first place.
So I’ve organized my years of service and protection into one “first
aid” kit of protection. I believe that this information can protect
you, your family and friends in ALL kinds of situations: at home, on
vacation, traveling, at work – you name it!
Can you do me a quick favor? Just hit “reply” to this email, and send
me the address where you want me to send the book.
To your safety and protection!

[Your name]

PS: Yes, I want to send it to you at my cost. It’s a gift for being a
great client. Plus, just like all of us at [name of agency], we feel
that YOUR protection is our most important job. Life can be dangerous.
Let me help reduce the risk!

Also, consider: landing pages where they can order a copy, a video on your website,
mention in your blog, etc., etc.
Then, my advice, send to EVERYONE, even if they didn‟t request it! Get the best of both
worlds: massive engagement, PLUS “WOW” surprise!
8. Have a “signing party!” Sure enough, you can count on a “zero attendance”
    signing party if that‟s how you pitch it. But, next time you have an event – anything
    from educational seminar to hot dog shindig – bring some books and start signing.
    You‟d be surprised how much it means to someone to have the author‟s signature on
    the front of their book.
9. Send extra copies to the local library, schools, senior center, etc. Then, be
    sure to get a picture of YOU with the local librarian, Sr. Center Director, etc. for you
10. Break it into small chunks – free reports, bulletins, checklists, safety
    audits, etc. Protect Yourself is already divided into categorical chapters. As long as
    you‟re a QC Member in good standing, feel free to “re-purpose” the same material
    into smaller chunks. And – my suggestion – every time you give away a chunk, tell
    them it‟s an excerpt from your BOOK. (And tell them how to get the book!)
11. [Agency Revolution Members: I‟m currently talking to Luke about creating a
    customized “super site” for your book, complete with ebook options, free reports,
    etc., etc.]
12. Video announcement. Have someone interview you – BE YOURSELF! – for 3-5
    minutes about WHY this information is important and why it‟s URGENT for people.
    Video the interview. Put it on your site. Drive people there with ZipDrip. (Did you
    know that we‟ll host your Viddler site for you (??!!), so you can add video for FREE
    on your website? Call or email Brise for more information. This little benefit
    ALONE will save you $1200 a year. Make that call!)
13. Do the math...send it to EVERY VIP prospect. Okay, YOU do the math. If a
    book costs you four bucks – and maybe a buck to mail, how much money are you
    willing to spend on a new client to get their business?? Think of it this way, Suzy
    Personal Lines Prospect or Mr. Big Shot Business Owner is SHOPPING for
    insurance. You‟re probably not the only insurance agency their thinking of doing
    business with. In fact, an “almost guarantee:” their CURRENT agent is still “in the
    running” – so you‟re virtually ALWAYS competing. What will make you stand out
    from the crowd? I guarantee this: unless your competitor is a QC Member, they are
    NOT sending a book. (And not one that is 1) written by you, 2) loaded with
    information that‟s relevant to THEM and 3) positioning the insurance agent as an
    ADVOCATE, not an insurance peddler!)
14. Send it when you have to say “sorry!” Every agency MUST have an “Apology
    Process.” (See my “We Screwed Up” Letter.) Truly, genuinely and courageously
    saying SORRY already is a step beyond the norm. Now you can go way beyond the
    norm. Send them a copy of your book. (And if they already got one, tell them they
    can give it to a friend or another member of their family.)
15. Feed your referral SOURCES. I already mentioned sending the book as part of
    your Referral Process. But you SHOULD have some “Referral Headwaters:” people
    who “source” a steady stream of referrals – lawyers, CPA‟s, mortgage brokers,
    association execs, real estate agents, etc., etc. Send them a book – and it will support
    your dual purpose of reminding them about you AND reminding them that you‟re
    the ONE agent that‟s a cut above the rest...someone they can trust with their friends,
    family and/or clients and colleagues.
16. Send a letter to your clients about the book. (Pretty self explanatory, eh?
    After all, the LAST thing you ever, ever want your clients saying about you is what we
    overheard the other day waiting in line to be seated at a restaurant: “The only time I
    hear from my agent is once a year when he wants his premium. He just sits back and
    makes money!”)
17. Include a flyer in every mailing for a year (or more!) Many QC Members
    make a point of including their Referral Flyer in every mailing that leaves the office.
    After all, you‟re paying First Class Postage for an OUNCE of mailing...why send less
    than an ounce of “stuff?” How „bout adding a “Book Flyer” that “sells” (for free) your
    book? And if you‟re worried someone will ask for a SECOND or THIRD book when
    they already got one – that is the BEST PROBLEM you could have...raving fans who
    love your book so much they want to give copies to their friends!
18. Include an article in your newsletter. With a picture of you and book, of
19. Invite the press to an “event.” When you give 20 of them to the senior center,
    invite the press. Just as good, take a picture and send it to the press with a release or
    an article about your visit. (And a quote from the center director!)
20. Include a picture of the book (with a caption) in EVERY ad for EVERY
21. Blog about it. (And the content of the book for blog ideas!)
22. Twitter about it...and drive your followers to your site to read more.
23. Mention it in your Facebook page.
24. Use the content of the book for content for your newsletter. just in case you were wondering how you could
possibly use a BOOK to build an insurance business, there are 24
quick ideas. How ‘bout sharing some of YOUR ideas. Or telling
us what you’re going to do?

Drop us a quick email with your thoughts: – or post your comments, ideas, etc.
on Qmail, on the Navigator site:

(Meanwhile, see next two pages for your sample Press
 Contact: <<Name of Agent>>
 <<name of agency>>
 For Immediate Release

Press Release
 Local Insurance Agency Releases New Book – Reveals 373 Ways For
 <<City, County or Region>> Residents And Businesses To Protect The
 Safety And Well-Being Of What Matters Most To Them… Their
 Families, Themselves, Homes, Businesses – and Practically
 Everything Else
<<Name of Agency>> recently released their new book, Protect Yourself for local residents and
businesses. Agency President, <<name>>, said, “We live in an age of rapid change and
deepening uncertainty. Perhaps more than ever before in our lifetimes, we have no idea what
tomorrow will bring. But one thing we do know is how much we want to protect those things
that are precious to us – our family and friends, our homes and other property, and our own
well-being. That, at least, is a constant in our busy lives. By knowing how to cut the risks and
how to respond effectively in an accident or crisis, residents of <<City, County or Region>> can
substantially improve their security and the welfare of those who matter so much to them, and
gain some peace of mind. That’s what we’re offering in this new book.”

<<Name of Agency’s>> new book includes information on protecting virtually everything that
people value. Included in this comprehensive resource are chapters on:
    How to protect your home and save money; keeping your family healthy and safe; child-
       proofing & pet-proofing your home
    Your action plan when things go wrong: Accidents and first aid; what to do if you’re a
       victim of a crime; disaster planning and action
    Staying safe in the beautiful outdoors: 10 Golden Rules
    Dynamic Duo Guards Health & Safety at work: responsibilities of owners and employees
    Safety on Wheels – and On Foot
    Safe travel tips: Nine to Note – and much more
<<Name of Agent>> said, “We consider ourselves a service organization, so we’ve written this
book to provide valuable information to anyone in our community, whether they’re a client or
not. In fact, we feel this information is so critically important, we’d like everyone to call us at
(800) XXX-XXXX for a FREE copy.”


                                  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Q: Why did <<Name of Agency>> write the book Protect Yourself?
A: First of all, people are concerned about health and safety these days. We
live in an age of rapid change and deepening uncertainty. Perhaps more than
ever before in our lifetimes, we have no idea what tomorrow will bring. So,
we wanted to offer real-world help and advice that people can use, and
hopefully, from which they can gain some peace of mind.
Secondly, we know that people really care about protecting what’s most
important to them. Their family, home, cars, income and businesses. Our new
book Protect Yourself provides information that will help them make smart
decisions. And some of the information may actually prevent “bad things”
from happening in the first place.
Q: How is Protect Yourself different from other insurance publications?
A: Many insurance agency publications are all about the agency. Protect
Yourself is all about safety, protection – and saving money. In other words,
our book is about the consumer and taking care of the consumer. It’s not
about us.
Q: I see that your book is largely about protection. Why is that?
A: Two reasons. Number one, if people are not adequately protected, they
could be exposing themselves and their families to hundreds of thousands of
dollars in liability. Getting the right protection (and the right information) is
important, and most people have dangerous gaps. Number two, the best
scenario is if nothing bad happens. More than anything, we want to help
people prevent “bad things from happening.”
Q: If someone has a question about their protection or about saving money on
their insurance, what should they do?
A: Our Insurance Professionals will work with them whether they’re a client or
not. They can always call us at (800) XXX-XXXX, or they can visit us on the
Internet at <<>>

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