Restaurant Investor Agreement

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					            1080 WEST BETHEL ROAD, COPPELL, TEXAS 75019 972.745.4200


Advertisement Friend Guest/Store Location ___________________________
Website ___________________________
Owner/Operator    Investor         Restaurant Manager      To Go Owner/Operator

PERSONAL INFORMATION (Please type or print legibly and provide a profile for each partner involved)

Full Name_______________________________________________E-mail _________________________________
Home Phone (        )______________ Business Phone (           )_____________ Mobile Phone (          )_____________
Address________________________________________________________                       Fax (    )_________________
City___________________ State_________ Zip Code_________  Own  Rent How long at this address? ______
Previous Address_______________________ City______________ State_______ Zip Code______ How long?____
Social Security #_________________ Driver’s License #/State___________________ Date of Birth______________
US Citizen             Legal Permanent Resident               Other: ________________________________
Spouse Name________________________________________                        # Dependants________ Ages________
Spouse’s Employer/Position______________________________________ Social Security #___________________

PRESENT/MOST RECENT EMPLOYER INFORMATION (Attach a resume of any and all partners)

Employer_____________________________________________________________ From______________________________
Address_______________________________________________________________ To_______________________________
City___________________________ State____________ Zip Code___________ Phone (            )_____________________
Position___________________________________________________________ Annual Income $___________________
Type of Industry ____________________________________Supervisor ____________________________________________
Please list your job title(s), responsibilities, and number of employees supervised

GENERAL INFORMATION (Please use additional sheets if needed)
How do you plan to pay for the store?
How much cash are you able to invest? __________________
When do you want to start your business?           0-6 mths       6 mths- 1 yr      1 yr – 2 yrs
Top 3 Geographical Area(s) of interest to open your business (city, state): __________________________
Are you willing to relocate? Yes No
            1080 WEST BETHEL ROAD, COPPELL, TEXAS 75019 972.745.4200

Do you intend to operate and manage this franchise yourself?  Yes  No If no,
Have you ever failed in business, filed for bankruptcy protection, or compromised with creditors? If yes, when,
where, circumstances including any remaining liabilities.
Have you ever been convicted of a crime other than minor traffic violations?  Yes  No
Has any judgment ever been entered against you or any of your companies?  Yes  No
Have you ever litigated against one of your employers?  Yes  No
Are you involved in any litigation (pending or otherwise)?  Yes  No
If yes to any of the above, please explain below in detail:
Have you or any member of your family ever been affiliated with or employed by any of CiCi’s Pizza’s franchise
owners?Yes No

I, the undersigned, acknowledge that CiCi Enterprises, LP (“CiCi’s”) is relying on the information contained in this
Application and certify that the information provided in this Application is true, correct and complete. I further certify that I
have the authority to make this Application and to enter into a Franchise Agreement with CiCi’s individually or on behalf of
an entity to be formed. I understand that CiCi’s may approve or deny this Application in its sole discretion and for any
reason or for no reason. I also understand that approval of this Application may be revoked in CiCi’s sole discretion if any
information contained in this Application is later determined to be false or misleading. I authorize CiCi’s to contact any
person or entity listed in this Application as a reference. I agree to indemnity and hold harmless CiCi’s, its affiliates, and
their respective officers, directors, agents and employees (past or present) from all losses and expenses arising from the
breach of any representation in this Application and release them from any and all liabilities, losses or expenses related to
the approval, disapproval or revocation of approval of this Application.

Signature________________________________________                       Date_____________________
        Actual Signature required

Print Name_______________________________________

Please forward completed profile to:      CiCi Enterprises, LP
                                          Attn: Franchising
                                          1080 West Bethel Road
                                          Coppell, TX 75019
                                          972-745-9316 Fax 972-745-4204

* Any and all costs, including travel, associated with the application process will be the responsibility of candidate and will
not be reimbursed

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