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Hello Trip Captains,

First, I’d like to say thank you very much for volunteering your time to help out.
We wouldn’t be a CLUB without YOU!!

Secondly, I’d like to explain a few things about being a “Trip Captain” that might
help you retain your sanity...

#1. The customer is always right...even if they’re not.

#2. The “Trip Captain”, that’s you...knows everything...even though you don’t .

#3. Take it all in good stride and have FUN!

We have a full schedule of trips and all are different. Be sure to read your folder
information thoroughly as soon as you get it. You’ve got as much information as
I could gather in the folder to hand out. If you’re short of copies, please make
more to insure that everyone has everything that is provided. All hotel and resort
pamphlets are for your trip. Give them all away!

      Please use this as a check list to help you get organized. This list of DO’S
has been compiled over many years. So, take advantage of all our previous
successes (and mistakes) and have a great time planning your trip!


_____ Two meetings prior to the trip arrive at the Western House by 6:30 ready
to sign-up members for your trip. Sell the trip at the meetings by briefly talking
about the details of the trip, ski area, and introducing yourself.

_____ Ask the Treasurer for a receipt book before each meeting. All people
signing up for trips must be exceptions! Please refer to the
Bylaws if they have questions about bringing guests. Ask the member for their
ASC Membership Card and record their number. Keep a good accounting of
their information on the SIGN-UP SHEET and also on their individual MEMBER
LOG SHEET. Collect a deposit of $50 per person, unless otherwise specified.
Turn in the money and receipt book to the Treasurer at the end of the meeting.
The trip captain is responsible for the money until it is turned over to the
_____If the trip is full, a full deposit is required for the member to be put on a
Waiting List.

_____ If there is a discount for children, it will be noted in your folder.

_____ Hand out a copy of the ASC Bylaws to each member signing up. This
covers the refund policy. The ASC Board will review each refund request at the
following board meeting after the trip and will act according to the Bylaws.

_____ ASAP, but no later than 10 days before departure, send a fax to the hotel
with the number of guests and a rooming list. The hotel will want to know first
name, last name, type of room, and the ages of the children. Only send names
of those people who have paid in full.

              For example:

       1) Joe Flores                Double Room
       2) Mary Ellen Flores

       3) Lillian Johnson                   Triple Room
       4) Greg Johnson
       5) Kurtis Johnson, 10 years old

_____ Find out if the beds are “Austrian” twins, which means 1 bed with 2 twin
mattresses (i.e. they can NOT be separated) or American twins, which may be
separated. This will be helpful when filling up double rooms.

_____ The week before the trip (not the day before), you must get together with
the Treasurer to obtain:
       a) Funds for “entertainment”, $5.00 per person
       b) Final payment for the hotel (unless it has been sent by the club)

_____ Have trip packets ready to hand out at the meeting before the trip.
Packets include a map to the area, hotel brochure (or a copy of one), schedule
of events, list of those going, and any other info you think is important. If
members are absent at the last meeting, mail the packet to them the next day.

Remember: AGIP, IP and ESSO gas coupons are ONLY GOOD in Italy. Also, if
you are driving on the autostrada in Austria or Switzerland you must buy a
vignette. They may be purchased at ACI or directly at the toll booths when
entering those countries. You can buy ACI automobile towing insurance for Italy
and/or all of Europe. This covers breakdowns, emergency help, and towing.
Please pass this on to your trippers.

_____ The trip captain should try to get to the hotel first. This way he/she can
make sure the accommodations are suitable and everyone has a bed to sleep in.
The people at the hotels are usually very helpful, even if they do not speak
English. Pantomime if you must!

_____Each trip captain is given $5 per person to spend on “goodies”. Usually
this is in the form of snacks at the hotel as people arrive and settle in. You can
buy vino, soda, chips, dips, whatever you like. Or you can put wine and mints in
each room as a little ski club momento. Plain or fancy, it doesn’t matter, and the
choice is up to you.

_____ Set up a “Welcome” meeting either the first evening or breakfast to brief
the group on the area and activities available. This is a great time for everyone
to get to know new acquaintances over a drink and snacks.

_____ Lift ticket purchase- Usually if there are more than 20 people purchasing
the same ticket ONE person (YOU THE T.C.) gets a free ticket. Other times they
will give a discount for a group rate to all. If you want to get a group price, I’d
advise that you collect all the money before hand, buy the tickets and then
refund everyone the discount. Some TC’s “raffle” off the savings at the end of
the trip. It’s up to you.

_____ As the week or weekend progresses, check with the group to see if
everyone is enjoying their trip. We are primarily concerned with the complaint
that water is dripping on their heads while they sleep, as opposed to the
complaint that the rooms are too small. Use good judgment and remember that
some people will never have a good time no matter what your effort. Empathize
with them and be on your way.

_____ In the evenings you may like to make presentations for silly things that
happen during the trip. The trip folder has some award forms that you can use.
Encourage all to “report great feats of others” to you for these presentations.
Mealtime is the ideal time to present these awards, make announcements such
as the weather forecast, or suggest apres ski activities, i.e. strudel strolls,
bowling, movies, etc.

_____ All personal expenses, i.e. bar bills, sauna, room service, etc. MUST be
paid for the night before departure. It is the personal responsibility of each
member to pay these bills.

_____ At the end of the trip, either the last night or after breakfast in the morning,
get together with the hotel manager and settle the bill. You will be told how
much was paid ahead of time and what the balance would be by the Treasurer.
Hopefully, it will be the same! If they offer an additional discount, smile and take
it. Resist additional charges to our bill, but if justified, pay them. Make the
payment and GET A RECEIPT.

_____ On return to Aviano, make an appointment with the Treasurer to receive
your payment as Trip Captain.

_____ Fill out the Trip Captain Report and return your folder to the Trip
Coordinator so that it can be use next year.

Well, I think I’ve read you the riot act long enough here. If you have any
problems or questions, don’t hesitate to call me!
Home # is 0434-918893 Cell # is 0348-810-5010
email: or

Sandy Kucharczyk
“Your” ASC Trip Coordinator

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