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									                                                           Rental Calculator for Tax Resident Individuals

                                      What to do: Enter details in the grey boxes. If a box is not applicable, leave it blank.
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Disclaimer:This rental calculator is for the purpose of computing your net rental income. It is not an official declaration of your rental income.

   Property 1

   Address of Property:

   Are you the sole owner of the abovementioned property

   Period of Rental
   Period from

   Period to

   Please indicate the number of months the property is vacant in the preceding year (if applicable).                              Months

   Is this your first time you are receiving rental income from the abovementioned property?

   Gross Rent                                                                                                                 S$             .00
   Includes rental of premises, furnitures and fittings, maintenance and others, as per your tenancy agreement.

   Less: Expenses Incurred

   Property Tax                                                                                                               S$             .00

   Mortgage Loan Interest                                                                                                     S$             .00
   This only refers to interest incurred on the mortgage loan. Do not include the instalment payment on the principle loan.

   Fire Insurance                                                                                                             S$             .00

   Maintenance Fee                                                                                                            S$             .00

   Repairs                                                                                                                    S$             .00

   Agent's Commission                                                                                                         S$             .00

   Allowable Agent's Commission                                                                                               S$       0     .00

   Others, please specify:

                                                                                                                              S$             .00

                                                                                                                              S$             .00

                                                                                                                              S$             .00

                                                                                                                              S$             .00

   Total Expenses Incurred                                                                                                    S$       0     .00

   Net Rent                                                                                                                   S$       0     .00

   Legal Share (%) of your property                                                                                                           %
   Legal Share (%) of your property (eg. 50%, 33.33%)                                                                                         %

   Your Share of Net Rent                                                                                                     S$       0     .00

             Identification No.                                         Full Name of Owner(s):                                     Ownership (%)
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Total Net Rent                                                                                                 S$      0      .00

Note: You need not submit any receipts when filing your tax return. However, you are required to keep these receipts for verification purposes.

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