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					New York State Bar Association

        Committee on
    Mass Disaster Response
   Who We Are
Volunteer lawyers        Volunteer non-lawyers
  70,000 NYSBA             Two mental health
  members                  professionals
  Two dozen practicing
  All pro bono
   Mission Statement
Lessen suffering of victims of
mass disasters by
  Preventing unlawful solicitation of victims
  Providing free, short-term legal assistance
  to victims in the immediate aftermath of
  the disaster.
   Solicitation Is Illegal
New York Judiciary Law 479 and 482
Illegal to solicit legal business
  in person
  on telephone
Law covers attorneys and “Runners”
Unethical (violates Disciplinary Rule 2-103 of
Lawyer’s Code of Professional Responsibility
(22 NYCRR 1200.8))
   Federal Anti-Solicitation Law
Special rule for air disasters
  No unsolicited communication with victim or
  relative of victim for 45 days (49 USC 1136)
    Committee History
TWA Flight 800 (July 17, 1996) East Moriches, LI
  Committee History
Formed 1997 by NYSBA President
Needs assessment
Response protocol

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   Legal Guide
Prepare written materials
   Committee History: Roll-outs

Amtrak crash 2001 (Syracuse)
9/11 (NYC)
AA #587 November 2001 (NYC)
Charter bus crash 2005 (Rochester)
Amtrak Crash

 Lyncourt, NY, February 5, 2001
   Amtrak Crash
Passenger train hit stopped freight train
No fatalities
Dozens injured, some seriously
NTSB Family Assistance Center
SEMO present
Solicitation observed / stopped / reported
SEMO activated NYSBA Committee
Disaster Field Office
   9/21/01-9/25/01 (Pier 90)
Disaster Assistance Service Center
   9/26/01-10/12/01 (125 Worth St) )
NYSBA “800” number
Other Bar Associations
 AA Flight 587

Belle Harbor (NYC), November 12, 2001
   AA Flight 587
260 dead on plane (251 passengers, 9 crew)
   bound for Dominican Republic
5 fatalities on ground
   AA Flight 587
SEMO activated NYSBA Committee
November 12, 2001
Official responding agency under NYS Off-
Airport Aviation Disaster Plan
NYSBA at FAC Nov 13, 2001 (2 wks)
NYSBA issued press releases
NYSBA detected and reported solicitation
   AA Flight 587
NYSBA Posts Anti-Solicitation Signs at FAC:
   AA Flight 587
NYSBA issues press releases
   Staten Island Ferry Crash
October 15, 2003 3:20 pm
10 dead; dozens seriously injured
   SI Ferry Crash
Lawyer advertisements appear October 16,
2003 local papers
   SI Ferry Crash
NYSBA issues press release
   Charter Bus Crash

January 29, 2005 4:40 pm
I-390 Livingston County
4 dead, 20 injured
   Charter Bus Crash
Mass Casualty Event per NYSP
  No SEMO disaster response
Rochester SMH
  Family Assistance Center
NYSBA limited self-activation
  Building Key Relationships
American Red Cross
   Building Key Relationships
Erie County
  September 2004 NFTA Drill
Onondaga County
  Amtrak crash 2001
Monroe County
  Tabletop exercise USCG 2000
  Building Key Relationships
Governor’s Award 2003