Doris Easterling – mother of Larry Easterling by wulinqing


									             Alabama Chapter
             Mobile Council

                                 November, 2010
                                  Happy Thanksgiving!

Our annual FALL PICNIC was held October 19th at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 1947
Duval St. Mr. Jim Cherry opened with prayer. We had 62 members present. The
Council provided hamburgers and hotdogs and members furnished fabulous desserts.
Many, many, thanks to everyone who brought their special desserts to help make this
picnic a success! Our special guest was Joe Thompson, from Camp BlueBird. Our next
meeting is November 16th at Ryan’s Steakhouse. Come join the fun!

       Merry Christmas!!!!!!
          Mark your calendars now!!!!! Our annual Christmas Luncheon will be at
          11:30 a.m. on Tuesday, December 14th at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 1947
          Duval Street. The luncheon will be catered by Dick Russell’s and the menu will
        include seafood, barbeque chicken and pork. The cost this year will be $12.00.
       It’s not a must, but please respond to this email or call me at 471- 0419 or Virginia
      Mayo (649-1494) if you plan to attend. This will give us some idea on how much
      food to order.

Quarterly Meeting
Cathy Kelley, Virginia Mayo, Gigi Armbrecht, Betty Havard, Margie Judge and I will
be attending the Pioneer Quarterly Meeting and Awards Dinner on November 12th in
                     School Map-
              Pioneers painted another map, Monday, November 1st at Semmes
              Elementary School. Many thanks to volunteers Glen Thomas, Allan Trull,
              Virginia Mayo, Gigi Armbrecht and Jim and Betty Cherry and Jane
              Styers. A special thanks to Glen Thomas for undertaking the northeast
portion of the map. The plastic template for the map was a mess and he made a new
template for that portion of the map. It is made out of lightweight wood and the detailing is

That afternoon, Virginia Mayo, Betty Havard and Scotty Lewis attended the teachers
meeting at Burrough’s Elementary School and presented the “Calling All Teachers”

Camp Blue Bird
Camp Blue Bird was held October 13-15th at Camp Beckwith in Fairhope. Our theme was
Western. It was another great camp! Pioneer Counselors for this camp were: Buddy
Wilder, Allen Trull, C.V. Allenbach, Ricky Rivers, Gene Miller, Andy and Mary
Anderson, Tara Gibson, Pat Rabbeitt and Dottie Steelreath.

                          A SOLDIERS BOX FROM HOME
   Don’t forget, for our annual Christmas Project this year, we will be sending boxes to our
           soldiers. Because of mailing procedures, we need to start getting our
           donations as soon as possible. You can either make a monetary donation or
       bring supplies to our Pioneer meetings. Some of the items are listed below.


     Drink Mixes (Crystal Light, etc.)
Tuna packets
Sweet Tarts
Disposable razors
Ramen Noodles
Antacid tablets (Tums-Rolaids)
Current magazines
Toiletries, (No aerosols)
Wet wipes

Thanks for your support of our military!
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Credit Union membership required for promotion. Contact your local branch or 1.800.248.3526 to learn how to join. For official rules,
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Rate cannot be combined with auto pay discount or any other loan discount coupons. Rate accurate as of 10/22/10. All rates and offers
are subject to change without notice.

              Cathy McIntosh and Angie Scott sold traveled to Jackson to sell
              cookbooks at the Jackson Fall Festival on November 6th. The Pecan
              Festival in Tillman’s Corner was also held on November 6. Many thanks to
              Virginia Mayo, Fran and Milton Hudson, Betty and Jim Cherry, Betty
              Havard, Dottie Steelreath and Benjamin, Jenna and Joshua Frisch for
working the festivals. Thanks also to Anthony Sarradet for helping setup for the sale and
Jimmy Havard for helping close the event. Cathy Kelley and Darlene Gillis will be
selling cookbooks at the upcoming Bay Minette Christmas Festival the weekend of
December 3-4.

Camp Rap-A-Hope:
We will cookout for Camp Rap-A-Hope in December at Bellingrath Gardens. If you would
like to help out, give Buddy Wilder a call -- 478-3215

Family Talk –
If you would like to share family news, please e-mail Dottie Steelreath: or call 471-0419.

Don Brady
Mike Cook
Rick Davis
Dewey Douglas
Faye Elder
Sam Elder
Billie Ellsworth
Sarah Johnson
Shirley Mears
Teddy Mears
Lloyd Miller
Laine Parks
Rosa Pinkall
Elenor Sawyer
Joy Seale
Bob Taft
Ruth Taylor
Ruby Webb

Cindy Borders – daughter of Red Gates
Ed Cox – stepfather of Terry Wright
Doris Easterling – mother of Larry Easterling
Audrey Garner -- -- wife of Earl Garner (deceased)
Loree Gump – daughter of Peggy Barnette
Barbara Horton – wife of Ed Horton
Logan Kynes – grandson of Sue Kynes
                grandson of Donald Lee
Eunice Luna – wife of J.K. Luna
Savannah Vereen – daughter of Joe Vereen
Mary Waller – sister of Fara Impastato
Jo Whitaker – wife of Henry Whitaker
Larry White – brother of Peggy Barnette & Billie Ellsworth
Monte White – brother of Peggy Barnette & Billie Ellsworth

Mr. Allan Williams – husband of Gloria Williams
Mrs. Dorothy Mae Embry, mother of Betty Carter
Mrs. Gloria Margaret Turner, sister-in-law of, Pat Rabbeitt.
Mrs. Lucille Tapia Kilcullen, mother of Mike Kilcullen
Please keep these members in your prayers.

How to Make Contact:
President – Virginia Mayo – 649-1494
To report hours – call Kathryn Skipper – 209-4350
To report newsletter news – call Audrey Garner – 478-6991 or
      Dottie Steelreath – 471-0419
To subscribe, cancel subscription or change address for the newsletter – call
      Gussie Evans – 649-2685
To contact the Benefits Services Center – 1-877-722-0020
      November 1 – Calling all Teachers, Burroughs Elementary , 3:30 p.m.
   November 6 – Pecan Festival
November 6 – Jackson Fall Festival
November 7 – Daylight Savings Time Ends
November 8 – Call all Teachers, O’Rourke Elementary, 3:30 p.m.
November 10 – Griggs Elementary Career Day
November 11 – Veteran’s Day
November 12-13 – Quarterly Meeting & Assembly
November 16 – Pioneer Meeting
November 25 – Thanksgiving

December 3-4 – Bay Minette Cookbook Sale
December 7 – Pearl Harbor Day
December 14 – Pioneer Christmas Luncheon
December 21 – First Day of Winter
December 24 – Christmas Even
December 25 – Christmas Day
December 27 – Camp Rap-A-Hope Cookout
December 31 – New Year’s Eve

Our next meeting will be November 16th at Ryan’s Family Steakhouse, 4439
Rangeline Rd. (next to the Lowe’s parking lot inTillman’s Corner), 11:30 a.m. We
look forward to seeing you. !!!!!!!!!!!!

Dottie Steelreath                           Audrey Garner
Newsletter chair – Mobile Council           Lime-Lights Newsletter Chair
Happy Birthday!
    We wish you a day
   filled with sunshine
     happy memories!
              November Birthday Greetings
Mobile LMC                         Mobile LMC (Cont'd)
Jerry T       BYNUM        11-01   James D       THAMES       11-15
Marvin L      PRYOR        11-01   David R       SANDERS      11-16
JL            BOGGS        11-04   David J       STROWD       11-17
Jennifer      MCCORD       11-04   Norman E      ROWELL       11-18
Mary          THRASH       11-05   Mary M        SHOULTZ      11-19
Franklin A    DOAN SR      11-06   Frances       WILLIAMSON   11-19
Ernest D      GILLIS       11-06   Richard E     WRIGHT       11-19
Emma C        MANN         11-08   Helen J       ALLEN        11-21
WF            PORTER JR    11-09   V B (Sue)     JOHNSON      11-21
Maples E      NORRIS JR    11-10   Hollis G      DAVIS        11-22
Joan B        WIGLEY       11-10   Jeanell C     BARTLETT     11-23
Elizabeth B   MADDOX       11-11   Herbert B     BRINKER      11-24
Hazel K       SHAVER       11-11   Sarah B       JOHNSON      11-24
Larry W       GIBSON       11-12   MH            O'BARR       11-24
Arthur A      MALLON JR    11-12   Myrtle N      NORRIS       11-25
Frank R       MARCUS       11-12   EK            EUBANKS      11-27
FJ            MILLER       11-12   L Taylor      BLACK        11-28
Joy A         SEALE        11-12   WL            BRADLEY      11-29
Curtis A      FELSHER      11-14   Kenneth O     PATTEN       11-29
Anita K       GLASS        11-14   Joe E         MCMILLAN     11-30
Faye W        KEMP         11-15   Joyce V       MILLER       11-30
Gracie W      KIDD         11-15   Ladonna R     SMITH        11-30
Virginia J    LOLLAR       11-15

Regular                            Regular (Cont'd)
Michael D     CONERLY JR   11-02   Donna A        JONES       11-16
David W       DUNNAM       11-02   James          TILLMAN     11-16
DeAnna        KITCHENS     11-02   Carl H         HANSON      11-17
David         COOPER       11-03   Daniel A       BROWN       11-21
JH            KENNAMER     11-03   Kirk           HOVEN       11-21
Chris         BROWN        11-05   Eugene         LEE         11-21
HJ            DEVALK       11-06   GC             SANDERS     11-22
John O        CANNON       11-09   Ronald L       YOUNG       11-22
Mary T        HARRIS       11-09   William C      HOBSON      11-26
Kim E         HENDERSON    11-09   Robert         JONES       11-26
Todd          BADGER       11-10   Leroy          CURRY       11-29
Leamon        BODDIE JR    11-11   Bret C         GAY         11-30
Johnny L      WALDEN       11-14   CA             HENKEN      11-30
Kenny         HEATH        11-15
             December Birthday Greetings
Baldwin LMC                         Mobile LMC
Gerald B      GREEN         12-03   Donna G       ELLIS        12-02
Gerald V      RODGERS       12-08   Rosa S        PINKALL      12-02
Barbara C     MILLER        12-09   William H     JAMES JR     12-03
George H      WORTHINGTON   12-09   Ida B         SESSIONS     12-03
Kenneth R     WILSON        12-11   Edna L        LOCKETT      12-04
Carol D       ADAMS         12-12   James A       LUTHER       12-04
Huey J        BARNES        12-12   Donald R      THERRELL     12-05
Laine T       PARKS         12-13   Shirley S     RACHAL       12-08
John R        HODGKINS      12-15   Reagan S      ODOM         12-09
IE            WILCOX        12-16   Jettie R      CRAIG        12-10
Walton J      MCHALE        12-17   Jewel B       JONES        12-10
Claude P      MORTON        12-19   James M       NETTLES JR   12-10
Joyce E       HUBBARD       12-20   Joe D         DILL         12-13
RD            MCCRARY       12-22   J M (Polly)   JONES        12-13
EW            KEARNEY       12-23   Charles M     NICHOLSON    12-14
John M        WATERS        12-23   Elizabeth A   CARROLL      12-15
CD            LANCASTER     12-24   WG            CONNELL      12-15
Betty A       WYMAN         12-24   Lois N        KLAAS        12-15
WS            WALTER        12-26   Robert L      WILLIAMS     12-15
Carol S       JONES         12-27   Nell H        PRICE        12-16
Charles R     FRANZ JR      12-28   Susan L       REIN         12-16
John A        HUNSBERGER    12-30   Rheta S       HILL         12-18
Kenneth B     ELLIOTT       12-31   Shirley N     DOWNEY       12-19
Ella R        POWELL        12-31   Hannah R      KILLINGS     12-21
                                    Elenor A      SAWYER       12-21
Regular                             E P (Ruth)    TAYLOR       12-22
CE            SMITH III     12-01   Iva Y (Lee)   STAPLES      12-24
Charles       LEONARD       12-10   Dianna R      HAYNES       12-26
Antoinette    BLAKELY       12-13   Betty W       RUSSELL      12-26
Fredrick L    BROWN         12-13   Deborah L     CRESAP       12-27
Robert W      ARNETT        12-17   Judy E        BOYD         12-28
JA            LONG          12-17   Larry W       PETERSON     12-28
Roger         WARD          12-17   James         WILSON       12-28
Robert        STRICKLAND    12-18   Ronald H      MASON        12-29
DN            FARNELL       12-20   CC            LOLLAR JR    12-30
Richard       DOSS          12-22   Joseph H      ELLSWORTH    12-31
Charles G     SHARPE        12-23   Jack H        STRUNK       12-31
Ernest        PERKINS       12-29
David K       DRISKELL      12-30
      Christmas 2010
  Annual Pioneer Luncheon
         Our annual observance of the Christmas Luncheon
           will be Tuesday, December 14th at 11:30 A.M

                      Knights of Columbus Hall
                          1947 Duval Street
                             Mobile, AL

          The meal will be catered by Dick Russell’s Bar-B-Q

                          $12.00 per person

                            Fried Shrimp
                              Fried Fish
                           Barbeque Pork
                          Barbeque Chicken
                            Baked Beans
                            Potato Salad

If you would like to bring a special Christmas dessert to share with the
                     crowd, please feel free to do so.

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