Golden Age by shuifanglj


									Egypt’s Golden Age

   Key Time Periods of Egyptian
Generally, three distinct time periods define
the Egyptian time period, but there is more
to this story.
                    Predynastic- unification of Egypt by Narmer
 - Old Kingdom
                             1st Intermediate Period
 - Middle Kingdom
 - New Kingdom
                              2nd Intermediate Period
 - Late Dynastic
 - Greek Period
 - Roman Period
    The First Intermediate Period
          2134-2040 BCE
- occurred at the end of the Old Kingdom after the death of
Pepi II (ruled for 94 years…the longest reign of any monarchy
in history).
                        What Happened?
- he left a power vacuum…
-Nile River’s predictable flooding was non-existent for several years
compounded by drought conditions. This lead to…

-poor crop production led to widespread famine and food shortages…
The Second Intermediate Period
    1640 BCE- 1550 BCE
                                                      “Rulers of
-occurred at the end of the Middle Kingdom.            Foreign
-Large groups of people known as the Hyksos (from
Phoenicia, Syria and Palestine), infiltrated Egypt during
the Middle Kingdom.
-Hyksos kings now had a base to gain control of Egypt
which they inevitably did during this period.
-Although “non-Egyptian” many didn’t mind their
control. They did introduce modern weapons to Egypt:
              - Chariots
              - Compound Bow
              - Scimitar (sword with curved blade)
      The Hyksos and Hittites
• Hyksos (foreign
  rulers) likely
  originated from
  modern day Israel
  and Lebanon.
• Hittites ruled the
  southeastern areas
  of Turkey
     The New Kingdom Begins
• Ahmose I (Ahmosis) defeats the Hyksos and
  Hittites in ~ 1550 BCE…sets the stage for the
  reunification of Egypt.

                                 defeating the
                                 Hyksos and
                 Ahmose I
• Ruled for 25 years
  (1550-1525BCE) and
  set the stage for
  Egypt’s golden age.

               Dagger of Ahmose I (with
               (source: The ROM)
             New Kingdom
          1550 BCE-1070 BCE
• The GOLDEN AGE of           • Well known figures of this
  Egypt.                        time period:
• Great cultural, political   • Ahmose I
  advancement during this     • Thutmoses (I, II and III)
  time.                       • Ramses II
• The most widely studied     • Tutankhamun
  Egyptian time period
                              • Amenhotep
                                IV(Akhenaten) & Nefertiti
                              • Hatshepsut

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