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									Culinary Arts
Wine Academy
Summer 2009
                           Chef Awards
HCAT is known as the community's kitchen and in appreciation of those students who
are frequenting our kitchen, we are presenting the following awards each year. Look
for new winners this fall, or better yet, become a winner yourself and find out why so
many people find our culinary and wine classes enlightening, engaging and fun!

            Take 30 or more courses in two years and receive an HCAT chef's coat.

         Take 20 or more courses and receive a chef's knife.

          Take 15 or more courses and receive a boning knife

         Take 10 or more courses and receive a paring knife.

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                            Culinary Arts — Summer 2009

Table of Contents
Cooking Demonstrations .............................................................................................2-3
Hands-On Cooking ..........................................................................................................3-5
HCAT at Whole Foods Market ..................................................................................6
Culinary Tours.....................................................................................................................7
Napa Valley Wine and Culinary Excursion .........................................................8
Wine Academy...................................................................................................................9
Our Instructors ..................................................................................................................10
Location Codes and Icons ............................................................................................11
Registration Information ..............................................................................................12-13

                               HCAT Open House
                                   Find out about noncredit culinary courses
                                       and HCAT's many credit programs
                                    Thursday • 6-7:30 p.m. • June 18
                             Arnold campus, Humanities Building Room 214
                                     Wednesday • 6-7:30 p.m. • Aug. 5
                                  HCAT Institute, 7438 Gov. Ritchie Highway
                                          Glen Burnie, Md. 21061

                     • 410-777-2398

                     Culinary Arts — Summer 2009

Cooking                                                 CUI 329
                                                        A Goose in Toulouse
Demonstrations                                          Learn the great ways the French cook
                                                        poultry — from the ubiquitous chicken to
Relax, eat, drink and learn as sensational              quail, duck and even goose. Explore recipes
recipes are prepared before your eyes.                  directly from France through chef demon-
                                                        strations. $49† includes $20 supplies/lab fee.
CUI 317                                                   Note: Must be age 21 or older to enroll.
Chefs of the Chesapeake                                 Sec. 301 H99940H 1 session                HUM 207
Meet a talented local chef and learn some of            F       6:30-9 pm     June 19
their personal recipes. Energize yourself and
your culinary ambitions with techniques for             CUI 372 NEW
creating surprising and luxurious taste expe-           Campfire Specialties
riences through chef demonstrations. $49†               Discover the trick to making tasty and sim-
includes $20 supplies/lab fee.                          ple camp foods through chef demonstra-
  Note: Must be age 21 or older to enroll.
                                                        tions and transform your next camping trip
Sec. 301 H99912H 1 session                HUM 207       into a gourmet experience. $49† includes
F       6:30-9 pm     June 12        Ben Galloway
                                                        $20 supplies/lab fee.
                                                        Sec. 301 H99941H 1 session               HUM 207
GME 327 NEW                                             F       6:30-9:30 pm June 26          Ben Galloway
Secrets of the Caterer
Translate your love of cooking and planning             CUI 371 NEW
parties into a profitable and reputable cater-          Boot Scootin’ BBQ
ing business. Gather insights, tricks of the            Watch as a chef demonstrates how to cook
trade and many delicious catering recipes.              up smokin’ good chicken and ribs. Learn
$88† includes $55 supplies/lab fee.                     techniques for dry rubs and marinades and
  Note: Online course.
                                                        for smoking meats. $49† includes $20 sup-
Sec. 301 H99934H June 17-Aug. 7 ONLN EDGO
                                                        plies/lab fee.
Sec. 302 H99935H July 15-Sept. 4 ONLN EDGO                Note: Must be age 21 or older to enroll.
                                                        Sec. 301 H99942H 1 session                   HCAT
GME 354 NEW                                             F       6:30-9:30 pm July 10
Luscious Low-Fat,
Lightning-Quick Meals                                   CUI 325
Become a food and nutrition expert with                 Five Little Peppers
the guidance of a registered dietitian. Learn           Watch as a chef demonstrates how to use
how to reduce fat in your cooking without               peppers to create savory dishes. Learn how
sacrificing flavor or texture. $88† includes            peppers, both spicy and sweet, make flavors
$55 supplies/lab fee.                                   fuller and add fragrance and complexity to
  Note: Online course.                                  food and sauces. $49† includes $20 supplies/
Sec. 301 H99936H June 17-Aug. 7 ONLN EDGO               lab fee.
Sec. 302 H99937H July 15-Sept. 4 ONLN EDGO              Sec. 301 H99943H 1 session               HUM 207
                                                        W       6:30-9:30 pm July 15

                      Culinary Arts — Summer 2009

                                                        CUI 318
                                                        Savor Authentic Italy
                                                        Explore world-famous foods from Parma,
                                                        a city in Italy’s historic Emilia-Romagna
                                                        region through chef demonstrations. Learn
                                                        to prepare classic meals by observing a chef,
                                                        and enjoy wine while sampling the flavorful
                                                        dishes. $49† includes $20 supplies/lab fee.
                                                          Note: Must be age 21 or older to enroll.
                                                        Sec. 301 H99962H 1 session                   HCAT
                                                        F       6:30-9 pm     Aug. 14

                                                        Hands-on Cooking
                                                        CUI 370 NEW
                                                        Frozen Desserts
                                                        Produce ice cream, sorbet, gelato and sher-
                                                        bet from scratch. Learn the science behind
                                                        the freezing process and the development
                                                        of the flavor and texture of each of these
CUI 331                                                 delicious frozen treats. $54† includes $25
A Gourmet Cafe                                          supplies/lab fee.
Be surprised and inspired by contemporary               Sec. 301 H99751H 1 session               HUM 207
dishes brilliantly demonstrated by the chef.            W       6:30-9:30 pm June 3
Learn recipes for edgy yet delicious meals.
$49† includes $20 supplies/lab fee.                     CUI 320 NEW
  Note: Must be age 21 or older to enroll.              The Texas Two-Step
Sec. 301 H99944H 1 session                   HCAT       Learn how to make “big foods” like large
F       6:30-9 pm     July 17                           cuts of meat and then turn leftovers into
                                                        amazing dishes for another meal. Master
CUI 376 NEW                                             simple techniques to quickly create dazzling
Savory Bites for Wine Delights                          Texan-inspired dishes. $54† includes $25
Watch a chef prepare savory appetizers for              supplies/lab fee.
all occassions. Learn how to pair a good                Sec. 301 H99752H 1 session               HUM 207
wine with each hors d’oeuvre. $49† includes             W       6:30-9:30 pm June 10
$20 supplies/lab fee.
  Note: Must be age 21 or older to enroll.
Sec. 301 H99956H 1 session                HUM 207
W       6:30-9:30 pm July 29         Ben Galloway

                      Culinary Arts — Summer 2009

CUI 332 NEW                                                CUI 322
Breads That Rise to the Occasion                           Sinful Desserts
Discover the secrets of enriched summer                    Learn how to make the delights of a gour-
breads. Learn elegant recipes for festive                  met patisserie. Sample elegant cookies,
warm-weather dinners or parties. $54†                      cakes and tarts made with chocolate and
includes $25 supplies/lab fee.                             other flavorful ingredients. Collect “sinful”
Sec. 301 H99753H 1 session           HUM 218               recipes to recreate at home. $54† includes
W       6:30-9:30 pm June 10 Christopher James             $25 supplies/lab fee.
                                                           Sec. 301 H99762H 1 session            HUM 207
GMT 392                                                    W       6:30-9:30 pm June 24       Ben Galloway
Culinary Basics
Learn the basics of cooking, including the                 CUI 321
secrets of stocks, soups and sauces. Find out              A Symphony of Snacks
how to turn standard cuisine into gourmet                  Learn how to make easy yet elegant appetiz-
delights. $173† includes $42 supplies/lab fee.             ers that will be “music to your ears.” Gain
Sec. 301 H99754H 4 sessions                 HCAT           recipes for quick and make-ahead hors
MTuWTh 9 am-3 pm June 15-18              Ken Jarvis        d’oeuvres. $54† includes $25 supplies/lab fee.
                                                           Sec. 301 H99763H 1 session             HUM 207
GME 398                                                    W       6:30-9:30 pm July 1         Rebecca Sileo
Cooking for Weight Loss
and Management                                             CUI 323
Learn to prepare delicious meals that help                 American Regional Cooking —
with weight loss and maintenance. Dispel                   NASCAR Style
the myth that fat free means taste free. Dis-              Race car owners and drivers know what they
cover ways to switch dietary fat, moderate                 like, and it isn’t all bratwurst and hot dogs. It
carbohydrates and incorporate vegetables.                  is down-home style cooking that is perfect
$54† includes $25 supplies/lab fee.                        for warm-weather evenings and outdoor
Sec. 301 H99755H 1 session               HUM 207           parties. $54† includes $25 supplies/lab fee.
W       6:30-9:30 pm June 17             A.C. Stebel       Sec. 301 H99765H 1 session             HUM 207
                                                           W       6:30-9:30 pm July 8
GME 329
Advanced Culinary Basics                                   CUI 328
Build on skills and techniques learned in                  Culinary Charisma
Culinary Basics (GMT 392) to expand knowl-                 Discover fantastic fare from Charleston, South
edge of food preparation standards. Explore                Carolina. Taste the elements that distinguish
moist- and dry-heat cooking methods such                   Charleston’s dishes: indigenous foods, fresh
as braising, stewing, sauteing, deep-frying and            local seafood, a soupcon of French tradition
roasting. $173† includes $42 supplies/lab fee.             and a spoonful of African ingredients. $54†
  Prerequisite: GMT 392 or permission of instructor.       includes $25 supplies/lab fee.
Sec. 301 H99760H 3 sessions                   HCAT         Sec. 301 H99767H 1 session             HUM 207
TuWTh 9 am-3 pm June 23-25                Ken Jarvis       W       6:30-9:30 pm July 22        Rebecca Sileo

                    Culinary Arts — Summer 2009

CUI 333
International Intrigue
Join a globetrotting chef on a gastronomic
journey around the world. Learn to create
exciting recipes by borrowing the best from
international cuisines. $54† includes $25
supplies/lab fee.
Sec. 301 H99768H 1 session           HUM 207
F       6:30-9:30 pm July 31      Rebecca Sileo

CUI 395
A Fish for All Seasons                                CUI 388
With the guidance of a chef, discover new             Wok With Us This Summer
ways to prepare any type of fish. Learn deli-         Discover the mysteries of stir-fry. Explore
cious and healthful recipes from the Arctic           the origins of exotic ingredients. Incorporate
to the Chesapeake Bay. $54 includes $25               traditional Asian flavors and condiments
supplies/lab fee.                                     and use authentic tools and equipment.
Sec. 301 H99772H 1 session          HUM 207           $54† includes $25 supply/lab fee.
W       6:30-9:30 pm Aug. 5         A.C. Stebel       Sec. 301 H99782H 1 session              HUM 207
                                                      W       6:30-9:30 pm Aug. 19
CUI 386
Vietnamese Summer Rolls                               CUI 391
Experience tasty, refreshing and low-calorie          Whole-Grain Breads
Vietnamese summer rolls - perfect for enter-          Learn traditional methods for producing
taining or a light snack. Learn to make rolls         rustic whole-grain peasant loaves. Discover
with fresh vegetables and herbs, rice noo-            the secrets of great taste and nutrition. $54†
dles, cooked lean pork or steamed shrimp.             includes $25 supplies/lab fee.
$54† includes $25 supplies/lab fee.                   Sec. 301 H99803H 1 session              HUM 218
Sec. 301 H99773H 1 session           HUM 207          Su      10 am-2 pm Aug. 23          Virginia Olson
F       6:30-9:30 pm Aug. 7
                                                      CUI 334
CUI 392                                               The Pie’s the Limit
Ah-Choux!                                             Learn updated and scene-stealing versions of
Learn how to make old favorites like eclairs          America’s favorite pies. Use simple doughs to
and cream puffs. Produce French choux                 elevate different fillings. Create an irresistible
pastry and create filled sweet and savory             pie to conclude a supremely satisfying din-
delights from your childhood. $54† includes           ner. $54† includes $25 supplies/lab fee.
$25 supplies/lab fee.                                 Sec. 301 H99804H 1 session              HUM 218
Sec. 301 H99774H 1 session           HUM 218          W       6:30-9:30 pm Aug. 26
W       6:30-9:30 pm Aug. 12 Christopher James

                    Culinary Arts — Summer 2009

HCAT at Whole                                       CUL 330
                                                    Hand-Rolled Pasta
Foods Market                                        Learn to produce traditional Italian pasta
                                                    from scratch. Discover how to pair classic
Anne Arundel Community College is                   and contemporary sauces with different
pleased to announce a new partnership               pasta shapes.
with the Culinary Center of Annapolis at            Sec. 301 H03546H 1 session             WLFD
Whoel Foods Market to provide culinary              Tu      7-9 pm   June 16         Shawn Harlan
courses at the brand new 75,000-square-
foot store in Annapolis Towne Center in             CUL 332
Parole.                                             Vietnamese Summer Rolls
   Tripled in size from its previous location       Experience tasty, refreshing and low-calorie
at Harbour Center, this newly expanded              Vietnamese summer rolls perfect for enter-
75,000 square feet grocery store boasts the         taining or a light snack. Learn to make rolls
                                                    with fresh vegetables and herbs, rice noo-
second largest Whole Foods Market in the
                                                    dles, cooked lean pork or steamed shrimp.
country. It offers convenient, underground
                                                    Sec. 301 H03546H 1 session               WLFD
parking, and importantly a brand new,               Tu      7-9 pm   June 30          John Johnson
state-of-the-art, 24-station culinary center.

CUL 331
Cooking for Weight Loss Management
Learn to prepare delicious meals that help
with weight loss and maintenance. Dispel
the myth that fat free means taste free. Dis-
cover ways to switch dietary fat, moderate
carbohydrates and incorporate vegetables.
Sec. 301 H03543H     1 session          WLFD
F       7-9 pm       June 12        Lou Woods
Sec. 302 H03544H     1 session          WLFD
Tu      7-9 pm       July 28        Lou Woods

                      Culinary Arts — Summer 2009

Culinary Tours                                             CUI 377
                                                           Pickin’ ‘n’ Jammin’ — Part 1
                                                           Travel to a local orchard and learn how to
CUI 374 NEW                                                choose the best berries for making jams.
Wine Country Weekends                                      Experience the taste of fruit fresh from the
Tour regional wineries and enjoy tasting                   vine and enjoy a day in the country. $54†
local vintages. Sample the offerings of Mary-              includes $25 supplies/lab fee.
land vintners and experience traditional                      Note: Tuition includes transportation and show
winemaking firsthand. $54† includes $25                    entry. Meet at 8 a.m., Parking Lot B, Arnold campus.
supplies/lab fee.                                          Sec. 301 H99901H 1 session                     TOUR
   Note: Must be age 21 or older to enroll. A gour-        Sa        8 am-5 pm July 18            Virginia Olson
met boxed lunch will be provided. Meet at 8 a.m.,
Parking Lot B, Arnold campus.                              CUI 378
Sec. 301 H99897H 1 session                     TOUR        Pickin’ ‘n’ Jammin’ — Part 2
Sa       8 am-5 pm June 20            Ben Galloway         Learn techniques for making your seasonal
                                                           produce last all year long. Prepare fruit and
CUI 380                                                    berry jams and preserves with fresh-picked
Fancy Food Show in New York City                           produce. $54† includes $25 supplies/lab fee.
Travel to New York City to experience a                    Sec. 301 H99909H 1 session               HUM 218
major international culinary trade show.                   Su      10 am-2 pm July 19           Virginia Olson
Explore the largest selection of gourmet and
specialty foods under one roof. $95 includes
$80 supplies/lab fee.
  Note: Tuition includes transportation and show
entry. Meet at 6 a.m., Parking Lot B, Arnold campus.
Sec. 301 H99899H 1 session                     TOUR
Su       6 am-11 pm June 28             Ben Galloway

 CUL 325
 Napa Valley Wine and Culinary Experience — July 19-26
 Spend a week studying wine, viticulture and fine food in the beautiful Napa and Sonoma Valleys.
 Study at Trinchero Winery in St. Helena, California at their Hospitality Institute. Learn about food and
 wine pairings, mastering wine aromas and understanding taste balance. Itinerary includes side trips
 to Domaine Chandon, B.R. Cohn Winery, Glen Ellen Winery. Spend the last weekend in San Francisco.
 Includes airfare, transportation, instruction, most meals and lodging. For more information call Lou
 Woods at 410-777-1156.
   Note: Highlights listed on page 7.
 Sec. 301 ★00000★ Double occupancy with airfare $3,305! includes $3,100 supplies/lab fee
 Sec. 302 ★00000★	 	 ouble occupancy without airfare $2,905! includes $2,700 supplies/lab fee
 Sec. 303 ★00000★ Single occupancy with airfare $4,205! includes $4,000 supplies/lab fee
 Sec. 304 ★00000★ Single occupancy without airfare $3,805! includes $3,600 supplies/lab fee

 Napa Valley Wine and Culinary Excursion Highlights

Sunday, July 19                                 Thursday, July 23
• Fly from Baltimore to San Francisco,          • Breakfast at the hotel, depart for Lower
  stay at Hilton, Financial District              Sonoma Valley tour of wineries and
• Afternoon on your own                           shops
• Dinner at the Slanted Door                    • Lunch in Sonoma; return to hotel
                                                • Dinner to be determined

Monday, July 20
• Breakfast at the hotel, depart for Napa       Friday, July 24
  Valley wineries                               • Breakfast at the hotel, depart for
• Al fresco lunch at V. Sattui Winery             San Francisco
• Stay at the Hennessey Bed and                 • Check into airport hotel, afternoon on
  Breakfast                                       your own
• Dinner in Napa Valley at either Tra           • Dinner at the Hotel Restaurant or
  Vigne, or Mustard’s Grill or comparable         comparable restaurant

                                                Saturday, July 25
Tuesday, July 21                                • Morning – Depart for Baltimore
• Breakfast at the hotel, depart for Napa
  Valley winery tours and tastings
• Spend the day participating in more
  tastings, blending seminars; lunch at
  Franciscan Wineries, return to hotel
• Dinner in Napa Valley at either Tra
  Vigne, or Mustard’s Grill or comparable

Wednesday, July 22
• Breakfast at the hotel, depart for
  Napa Valley winery tours and tastings
• Participate in Vine to Dine program at
  Trinchero Wineries
• Dinner to be determined

                     Culinary Arts — Summer 2009

Wine Academy                                              CUI 373 NEW
                                                          Wine Etiquette
                                                          Plan your next wine tasting with confidence.
CUL 309                                                   Learn about the tools, temperatures and
Become a Wine Snob                                        stemware of fine wine service. A must for
Taste a broad range of wines of varying                   any wine enthusiast. $49† includes $20 sup-
costs. Learn how value meets quality. $70†                plies/lab fee.
includes $40 supplies/lab fee.                              Note: Must be age 21 or older to enroll.
  Note: Must be age 21 or older to enroll.                Sec. 301 H99826H 1 session                HUM 214
Sec. 301 H99821H 1 session              HUM 214           F       6:30-9:30 pm July 24             Loyd Luna
Tu      7-9 pm        June 2
                                                          CUL 311
CUL 302                                                   Wines of the Titanic
Summer Wines                                              Sample a selection of wines from the wine
Discover the light, crisp and refreshing wines            list served to first class voyagers on the
that enhance any menu and make summer                     Titanic. $70† includes $40 supplies/lab fee.
special. $70† includes $40 supplies/lab fee.                Note: Must be age 21 or older to enroll.
  Note: Must be age 21 or older to enroll.                Sec. 301 H99827H 1 session                HUM 214
Sec. 301 H99822H 1 session                HUM 214         Tu      7-9 pm        Aug. 4
F       6:30-9 pm     June 5             Loyd Luna

CUL 310
Wines of America
Taste a selection of American wines and
discover why it is the fourth largest wine
producer in the world. $70† includes $40
supplies/lab fee.
  Note: Must be age 21 or older to enroll.
Sec. 301 H99824H 1 session                HUM 214
Tu      7-9 pm        July 7             Loyd Luna

                    Our Instructors — Summer 2009

Jill Fellman, M.S.W.                                       Loyd Luna
began her customer service career in the fast food         is a well-known oenologist throughout Maryland
industry and then moved on to casual dining                with instructional experience in the U.S. Navy and
restaurants. Her current customer service work             at the National Security Agency. His hobbies are
includes training people, direct sales and custom-         beekeeping and teaching a related course called
er support for a private foundation.                       “A Honey of a Hobby.”
Ben Galloway                                               Virginia Olson, C.W.P.C., C.H.E.
has worked in various aspects of the food service          has been an HCAT Institute instructor for six years,
industry for more than fifteen years. His skills           specializing in baking and pastry. She is a graduate
include restaurant management, cooking, serv-              of L’Academie de Cuisine and has worked at Har-
ing and bartending. His creativity and passion for         bor Court Hotel, 1789 Restaurant and Butterfield 9
food have led him back to teaching for HCAT. Ben           in Washington, D.C.
invites students to experience the joy of food and
drink, while providing the best customer service           Rebecca Sileo
for their clients.                                         is a graduate of Peter Kump’s School of Culinary
Shawn Harlan, C.E.C., C.H.E                                Arts in New York. She is a personal chef and the
is an accomplished chef and instructor with more           owner of Personal Chef Service. She enjoys offer-
than 20 years experience in the kitchen. He has            ing her culinary expertise while teaching others
worked at some of America’s finest restaurants             how to cook.
including Chateau de Sureau, The Inn at Little
                                                           A.C. Stebel
Washington and Lespinasse Restaurant.
                                                           is a personal chef and owner of mimiscuisine.
Christopher James                                          com. A graduate of Emory University, Stebel holds
is a graduate of Baltimore International College,          degrees in history, English, as well as accounting
School of Culinary Arts. He is currently a pastry          and business.
chef at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Washington, D.C.
and has been a pastry cook at The White House              Lou Woods, C.E.C., C.C.A., F.M.P.
and the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Pentagon City, Va.             comes to HCAT with over 15 years experience as
                                                           a chef, teacher and manager in the food service
Ken Jarvis, C.E.C., C.C.E., C.H.E.
                                                           industry. Chef Woods has served as an executive
is one of the mainstays of AACC. He has an associ-         chef in the business and healthcare industries. He
ate degree from the Culinary Institute of America,         received his Associate of Applied Sciences degree
a Bachelor of Science degree from Rochester Insti-         in Hotel and Restaurant Management from AACC
tute of Technology and a Master of Science degree          and his Bachelors degree in Hotel and Restaurant
from Strayer University.                                   Management, from the hospitality program at
John V. Johnson, C.E.C., C.C.E., A.A.C.                    University of Maryland Eastern Shore. He is cur-
                                                           rently working on an MBA degree through West-
has been in the food service industry for over 30
                                                           ern Governors University.
years. His experience includes opening the Brass
Elephant Restaurant in Baltimore and being the
executive chef at Rollong Road Golf Club and
Great Occasions Catering. He has taught culinary
arts for the past 20 years with the Howard County
Public School System, Carver Center for Arts
and Technology in Towson and Johnson & Wales
University in Denver. His enthusiastic love of food
fuels his energy for teaching.
                   Location Codes and Icons

                                   Arnold campus
                       101 College Parkway, Arnold, Md. 21012

                                   Humanities Building

                              Dr. Lila R. Schwartz Building

                  Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Tourism Institute
                         7438 Governor Ritchie Highway
                               Glen Burnie, Md. 21061

                                     ONLN EDGO
                                     Online instruction

                        Go online with continuing education!
        AACC offers an exciting range of online courses to meet your needs.
  You can take a short interactive quiz “Are Online Learning Courses Right for Me?”
               at to help you
                    decide if this option fits your learning needs.
     All courses require Internet access, e-mail, Internet Explorer or other browser.
    Technical requirements may be found at
      If you do not have an online service from home or work, you can access the
 Internet at the Technology Learning Centers (TLC) in Room 314 of the Truxal Library
        on the Arnold campus, at the Glen Burnie Town Center or in Suite 206 at
       AACC at Arundel Mills. Once you have registered for an online course, call
410-777-2325 or visit for further instructions.

                                          Uniform Code

                 Required by all students in courses with a chef’s hat.
    For safety reasons, students in our hands-on culinary courses must follow our
             dress code policy and wear long pants and closed-toe shoes.
                  The college will supply you with an apron and hat.

                 † Course is not tuition free for seniors or disabled retirees.

                                             5 Ways to Register

New aNd RetuRNiNg StudeNtS                                             RetuRNiNg StudeNtS oNly

1   register online through myaacc
    it's fast. it's convenient. it's secure. And it is now
available to both new and returning students. Go to http://
                                                                       5   StaRS touch-tone phone —
                                                                            410-777-2241. Anyone who has taken any class at AACC
                                                                       since Sept. 1991 and has a current address on file, may register                                                       via STARS 5 a.m.-midnight, seven days a week.
What is myaacc? MyAACC is how AACC students register                   Before you pick up the phone have ready:
and pay for classes, get access to grades and identify room loca-      	 •	 Credit	card	number	and	expiration
tions among other things. Noncredit and credit students alike          	 •	 Social	security	number	or	student	ID
can benefit from the many features MyAACC has to offer.                	 •	 Personal	identification	number	
                                                                            (first-time users use your digit birth

2   Fax — 410-777-4325
    Credit card only.
                                                                            month and day (i.e. April 13 = 0413)
                                                                       	 •	 Term	(fall,	spring,	summer)
                                                                       	 •	 STARS	number	(i.e.	82349)	If	your

3  Mail — Continuing Education and
   Workforce Development
Arnold campus — CALT 115
                                                                            course has no STARS number, call
                                                                       The line may become silent while transactions occur. Please do
101 College Parkway                                                    not	hang	up.	If	the	class	you	want	is	full,	you	can	join	a	wait	list.	
Arnold, Md. 21012-1895                                                 You will be contacted if seats become available.
Credit card, check or money order
(payable to AACC)

4   in Person —
    ATM card, credit card, check or money order. Cash is only
accepted at the cashier's office on the Arnold campus, Student
Services Room 120.
Continuing Education and Workforce Development, Arnold cam-
pus Center for Applied Learning and Technology Room 115
8 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday-Thursday
8 a.m.-5 p.m. Friday
8 a.m.-noon Saturday
Records and Registration, Arnold Campus, 410-777-2325
AACC at Arundel Mills, 410-777-2010
Glen Burnie Town Center, 410-777-2945
Fort Meade Army Education Center, 410-672-2117/2554

                         Full payment must accompany all noncredit course registrations.
                                                Accepted credit cards:
                                    American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

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     (PLEASE USE BLACK INK)                                                                                TERM:          � FALL          � WINTER            � SPRING             � SUMMER                   YEAR:

     STUDENT'S SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER (optional) OR AACC ID                         STUDENT'S LAST NAME                                                                            STUDENT'S FIRST NAME                                       MI

     STREET ADDRESS                                                                                                        CITY                                                    STATE             ZIP

     COUNTY                                                                                    E-MAIL ADDRESS

                                                                                                                                               BIRTH DATE                                                    GENDER       M   MALE       F   FEMALE
     BUSINESS PHONE #                                                               HOME PHONE #                                                            MONTH        DAY          YEAR

      OPTIONAL FOR REPORTING PURPOSES ONLY.                                                    CITIZENSHIP                                                           RESIDENCY
      ETHNICITY CHECK ONE                           RACE CHECK ONE OR MORE                    � U.S.                                                                 � YES     � NO        I HAVE MAINTAINED MY LEGAL DOMICILE IN
      � NOT HISPANIC OR LATINO                      � ASIAN                                     ALIEN REGISTRATION CARD)                                                                   COUNTY FOR AT LEAST 3 MONTHS.
                                                    � BLACK OR AFRICAN-AMERICAN               � TYPE OF VISA
                                                                                                                                                                     � YES     � NO        I HAVE MAINTAINED MY LEGAL DOMICILE IN
                                                    � NATIVE HAWAIIAN OR OTHER                � FOREIGN COUNTRY OF CITIZENSHIP                                                             MARYLAND FOR AT LEAST 3 MONTHS.
                                                      PACIFIC ISLANDER
                                                    � WHITE

     SELECT ONE                                                                                                                                                                         GRADE                                    SCHOOL CODE
      REGISTER • DROP          �STARS�            COURSE ID           SECTION                                                       COURSE TITLE                                      START DATE     DAYS         TIMES       LOCATION       COST

          Register               00000            SAM 300                201          239                                         Sample Course                                        Sept. 3       MWF        7-9 pm        AACC           $$$
     The security of all members of the campus community is of vital concern                                                                                  MARYLAND OUT-OF-COUNTY RESIDENT FEE ADD $5 EACH COURSE �
     to Anne Arundel Community College. Information concerning campus
     security and crime statistics is available in the Student Handbook.                                                                                                               OUT-OF-STATE FEE ADD $10 EACH COURSE �
     For copies write the Anne Arundel Community College Department
     of Public Safety, 101 College Pky Arnold MD 21012-1895.                                                                                                                                                            TOTAL COST �
     AACC is an equal opportunity, affirmative action, Title IX, ADA Title 504                 I certify that the information I have given on this form is accurate and complete.
     compliant institution. Call Disability Support Services, 410-777-2306 or
     Maryland Relay 711, 72 hours in advance or e-mail to request                REQUIRED SIGNATURE                                                                                                DATE
     special accommodations. For information regarding Anne Arundel Community
     College’s compliance and complaints concerning discrimination or harassment,             IT IS UNDERSTOOD AND AGREED BY YOUR SIGNATURE THAT YOU ARE HEREBY RESPONSIBLE AND OBLIGATED TO PAY FOR THE ABOVE COURSES.
     call Karen L. Cook, Esq., AACC’s federal compliance manager at 410-777-7370
     or Maryland Relay 711.                                                                   PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE (if student under 16 years)                                                            DATE

                                                                                              PAYMENT IS DUE AT TIME OF REGISTRATION. NO REFUNDS GIVEN AFTER THE CLASS HAS STARTED.
                                                                                              CHARGE MY     � AMERICAN EXPRESS        � MASTERCARD      � VISA   � DISCOVER                   ATTACHED IS MY CHECK/MONEY ORDER PAYABLE TO AACC.
                         Call 410-777-2325.                                                   ACCOUNT #                                                                                                    EXP. DATE:

      REV 6/08                                                                                CARDHOLDER SIGNATURE:

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