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									COnTRaCT an d R e sTiTuTiOn

                                   Contract Law                                Key features
                                                                               •	The	book	comprises	a	unique	balance	of	40%	text	to	60%	cases	and	
                                   Text, Cases, and Materials
                                                                                 materials,	combining	the	best	features	of	a	textbook	with	those	of	a	
                                   Fourth	Edition                                traditional	casebook
                                   Ewan McKendrick, Herbert Smith              •	Extensive	referencing	throughout	the	book	encourages	and	supports	
                                   Professor of English Private Law and          further	research		
                                   Pro-Vice-Chancellor, University of
                                                                               1,100 pp July 2010 978-0-19-957979-2 Paperback £34.99
                                   The	fourth	edition	of	Ewan	                 COnTenTs:
                                   McKendrick’s	Contract Law: Text, Cases,     1. Introduction; Part I - Formation; 2. Agreement: objective or
                                   and Materials	provides	a	complete	          subjective?; 3. Offer and acceptance; 4. Uncertain and incomplete
                                   guide	to	the	subject	in	a	single	volume,	   agreements; 5. Consideration and promissory estoppel; 6. Formalities;
                                   containing	everything	needed	for	the	       7. Intention to create legal relations; Part II - Terms; 8. The terms of the
                                   study	of	contract	law	at	undergraduate	     contract; 9. Incorporation of terms; 10. Implied terms;
                                   level.                                      11. The interpretation of contracts; 12. Boilerplate clauses; 13. Exclusion
                                                                               clauses; 14. Unfair terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999;
                                      Written	by	an	experienced	author	and	
                                                                               15. Good faith; Part III - Setting the contract aside; 16. Mistake;
leading	authority	in	the	field,	this	is	a	popular	text	with	students	and	      17. Misrepresentation; 18. Duress; 19. Undue influence;
lecturers	alike.                                                               20. Unconscionability and inequality of bargaining power; 21. Frustration
The	author’s	clear	explanations	and	analyses	of	the	law	provide	invaluable	    and force majure; Part IV - Remedies for breach; 22. Breach of
support	to	students,	while	the	extracts	from	cases	and	materials	promote	      contract and termination; 23. Damages; 24. Specific performance;
the	development	of	essential	case	reading	skills	and	allow	for	a	more	         Part V - Third party rights; 25. Third parties
detailed	appreciation	of	the	practical	workings	of	the	law,	and	of	the	best	
legal	scholarship.

                                                                “                       OnLine ResOuRCe CenTRe
             Any student who is serious about attaining a deep and
                                                                                  The book is supported by an Online Resource Centre containing updates to
    practical understanding of the law of contract should consider this
                                                                                  the law, useful web links, and extra materials linked to the book. Lecturers
    text.                                                                         have access to a test bank of multiple choice questions and answers.
                                    Times Higher Education

                                   Anson’s Law of Contract                     COnTenTs:
                                                                               1. Introduction; Part I – Formation of contract; 2. The agreement;
                                   Twenty-ninth	Edition
                                                                               3. Form; 4. Consideration and promissory estoppel; Part II – Contents
                                   The Hon. Sir Jack Beatson FBA, a            of the contract; 5. The terms of the contract; 6. Exclusion clauses and
                                   Justice of the High Court, Queen’s          unfair terms; Part III – Factors tending to defeat contractual liability;
                                   Bench Division, sometime Rouse              7. Incapacity; 8. Mistake; 9. Misrepresentation and non-disclosure;
                                   Ball Professor of English Law,              10. Duress, undue influence, and unconscionable bargains; 11. Illegality;
                                                                               Part IV – Performance and discharge; 12. Performance;
                                   University of Cambridge, Andrew
                                                                               13. Discharge by agreement; 14. Discharge by frustration; 15. Discharge
                                   Burrows FBA, QC, Norton Rose
                                                                               by breach; 16. Discharge by operation of law; Part V – Remedies for
                                   Professor of Commercial Law,                breach of contract; 17. Damages; 18. Specific remedies;
                                   University of Oxford, and John              19. Restitutionary awards; 20. Limitation of actions; Part VI – Limits of
                                   Cartwright, Professor of the Law of         the contractual obligation; 21. Third parties; 22. Assignment;
                                   Contract, University of Oxford and          Part VII – Agency; 23. Creation of agency; 24. Effect of agency;
                                   Professor of Anglo-American Private         25. Termination of agent’s authority
                                   Law, University of Leiden
                                    Anson’s Law of Contract	is	a	classic	
text	in	the	field,	renowned	for	offering	an	accurate,	authoritative	and	
stimulating	account	of	the	law	and	its	underlying	principles.	In	this	new	
edition	Sir	Jack	Beatson	is	joined	by	Professor	Andrew	Burrows	and	
Professor	John	Cartwright	to	create	an	exceptional	author	team.	
The	new	edition	continues	to	provide	comprehensive	and	detailed	
coverage	of	all	topics	covered	on	modern	contract	law	courses,	and	has	
been	completely	updated	to	incorporate	all	notable	developments	in	case	
law,	legislation,	and	academic	debate.
740 pp August 2010 978-0-19-928247-0 Paperback £35.99
Also available
740 pp August 2010 978-0-19-959333-0 Hardback £88.00

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                                                                                              COnTRaCT an d R e sTiTuTiOn

Textbook on Contract Law                                                                       COnTenTs:
                                                                                               1. Introduction to the law of contract;
Tenth	Edition
                                                                                               Part I - Formation; 2. Agreement;
Jill Poole, Head of Law and Professor of Commercial Law, Aston                                 3. Agreement problems;
Business School, Aston University                                                              4. Enforceability of promises:
                                                                                               consideration and promissory estoppel;
This	tenth	edition	of	the	established	Textbook on Contract Law	by	Jill	Poole	                  5. Intention to be legally bound,
provides	a	wide-ranging	and	straightforward	exposition	of	contract	law.	                       formalities and capacity to contract;
The	text	opens	with	an	overview	of	the	main	issues	surrounding	contract	                       Part II - Content, interpretation,
law,	which	places	the	subject	in	its	wider	context,	then	goes	on	to	give	                      performance, and breach;
a	clear	explanation	of	all	the	major	areas	of	contract	law	encountered	                        6. Content of the contract and
on	undergraduate	courses.	New	cases	showing	the	most	important	                                principles of interpretation;
developments	in	the	area	have	been	incorporated	into	the	new	edition.                          7. Exemption clauses and unfair
Features	of	the	book	include	chapter	summaries	to	draw	key	themes	                             contract terms; 8. Breach of contract;
                                                                                               Part III - Enforcement of contractual
and	issues	together;	examples	and	questions	to	encourage	a	deeper	
                                                                                               obligations; 9. Damages for breach
understanding	of	the	often	complex	points	of	law;	and	extensive	further	
                                                                                               of contract; 10. Remedies providing
reading	lists	of	both	texts	and	articles	to	guide	students	towards	the	most	
                                                                                               for specific relief and restitutionary
relevant	and	up-to-date	resources	available.
                                                                                               remedies; 11. Privity of contract and third party rights; 12. Discharge by
                                                                                               frustration: subsequent impossibility; Part IV - Methods of policing the
New to this edition                                                                            making of the contract; 13. Non-agreement mistake;
                                                                                               14. Misrepresentation; 15. Duress, undue influence, and unconscionable
•	Areas	covering	remoteness	in	damages	for	breach	of	contract	have	been	                       bargains; 16. Illegality
  updated	to	reflect	recent	developments	in	the	law	
•	The	section	on	interpretation	has	been	revised	to	reflect	the	House	of	
  Lords’	clarification	on	pre-contractual	negotiations
•	Coverage	of	the	Sale	of	Goods	Act	and	Supply	of	Goods	and	Services	                                                        The contents of Poole’s
  Act	has	been	increased	to	enable	students	to	easily	identify	the	breaches                                             textbook and casebook follow the
                                                                                                                        same chapter order and structure
•	The	chapter	on	illegality	has	been	updated	in	light	of	the	Law	                                                        making it easy to use the books
  Commission	Consultation	Paper	No	189	on	The	Illegality	Defence                                                                    in tandem

720 pp May 2010 978-0-19-957436-0 Paperback £26.99

         OnLine ResOuRCe CenTRe
   An Online Resource Centre supports both titles, providing updates on the law, self-test questions and answers, web links, and guidance on successful exam technique,
   ensuring students have access to the most up-to-date information, as well as acting as an additional learning resource. A new interactive ‘Ask the Author’ section is included
   so students can see answers to frequently asked questions and have the opportunity to put their own questions on contract law direct to the author.


Casebook on Contract Law                                                                       COnTenTs:
                                                                                               1. Guidance on reading cases;
Tenth	Edition
                                                                                               2. Agreement; 3. Agreement problems;
Jill Poole, Head of Law and Professor of Commercial Law, Aston                                 4. Enforceability of promises:
Business School, Aston University                                                              consideration and promissory estoppel;
                                                                                               5. Intention to legally bound, formalities
Jill	Poole’s	best-selling	Casebook on Contract Law	provides	a	clear	and	well-                  and capacity to contract;
structured	explanation	of	the	principles	and	rules	of	contract	law	through	                    6. Content of the contract and
a	comprehensive	selection	of	case	law,	addressing	all	aspects	encountered	                     principles of interpretation;
on	undergraduate	courses.	                                                                     7. Exemption clauses and unfair
Extracts	have	been	chosen	from	a	wide	range	of	historical	and	                                 contract terms; 8. Breach of contract;
contemporary	cases	to	illustrate	the	reasoning	processes	of	the	court	and	                     9. Damages for breach of contract;
how	legal	principles	are	developed,	thus	enabling	cases	to	be	analyzed	                        10. Remedies providing for specific
and	discussed	independently	while,	taken	as	a	whole,	the	chapters	                             relief and restitutionary remedies;
                                                                                               11. Privity of contract and third party
provide	a	sound	understanding	of	the	modern	law	of	contract.	Succinct	
                                                                                               rights; 12. Discharge by frustration:
author	commentary	focuses	the	reader	on	the	key	elements	within	the	
                                                                                               subsequent impossibility; 13. Common
extracts,	while	thought-provoking	questions	are	posed	throughout	to	
                                                                                               mistake: initial impossibility;
develop	a	more	in-depth	appreciation	of	the	subject.
                                                                                               14. Misrepresentation; 15. Duress, undue influence and unconscionable
                                                                                               bargains; 16. Illegality
Key features

•	An	introductory	chapter	provides	valuable	guidance	on	how	to	develop	
  the	essential	skill	of	case-reading,	offering	first	year	students	extra	
  advice	and	support
•	The	two-colour	text	design	enables	students	to	differentiate	easily	
                                                                                                               Poole’s Casebook on Contract Law is one of the best
                                                                                                     contract law casebooks on the market.
  between	extracts	and	author	commentary,	ensuring	efficient	navigation	
  through	the	text                                                                                                                     The Student Law Journal

880 pp July 2010 978-0-19-957478-0 Paperback £28.99

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COnTRaCT an d R e sTiTuTiOn

                                       The Law of Contract                                    The	seventh	edition	includes	discussion	and	overviews	of	key	cases	
                                                                                              including:	on	consideration	and	promissory	estoppel:	Collier v P and
                                       Seventh	Edition                                        MJ Wright (Holdings) Ltd;	on	intention	to	create	legal	relations:	Wilson v
                                       Laurence Koffman, Reader in Law,                       Burnett;	on	implied	terms:	Attorney-General of Belize v Belize Telecom;	on	
                                       University of Sussex, and                              Unfair	Terms	in	Consumer	Contracts	Regulations:	Office of Fair Trading v
                                       Elizabeth Macdonald, Professor of                      Abbey National plc and Others;	on	illegality:	Law	Commission	Consultation	
                                       Law, Swansea University                                Paper	No	189,	The Illegality Defence: A Consultative Report	(2009);	on	
                                                                                              frustration:	CTI Group Inc v Transclear SA;	and	on	damages:	Transfield
                                   The Law of Contract	offers	a	clear,	non-                   Shipping Inc v Mercator Shipping Inc	and	Golden Strait Corp v Nippon Yusa
                                   technical	explanation	of	the	principles	                   Kubishika Kaisha	
                                   of	contract	law	combined	with	a	focus	
                                   on	case	summaries	throughout.	The	                         630 pp April 2010 978-0-19-957020-1 Paperback £29.99
                                   book’s	strengths	lie	in	the	authors’	
                                   highly	praised	explanation	of	the	                         COnTenTs:
                                   law,	their	ability	to	demystify	difficult	                 1. Introduction to the study of contract law; 2. Formation of the contract;
                                   concepts	without	losing	academic	                          3. Certainty and completeness; 4. Consideration; 5. Promissory estoppel;
                                   rigour,	and	use	of	case	summaries,	                        6. Intention to create legal relations; 7. Express and implied terms;
quotations,	and	analysis	to	explain	the	law	of	contract.                                      8. Classification of terms; 9. Exemption clauses; 10. Exemption clauses
                                                                                              and the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977; 11. Unfair Terms in Consumer
Chapter	summaries	allow	students	to	check	that	they	have	taken	away	the	                      Contract Regulations 1999; 12. Mistake; 13. Misrepresentation;
key	points	discussed	in	each	chapter,	whilst	recommendations	for	further	                     14. Duress and undue influence; 15. Illegality; 16. Unconscionability and
reading	mean	they	can	research	the	topics	that	interest	them.	The	chapter	                    unfairness; 17. Capacity; 18. Privity and third party rights;
on	formation	of	the	contract	includes	reference	to	the	UN	Convention	on	                      19. Performance and breach; 20. The doctrine of frustration;
the	Use	of	Electronic	Communications	in	International	Contracts.                              21. Remedies; 22. An outline of the law of restitution

         OnLine ResOuRCe CenTRe
   The book is supported by an Online Resource Centre providing updates and web links, to help students keep abreast of new developments.


                                       Contract Law                                           New to this edition
                                       Third	Edition                                          •	Short	summaries	of	the	two	online	chapters	on	incapacity	and	illegality	
                                                                                                and	public	policy
                                       Mindy Chen-Wishart, Fellow of Law
                                                                                              •	References	to	related	journal	articles	are	listed	in	relevant	sections
                                       and Reader in Contract Law, Merton
                                       College Oxford                                         •	The	new	edition	has	been	fully	updated	to	include	discussion	of	new	
                                                                                                cases	such	as:	on	damages;	Transfield Shipping Inc v Mercator Shipping
                                       This	textbook	provides	a	unique	                         Inc:	on	direct	control	over	terms;	Office of Fair Trading v Abbey National
                                       approach	to	contract	law,	employing	the	                 plc and Others:	on	identifying	contractual	terms;	Photolibrary Group
                                       use	of	numerous	diagrams	and	features	                   Ltd v Burda Senator:	on	duress;	Adam Opel GmbH and another v Mitras
                                       to	help	explain	the	subject	and	bring	it	to	             Automotive:	and	on	frustration:	CTI Group Inc v Transclear SA		
                                       life.	Written	by	a	leading	contract	lawyer	
                                       with	extensive	teaching	experience,	                   660 pp May 2010 978-0-19-957005-8 Paperback £27.99
                                       the	book	uses	an	informal,	lively,	and	
                                       analytical	style	to	explain	the	intricacies	           COnTenTs:
                                       of	contract	law	and	the	questions	that	                1. Introduction; Part I - Contract formation; 2. The test of intention:
                                       arise	during	the	life	of	a	contract.	                  objectivity and mistake of terms; 3. Agreement; 4. Enforceability:
                                                                                              consideration, formalities, promissory estoppel; Part II - Privity;
Counterpoint	and	reflection	boxes	encourage	students	to	reflect	on	                           5. Privity; Part III - Vitiating factors; 6. Misrepresentation and non-
their	reading	and	to	fully	consider	counter	arguments.	Key	points	and	                        disclosure; 7. Mistake of fact; 8. Frustration; 9. Duress; 10. Unfairness:
questions	are	clearly	listed	at	the	end	of	each	chapter	and	encourage	                        undue influence, non-commercial guarantees, unconscionable bargains;
students	to	assess	their	understanding	and	prepare	for	their	revision.			                     Part IV - The contents of contracts; 11. Identifying contractual terms;
                                                                                              12. Interpretation of terms; 13. Direct control over terms;
                                                                                              Part V - Breach and remedies for breach; 14. Breach of contract and
                                                                                              termination; 15. Damages; 16. Specific and agreed remedies

         OnLine ResOuRCe CenTRe
   The Online Resource Centre provides students with PowerPoint slides of selected diagrams with accompanying audio to show how these come together. Other resources
   include updates, web links to key cases and legislation, guidance on answering the questions posed in the book and two additional chapters: incapacity; and illegality and
   public policy. For lecturers there are diagrams from the book and a test bank available.


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                                                                                COnTRaCT an d R e sTiTuTiOn

The Law of Contract                                                             •	The	chapter	on	contractual	incapacity	
                                                                                  has	been	updated	to	deal	with	the	
Fourth	Edition                                                                    Mental	Capacity	Act,	which	is	now	
Janet O’Sullivan, Fellow and Director of Studies in Law, Selwyn                   fully	in	force,	and	more	emphasis	
College, University of Cambridge, and Jonathan Hilliard, Barrister,               has	been	given	to	electronic	means	
Wilberforce Chambers, London                                                      of	commerce	in	the	chapter	on	
The Law of Contract	provides	an	accessible	overview	of	the	fundamentals	
of	contract	law	and	its	underlying	rationales.	It	also	introduces	and	          480 pp March 2010 978-0-19-957174-1
explores	the	main	academic	debates	within	the	subject,	encouraging	             Paperback £19.99
students	to	decide	for	themselves	whether	the	rules	that	contract	law	
adopts	are	justifiable	and,	if	not,	how	they	should	be	altered.                 COnTenTs:
                                                                                1. General themes and issues; 2. Offer
This	book	covers	all	the	core	areas	studied	on	an	undergraduate	course	
                                                                                and acceptance i: general principles;
and	incorporates	chapter	summaries	and	self-test	questions	to	reinforce	
                                                                                3. Offer and acceptance ii: three
students’	learning	and	aid	revision,	as	well	as	further	reading	sections	to	    applications of the general principles;
provide	a	platform	for	further	study.                                           4. Certainty; 5. Contracts which fail

                                                                                to materialise; 6. Consideration and

             For my part, there are few, if any, better introductory
    contract law texts out there.
                                                                                estoppel; 7. Privity; 8. Terms of the contract: i; 9. Terms of the contract
                                                                                ii: exemption clauses and unfair terms; 10. Misrepresentation and
                                                                                non-disclosure; 11. Duress; 12. Undue influence; 13. Unconscionable
                                                                                bargains; 14. Incapacity; 15. Illegality and public policy; 16. Common
                                    The Student Law Journal                     mistake; 17. Frustration; 18. Discharge of a contract for breach;
                                                                                19. Remedies i: compensatory damages; 20. Remedies ii: specific
                                                                                remedies; 21. Remedies iii: other non-compensatory remedies

New to this edition
                                                                                Core Text Series
•	Analysis	of	new	cases	on	pre-contractual	negotiations	and	contractual	
  interpretation;	remoteness	of	damage	and	lost	profits;	contracts	that	
  fail	to	materialise;	and	implied	terms.	Significant	Court	of	Appeal	cases	
  are	also	covered	and	those	on	repudiation,	frustration	of	contracts,	and	
  implied	terms	are	included
                                                                                         OnLine ResOuRCe CenTRe
•	The	important	series	of	first	instance	decisions	are	considered,	such	           An accompanying Online Resource Centre provides updates and web links.
  as	Office of Fair Trading v Abbey National plc and Others,	concerning	
  the	OFT’s	challenge	to	the	fairness	of	bank	charges	under	the	Unfair	
  Terms	in	Consumer	Contracts	Regulations	1999.	In	addition	Haysman
  v Mrs Roger Films	on	the	measure	of	damages;	Soulsbury v Soulsbury	on	
  unilateral	contract	formation;	and	Linnett v Halliwells LLP	on	silence	and	
  contractual	acceptance	are	also	considered

Contract Law Directions                                                         Key features
Second	Edition                                                                  •		The	use	of	examples	to	illustrate	key	concepts	
                                                                                  engages	students	by	relating	theory	to	real	
Richard Taylor, Professor of Law, Lancashire Law School, and                      life	experience	and	encourages	a	grounded	
Damian Taylor, Solicitor                                                          understanding	of	contract	law
Contract Law Directions	is	written	in	an	informal	and	engaging	style	with	      •	Includes	important	recent	developments	and	
an	emphasis	on	explaining	with	clarity	the	key	topics	covered	on	contract	        cases,	particularly	in	relation	to	damages,	undue	
law	courses.	Topics	are	not	presented	in	isolation	but	are	set	in	the	wider	      influence	and	exclusion	clauses
context	of	contract	law	as	a	whole	to	encourage	an	integrated	appreciation	
of	contract	law	and	the	ability	to	connect	ideas.                               Directions series

                                                                                440 pp May 2009 978-0-19-955439-3 Paperback £25.00

                                                                                         OnLine ResOuRCe CenTRe
                                                                                   An Online Resource Centre accompanies this book, providing a test bank of
                                                                                   multiple choice questions, updates in the law, guidance on answering end of
                                                                                   chapter questions, a flashcard glossary, diagrams from the book, and web


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COnTRaCT an d R e sTiTuTiOn

                           The Law of Restitution                                        Cheshire, Fifoot and Furmston’s Law of Contract
                           Third	Edition                                                 Fifteenth	Edition
                           Andrew Burrows FBA, QC, Norton Rose                           M.P. Furmston, Bencher of Gray’s Inn; Emeritus Professor of Law
                           Professor of Commercial Law, University of                    and Senior Research Fellow, University of Bristol; Professor of Law,
                           Oxford                                                        Singapore Management University
                           Andrew	Burrows	continues	to	provide	an	
                           authoritative	account	of	the	law	of	restitution	in	the	                OnLine ResOuRCe CenTRe
                           third	edition	of	this	highly-praised	textbook.		
                           As	with	previous	editions,	the	book’s	expert	analysis	           An Online Resource Centre features annual updates and web links.

and	clarity	of	style	are	invaluable	to	students	and	practitioners	with	an	interest	
in	this	area	of	law.
New to this edition
•	Thoroughly	revised	to	include	the	wealth	of	new	case	law	and	academic	                 Cheshire, Fifoot and Furmston’s Law of Contract	stands	as	one	of	the	classic	
  thought	                                                                               textbooks	on	contract	law	more	than	50	years	after	the	publication	of	
                                                                                         the	first	edition.	Michael	Furmston	combines	an	authoritative	account	of	
•	The	material	has	been	restructured	to	provide	a	greater	number	of	                     the	principles	of	the	law	of	contract	with	thought-provoking	analysis	and	
  smaller	chapters,	making	the	book	even	easier	to	use                                   insights,	and	the	clarity	of	the	narrative	brings	understanding	of	complex	
•	The	divide	between	restitution	of	an	unjust	enrichment	and	restitution	                contractual	issues	to	a	wider	readership.
  for	wrongs	is	even	more	sharply	drawn		
                                                                                         880 pp 2006 978-0-19-928756-7 Paperback £34.99
694 pp December 2010 978-0-19-929652-1 Paperback £32.99

COnTenTs:                                                                                Cases and Materials on the Law of Restitution
Part I – Fundamental ideas; 1. Introduction to unjust enrichment and
                                                                                         Second	Edition
restitution; 2. Competing theories; 3. Benefit; 4. At the expense of the
claimant; 5. Unjust factors or absence of basis?; 6. Tracing;                            Andrew Burrows FBA, QC, Norton Rose Professor of Commercial
7. Subrogation; 8. Proprietary restitution; Part II – Unjust factors;                    Law, University of Oxford, Ewan McKendrick, Herbert Smith
9. Mistake; 10. Duress; 11. Undue influence; 12. Exploitation of weakness;               Professor of English Private Law and Pro-Vice-Chancellor, University
13. Incapacity as a ground for restitution; 14. Failure of consideration;                of Oxford, and James Edelman, Professor of the Law of Obligations,
15. Ignorance; 16. Legal compulsion: compulsory discharge of another’s                   University of Oxford
liability; 17. Necessity; 18. Illegality as a ground for restitution; 19. Ultra
vires demands by public authorities;                                                     Cases and Materials on the Law of Restitution	is	an	authoritative	and	
Part III – Defences; 20. Change of position, estoppel and agency;                        scholarly	guide	written	by	leading	experts	who	have	shaped	and	defined	
21. Other defences; Part IV – Restitution for wrongs; 22. Introduction                   the	law	of	restitution	and	unjust	enrichment.	Extensive	coverage	of	cases	
to restitution for wrongs; 23. Restitution for torts; 24. Restitution for                and	academic	perspectives	provides	a	rounded	view	of	the	subject.	
breach of contract; 25. Restitution for equitable wrongs; 26. Defences to
                                                                                         1,104 pp 2006 978-0-19-929651-4 Paperback £47.99
restitution for wrongs; Part V – Conflict of laws; 27. Conflict of laws

                                                                                         Contract Law Concentrate
                                                                                         Revision	guide
Contract: Cases and Materials                                                            Jill Poole
Fifth	Edition                                                                            Concentrate, see series page
H.G. Beale, Honorary Bencher of Lincoln’s Inn; Professor of                              180 pp October 2010 978-0-19-954457-8 Paperback £10.99
Law, University of Warwick, W.D. Bishop, Vice President, CRA
International, and M.P. Furmston, Bencher of Gray’s Inn; Emeritus
Professor of Law and Senior Research Fellow, University of Bristol;                      Statutes on Contract, Tort and
Professor of Law, Singapore Management University                                        Restitution 2010-2011
                                                                                         Francis Rose
         OnLine ResOuRCe CenTRe                                                          Blackstone’s Statutes, see series page
   Accompanied by an Online Resource Centre featuring specimen contracts                 536 pp August 2010 978-0-19-958228-0 Paperback £14.99
   illustrating specific points of law addressed in the book, and a list of web links.

                                                                                         Q&A: Law of Contract 2009 and 2010
                                                                                         Adrian Chandler
This	casebook	comprises	a	wide	selection	of	cases	and	materials	to	                      Q&A, see series page
illustrate	the	law,	and	place	it	within	its	legal	and	commercial	context.	
                                                                                         280 pp January 2009 978-0-19-955955-8 Paperback £12.99
The	cases	and	relevant	statutes	are	illuminated	with	insightful	author	
commentary,	as	the	authors	highlight	difficulties	and	complexities	in	the	
law,	encouraging	students	to	take	their	understanding	to	a	deeper	level.
1,336 pp 2007 978-0-19-928736-9 Paperback £33.99

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