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									                             HARA HEALINGS

   In a "Hara" healing we are working in the dimension of intention. This
    modality strengthens your internal support system. I use the analogy
    that we are working on the tree trunk of your being.
   The Haric dimension is deeper than the auric dimension, so your energy
    field and chakra system are also enhanced during the course of a Hara
   This type of healing works both on the physical body to help bring into
    alignment anything that is out of place in the skeletal structure; it also
    works at the soul level to bring you into greater alignment with your
    life’s purpose.
   The healing unfolds more and more as the weeks and months go by,
    and works in accordance with your own personal rhythm and the
    intentions you bring to a session. Sometimes changes may appear in
    your life almost immediately, and sometimes the shifts are more
    gradual, depending on what is right for you at a deeper (soul) level.
   The Hara line itself looks like a vertical laser line running down the
    centre of the body, with 3 main points of connection. First is the Tan
    Tien (your centre of power and intention in the middle of the belly, and
    this is actually the meaning of the Japanese word, "Hara", this point in
    the lower belly). During a hara healing, the connection between the
    Tan Tien and the earth gets strengthened, grounding your personal
    power on both the masculine and feminine sides of the body. The Tan
    Tien is then connected upwards towards the Soul Seat, sitting under
    the throat and above the heart (some people refer to the Soul Seat as
    the "high heart" but it should not be confused with a chakra, because it
    lives on a dimension deeper than the chakras). Then the Soul Seat
    gets connected up to your "ID point", or Individuation Point --- your
    connection to God / the Divine / the Universe.
   The ultimate aim of developing a strong and aligned Hara line is to
    move through life with greater ease, effortlessness and joy... to live in a
    state of flow and balance. This style of healing also leads to deeper
    levels of self-empowerment, inner authority and healthy boundaries.
     The Hara work "anchors" into the ground your longings and desires,
      goals and aspirations, all of which reside at the Soul Seat. If you feel
      unfulfilled in any area of your life, chances are there is some shrouding
      over your Soul Seat and/or you may not have a strong connection into
      the earth. When this shrouding dissolves and the Hara line is
      strengthened, it is then possible to manifest your purpose and goals in
      your daily life --- which is why I invite you to set a clear intention
      before a session. (A distorted Hara line leads to negative intention,
      which can result in self-sabotage.)
     The hara work also boosts your immune system. During the healing
      itself we are working directly with the magnetic grids of the earth ---
      this is deeply healing to the physical body. Because of this, you may
      feel “glued” to the healing table both during and immediately after the
     The session is concluded with a “Core Star” blessing. The Core Star
      dimension is deeper still --- it is the divine spark within --- the aspect
      of us that is one with the Creator --- and, during this closure, your own
      core essence is upwelled. This enhances your creativity and talents and
      fills you with a greater sense of wholeness, and your own uniqueness.
      No-one else on the planet can duplicate the gift that you have brought
      to the world at this time!
     Following a healing: it is not unusual to feel a bit tired for a few days,
      as the work is integrated. Drinking lots of water is essential. On the
      evening after a session, I also recommend a warm bath with a cup of
      Epsoms salts (or sea salt) dissolved in it. This is not only purifying at a
      physical level, but also clears energetic debris from your field.

This particular modality is particularly good for those people who:

     Are seeking more sense of purpose
     Are needing help with manifesting goals
     Are in any kind of transition phase
     Are burnt out and needing rejuvenation
     Have any spinal / skeletal misalignment or physical injuries

If you would like to know more about this work, please contact me:
Miriam Schafer, Wholistic Life Coach, Noosa Heads, QLD, Australia.
Telephone: (61-7) 5455 4550 or email me at mjs333@bigpond.com

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