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									Restaurant Portion Control for Profit Control
By Tessa Somers                                                   11/23/2007 10:30:00 AM
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. If you were open, I hope sales were
good; if you had the day off, I hope you rested up. For now, it’s back to business…

Many restaurants are feeling the pressure as our economy cools. With less spare change,
it seems that many Americans are not so willing to spring for dinner in a restaurant.
There are ways, however, to cut your losses. Portion control, while always an important
part of running a restaurant, is especially important now.

In the dinner rush, it may be easier for your cooks and chefs to grab handful of
ingredients instead of measuring them out. When this happens, the profit margin on that
particular plate may go up or down without you realizing it. You might even lose
customers for lack of consistently-sized meals. One way to avoid this scenario is to
portion the foods before they are needed. Using a food scale also increases your
accuracy. If you portion food into individual food containers, you get the added benefit
of a lower risk of cross-contamination.

While all the items on your menu are delicious, you know which ones are the most
profitable for your business. Training your staff to know these items may increase sales
and your restaurant’s bottom line--and that would make for a very nice holiday season!

More restaurant ideas like this one can be found in Serv-U’s restaurant resource pages.

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