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					                                                                                          Tech./Data Sheet
PRODUCT NAME                                APPLICATION                              SAFETY PRECAUTIONS
                                              Apply 2 coats of Increte STAIN-         CAUTION – Contains Hydrochloric
          STAIN-CRETE                        CRETE with an acid resistant pump        Acid and soluble salts of heavy
    Manufacturer & Distributor of            sprayer to concrete that is at least     metals. Avoid contact with skin
       Industrial Chemicals                  14 to 28 days old, of uniform            or eyes. Avoid breathing vapors.
       1611 Gunn Highway                     appearance, dry, and clean from all      Do not drink. After handling or
      Odessa, Florida 33556                  materials that would prevent or limit    exposure, wash thoroughly.
         (813) 886-8811                      penetration and reaction. Use glass      Use only with adequate ventilation.
                                             or plastic containers and keep away      KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION                          from metal to avoid corrosion.
                                                                                      External Antidote – Flood with
STAIN-CRETE is a deep                        Avoid excessive puddling. Permit
                                                                                      water, then water containing
penetrating; acid-based stain that           stained work to dry evenly. Apply
                                                                                      baking soda.
can be used to color old or new              second coat (if desired) in the same
concrete that has cured for                  manner after eight hours. After          Internal Antidote – Give water,
14 to 28 days. STAIN-CRETE can               second coat has dried for at least       milk, milk of magnesia, or egg
also be used in conjunction with             eight hours, scrub off all residue       whites beaten in water. Do not
Increte Systems New-Crete, self              and salts with a stiff brush and         induce vomiting. Call Physician
leveling overlay system after                water, and flush with clean water.       immediately.
New-Crete has cured 24 hours.                Control water runoff.
Stain-Crete chemically reacts with                                                   AVAILABILITY
cured concrete to provide a                  Product may be diluted with water        Available through distributors
distinctive, permanent color with a          for shade variations. If using a         or contact manufacturer.
subtly shaded marbled effect, similar        diluted mixture or if concrete does
to the aged appearance of natural            not accept stain well additional        WARNING
stone. STAIN-CRETE’s rich                    Muriatic acid may be added.             The STAIN-CRETE colors Weathered
variegated finish will not peel,                                                     Copper, Lime Green, and Bronze are
                                            Coverage – STAIN-CRETE should            to be used only for interior
crack, chip, or fade. STAIN-CRETE
                                            cover 125-200 square ft. per gallon      applications. They may react with
provides a terrific custom look and
                                            of stain for two coats.
is ideal for residential, commercial,                                                water and blacken or darken when
or municipal applications, including                                                 exposed to excessive moisture. When
all masonry surfaces, horizontal or         MAINTENANCE                              applying these colors the sub-grade
vertical such as basement floors,           STAIN-CRETE surface is easy              must not be subject to hydrostatic
garage floors, driveways, entryways,        to maintain and can be cleaned           pressure and must be well drained.
patios, pool decks, sidewalks, as well      by sweeping, washing with
                                                                                     The chemically stained concrete must
as restaurants, mall entrances, hotels,     commercial floor cleaners,
                                                                                     be protected from any source of
and showrooms.                              then polishing with a clean cloth
                                                                                     water. The pastel Stain-Crete colors
STAIN-CRETE is available in six             or mop. For interior use, a periodic
                                            application of Increte Systems High      are also for interior use only and
additional pastel colors for interior use                                            should not be used for exterior
only. These six new pastel colors           Gloss Wax – floor wax will ease
                                            cleaning and add luster.                 applications. Fading may occur with
provide a new range of colors not
                                            To preserve the variegated               the pastel colors due to UV
previously achievable based on
                                            appearance and provide long-lasting      degradation.
soluble mineral salts.
                                            durability, apply Increte Systems
BENEFITS                                    CLEAR SEAL, a protective
STAIN-CRETE provides a stain               sealer containing UV inhibitors.
 resistant surface that, once sealed, is    Periodic reapplication of sealer
 impervious to salts and salt spray,        is recommended when surfaces
 alkali, ultraviolet rays, and abrasion.    are subject to high pedestrian
STAIN-CRETE is easy to maintain.           and vehicular traffic.
STAIN-CRETE provides variegated
 appearances and long-lasting
THESE PRODUCTS ARE SOLD         All recommendations, statements and
SUBJECT ONLY TO THE             technical data contained herein based
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