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									The Literature Review
                         BUAD 259
Research Methods in Business

                   Charlotte Johnson Jones
       Reference & Social Sciences Librarian
                            Simpson Library

                                Spring 2007
A literature review

   Is a process and is a product
   The process is a systematic and thorough
    examination of the research that has already been
    done on your topic or on the question that you
    propose to answer with your own research.
   The process is almost always the first step in a
    research project.
   The product is almost always the initial section in a
    written research report.
   The product sometimes stands alone as a “review
What should you look for while
doing your literature review?

   The research that has already been done on your
    proposed research question or topic. What’s out
    there already? And what’s NOT out there?
   Methodologies or models that have already been
    used successfully (or unsuccessfully) in studying
    that topic or question. Why reinvent the wheel?
   Help refining your research question. What do we
    really want to do our paper about?
   Enough pertinent articles to establish your
    credentials as a researcher with knowledge of the
    topic. Has this team does its research? Do they
    know what they are talking about?
Popular or scholarly?
(Magazine or journal?)
   Articles in popular publications, such as Business
    Week or The Wall Street Journal, may provide an
    overview of the topic and be a good place to begin
    your research.
   Literature included in a review for an academic
    research paper should be from scholarly
    publications—also known as “academic,” “peer
    reviewed,” and sometimes “professional”
   See “Popular vs. Scholarly: How to Tell the
    Difference” at
   Not sure about an article or source? Ask your
Some prestigious scholarly
business publications
   Academy of Management Journal
   Academy of Management Review
   Harvard Business Review
   Human Relations
   Journal of Marketing
   Management Science
   MIT Sloan Management Review
   Organizational Dynamics
   Strategic Management Journal
The pitfalls
   Your universe is the University. HBR’s universe is
    Big Business. You probably won’t find many article
    about students or universities in business journals.
   Students tend to survey other students. Authors of
    business articles tend to survey businesses. You
    probably won’t find many surveys of students in
    business journals.
   The bottom line? You probably won’t find EXACTLY
    what you’re looking for in your literature review.
   This makes professors jump for joy. There’s new
    ground to cover!
   This makes students hold their heads and moan. I
    can’t find anything on my topic.
   Can’t find a study in a business journal about
    college students' restaurant choices in a small city in
    Virginia? Of course you can’t, BUT . . .
   Can you find anything about how people choose
   Can you find anything about how students make
    choices in general?
   Can you find anything about independent
    restaurants and marketing?
   Can you find anything about how location as a factor
    affecting restaurant clientele?
   In your literature review, state what you CAN find
    that is pertinent or tangential to your proposed
    research and then EXTRAPOLATE.
A sample search strategy

     Suppose your team is interested in doing
     research on college students and credit
     card debt.

Break the topic down into keywords and key searches.
Dividing the concept credit card debt into two elements
               should yield more results.

              college students AND credit cards

                 college students AND debt
Use Emerald to find scholarly
articles on business topics

Emerald Fulltext is Simpson Library’s most extensive online
resource for finding fulltext articles scholarly and professional
business literature. Everything in Emerald is in fulltext back to the
early 1990s. However, the articles are only from journals produced
by British publisher Emerald and the company’s partners. You will
not find Harvard Business Review articles in Emerald.

                      To access Emerald go to the library’s homepage at
              Research by Subject
                       Business Databases
  Emerald opens to the
  advanced search screen
Ignore the
does not
here, be
sure that
you have
from the
Enter the keywords
for your topic
                                                    Choose All fields
                                                    (excluding full text) to
                                                    look in the titles and
                                                    abstracts of articles.
                                                    You will still get fulltext
                                                    articles, you just won’t
                                                    retrieve those that only
                                                    mention your search
                                                    terms somewhere in
                                                    body of the article.
 Don’t put quotes around a phrase. Check the Phrase box instead.

                                 Check My subscribed content to limit
                                 results to available fulltext.
There are five
                    Here’s a
articles about
                    recap of
college students
AND credit cards.
These will all be
scholarly because
of the nature of
Scan the results and click the title
for more info about an article

Click on the title of an article to review
the abstract and see if you want to
retrieve the whole article.
Read the abstract

                    Do you want to
                    retrieve the full
                    text. Yes? Choose
                    either HTML or
                    PDF (Adobe
                    Acrobat) format.
  General BusinessFile ASAP


General BusinessFile ASAP does have citations and/or abstracts for articles in almost all
of the core scholarly business journals, including Harvard Business Review, Academy of
Management Journal, MIT Sloan Management Review, and more.
   The Advanced Search screen

                                Notice that this
                                search screen is
                                similar to the one
                                in Emerald. Many
                                databases offer
You can limit results to        an advanced
full-text or to peer-           search with three
reviewed, or scholarly          or more spaces to
publications. Many              enter multiple
scholarly journals are not      statement
available in full text but      keywords. This
can be found in the library,    gives you more
so be careful not to limit      precision than just
your search too much.           entering
You want to find many           keywords in a
articles and the best           single basic
articles for your lit review.   search box.
  the type of results

                         News wire (basically a public
                         relations service)

                                    Popular publications.
                                    Some with a business

Scholarly journal       Notice that most of these
                        articles are in full text.
To pull out
the scholarly articles

        Go Back to the Search and limit
        to refereed peer-reviewed
Relatively few scholarly
articles are in full text
Scholarly publishers are protecting small
markets and are less likely to allow their
articles to appear in full text.

                                             If there is only a
                                             citation or an
                                             abstract available,
                                             click Locate Journal
                                             Article to see
                                             whether UMW
                                             Libraries has the
Locate Journal Article

Locate Journal Article
always opens the same
kind of pop-up box,
specific to UMW. (If
necessary, unblock pop-
ups!) The citation for the
article to be located is
always at the top of the
box. This article is from
a 2005 edition of the
New York Times.
Best choices?
Top to bottom, left to right
                                                                  If this note appears,
If the article is                                                 it means that the
available online, you                                             periodical you need
will see that first.                                              is probably available
Best choice? Link                                                 in print, microfiche,
directly to the article.                                          or microfilm in the
Next best? Link to                                                library. Click the link
the online journal         Best   Next Best Better than Nothing   or click here to
and try to find the                                               search the library
article. Better than                                              catalog.
nothing? Search
another database
that has this journal
in fulltext.
 Search the catalog for a periodical

Enter the
name of the                      Click Browse to search
periodical not
the title of the

                   Change the dropdown
                   to Title of Periodical
 “Holdings” tell you what the library holds,
 or has in its collection

Microfilmed copies of
the NYT in our
collection go all the
way back to 1851.

     Recent editions
     of the NYT are
     on the shelves on
     the first floor.

Please don’t let the mechanics of finding or printing out articles stop you from tracking down
the best content for your literature review. Ask for help in the library at the Information desk.
Literature review tips
   Start early and make the literature review process your first step.
   Don’t delegate the review. Have all team members search and
    compare results. Tweak your project topic and methodology
    based on what you learned in the review process.
   Track down those articles that are not readily available in full text.
    Remember, your team will be graded on how well your literature
    review establishes that you have read widely about your topic.
   Be flexible. Be creative. Open your mind and extrapolate.
   Try databases that are not business oriented but that do index
    scholarly and/or professional journals
     e.g. Education Full Text covers some journals in higher education
     PsycARTICLES covers some journals in management,
        marketing, and organizational sciences
   If necessary, make an appointment with the Social Sciences
    Librarian for special help with your topic
   Still stuck? Not sure you are finding the right articles? Consult
    with your professor

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