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									                The Geek Comedy Tour 3000:

                “Comedy that knows Han shot first.”
An absolutely free comedy show featuring some of the best comics DC has to offer with a chance to win door
prizes including $25 in cash, free video games, a PlayStation Portable, tickets to the DC Improv and assorted
geek swag.

  -Rory Scovel (
  -Ryan Conner (
  -Danny Rouhier (
  -Chris Barylick (
  -Joe Deeley
  -James Jones
  -Jimmy Meritt (
  -Jon Mumma (
  -Justin Schlegel (
  -Erin Conroy (
  -Evan Valentine
  -Frank Hong (
When: Sunday, November 6th, 2005, 8-10 PM
Where: The Comedy Spot, 3rd Floor of the Ballston Common Mall, 4328 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA. 22203, two blocks
from the Ballston stop on the orange metro line. (
Why: Because you actually know which Star Trek films were the really good ones.
Admission: Free
Actually being chosen close to first for a sports team: Priceless

                       For more information, call 202-338-3369 or e-mail

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