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					                        CITY CENTRE PLAN UPDATE
                          COMMENTS REGARDING

Comments on neighbourhood character and corridors with distinctive character were collected from the
September 11 and 15, 2008 Open Houses and from the July 17, 2008 Citizen’s Advisory Committee. “(OH)”
indicate individual comments received from the Open House exercise and “(CAC)” indicate group comments
from the July 17, 2008 CAC meeting.

Binnie Neighbourhood

Address Social Issues (Drug Activity, Prostitution) – 10 responses

    There are a lot of "zombies" walking, loitering along this area (135 Street) - hope to see focus on solving
     all the drug/social issues first before fixing "aesthetic" solutions. (OH)
    Arrest the drug dealers and hookers. This is a sleazy neighbourhood. (OH)
    Clean up the neighbourhood! We may live in nice apartments in the area BUT there are still a lot of
     druggies and drug dealers lurking in our streets. (OH)
    Needle exchange need to go, along with so called Pharmacies that distribute Methadone. Affordable
     housing and drug rehab must be addressed. (OH)
    Tear down all the old houses, they are homes to hookers and drug dealers. Replace them with buildings
     that are aesthetically pleasing, stylish and modern. (OH)
    Get rid of prostitution!!! (OH)
    Clean up the area from drug users and build more residential friendly environments by building high-
     rise buildings. (OH)
    Why can't the cops get rid of all the drug dealers- we all know they're there! (OH)
    Get rid of the Skid Row and it's street people and the menial services that attract them; break down their
     idea of "owning" that area; break down this "core" grouping (CAC)
    "135A St - significant efforts to address negative perceptions of this area and to stimulate
     redevelopment" - expropriate, assemble and redevelop - send social services currently on 135A St to
     health precinct. Concern = problems will move to single family area. i.e.: outside ring roads (CAC)

Green Spaces – 6 responses

    Make efforts to beautify existing green spaces (OH)
    Green space galore. Keep the parks plentiful and accessible. (OH)
    Increase park use by decreasing undesirable types by allowing increased density and thus attracting
     serious developers who will gentrify Binnie. (OH)
    Land is not being used to its potential (ie. athletic parks) - create parks that can be used, without fear of
     being mugged. (OH)
    Greening with trees (CAC)
    Don't renew BC Lions lease past 2016 so that the area between the new preparation facility and the
     soccer field can have (potentially) a substantial civic recreation/sport facility. (CAC)

Bike Paths/Greenways – 5 responses

      Dedicated bike paths on West Whalley Ring Road! It's dangerous out there right now. (OH)
      Separated bike and ped trail (CAC)
      Bikes and walking dogs a priority. (OH)
      Greenway with different green areas along the route - dog off leash area fenced (CAC)
      Yes this (the completion of 105A Greenway) will keep change the character of the area (CAC)
Safe Streets for Families – 3 responses

    To have safe enough streets that I could walk with my 6 year old daughter! (OH)
    Park should be safe enough that Mom would bring their toddlers. (OH)
    Safe area to wait for bus on 108 Ave at Gateway - gateway improved waiting area to drop off and on
     south side of 108 Ave - greenway could be under SkyTrain with ped and bike crossings at 108 Ave and
     104 Ave - no mix with car crossing (CAC)

Encourage New Development – 3 responses

    Encourage new high-rise population presence. (OH)
    This area needs a facelift!! Those buildings were built in the 60's, it's now 2008…what's the hold up?
    Build more residential friendly environments by building high-rise buildings. (OH)

Water Park – 2 responses

    Water park-inviting family space. (OH)
    Spray park/water park at Kwantlen Park, Binnie or Whalley Ball Park. (OH)

Pond/Water Feature – 2 responses

    Water feature-pond. (OH)
    Pond or waterfall feature along route (CAC)

Beautify Sidewalks – 2 responses

    Define Whalley Park boundary with walkable sidewalks, trees, more green sport, relax roadside. (OH)
    Increase level of pedestrians on sidewalks, further beautification of West Whalley Ring Road. (OH)

Gathering Spaces – 2 responses

    Checkers play area (CAC)
    Sitting areas (CAC)

Children’s Playground – 2 responses

    Kids playground (CAC)
    Fences around playgrounds. So many playgrounds sit alongside parking lots-so dangerous. (OH)

Commercial Revitalization – 2 responses

    Dell Shopping Centre has been redeveloped as mixed use - West Broadway (CAC)
    Revitalization of shops. (OH)

Transit-Oriented Development – 1 response

    Take advantage of proximity to existing Skytrains (within 400m) by extending/filling in proposed 6.5-
     7.0 density guidelines. (OH)
Consider Families – 1 response

    Family used areas for the many people living in the high and low rises around. Remember many seniors
     living in the Mayflower co-op. (OH)

East Village Neighbourhood

Greenway – 5 responses

      Greenway-Yes! (OH)
      Yes-develop Quibble Creek greenway. (OH)
      Walking biking route along 103 Ave to Surrey Centre Station. (CAC)
      Connect the greenways (CAC)
      Yes to "development of Quibble Creek Greenway" (CAC)

Address Social Issues to Promote Safety – 5 responses

      Get rid of the bums so people can feel safe as well as proud about where they live. (OH)
      We need to do something with the bums. I do not feel safe walking in many places. (OH)
      Bums wander freely-we live in a gated community and have our garages broken into frequently. (OH)
      We need to concentrate on more security so people feel safe. There are more bums than ever. (OH)
      Do not feel safe. (OH)

Pedestrian Friendliness in Commercial Areas – 5 responses

    In Europe many City Centres have shopping districts closed to car traffic. (OH)
    People would be more encouraged to get out of their cars and walk through their neighbourhoods and to
     local businesses if there were more throughway and it is not really pleasant to walk down 104th Avenue.
    Lack of through walkways between businesses on 104th Avenue discourage pedestrian travel. (OH)
    Crosswalks for pedestrians only (ie. East Whalley Ring at 103rd Avenue) should be better illuminated to
     encourage more cars to stop-most don't now. (OH)
    Yes to "Development of East Whalley Ring Road as an attractive commercial street with continuous
     building frontage" (CAC)

Do Not Separate East Village and Surrey Central Transit Village – 3 responses

    Do not separate East Village and Surrey Central Transit Village. (OH)
    Traffic calming on Ring Road, pedestrian corridor from SCTV. (OH)
    Part of the "Heart of the City" -don't exclude from Surrey Central (OH)

More Walkable Neighbourhood – 2 responses

    Finer walking grid (CAC)
    Improve walkable neighbourhood more safe connectivity - good variety or services and ok to mix
     residential ? more green space here (CAC)

Mixed-Use – 2 responses

    Promote mixed use work/live and live work (CAC)
    Yes to "An 'incubator' for innovative, low-impact commercial activities within mixed-use developments
     in the west transitioning to multi-family to the east bounded by a natural Greenway" (CAC)
Intensify – 1 response

    Increase strata develop/intensify. (OH)

Improve the Look of Existing Buildings – 1 response

    Need to improve look of buildings that are here - do not let them stay old green the whole area (CAC)

Like the Area the Way It Is – 1 response

    I like the area the way it is! (OH)

Traffic Calming on Ring Road – 1 response

    Traffic calming on Ring Road, pedestrian corridor from SCTV. (OH)

Development of 104 Ave Transit Corridor Plan – 1 response

    "Development of 104 Ave transit corridor plan" ok but how will all the LRT traffic manage with all the
     heavy semi traffic? (CAC)

Like the Proposed “Possible Visions” – 1 response

    I like the "possible visions" - they seem to be compatible. (OH)

Drop “East” from the Name – 1 response

    Drop the word "East" (East Van, East LA) (CAC)

Five Corners Neighbourhood

Improve Image – 10 responses

    New home investors will be turned off by the sleazy appearance. You can't walk 5 minutes without
     smelling crack. (OH)
    This whole area needs a face lift. You have to tear down all the old buildings-revamp them, put an IGA
     Marketplace to attract more homeowners (OH)
    Get rid of the hookers and drug dealers. There are so many. (OH)
    Redevelopment/Rejuvenation of stores. Sex shops, pawnshop, billiard halls= too "ghetto". (OH)
    Tear down the sleazy pubs and XXX stores. (OH)
    It has become Downtown Eastside drug area, prostitution. The Surrey Yaletown was started there with
     Access at Gateway. Go with that. (OH)
    There are still many drug dealers here. Why can't the City clean this up? (OH)
    Get rid of the drug dealers that hang out at the "Shell" station. (OH)
    More upscale developments to support Gateway. (OH)
    Quaint Gastown-style reflecting a historical idea in the immediate North-East (on KGH) of the 5-
     Corners, and around the old Flamingo area. (CAC)
Pedestrian Friendly – 3 responses

    Pedestrian friendly (OH)
    Encourage foot traffic to the Skytrain. (OH)
    Make it walkable (CAC)

Place a Park or Recreation Centre at the Former Grosvenor Road School Site – 3 responses

    Could you consider to design a park/recreation centre between Binnie Lane and Hilton & Bentley Road?
    If build high-rises around Old Grosvenor Road School area, retain green spaces, and viewscapes. (OH)
    Need to preserve some green space in Bentley/Hilton area-lots of families will need a park. (OH)

Encourage Development – 3 responses

    Develop existing properties into larger parcels for development (OH)
    Increase density. (OH)
    Iconic towers to density and create monumental orientations of 5 corners in the centre of 5 roads. (OH)

Build an Impressive Gateway to the City Centre – 2 responses

    Build a real "Gateway" to Surrey Centre, a "wow" effect. (OH)
    Develop an impressive statement as entrance to City Centre (bridge to SkyTrain?) (CAC)

Safe Greenway Connections to SkyTrain – 2 responses

    Safe bicycle route from Skytrain to new condo development area (OH)
    Connect Grosvenor for bike/peds to safely walk ride to SkyTrain Gateway and connect to greenway
     trail. (CAC)

Local Commercial Corner at the Northeast Corner of 108 Ave and East Whalley Ring Rd – 2 responses

    Local commercial corner-north east corner of 108th Avenue and East Whalley Ring Road (OH)
    "'Funky' business mix" - retain funky business atmosphere for transition period. (CAC)

Remove Truck Traffic – 2 responses

    Get rid of trucks around 108th and King George Highway corner, they are deadly. (OH)
    "Mitigate impacts of truck traffic" - !! Yes (CAC)

Traffic Concerns – 1 response

    Do not plug traffic high traffic route (CAC)

Proper Pick-Up/Drop Off Area for Gateway SkyTrain Station – 1 response

    Proper pick-up/drop-off area for SkyTrain at Gateway Station (CAC)

Improved Transit North-South on King George Hwy and 108 Ave – 1 response

    Improved transit North-South on KG Highway and 108 Ave. (CAC)
Improved Security – 1 response

    Better security for Gateway/Skytrain. (OH)

Address Access Issues of East Side Businesses – 1 response

    Address access issues of east side businesses (CAC)

Preserve Views – 1 response

    Views are important (CAC)

Plazas – 1 response

    "Unique treatment for the 'Five Corners' intersection" - including 2 plazas north and south of 108.

Provide Services and Amenities – 1 response

    Provide services amenities for existing neighbourhood (CAC)

Keep High Rises on Periphery – 1 response

    Keep high rises on periphery of district. (CAC)

Fraser Neighbourhood

Greenway Linkages to Green Timbers and Downtown Core – 10 responses

      Green linkages via pathways and parcel-ways to Green Timbers and downtown core
      Better connection to Green Timbers. (OH)
      Easy pedestrian access from City Centre to the park. (OH)
      Pedestrian access KG Station to Green Timbers Park (CAC)
      92 Ave - bike route walking connections to Green Timbers (CAC)
      Connect e-w greenway connections (CAC)
      "Recreational access to Quibble greenbelt" (CAC)
      "Quibble Creek Greenway" - Yes! (CAC)
      Yes to "Entrance to Green Timbers" (CAC)
      Integrate walk-ways through neighbourhood from 96th to Surrey SkyTrain. (CAC)

Fraser Hwy – 3 responses

    Keep the Fraser Hwy with 2 lanes between 140th Street and 144th Street (or suggest a solution). It is a
     migratory area and 4 lanes will increase animals getting struck by cars. (OH)
    Yes to "Fraser Highway" (CAC)
    Yes to "A commercial node area at 140 Ave and Fraser Hwy…potential major transit (bus/LRT) stop"
Pickup and Drop-off Area Around SkyTrain Station – 1 response

    Relocate the 502 bus from Surrey to King George Station to pickup and drop-off passengers around the
     perimeter of the station. (OH)

Safe Streets – 1 response

    Safe streets (OH)

Improved Sidewalks – 1 response

    When new sidewalks get created, don't let them lead to nowhere! Eliminate dirt pathways! (OH)

Landscape Maintenance Around Sidewalks and Bikeways – 1 response

    Make landscape maintenance around sidewalks and bikeways trimmed and clean-greenery getting over
     grown and nothings being done about it. (OH)

Separate Pedestrian and Cycle Trails – 1 response

    Separate pedestrians and cycle trails - more trees flowers green along mail roads (CAC)

Controlled Crossing for Greenways – 1 response

    Bike routes/greenways should have controlled crossing. (CAC)

Preserve Green Timbers Park – 1 response

    Keep the forest-Green Timbers is Surrey's Stanley Park. (OH)

Keep Places Green – 1 response

    Keep places green (CAC)

Discourage Extra Traffic – 1 response

    Extra traffic = noise and gridlock (CAC)

Rapid Transit – 1 response

    Rapid transit (CAC)

Improve Bike Routes – 1 response

    Fix barrier east-west-bikes (CAC)

Cohesive Centre – 1 response

    Cohesive "centre" to area - sense of place. (CAC)
Forsyth Neighbourhood

Pedestrian Circulation (Improve Sidewalks, Open Back Lanes) – 4 responses

    Most streets do not have sidewalks in this area. There are some properties with abandoned half
     demolished houses and unsecured empty lots-this does not give the area a feeling of safety for pedestrian
     traffic. (OH)
    Open back lanes for circulation of pedestrians. (OH)
    Not a 105A Avenue, but more fine walkways (unopened back lanes or sidewalk) to connect parks (OH)
    Pave sidewalks along streets. (OH)

Improve Image – 3 responses

    Business revitalization enabled by new condo developments (OH)
    This area needs a FACELIFT, those buildings are built in the 60's- it's what 2008 now!!! We need
     modern, stylish and aesthetically pleasing. (OH)
    Get the strip bar out of the neighbourhood! Strip bar does not mix in a residential neighbourhood. (OH)

Greenways – 3 responses

    Extensive greenways to encourage "the flow" of people. (OH)
    Existing walking (path) under SkyTrain on dirt. (CAC)
    Improve the greenway trails and connect through green streetscape with focus on beauty to hide huge
     ugly high density buildings being built hard to the curb (CAC)

Non-market Housing – 2 responses

    Vibrant mixed-income type housing (e.g. geared to income/co-op) (CAC)
    Co-housing! (CAC)

Mixed Use – 1 response

    Provide a mix of use and redevelop space for residents. (OH)

Support Small Commercial – 1 response

    Support Small commercial (CAC)

Dell Shopping Centre – 1 response

    Dell Shopping Centre -what is going to be done with it? Need a mini mall there still. (OH)

Green Space – 1 response

    Green space, community gardens (OH)

105A Ave Extension Impacting Property – 1 response

    The 105A extension is on 38% of our mother's property. Where does it say that a government can hold a
     piece of private property, without a timeline of completion funding for this road or compensation to the
     owner? I believe this is not legal, we have an official investigation ongoing right now with the B.C.
     Ombudsman. (OH)
Improve Street Safety – 1 response

    Make north south streets safe - high speed car short cuts now - put 138 St through to connect Grosvenor
     for peds and biking walkable neighbourhood. (CAC)

Gateway Neighbourhood

Parking – 5 responses

    Keep the parking free. (OH)
    Offer 24/7 parking. (OH)
    Resident street parking is under siege! Apts not built with enough parking stalls-need resident only street
     parking, no meters! (OH)
    No parking metres unless they are 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday-Friday. Most residents own two vehicles
     but only have 1 parking stall. (OH)
    Eliminate Gateway Skytrain car parking on West Whalley Ring Road-TICKET THEM! And illegal u-
     turns and Gateway Drive. (OH)

Greenways – 4 responses

      Gateway greenbelt development (OH)
      Greenway along creek (CAC)
      Yes to "Ensure greenway connections/loops" (CAC)
      Interesting corridors could be developed (CAC)

Homelessness – 4 responses

    Still too many homeless around the Whalley area. Homeless includes people without jobs, houses, food,
     cash, etc. (OH)
    Clear the "grass" lands undeveloped area north of Gateway drive. Get rid of homeless. (OH)
    Better housing for the homeless so they don't lurk around empty lots. Develop empty lots to parks, etc.
     to discourage squatters. (OH)
    Gatweway Station seem to offer opportunity for transients (CAC)

Address Social Issues (Drug Activity) – 3 responses

    The "zombies" are moving towards the Gateway area (from Binnie to Gateway). I often see drug addicts
     or drug dealers loitering around the Scotia Bank Tower and the passive inactive park because one of the
     buildings used classical music to push them further away. I using classical music a way to solve the drug
     issue!!!! (OH)
    Drugs-park Police motorhome office by Gateway Station-worked for Metrotown/New West-think
     minimum of 1 year. (OH)
    Continue with high-end developments plus Yaletown sophisticated theme started by access at Gateway.
     Push out the drugs with a high class local population. (OH)

Preserve Views – 3 responses

    Keeping the scenic view to those south of 108th Avenue. (OH)
    Spectacular vistas (CAC)
    Yes to "Strong view corridors" (CAC)
Safety – 2 responses

    Visibility of Gateway Station is low-feel insecure. (OH)
    More security all around the Skytrain Station area-to reduce noise level from all the crazy homeless
     people. (OH)

Safe Pedestrian Crossings – 2 responses

    Safe crossing at KGH West W. Ring Road (CAC)
    Safe crossing and at 108 Ave with no turning cars (CAC)

Pick-Up/Drop-Off Area for SkyTrain Station – 2 responses

    Pick-up drop-off area needed for SkyTrain Station. Existing style is very dangerous - through traffic is
     impaired going North on 134 St, as can stop and wait in a traffic lane just North of busy intersection. -
     Very dangerous! (CAC)
    (pointing at northeast corner of 108 Ave and West Whalley Ring Rd) Design a safe well organized place
     for picking up and dropping off at SkyTrain no stopping parking in front of station now nowhere to
     safely see people from SkyTrain to car now bad waiting area at bus stop too much drugs here right now

Preserve Bolivar Creek – 2 responses

    I didn't even know there was a creek beside our building-why not clean up and beautify the area. (OH)
    Yes to "Bolivar Creek daylighted" (CAC)

Reduce Noise – 2 responses

    Consider noise reduction to improve the area. (OH)
    On 108th Avenue west of Gateway; reduce speed and noise levels. (OH)

Model After New York City’s Greenwich Village – 2 responses

    Think Greenwich Village!!! NYC-enough said. (OH)
    More mixed use buildings. Make it like a mini-Greenwich Village (NYC) (OH)

Recreation Centre – 2 responses

    Build a Recreation Centre since this area is becoming more family oriented. (OH)
    Bigger park or sports centre that will cater to different outdoor sports. (OH)

Transit – 2 responses

    Transit Plan / Bus Plan (CAC)
    Street car train (CAC)

Bike Routes – 2 responses

    Better bike lanes from SkyTrain stations. (OH)
    Make 132A St a safe bike route fewer cars (CAC)
Improve City Parkway – 1 response

    Improve design of City Parkway (CAC)

Wheelchair/Pedestrian Routes to SkyTrain Stations – 1 response

    Wheel chairs, walking routes to SkyTrain stations (CAC)

Move People – 1 response

    Move People (CAC)

Low Rise Condos – 1 response

    Continue with newer low-rise condo's. (OH)

Less High-Rise Buildings – 1 response

    Less high-rise buildings on the area please. Scotia Tower is enough. (OH)

Great Green Lawns Around Gateway Station Not Interesting – 1 response

    Great green lawns (around SkyTrain station) are not terribly interesting (CAC)

Small Off-Leash Park – 1 response

    Small dog off leash park. Develop park at 108th and 133/134th-nice creek and good trees. (OH)

Expand Boundary to Provide River Access – 1 response

    Expand to Patullo Bridge for river access a-la Westminster Quay. (OH)

Include Bridgeview – 1 response

    Bridgeview is gateway to Surrey, include it. (OH)

Affordable Housing – 1 response

    Affordable housing. (OH)

Ukranian Church – 1 response

    Ukranian Church (if built in old traditional style) could be interesting (CAC)

High Quality Design and Public/Open Spaces – 1 response

    Yes to "High quality design and public/open spaces integrated into development" (CAC)
Grosvenor Neighbourhood

Higher Density – 5 responses

      Higher density, duplex, triplex. (OH)
      Duplex or CD Zoning (OH)
      I would like to see re-zoned to duplexes under 10,000 sq. feet lots. It would facilitate investment. (OH)
      Medium density and accessible, pedestrian-friendly sidewalk. (OH)
      Housing density will increase! (CAC)

Greenways – 4 responses

      Walkways, bike trails (OH)
      Yaletown bike/rollerblade and walking routes. (OH)
      Row of trees corridor (CAC)
      Sensitive construction of east Whalley Ring Road extension that doesn't further isolate or cut off
       adjacent community - construct a greenway along the road (CAC)

Street Improvements – 4 responses

    New curbs, sidewalks and greenery important. (OH)
    Please pave our roads/potholes. Patchings lead to poor treatment of the area. Boulevards like 152nd
     Avenue-adds beauty and foliage. (OH)
    Green street that provides link to Gateway Station (OH)
    Proper lighting, sidewalks (OH)

Focus on Grosvenor Road – 3 responses

    Grosvenor Road sets the tone for this area. (OH)
    Focus on improving Grosvenor Rd - making it more Green and Ped and Cycling friendly (CAC)
    Bike route on Grosvenor Rd (CAC)

Park at Former Grosvenor Road School Site – 2 responses

    Park at Old Grosvenor School site. (OH)
    Mini park (where old Health Unit was) or vacant school lot. Police substation. (OH)

Improve Image – 2 responses

    The entrance to Surrey from the bridge is King George Hwy. This is a dreadful welcome. It's dirty, old,
     very unkept and an eyesore. Can't something be done to move these business away or clean them up.
     Also up the hill to the left by all the "suspect" shops and businesses. It encourages those same thinking
     people to hang around. It's scary if you live there. (OH)
    Graffiti and garbage must be cleaned up immediately (please). If a neighbourhood looks clean, people
     will treat it better. Cut the weeds between sidewalks and roads, street clean our roads too please. Clean
     dump piles at Bentley and King George Highway. (OH)

Link to Local Commercial Uses – 2 responses

    Needs to be linked to retail and service located in Five Corners that are local and have easy access to it
    Local market
Traffic Calming – 1 response

    Traffic calming. (OH)

Increase Bus Service on King George Hwy North of 102 Ave – 1 response

    Why no bus service on the King George Highway north of 102nd Avenue? Nothing can happen without
     buses. (OH)

Pedestrian Connection to Gateway SkyTrain Station – 1 response

    Need good pedestrian connection to Gateway SkyTrain Station (CAC)

More Pedestrian Crossings – 1 response

    ...pedestrian crossings and we need more (CAC)

Community Ambience – 1 response

    Community feel (OH)

Family Friendly – 1 response

    Family friendly (OH)

Outdoor Pool – 1 response

    Outdoor pool (OH)

Tennis Courts – 1 response

    Tennis courts. (OH)

Bolivar Heights – 1 response

    What about Bolivar Heights?

Single Family Housing with Secondary Suites – 1 response

    Single family and nanny suite for relatives (older-parents).

Sensitive Transitions Between Different Densities – 1 response

    Create sensitive transitions between single-family and low-density infill (CAC)

Affordable Housing – 1 response

    Affordable housing so can commute to Skytrain.
Maintain Views – 1 response

    *Maintain views and view lines (CAC)

Health Care District Neighbourhood

Greenbelts – 4 responses

      Greenbelts…great ideas (OH)
      Greenbelt (OH)
      Park/Open Space area (CAC)
      Naturalize plants in greenbelt. (CAC)

Greenway Connections – 3 responses

    Connect the greenways (CAC)
    Connect to Green Timbers (CAC)
    Widen bike lane E-W from west of KGH to Green Timbers (CAC)

Underground Power Lines – 2 responses

    Underground power lines. (OH)
    Remove/underground overhaul transmission lines (OH)

Separate Cyclists and Pedestrians – 1 response

    Do not mix cyclists and peds separated trails (CAC)

Rapid Transit Connection – 1 response

    Rapid transit connection – great ideas. (OH)

Better Connectivity North of 96 Ave – 1 response

    Better connectivity north of 96th Avenue - hard to get in. (OH)

Visual Link to New Outpatient Facility – 1 response

    Visual link to new outpatient building - expand hospital district (CAC)

King George Neighbourhood

Greenways – 5 responses

      Finish Greenway. Connect it (OH)
      Controlled crossing on Hydro Greenway (OH)
      Greenway along power line must have separated ped and bike trails useless without (CAC)
      Need better connection ped and bike to City Centre and greenway on W. Whalley Ring Rd (CAC)
      Make access routes from KG SkyTrain for peds and bikes east and west (CAC)
Quibble Creek – 4 responses

    "Daylight" Quibble Creek through this neighbourhood and into the core area "green link". (OH)
    Quibble Creek water quality feature. (OH)
    Cleanup the start of Quibble Creek across from King George Highway Skytrain station. The drugs,
     garbage and vagrants are polluting the creek where fish supposedly live-it's disgusting down there and
     unsafe. (OH)
    Protect and improve Quibble Creek. (OH)

Improve Pedestrian Crossings – 3 responses

    Need a pedestrian bridge linking this area across King George Highway with the downtown core. (OH)
    Jaywalkers across King George Highway to get to the Skytrain station. (OH)
    Make it green and safe for KGH crossing and E. Whalley Ring Rd (CAC)

Entertainment – 2 responses

    Restaurants and night life for those staying at the Inn. (OH)
    Entertainment District - like Beale St, Memphis (CAC)

Add Greenery to Towers – 1 response

    Towers at KG station ugly and cold, need more green here. Green up area ugly by new towers. (CAC)

Build Beautiful Skyline – 1 response

    Whatever is built in this area is visible from as far away as 74 and KG. Beautiful skyline for residents
     and USA visitors. Build with "class" in mind. (CAC)

Affordable Parking for SkyTrain Users – 1 response

    Cheap affordable mass parking for SkyTrain (CAC)

Other – 1 response

    Open…space sheltered area (CAC)

Matthew Neighbourhood

Greenway Connectivity – 3 responses

    Connect the power lines bike route (CAC)
    More connections for peds and cyclists north of 96 to go west past 140 St (CAC)
    134 must have green routes (CAC)

Greenway Treatments – 2 responses

    Beautify 96th Avenue – add greenway. Good ideas! (OH)
    Big trees - all along boulevard limited speed of vehicle traffic (CAC)
Pedestrian Friendly – 2 responses

    Make King George Highway pedestrian friendly – lights for pedestrians need to be longer – lights for
     cars need to be shorter. Accessibility. (OH)
    Black top is best for wheel chairs (CAC)

Community Gardens/Greenspaces – 1 response

    Community gardens – green spaces! (OH)

Safe Bike Route – 1 response

    134 main TransLink bike route to south Surrey must be safe for all cyclists (CAC)

Limited Access to East of King George – 1 response

    Limited access to east of King George (CAC)

Other – 2 responses

    Days Inn has changed their name to Compass Point Inn (CAC)
    CRA is like a prison. (CAC)

Old Yale Neighbourhood

Need Better Pedestrian/Wheelchair Crossing Over King George Hwy to SkyTrain (Crosswalk) – 3 responses

    Make it easier to get to the Skytrain over King George Highway-crosswalk? (OH)
    Need a method of crossing KG Highway at KG SkyTrain (wheelchair people crossing) (CAC)
    Pedestrian friendly intersections to from Central City (CAC)

More Senior Housing – 2 responses

    Turn co-op Khon Towers into seniors building to support aging population (OH)
    Seniors focus. (OH)

City Centre’s Relationship to Holland Park – 2 responses

    It feels like a "WALL" is separating Central City and Holland Park! Tear down the WALL. (OH)
    Yes to "Provide attractive street frontage on north side of Old Yale Road and connections to/through
     Central City block" (CAC)

Connections to Holland Park – 2 responses

    More inviting and interesting connections to the jewel, Holland Park (CAC)
    Separate bike and ped path through 134 St - through park (CAC)

A Few Buildings In or On Edge of Park – 1 response

    A few select buildings in park or on edge (restaurant with outdoor seating space, possible recreation
     centre on one edge) (CAC)
No Cars Through Holland Park – 1 response

    No cars through 134 St from Old Yale through Holland Park (CAC)

Need Bike Lock – 1 response

    Need bike lock ups in park (CAC)

Address Social Issues (Drug Activity) – 1 response

    Push out drugs and keep parks. (OH)

Object to King George Development – 1 response

    All neighbours on 98B Avenue object to the development on King George and connection to the King
     George station. (OH)

City Should Buy Condo Development – 1 response

    Buy out Yaletown condo – redevelop. Put in underground electricity. (OH)

Surrey Central Transit Village Neighbourhood

Major Library – 12 responses

      Enormous vivacious accessible library. (OH)
      We need a real downtown library (ie. Vancouver library) (OH)
      New expanded library and recreation centre to encourage usage and accommodate new residents. (OH)
      Major library (OH)
      Library (OH)
      We need a new library in Whalley (OH)
      Library (OH)
      A central public library (leed platinum), combined with innovative programs and educational training
       facilities to deal with the homelessness issue (OH)
      New library needed here – larger. (OH)
      Main library like Vancouver downtown. (OH)
      Vibrant main library. (OH)
      Library (CAC)

Pedestrian Friendly – 6 responses

    Pedestrian, intersection sidewalk movement routes should be "designed" according to "current
     jaywalking" patterns to ensure efficiency and maximum usage! (OH)
    Pedestrian shopping, restaurants and boutiques. (OH)
    Pedestrian friendly (OH)
    Finer grid (CAC)
    Pedestrian friendly (CAC)
    102 Avenue from West Whalley Ring Road to City Parkway pedestrian only (CAC)
Greenways – 5 responses

      103 bike route (CAC)
      Bike route greenway connection to Green Timbers parallel 100 Ave (CAC)
      Keep 134 for ped and bikes through Holland Park (CAC)
      No cars, pathway connects 134 major TransLink bike route to South Surrey (CAC)
      103 bike route must be fast and safe overpass of KGH not crosswalk (CAC)

Accessibility – 5 responses

      Accessibility "street frontages" (OH)
      Wheelchair and pedestrian access from east side to Surrey Centre Station. (CAC)
      Must have pick up and drop off zone at SkyTrain easy access (CAC)
      Underground bus loop (CAC)
      Parking needs to be addressed. If people can't get to the heart by transit they need to drive! (CAC)

City Hall – 4 responses

    City Hall (OH)
    City institutions; library, City Hall, etc. (OH)
    A City Hall tower is a must. More levels of government will reduce crime/improve the area's reputation.
    Strong civic presence - city hall, arts/performing/cultural centre, library (CAC)

Theatre – 4 responses

      Theatre (OH)
      Performing arts centre (OH)
      I'd love to have a better arts/performance centre to improve Whalley's image. (OH)
      Arts/performing/cultural centre (CAC)

Security – 3 responses

    The buildings with 3 side dead corners (eg. Safeway, Rec Centre) don't promote security (OH)
    Top of the line security cameras. (OH)
    Must have safe bike lockups so cars ride to City Centre and at anytime put a $1000 bike in a safe lock up
     so it does not get ripped apart. (CAC)

Heart of the City – 3 responses

    Heart of the City. (OH)
    This must be the City's major attraction – a "happening", cultural and social place. (OH)
    "The Heart of the City" - Yes - a place that draws all the people who live in Surrey - it is a magnet where
     people want to be. (CAC)

A Place to Live/Play Not Just to Transfer Through – 2 responses

    People merely transfer there (to Fraser Heights, Newton, Langley) – make people want to live here. It
     currently feels like big parking lots (OH)
    More businesses/open longer hours around the Skytrain station. People will be more comfortable using
     transit if the station is not a ghost town. They can spend time and money at coffee shops, restaurants,
     etc., as they wait for their buses. (OH)
Entertainment – 1 response

    Jazz clubs, comedy clubs, nightlife, live performances. (OH)

More Galleries – 1 response

    More galleries such as Granville Island. (OH)

Hotel and Convention Centre – 1 response

    Hotel and convention centre (CAC)

Senior’s Centre – 1 response

    Seniors centre (OH)

Community Space for Public Events – 1 response

    Space for community space for things like Farmers Market, Public market, concerts and festivals

Develop on Parking Lots – 1 response

    Please transform parking lots - rec centre, Safeway, Central City, into residentials and public spaces

High Density – 1 response

    High Density, high rise condos and sufficient green space (OH)

Community Heating and Energy System – 1 response

    Create a City Centre Energy Corporation providing a community heating and energy system. (OH)

Address Social Issues (Drug Activity) – 1 response

    To help clean up drug dealing etc., was very effective at Metrotown. New West – Police parked 24/7 a
     Police motor home for extended time. (OH)

Does Not Like the Name of the Neighbourhood – 1 response

    Hate it because it gives the wrong idea and sounds small (OH)

Expand SFU – 1 response

    Increased expansion of SFU (CAC)

Other – 2 responses

    Move the ice rinks/pool to Kwantlen Sec. (CAC)
    The Surrey Central Transit Village Plan is not implementable - property east of 135 is not owned by
     City. (CAC)
West Village Neighbourhood

Accessibility – 3 responses

    Can we get through in cars to parking at City Centre? (CAC)
    Good access routes? (CAC)
    Is neighbourhood walkable to City Centre (CAC)

Greenways – 2 responses

    Green paths – pedestrian friendly walkways. (OH)
    Need 133 or 132A St as main bike route through from 108 Ave to Old Yale (CAC)

Preserve Greenspace – 2 responses

    Retain green space to distinguish from SCTV. (OH)
    Keep all of area green do we have green trees along all streets (CAC)

New Library – 2 responses

    A new library (OH)
    Include new library in Urban Village Model. (OH)

Cultural Amenities to Support Student Life – 2 responses

    A culture/atmosphere that supports and attracts student life. Currently students go to school then go
     home. They don't have anything else they can do here. They don't live here because it is boring and
     uncool. (OH)
    Mimic UBC, SFU University, Park Royal, to create an academic lifestyle village. (OH)

Gallery/Art Centre – 1 response

    Add Gallery/Art Centre/performing Arts Centre to enhance characteristic. (OH)

Entertainment – 1 response

    Entertainment. (OH)

Recreation Centre – 1 response

    Rec. centre (OH)

Build on Existing Connections Between Different Strata Developments – 1 response

    There are existing pathways between strata complexes and a potential sense of community. Build upon
     that. Allow varied structures to co-exist, not compete. (OH)

Low-Rise Mixed Use – 1 response

    2-3 storey mixed use residential (CAC)
Traffic Calming – 1 response

    Traffic calming measures!!! Cars speed 70-90kmh on King George Highway and 50-70kmh on Whalley
     Ring Roads. (OH)

King George Central Corridor

Pedestrian Friendly – 3 responses

    Like point "improve pedestrian access and environment" (OH)
    Big box stores are ugly. Pedestrian traffic stores should be near the sidewalk not on the other side of the
     parking lot. (OH)
    Esthetically pleasing and easy to cross without jaywalking-more cross streets. (OH)

Attractive Commercial Uses – 2 responses

    Mini cafes, trendy restaurants, boutiques, patio restaurants. (OH)
    Needs more hip lounges, restaurants, businesses like Main Street in Vancouver or Kitsilano. (OH)

Multi-Use Facility (Combine Seniors Centre, Recreation Centre, Library, Community Centre, etc.) – 2

    Combine Seniors/Rec Centre/Library in park setting (OH)
    Multi-use/tenant facility that can incorporate library, community centre, rec, etc. (ie. Izumi-Plaza in
     Osaka, Japan) (OH)

Plaza for New Library – 1 response

    Plaza for new library (OH)

Extend Public Transit Service – 1 response

    Improve public transit hours – 24 hour service, then car use will reduce. (OH)

Street Improvements – 1 response

    Northern parts of King George Highway 6-laned, sidewalks and street lighting redone into a fancier
     style, traffic light controlled pedestrian crosswalks at every block. (OH)

Greenspace – 1 response

    Maximum green space (OH)

People Friendly – 1 response

    People-friendly (OH)
King George North Corridor

Do Not Affect Other Nearby Communities – 1 response

    King George from Patullo to Whalley – avoid City Centre development at expense of Bridgeview, etc.

Low Density Housing – 1 response

    Low density housing (OH)

Better Pedestrian Crossing – 1 response

    Better pedestrian crossing (OH)

Bicycle Rentals – 1 response

    Bicycle rentals (OH)

Redevelop Unattractive Areas – 1 response

    Please develop the area where junky car dealerships and pawnshops and from Access building into
     something more sightly. (OH)

King George South Corridor

Enhance Natural Areas – 2 responses

    Enhance natural areas (OH)
    More natural areas (OH)

Improved Transit Service – 2 responses

    Better access to public transit. Earlier start times – better 24 hour service. (OH)
    Rapid transit. (OH)

Pedestrian Friendly – 2 responses

    Pedestrian friendly (OH)
    Redone sidewalks and street lighting along King George Highway (OH)

Greenways – 1 response

    Major greenway connection to Bear Creek Park - green and safe commuting option for south
     neighbourhoods (OH)

Less Visible Parking – 1 response

    Less parking in view (OH)
104 Rapid Transit Corridor

104 Ave Good Rapid Transit Route to Guildford – 1 response

    104th Avenue good for rapid transit to Guildford (high density). No rapid transit through Green
     Timbers. (OH)

Street Improvements – 1 response

    Paved sidewalk needed repairing. (OH)

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