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									                                               Nicole Taheri
STANFORD UNIVERSITY                                                                               Stanford, CA
PHD CANDIDATE                                                                 Expected Graduation: June 2012
Concentration: Computational and Mathematical Engineering
Relevant Coursework: Numerical Optimization, Linear Programming, Conic Optimization, Advanced Linear Algebra,
Linear Dynamical Systems, Optimal Control, Discrete Math, Randomized Algorithms, Partial Differential Equations,

TULANE UNIVERSITY                                                                                      New Orleans, LA
BACHELOR OF SCIENCE                                                                                Graduation: May 2007
Major: Mathematics, Minors: Computer Science and Spanish

ELECTRIC POWER RESEARCH INSTITUTE                                                                       Palo Alto, CA
STUDENT                                                                                    Summer 2009 & Summer 2010
   • Studied the feasibility of integrating Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles and the electricity grid
   • Implemented multiple techniques in R for reducing the energy bias in the power system
   • Proposed a study on the mechanism design of a network of Plug-in Electric Vehicles receiving and providing energy
     to the grid
   • Constructed and tested a model aggregation system for determining feasible charging and discharging schedules of
     Plug-in Electric Vehicles that maximizes profit
   • Created a data dictionary to serve as a resource for research and development in related to the aggregation of Plug-in
     Electric Vehicles
IBM T.J. WATSON RESEARCH CENTER                                                                           Hawthorne, NY
RESEARCH INTERN                                                                               June 2008 - September 2008
   • Collaborated with a financial organization to determine the risk of fraudulent transactions
   • Cooperated with computer security researchers to implement data mining techniques for classification
   • Implemented the developed techniques in R to detect and cluster frauds
STANFORD UNIVERSITY                                                                                         Stanford, CA
COMPUTER SCIENCE RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                                                 June 2007 - June 2009
   • Analyzed the effects of Byzantine behavior in Border Gateway Protocol and internet routing
   • Monitored and analyzed the behavior of a clickbot in order to recognize such malware
   • Created a secure model web portal for hospital consultation
STANFORD UNIVERSITY ICME                                                                                   Stanford, CA
STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE                                                                          September 2007 - Present
   • Prepared and directed department-wide meetings
   • Coordinated department events, including social and work related affairs
   • Consulted with both faculty and students concerning issues in the department
SIAM STANFORD UNIVERSITY CHAPTER                                                                           Stanford, CA
FINANCIAL MANAGER                                                                        September 2007 - February 2009
   • Completed training in banking skills to manage a financial plan
   • Controlled necessary actions to maintain the budget
Technical Skills: Proficient in Matlab, L TEX, R, C, C++, Java, Python, SQL, Linux, Windows, Mac OS/X;Languages:

Spanish; Awards: Tulane University Deans List, 4 semesters; Conference USA Swimming First Team, 2005; Confer-
ence USA Champion of the 1,650 yard freestyle, 2005; Extracurricular: Division 1 College Swimmer, 2003-2006; Tulane
Swimming Team Captain, 2003

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