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                                                                                    So, who's put on another kilo or two then?
         Inside this issue:                                                         Let's just keep that between ourselves shall
                                                                                    we... Time to come back from your summer
                  Fruit trees now in stock -                                        holiday now, and get into that garden!
                  get yours now!
                  Looking for some shade?
                  Bees - Mans new best                                               Welcome to what we are determined will be
                  friend...                                                          yet another successful and positive year -
                  Plants for the dry           free of earthquakes (big ones, at least), and full of sunshine and good growing
                                               weather. Incidentally, the earthquakes have resulted in a higher water table in
                                               certain places in the Canterbury area. That, combined with a wet July & August,
                YOUR FEEDBACK IS               and the recent hot dry winds are resulting in a lot of trees becoming stressed due
                    WELCOME                    to root rot and wind-burn. Trees with root rot may or may not come away again,
                                               however trees with wind-burn are best left to heal themselves over time.
                In fact, we absolutely
                     encourage it!
                                               Ellerslie is bound to be bigger and better than ever, and the South Island Field
             The best way to contact us is     days visit us again in March - always a big few days for Southern Woods...
                      via e-mail:
             We have a new General Manager on board - Nalin Gooneratne. Nalin joins us
                                               from his previous position at Zealandia, and is very familiar with Southern Woods,
                 Call now for our              having worked as part of the team many years ago. Murray is stepping into the
                                               role of Managing Director, so you may see a little less of him, but beware, he IS
                                               still a very strong part of our team!

                                                                       f r u i t t r e e s ..

                                               Fancy growing your own range of fruit? Well, have
                                               we got a treat for you...

                                               Full range as per our catalogue and website. We are very proud to
                                               stock the two main high health varieties (high disease resistance)
                   Southern                    'Hetlina' & 'Monty's Surprise' - both also proven to be high in anti-
                    Woods                      oxidants. A new miniature standard variety for Southern woods is
                   Nursery                     'Blush Babe' $49.95, and the two columnar varieties, great for pots in the
                                               courtyard are 'Polka' and 'Waltz'.
                    PO Box 16148
                   Main South Road             Berries
                     Christchurch              Cranberries, gooseberries, blueberries, blackberries,
                                               raspberries... You name it, we've got it. Great variety of
                       Phone:                  choice, size and price. Come in and check them out, or call
                    0800 800 352               our friendly staff.
                     03 3479 223
                                               Lemons, limes, mandarins, grapefruit and oranges - all looking great
             "The One Stop Tree                and ready for your garden or your courtyard! $24.50ea.

              We're on the Web!
                                               Two new varieties for Southern Woods - 'New Boy' & 'Snow Queen'.
                    See us at:

                                               'Golden Queen', 'Glow Haven', 'Redhaven', & 'Springcrest'. All
                                               $42.50ea. Be in quick - these are in fruit and moving fast!
             Southern Woods is proud to be
              associated with the following 

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              associated with the following 
                                                'Beurre Bosc', 'Conference', 'Packham's Triumph', 'Seckle' & a
                                                double worked 'Williams' bon Chretien' x 'Doyenne du Comice'.
                                                Some trees fruiting even as we speak!

                                                'Burbank', 'Fortune', 'Hawera', & the greenguage 'Reine Claude
                                                du Bavay'. $42.50ea. Yum yum...

                                                Garden Industry Trade Day - 9-10th March. Pioneer Stadium, Christchurch.

                                                Ellerslie International Flower Show - 9-13th March 2011. Hagley Park,

                                                South Island Agricultural Field Days - 30th March-1st April. Lincoln.

                                                Celebrating Selwyn - 26th March to 10th April 2011. Get involved!

                                                NZTCA National Conference - 1st-3rd April, 2011. Havelock North. 'Edible
                                                Landscapes'. A celebration of diversity across the Hawke's Bay region.
                   NZ Treecrops Assn
                                                IPPS Conference - 5 8th May 2011. 'Propagation As It Should Be'. Napier.
                 NZ Farm Forestry Assn

             International Dendrology Society

                    ______________                                        Online
         Southern Woods can now offer you
                        a                                                specials...
             FULL DESIGN
               SERVICE                                                                 Luma apiculata
                   in conjunction with                                                 (Chilean Myrtle)
                                                                                       This is a small tree with attractive,
                                                                                       exfoliating, warm-brown bark and waxy,
               Robyne Hyndman                                                          dark-green, rounded , lemony-
                                                                                       scented leaves.
                     (BLA Hons)                                                        White flowers bloom
                                                                                       mid to late summer
                                                followed by deep-red edible berries. Suitable for hedging.
                Landscape Architect             Evergreen. Hardy. Grows to approximately 10m tall, with a
                                                spread of 6m. Prefers a dry/moist site.
                   Concept & Planting Plans
                   Resource Consent Plans       We currently have an 06 grade on sale - usually up to
                   Residential & Commercial
                   Satisfaction Guaranteed      $13.95ea, now only $10.50ea! Be in quick - this plant is
                                                ideal for hot summer conditions.
         Plan & Plants - all supplied
             from one nursery!

             Enquire for more details at the
                 Nursery, or email direct:


                                                            Looking for some
                 Rabbits a Problem?                                S H A D E ?
                                                If you need shade, then now is the time to consider your options. If you are a
                                                Selwyn local, then the hot winds we've been experiencing may be taking their
                  LIQUID                        toll on some of your established trees, and it is recommended you wait and
                 SHOTGUN                        plant in March/April when the climate is more suitable. That is certainly not to
                                                say you can't place your order now, or at least visit nurseries, gardens and parks
             Rabbit & Hare Repellent            to decide which trees you might like in your outdoor area...
                                                                               Shade trees are invaluable. Sit under them, hang
                                                                               a swing from them, put your stock amongst them,
                                                                               or just look at them in utter admiration - you can't
                                                                               beat having some cool, welcome shade in an area
                                                                               which would otherwise be intolerably hot... Trees
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                                                                            which would otherwise be intolerably hot... Trees
                                                                            are also a great alternative to built structures such
                                                                            as pergolas etc, if you feel you've already got your
                                                                            quota of buildings on site, and the deciduous trees
                                                                            especially, can offer form and colour change
                                                                            throughout the year, putting on spectacular
                 100-shot pack $24.95                                       displays.
                1000-shot pack $85.95
                                                                            Some fantastic deciduous varieties to choose from
                   ____________                                             are Acer, Albizia, Ash, Birch, Elm, Lime, Plane,
                                                                            Prunus, Oak.
         Do you have a landscape plan you
                 would like us to                                           Or alternatively,
                                              go for an evergreen tree - great to plant
                                              around areas where dropping leaves just isn't
               "QUOTE"                        an option (ie pools & spas). Some ideas to
                                              think about are beech, cedar, eucalyptus,
                      for you?                kowhai, magnolia. pine, redwoods and spruce,
                                              but there are many more out there!
          Just bring in your plant list,
         fax it (347 9223), or email it       Start researching your shade tree options
            (        now!
         and we'll supply you back a
           quote valid for 30 days.

             It really is as easy as that
                                                                        Plants that need
                                                              Minimal Water
                                              Planting out gardens this time of year usually requires that you need
                                              to really keep up the water to them. Here's a couple of suggestions
                                              for tough, dry conditions, but they'll still give you that great look!

                                              Holaragis erecta 'Purpurea'
                                              Spreading, intense red foliage. Colour deepens in winter. Fast growing and
                                              ideal as a revegetation species in restoration
                                              projects. Requires clipping after flowering to keep
                                              neat. Very hardy to drought, cold and exposure.
                                              Absolutely ideal for strong colour in landscaping
                                              projects! Grows to a height and spread of
                                              approximately 1m.
                 Call now for our
                                              Choisya 'Aztec Pearl' (Mexican Orange
                       FREE                   Blossom)
                                              This hardy evergreen has slender, glossy dark green leaves and clusters of
                     catalogue!               fragrant, pink-tinged white flowers in late spring. Aztec Pearl is compact in habit
                                              maintaining a natural rounded shape. Extremely versatile, it is happy growing in
                                              sun or shade and alongside many other plants preferring an open free draining
                                              soil. It looks superb as a border or just on its own. Grows to a height of 1.5
                   ____________               metres by 2 metres if desired. (Photo above)
              Did you know about our                                Helictotrichon sempervirens (Blue Oat Grass)
                                                                    Stiff evergreen blue-grey foliage makes a well shaped,
                                                                    nicely furnished upright clump. A perfect background for
              DISPLAY                                               smaller plantings and an ideal low screen. Oat coloured
                                                                    summer flowers. Grows to a height and spread of 60cm.
                                                                    (Photo left)

             GARDENS?                                               Teucridium parvifolium
                                                                    A compact, small-leaved shrub with
                                                                    round, dull-green leaves and orange
                                                                    branchlets. Masses of small, white,
                      Hedging                                       fuschia-like flowers in summer. Use
                                                                    for informal hedge or in border.
                       Shelter                Tolerates poor, dry soils. Rare in the wild. Hardy. NZ
                                              native. Grows to a height of approximately 2m, spreading
                      Grasses                 to the same. (Photo right)

                   Mixed Border

                  Parkland Trees
                                                        Feel the Buzz
                                                               Plant for bees...
                  Dryland Plants

            Come and make use of these        The bee is one of the hardest
         gardens - most plants labelled for
                your convenience!             workers in horticulture and
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             Do you have a landscape            Approximately $3 billion of our GDP is directly
             plan you would like us to          attributable to the intensive pollination of
                                                horticultural and specialty agricultural crops by
                                                bees. There is also a huge indirect contribution
                "QUOTE"                         through the pollination of clover, sown as a nitrogen regeneration source for the
                                                land we farm. This benefit flows onto our meat export industry through livestock
                        for you?                production and sales.

          Just bring in your plant list,        Bees consume pollen as a protein and vitamin source and nectar for energy.
         fax it (347 9223), or email it         While gathering these resources, they move pollen from one plant to another
            (          thus benefiting our land by pollinating crops. Availability of quality pollen
                                                resources is critical during spring when bee-keepers are building up bee
         and we'll supply you back a            populations for pollination services. Any shortfall leads to protein stress that
           quote valid for 30 days.             weakens bees, making them more susceptible to diseases and pests. It also
                                                dramatically slow the queens breeding output and this results in low field
             It really is as easy as that!      strength and under-performing pollination services.

                      _________                 We can reverse this trend by choosing bee-friendly trees and shrubs for planting
                                                in our gardens, waterway margins, windbreaks, field edges, under pivots and
                                                along roadsides. To view a full list of suitable plants, both native and non-
             Southern Woods is proud to be      native, click on this very informative fact sheet put together by Federated
              associated with the following 
                      organisations:            Farmers.

                                                Incidentally, there is compelling, but not definitive, evidence that the use of the
                                                nicotine-based neonicotinoid class of pesticides is part of the reason for
                                                the worldwide decline in bee numbers. These systemic insecticides accumulate
                                                in the bees and have caused massive numbers of bee deaths. 23 of these
                                                nicotinyl pesticides containing clothiandin, thianetoxam, and imidacloprid
                                                are in use in NZ. SHOULD YOU BE USING THEM? Hmmmm, food for

                                                         What should I be doing
                                                                THIS MONTH?

                                                       Liquid-feed all plants that are fruiting or flowering.
                                                       Stake plants now where needed, to protect from
                                                       Mulch and water - pea straw is great for water
                                                       Weed control - remember that long grass is a fire
                                                       Move, remove or loosen tree ties from trunks as
                                                       Check your watering regime - water only in the
                          Plus                         cooler part of the day.
                   NZ Treecrops Assn

                 NZ Farm Forestry Assn

             International Dendrology Society


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