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					Defense Finance and Accounting Center

 Financial   Entry-Level Professional Accountant Program
                        DFAS Mission

            We are the Accounting and Financial Reporting
                  Arm of the Department of Defense

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                            Our Vision

        World-class provider of finance and accounting

        Trusted, innovative financial partner

        Employer of choice, providing progressive and
            professional work environment

        One organization, one identity

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                    Some History on DFAS

            DFAS was created in 1991 by the

    Secretary of Defense to reduce the cost of DoD finance
        and accounting operations and strengthen DoD
      financial management through consolidation of DoD
                   finance and accounting services.

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                         DFAS Locations

                       Denver                            Columbus
      Oakland              St. Louis          Dayton
      San Bernardino                    Indianapolis        Europe
                        Kansas City
       Seaside            Omaha          Lexington         Cleveland
        San Diego      Lawton          Rock Island


                                           San Antonio
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                       DFAS is Big Business

        World’s largest finance and accounting operation -
            16,000 employees
        Service 5.7 million military members, military
         retirees and annuitants, and DoD civilians
        Manage 267 active DoD Appropriations worth $517B
        Manage a $176B Retirement Trust Fund
        $346.6 billion in disbursements annually
        Process 11.2 million commercial invoices
        7.3 million travel payments and settlements
        124 million accounting transactions annually

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           Direct Effect on our Military Forces

                                        If We Take Early
                                    Payment Discounts...

                                        …They Can Buy
                                      a Bradley Fighting

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           Direct Effect on our Military Forces

    If We Eliminate Prompt Payment
          Interest Penalties…

                       …They Can Buy a

                    …They Can Buy a Blackhawk Helicopter.

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                       What’s in it for You???

        Tuition assistance

        Work-life balance

        Other benefits

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                         Tuition Assistance

         Includes generous tuition reimbursement

         Books & lab fees

         Up to four classes per fiscal year (Oct.-Sep.)

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                        Work-Life Balance

         Flexible work schedule

         Typical 40 hour work week

         Flexible vacation scheduling

         On-site child care
          (at some locations)

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                        Other Benefits @ DFAS

         Health and Life insurance

         401K and matching funds

         10 paid holidays

         Paid sick days

         Competitive salaries

         Professional development

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                    Professional Development

     Entry Level Professional Accounting (ELPA) Program
        Three-Year Professional Development Program

          Noncompetitive advancement to target grade

          Coaching and Mentoring

          Formal training courses

          Developmental & rotational assignments

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                     Three-Year ELPA Program

     Years One and Two                   Ongoing throughout
          Four six-month rotations      program
           (examples)                         Classes
              Disbursing                     Special projects
              Systems                        Site/customer visit
              Accounting                     Leadership/networking
              Internal Review                 conferences
     Year Three                               Meetings with senior
          On-the-job training
                                              Professional association
          Two (or more) short
           rotations with other
           business lines (e.g.,              Topical briefings
           vendor, travel, or military

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           Entry Level Professional Accountant

                        Typical Professional Career Path
                        Typical Professional Career Path
                          Typical Professional Career Path

                                         Approximately 80% of the
                                          workforce are at the professional
             Management                   or journey levels.
                                         Salary structures are based on
                                          grade, length of time in a grade,
             Professional                 and location.
                                         Employees become qualified for
                                          higher level positions through a
                                          combination of education,
                                          training, and experience.

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                          Opportunities for You

         Internships
                Valuable   experience
                Resume     enhancer
                Career   opportunities
         In the next five years, a large percentage of the
          workforce is eligible for early or regular retirement.

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                          Candidate Requirements

         Completion of Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or
          business-related degree with 24 semester credit
          hours of accounting coursework

              Minimum 3.0 GPA

              Demonstrated record for success

              Strong leadership potential

              Professional demeanor

              Interpersonal skills

              Match our Core Values
                • Integrity, Innovation, Service

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       Maybe we don’t get thanked everyday, but . . .

     …but we are committed to providing world-class service at
     a reduced cost to the military members and their families.

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