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					Movie Genres
  Action                   Horror
  Adventure                Musicals
  Comedy                   Science fiction
  Crime/gangster           War (anti-war)
  Drama                    Western
Our movie: Horror / Mystery / Thriller
Movie Rating
               General Audience.
               All ages admitted.
               Parental Guidance
               Parents Strongly
               Cautioned. Some
               material may be
               inappropriate for
               children under 13.
                         17 requires
                         parent or adult
                         No One 17 and
                         Under Admitted.
Our movie: Rated PG-13 for terror/violence
           and some sexual references
 Rose Red

By Stephen King
Stephen King
King of Horror Stories
                         The Green Miles
                         Misery    危情十日
                         Bag of Bones
                         Rose Red
Unit 41
 Professor’s Plan for a “Spook Hunt”
Word Bank
 4. Quantifiable: quantity, quantify
 7. Field trip: A group excursion for the
 purpose of firsthand observation, as to a
 museum, the woods, or a historic place.
 8. Spook hunt: ghost
 10. Underwrite: insure, sponsor
 What’s this year’s course work?

 the psychology of the unseen world
Three thoughts:
 The investigation of psychic phenomena is
 an honorable pursuit in spite of the field’s
 tattered reputation.
 Reality is not always quantifiable. Our
 inability to count, weigh, sort or photograph
 some things does not mean that those things
 are non-existent.
 Next week’s exam will not be graded on the
Additional Notes
Graded on the curve
 85, 96, 75, 84, 65, 91, 78, 82, 80, 70, 80, 58, 71,
 78, 98, 99, 75, 62, 75 . The mean, x, is 79.1 and
 the standard deviation (标准差), s, is 11.5.
  If your score is between:     Letter Grade
 x + s and 100            90.6          A
 x + (s/2) and x + s     84.9~90.6     B
 x - (s/2) and x + (s/2) 73.3~84.9 C
 x -s and x - (s/2)      67.6~73.3 D
 0 and x – s             0~67.6        F
Ex. 2
1. group is so large      8. Not to mention
2. first visit            9. filed
3. the campus             10. underwrite
   newspaper              11. feel like
4. planning on            12. right up there
5. finance                13. suggest
6. extremely interested   14. pose
7. Have a picture         15. closed
Unit 42
 Selection of Participants
Memorial Day
 Last Monday in May
 A day to honor the soldiers who were killed
 in the Civil War
 a trifle low: a bit, somewhat low
 n. 琐事, 小事, 琐碎的东西; 无价值的事物; 无聊的话
 v. 玩弄, 闭混, 浪费, 嘲弄,忽视
      You should not trifle with your health.
Ex. 2
1.   get back               8. out of my own
2.   there are many             pocket
3.   didn’t say no          9. get extra
4.   trifle low             10. Mark you calendar
5.   say 7500
6.   first, last and only
7.   stopped tours
Unit 43
 The House Grows on Its Own
Ex. 2
1.   by the time        7. suffered
2.   in no hurry        8. took up residence
3.   with an enormous   9. most fascinating
4.   honeymoon          10. continued to grow
5.   favorite part      11. according to
6.   carried            12. was iron
A will of iron: a will that is very strong
Unit 44
 You May Use My Body to Speak
Ex. 2
1.   is the first
2.   refers to
3.   gave birth to
4.   withered arm
5.   They are one
6.   became convinced
7.   kill her young
8.   easy game
I have called him Adam, for he is the first.

Easy game: a person who is easily taken in
or cheated.

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