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					        The Life of Theodore Geisel-Dr. Seuss
        By: Ashley Maddox and Weasy Waring

              In 1904 in Springfield, Mass.
             A special time had come to pass

         For into the world Dr. Seuss had come
         Or Theodore Geisel, as known to some

 His father would brew, while his mother would rhyme
That‟s where he learned skills that would last for all time

        United States finances were not the best
    But little Ted‟s childhood was great, nonetheless

   His memories of Springfield are seen in his work
 Using old thoughts from childhood became such a perk
              In college at Dartmouth he was editor-in-chief
                   Of a magazine is the common belief

    This is where “Seuss” caught on as his new writing name
          And we all recognize what a hit that became!

                     The Cat in the Hat, a classic for sure
                   Could only have 225 words, what a bore!

                  But no, Seuss could do it, and do it he did
                    That book was a hit with many a kid

                     By the time that he died in the year „91
                     44 books had shown readers such fun

                    200 million copies of stories
        Are now in the hands of young girls and young boys

             With six awards, he‟s amazing no doubt
        And his books are so great that we can‟t live without

             So next time a poem would sure make your day
               Pick up Dr. Seuss, and he‟ll take you away!

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