; Pork Chop Cordon Bleu Chicken Florentine London Broil Baked
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Pork Chop Cordon Bleu Chicken Florentine London Broil Baked


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                        Homemade Crabcake $7.95
                          Served With Lemon Pepper Aioli
                             Skinny Fingers $7.95
               Chicken fingers (plain OR buffalo0 & loaded potato skins

                      Pork Chop Cordon Bleu
               C.C. Bonelees Chop Filled with Ham & Cheese Baked
      and Topped with `Pastene Marsala` Wine Sauce, Served with Choice of Two
                          Chicken Florentine
     10 oz. Chicken Breast Filled with Spinach & Cheese – Oven Baked & Topped
With ‘Pastene’ Marsala Wine Sauce Over Choice of Pasta –or- with Potato and Vegetable
                                London Broil
                   Choice Flank Steak Marinated & Hand Sliced –
               Served in Pan Juices With Choice of Vegetable & Potato
                    Baked Haddock Parmigian
       Filet of Haddock (ADAMS FSH MRKT) Covered in our Marinara Sauce &
         Italian Cheese Blend & Baked Togeteher Served With Choice of Two
                                Tour of Italy
            Jumbo Cheese Filled Shells, Chicken Parmigian, Italian Sausage
                    & Meatball Topped With Marinara Sauce
                          Baked Lamb Shank
                    Lamb Baked on the Bone With Celery, Carrots
                       & Onions Served With Mashed Potatos
                 Single Shank $10.95 - Double Shank $15.95

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