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									Push entertainment group

*TOUR OPERATOR: Push entertainment group contracts with our agency,hotels, clubs,
casinos and pools for all components of the tour package.

*AIRLINE and TRANSPORTATION FEES: Push entertainment group is not responsible for any
airline, transportation, car service, taxi or other fees associated with
transportation to or from San Juan. These costs and fees and the safety of the
traveler are the responsibility of the individual or group.Although we will do our
best to help by offering good deals.

*SECURITY AGREEMENT: Your payments are protected and processed via secure paypal

*ROOMMATES: You choose your own roommates. Push entertainment group is not
responsible for filling rooms. You are responsible for any occupancy price adjustment
if your roommate cancels.

*CANCELLATIONS: All non refundable deposits and payments are final.   No exceptions.

*INSURANCE: Our agency will offer Trip Insurance and is strongly recommended for an
emergency such as accident or illness, or death in the immediate family.If the
participant chooses to not to obtain coverage, he/she will assume full financial
responsibility for the cost of travel package price and will hold LVE harmless for
any losses due to cancellation, lost luggage, injury, death, theft, or other
unforeseen circumstances.

*DOCUMENTATION: All travelers must have proper documentation for proof of identity
and proof that they are 21 or over and carry it with them at all times.

*HOTEL SECURITY DEPOSITS: The host hotel will require a credit card put forth for
each room occupied. This is to cover any damage or incidental expenses (including
but not limited to room service, restaurant charges, etc.). Without a credit card,
your group will not be allowed to check-in and Push entertainment group will not be
responsible for damages or inconvenience.

*SCHEDULE: All schedules and venues are subject to change without notice.   You will
be given the official final schedule upon check-in.

*WRISTBAND: Upon check-in you will have a wristband put on your wrist. Do not take
it off, and do not lose it. This wristband will be the official wristband of the
package. All clubs, pool and hotel partners will require you wear this wristband for
entry at all times. They will have the option to wristband you with an additional
official wristband of that venue or for that day. If you lose the official Summer
Splash wristband, you will not be given a new one complimentary. The only way to get
another wristband will be to purchase another. No exceptions. Anyone caught with a
fraudulent wristband, selling or trading or re-selling wristbands will be prosecuted
to the fullest extent of the law and removed from the hotel and the tour.

*VENUE RULES: All clubs, casinos, hotel and pool partners reserve the right to ID
each participant. All club, casino, hotel and pool rules apply based on the venue
and supersede this agreement. We recommend that all participants be sure to have
proof of 21+ at all times.

*FLIGHT DELAYS: Flight delays are unfortunate, but are an inherent risk in air
travel. Flight delays, missed night accommodations and expenses incurred due to
flight delays, and missed connections to/from commercial and/or charter flights are
beyond the control and responsibility of Push entertainment group.

*DISABILITY RESPONSIBILITY: Hotels, transportation services, and other facilities are
not necessarily disabled accessible. If you have a disability that requires
accommodations or special assistance, you must notify the hotel and venues directly.

*ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION POLICY: The legal drinking age in Puerto Rico is 18 years of
age. Push entertainment group does not condone the use of alcohol by those under the
legal drinking age and in no way condones or encourages intoxication. If you choose
to drink, do so responsibly and remember that the excessive use of alcohol can result
in injury and severely impaired judgment.

*RESPONSIBILTY: You understand that this trip is subject to the terms and conditions
of this tour participant agreement outlined in full above with no exceptions. You
further understand that Push entertainment group and its agents act solely as agents
for hotels, clubs, casinos and pools in providing access and accommodations, and
services offered in this tour. Therefore, in absence of negligence on its part, Push
entertainment group shall not be responsible for any accident, injury, damage, death,
loss of vacation time, expense, inconvenience, loss of wages, distress or frustration
whether physical or mental, due to an act of negligence or default of any carrier,
restaurant, hotel, tour or ground operator or any persons rendering any of the
services included in this tour or losses due to mechanical breakdowns, government
actions, act of Nature, act of terrorism, delay or cancellation of travel due to
inclement weather, theft, strikes, or other circumstances beyond our control; the
failure to obtain required travel documentation; the failure to follow instructions,
including, but not limited to, reconfirming flight times, etc.

*PARTICIPANT RESPONSIBILITY: You are responsible for your actions on the entire tour,
beginning and ending with air flights. Activities are not mandatory; they are
voluntary. Your decision to participate is not actionable against Push Entertainment
Group or Summer Splash or any other associated company of the principal owners and
operators. Inappropriate behavior can be cause for eviction from the program and to
be sent home at your expense. No refund will be issued for unused accommodations, or
other tour services if the passenger leaves the tour for any reason. Push
entertainment group employees are NOT chaperones. By participating in our trip, Push
entertainment group retains the right to use your photo or likeness for promotional
purposes unless otherwise expressed in writing. Push Entertainment Group cannot be
responsible for lost or misdirected
mail.Changes and updates in your address and/or phone number must be submitted in

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