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					A Century of Fine Flowers:

     f l o w e r   s h o p

        260 Third Avenue
       New York, NY 10010
One of the Oldest Running
Flower Shops in New York
 Gramercy Park residents have seen tremendous changes over the past 100
 years such as the disappearance of the horse & buggy and the demolition
 of the Third Avenue El. However, through it all, one constant has
 remained…The Gramercy Park Flower Shop.

 Established in 1904, the Gramercy Park Flower Shop continues to flourish,
 despite building demolition, the Great Depression and two World Wars. And
 it does so in the same location, corner of 21st Street and Third Avenue, under
 the same family name and management.

 The Gramercy Park Flower Shop continues as a perennial neighborhood
 institution that continues to care for its customers in the same exacting
 fashion that it cares for its flowers.

       Serving NYC for 100 Years!
 Chronology of the
 Gramercy Park Flower Shop
1904   The flower shop was founded by two brothers, Peter and Spiros Sakas. After earning
       enough capital from selling flowers on a cart on 14th street, the immigrants from
       Sparta, Greece, pursued their American dream by opening a shop in the old
       Academy of Music Building on 14th Street. That same year, they moved the shop to
       the location at 21st street where it still stands.

1945   Peter’s sons Jim and Tom gradually took over the business after their return from
       army and navy service in World War II.

1957   The building that housed the shop was demolished. True to their nature, the Sakas
       brothers rose to the challenge by designing a new shop from scratch at the same
       location, adding a refrigerator to the front window to display spectacular flower
       arrangements and a small brook with real goldfish in the other window. No order
       was too large or outrageous.

1985   Tommy Sakas succeeded his father Tom and uncle Jimmy. “We have serviced
       three generations of customers,” says Tommy, “…this is a family-run business and we
       take a lot of care in making certain that everything that leaves the store is top
1993   In the same entrepreneurial spirit of his grandfather, grandfather’s brother, father
       and uncle, Tommy expanded and remodeled the store to encourage and
       accommodate a continually strong and growing business.
Fun Facts
Early on, the Gramercy Park Flower Shop became the flower shop of choice for
the neighborhood elite such as Benjamin Sonnenberg, who used to order
white anemones when he entertained Greta Garbo.

One of the most well known actresses of the 30’s and 40’s, Margaret Hamilton, most well
known for her role as the “Wicked Witch of the West” in the Wizard Of Oz was a frequenter
of The Gramercy Park Flower Shop.

In the 1960’s, Candid Camera used the store to host an episode. Pulling gags on the
customers in the store, at one point they put fly paper on the floor and watched as the
various customers would come in and wobble around the store while taking the paper
with them on their shoes.

No order is too big or two outrageous. Consider a full size guitar to greet rock musician
Johnnie Winters at the airport, a giant floral trumpet for famous musician’s funeral, a floral
microphone to celebrate a top NYC radio station’s move to new headquarters, the flowers
at New York’s renown Saks Fifth Avenue, and the great big wreaths around the Lions’
necks at the New York Public Library each year during Fragrance Week.

Unforgettable holiday displays and hundreds of unusual ornaments suspended from the
ceiling – a winter wonderland of surprises.
Client Testimonials

  “In all of our days, neither I nor any of our guests aboard the
  Entrepreneur II have ever seen such beautiful floral arrangements.
  The raves will go on for years.”
            – Dorothy Carlton; Entrepreneur II client

  “Once again you have done a fantastic job with the floral arrangement
  for the Cartier luncheon and the Finalist Breakfast at the Metropolitan
  Club. It is always a pleasure to work with you.”
            – Annette Green, President; The Fragrance Foundation

  “What can we say, the flowers were outrageous! Thanks for making our
  wedding day so extra special. You did an amazing job! My friends and
  family are still talking about the beautiful flowers!”
             – Corey & Josh
Client Testimonials

“We came to you because we have known and trusted you for
years, have loved your arrangements and the diversity in your
tastes and skills, and because for that one day we wanted only the best.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”
          – Bryce & Tania

“Tommy – your generosity combined with the outrageous beauty of your
flowers helped to make such an important event a huge success.
Compliments from Nancy Kerrigan and Steve Buscemi on making such
spectacular arrangements for their stage setting.
          – Stars, Stripes and Skates – Official 9/11 commemorative event NYC

     The majority of our regular customers have been doing business
                   with us for many years, if not decades.
Family Motto

       Two mottos have resonated throughout the years,
        echoed by three generations of Sakas owners.
                       “Quality is our Best Policy”
                 “Treat every customer with respect,
                 regardless of the size of the order.”

     Tommy and his select staff are experts when it comes to flowers and
   continue to deliver fresh and creative flower arrangements in the tradition
                  of excellent service his grandfather instilled.
   The Gramercy Park Flower Shop helps customers design and plant indoor
        and outdoor spaces, weddings and event spaces, and offers
                beautiful accents for homes and gardens.

         We look forward to another century of servicing our
          current customers and new generations to come.
              GRAMERCY PARK
              f l o w e r     s h o p

“We have served three generations of customers.
This is a family-run business and we take a lot of care
to make certain that everything that leaves the store
is top quality.”

         - Tom Sakas, current owner
f l o w e r   s h o p

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