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friendship artifact


									              Why ABC’s Line up on
          Wednesdays From 11am-10:30
            pm* pertains to friendship,
          Including NBC’s comedy night
           done right on Thursday, And
              yes I was watching that
           yesterday, and yes do watch
                    too much TV
* Not including local programming
    which is usually the news
                                    The line up

•     The View at 11am
•     All My Children at 1pm*
•     One Life To Live at 2pm*
•     General Hospital at 3pm*
•     The Middle at 8pm
•     Modern Family at 8:30 and 9pm
•     Cougar Town at 9:30pm*

    *one hour show
    # missing time is local programming
    NBC’s Comedy Night Done
•   Community
•   Parks and Rec
•   The Office
•   Outsourced
•   30 Rock
               The view
• The View is a show that converses
  topics like Arnold’s mistress or if chuck
  E cheeses promotes gambling.
• The View promotes friendship because
  the people on the view (i.e.. Whoopie
  Goldberg and Barbra Walters) must be
  friends because they can never do the
  show when they hate each other
           All My Children
• All my children is about the people in
  Pine Valley and their relationships with
  each other mostly Erica Kane and her
  many husbands.
• This relates to friendship because the
  show can not go on if Erica Kane was
  not friends with all of the people that
  she has a relationship with.
          One Life to Live
• This TV show is about the people in
  Llanview mostly the wealthy Lord family
  and the he middle-class Woleks and
• This shows that they all have to be
  friends to stay together as families.
         General Hospital
• The story takes place in a hospital in
  Port Charles Dr Steve Hardy and his
  friend, Nurse Jessie Brewer
• This is about friendship because they
  are friends and they work every day
  together and comply.
               The Middle
• This show is about a middle class family that
  lives in Indiana the slacker older son axl the
  socially awkward middle daughter Sue and
  the youngest innocent son Brick
• The father has a relationship with with the
  son and the mom tries to have a relationship
  with the older son and that is what makes the
  show interesting
              Modern Family
• This show which most of you have
  probably have seen this show but it is
  about 3 families which is pretty
• This show is about friendship
Because the families are friends
And get along
            Cougar Town
• The story is about Jules, now divorced
  from her husband Bobby, tries to re-
  enter the dating world and relate to her
  young assistant Laurie.
• This story is about friendship because
  Jules and Laurie are friends and they try
  to survive together in the young dating
•This show is about a group of friends that are in a
study group together at a terrible community collage
that work with each other never the less that they are
different religions and different races. You may know
three people Joel McHale from The Soup and Ken
Jeong from the hangover or Chevy Chase
•This is about friendship because they all are in a
study group and are friends they first were in Spanish
101 and then anthropology 101 but Chevy Chase quit
from the study group at the last episode of the second
season but they all stay friends through thick and thin.
      Parks And Recreation
• This is a show starring Amy Pohler who
  is the head of the parks and recreation
• This show is about friendship because
  Amy Pohler has to be friends or tries to
  be friends with her employees
                 The Office
•The office is a TV show about a boss Michael Scott who
is a boss of a paper company branch in Scranton and is
very quirky and weird.
•This show is about friendship because Michael Scott tries
more to be friends with his employees more than being
their boss.
                     30 Rock
•30 Rock is a show that takes place in 30 rock building
in New York and is about a failing show TBS which is a
sketch comedy show staring Tracy Morgan and has lazy
writers that don’t listen to the main character Liz Lemon
and her boss Jack Donaghy
•This show relates to friendship because the main
character Liz has to be friends with every one in the
building and it shows.
• This show is about a American man
  who gets outsourced to India to be the
  manager of a call center.
• This show is about friendship because
  as a boss he wants to be friends with
  his employees but he still wants them to
  respect him
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