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									Email Marketing Workshop

Presented By: Don Farrell

                       Workshop Agenda

1   Email Marketing Overview

2   How to integrate email into your marketing mix

3   Technical Issues

4   Practical Example of using an Email Marketing Solution

5   Moving up the email marketing food chain
                 What is Email Marketing?

“The process of delivering relevant, engaging
and timely marketing messages about your products
and services to a specific group of recipients via
electronic mail.”

With Email marketing you are going to them (into their office,
sitting room, kitchen, bedroom, car ..)

Main advantages over other mediums:

- ROI               - Flexibility
- Traceability      - Speed
                   Email V’s other Direct Channels
   Email marketing generated an ROI of $48 for every dollar spent on it
   in 2009. Outperforming all other direct marketing channels.

 Total Revenue
Generated in 2009
…….$500bn !!

 Serious ?

 75% of online consumers prefer to receive promotional messages via email

 More than half of online consumers have made a purchase as the direct
 result of an email more than any other online communication channel. Have you ?
                         Ireland – 2011
 Email continues to be the most popular online marketing format
 Used by 67% of Irish marketers..

               But in general is not being used properly !!
                      Evolution of Email Marketing

Plain Text with attachment    Image Based with tracking   Optimised, Automated..
What do Companies use email marketing for ?
                    Future of the medium ?
Positive                            Negative 

74% of Marketers believe the        Spam – we hate spam !
content is getting more relevant
                                    Inbox Overload
58% see email as an integral part
of their multichannel activities    Abuse of the medium

44% believe customers prefer
email as a marketing channel
How to successfully integrate email into your marketing mix
          Select the types of emails your going to use

                    Alerts, press releases, tip of the day or week and product launches
Short editorial     - These messages are short and to the point.
                    - They inform your subscribers about news and tips
                    - The content should be focused on editorial rather than promotion. A suggested balance
                      is around 70% editorial 30% promotion. “THIS IS NOT A SALES HAMMER”

                    Email newsletters, long press releases and industry guides. –
Long Editorial      - Allows you to write a little bit more
                    - Many companies choose to send long form editorial to customers & prospects.
                    - This is not a sales pitch
                    - You can utilise space to promote offers and buying information.

Short Promotional   E-Cards, sale announcement and reminders.
                    - Keep this type of email short and sweet.
                    - The aim is to get the reader off the email as quick as possible
                    - Take one key message and promote it.
                    - Must have a clear benefit to the recipient.

                    Sales Letter and Catalogue email.
Long Promotional    - Allows you to present many benefits of your product or service.
                    - Also allows you to present many products on one email.
                    - Ideal for products or services that require more explanation.
                    - Direct sales driven so your copy should reflect this.
        Short Promotional – What do you think ?

Client: Seat Ireland

Campaign: Seat Ibiza

Email type: Product Offer

Call to action:

- Book a Test Drive
- Full Specs & prices
- Order a Brochure
- Send to Friend
- Visit Seat website
                  Email Example – Short Editorial

Client: RTE

Campaign: NSO Season

Email Type: Newsletter

Call to action:

- Multiple Links to
- Online Booking
- Viral – Send to Friend
- Info on events
Email Example – Short & ‘Long’ Editorial
Pick a Template that suits..
Pick a Template that suits..
Technical Issues - Example of ‘Nice’ Email Marketing..
Technical Issues - But what if images don’t download?

                                        Main CTA was
                                        Image based –
                                        should be HTML

                                         Use „Alt Tags‟
                                         to prevent
                                         email client
                                         from auto
                                         inputting text

                                         Keep the
                                         „T&C‟s‟ short !!
  Technical Issues - Get a good mix of images & html

Images Downloaded – Only         Everyone will see this ..
30-40% of people will see this
         Example Email With & Without Images

Only 30-40% of People See This   60-70% of People will see this
Optimised HTML Email - With & Without Images

  Only 30-40% of People See This   60-70% of People will see this
  Technical Issues - Get a good mix of images & html

Images Downloaded – Only 30% of people will see this

But at least everyone will see this…

So What / Why Bother ?

36% uplift in direct SALES
      How do people inteact with Email..

People scan emails to determine if the content is relevant.

• Develop a plan that clearly demonstrates to management the
value and ROI of a strategic email marketing program.

• If doing a monthly email, map out 6 - 9 months in advance with
at least two stories / creative / offers for each month.

•Integrate with inhouse calander of events (summer, xmas etc)

• Define specific goals, success metrics and action steps.

• Determine whether or not to do personalisation and
segmentation. If limited by data quality issues, maybe split your

• Put effort into the first few months - the biggest decline in
campaign interaction is two months after opt in.
                  Sample Email Marketing Plan

   Strategy              Set Up
                      Train & Design
                            Split Test 1
                                                                             Consolidate Campaigns
     Plan                   Split Test 2
                                                                                     Segment & Analyse
                                       Execute Campaign
                                           Analyse Results                             Segment & Analyse

    Set Up                                                             Run Multiple Campaigns
                                                                           Review & Update Strategy
Report   Design                             Integrate Google
                                                                                  Reset KPI’s
                                                Track & Report Results
                                                       Affiliate Program

                                                     Review CRM Systems
    Analyse                                               Cleanse & Consolidate


   Improve          Customer Data              Integration
        Define the Types of Campaigns your going to run

                New Business Campaign

 Plan         Loyalty Campaign

                Retention Campaign

     Design    Viral Campaign

                Reawakening Campaign


                Special Offer Campaign
    Define Creative for different segments / campaigns





               List Building & Data Management

Web Signup form
                                        30% Increase
- Easy to find
- Offer benefit
- Easy to use ( show the input field)
- Don’t ask for too much info
- Send auto responder upon signup
             List Building & Data Management

Great – asking
subscriber to
specify the type of
info they want to
receive (AFTER
email capture)
             List Building & Data Management

Don’t ask for too much personal info & make it easy to use
              List Building & Data Management

Don’t ask for unnecessary info – Title , Address, Post Code etc

Eg. Use a separate form for postal details

Don’t Forget the auto responder!!
               List Building & Data Management

                                Other Sources
                                - CRM
                                - Email Clients
                                - Business Card Collection
                                Segment your data by:
                                - Profile (Age, Gender, Location)
                                - Customers / Prospects
                                - Previous behavior (click or buy)

Drive Traffic to subscription
form your email signatures..
Free & Easy !!
                        Data Segmentation

Incorporate this into Subject Line, similar to „mail merge‟

.. Company Law Seminar @ the G Hotel – Galway on Tue 17th
Auto Data Segmentation in Circulator Platform
Technical Issues – how email works behind the scenes
30 Million Emails Sent Via Circulator – 2008 -> 2010

    B2B                                 B2C

       - Difference with Corp Domains
       - Gmail increasing daily
              What email clients do people use ?
  Email sent to 27k European Business Addresses – Sector Energy

A recent campaign to an ‘Online Marketing’
Audience - 23% opened it on a Smart
How does your email appear on a phone ?

                           Unnecessary Clutter

                           Send yourself a test email

                           Subject Line: To the point

                           Intro: No Techie Stuff
How does your email look in different clients & browsers ?
            Average Open Rates in Ireland – 2009

Popular Question: what is the average open rate ?

Realistic Answer: There is no real average !!
 Q – What factors influence open rates ?
  A – Subject Line, Timing, Quality of previous campaigns,
  Preceived RELEVANCE
                           When is the best time to send ?

                                                                         B2B           B2C
• B2B - About 80% email opened between 9 am and 5 pm                     Tue – Thurs   test to see
                                                                         10am - 4pm
• B2B - 62% opened between Tuesday and Thursday

• Personal email accounts are often checked during evening and weekend

                                           What Factors Impact Open Rates ?

                                            Relationship with subscriber base
                                            Timing
                                            Subject Lines
                                            Frequency
                                            Perceived Relevance
   Split Testing increases ROI – The Process

Why Test ? It makes the messaging more relevant !

 Testers achieve higher return.. Up to 60% higher !!

 Small changes can make a big difference

 Good news - most marketers don‟t
        The Testing Process

 4. Test, compare
 and pick a winner     1. Decide what to test

 3. Choose the right    2. Determine how
testing methodology    to measure success
Define your KPI – Interaction or Click Through or €
                       B2C Split Testing Results – Jan 2011

  Best performing time is Sunday @ 2:30pm which produced a
  21.5% interaction (double the campaign average)

SendDate     Send Day / Time Interaction %
01/17/2011     Mon - 10.30        12.5       25
01/17/2011     Mon - 14.30       11.32
01/17/2011     Mon - 19.30       10.99
01/18/2011     Tue - 10.30        9.49       20
01/18/2011     Tue - 14.30       10.17
01/18/2011     Tue - 19.30       10.67
01/19/2011     Wed - 10.30         9.9
01/19/2011     Wed - 14.30       10.44
01/19/2011     Wed - 19.30        9.79
01/20/2011     Thur - 10.30       9.86
01/20/2011     Thur - 14.30       9.67       10
01/20/2011     Thur - 19.30       9.73
01/21/2011      Fri - 10.30       9.86
01/21/2011      Fri - 14.30       9.94        5
01/21/2011      Fri - 19.30       9.94
01/22/2011     Sat - 10.30        9.82
01/22/2011     Sat - 14.30       10.82        0
01/22/2011     Sat - 19.30       14.62
01/23/2011     Sun - 10.30       17.21
01/23/2011     Sun - 14.30       21.58
                             Average 11.54
      Test Results – Variable: Time & Day, KPI: Open Rate

           Subject Line          Time    Day : Date    Opens %   Unsub %   Click:Open

10 Things To Remember Before..   10:30   Mon 18 Jan      21        0.2        34

10 Things To Remember Before..   14:30   Mon 18 Jan      23        0.2        36

10 Things To Remember Before..   10:30   Tue 19 Jan      26        0.2        38

10 Things To Remember Before..   14:30   Tue 19 Jan      31        0.2        38

10 Things To Remember Before..   10:30   Wed 20 Jan      34        0.2        39

10 Things To Remember Before..   14:30   Wed 20 Jan      30        0.2        38

10 Things To Remember Before..   10:30   Thur 21 Jan     28        0.2        36

10 Things To Remember Before..   14:30   Thur 21 Jan     26        0.2        34

10 Things To Remember Before..   10:30    Fri 22 Jan     22        0.2        33

10 Things To Remember Before..   14:30    Fri 22 Jan     14        0.2        32

  Other Test Variables: Subject Line, From Name,
  Content (4 Stories vs 2), Frequency, Segmentation
                          Subject Line Tips
Keep it short: 8-10 words - straight to the point. Grab the attention of
your reader in < 3 seconds
There is no formula - what works well for one
company may not work for another

Plan and test early - not 5 mins before you send.

Review subject-line performance: See which
subject lines deliver the action you want: open
rate, click-through rate, etc.

Watch out for SPAM filters: There's a fine line
between "catchy" and "spammy subject lines"

Support the "from" line: The "from" line tells the recipient who
sent the email, and the subject line sells the recipient on
         Use email marketing to help your SEO

Google loves new relevant content – why not
use your email marketing activities to
improve your SEO by automatically archiving
your messages with 'seo aware' tags.

 Integrate with Google Analytics and “close the loop..”

                              Integrate with Google Analytics
                              and track what happened after
                              the subscriber clicked through
                              to your site. Real ROI
                    Viral Email Marketing..

Q: When you want to share something from the Internet with your
friends or family, such as a video, link or article, what methods do
you use?
Allow people to Share your emails..

                       Don‟t forget email sharing..

                       “As a result of one person
                       receiving our newsletter,
                       1000 new people received

                       Why ?
                       The info was relevant !
Coupon Distribution Drives Footfall – Coupons are back !!
                                 Multi Tier Viral Campaign -
                                 person who subscribes the
                                  most friends wins €1000


              Increasing brand
                awareness &

Use Facebook to Grow your Email Database
       Integrate Video into your email campaigns

US Internet users viewed 14.8 billion online videos in January 2009

Emails containing video - interaction rates up by 150%
Pratical Example Of Using an Email Marketing Syetem

              • Campaign Creation

              • Data Management

              • Sending

              • Reporting & Analytics
                    Questions & Answers

Presented By: Don Farrell,




Ph: 01 7071740

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