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									    Data Dictionary for Status of NRC-Regulated Complex Materials Sites Undergoing Decommissioning
Term                                                               Definition
Site Name               Name of complex materials site undergoing decommissioning
Location                Indicates the nearest town/city to the listed site
State                   State in which the site is located
                        Current compliance criteria [See 10 CFR 20.1401(b) for more information]:
                        Action = Site Decommissioning Management Plan Action Plan criteria
                        LTR = License Termination Rule criteria
                        RES = Restricted use
                        UNRES = Unrestricted use
                        N/A = Not applicable
                        Indicates whether the decommissioning plan has been submitted to the U.S. Nuclear
DP Submitted
                        Regulatory Commission (NRC)
Original DP Submittal   Date the decommissioning plan was originally submitted for NRC review
                        Indicates whether the NRC has approved the decommissioning plan (DP):
                        Yes = DP has been approved
DP Approved             No = DP has not been approved
                        Under Revision = a revision to a previously approved version of the DP is currently under
Estimated Closure       Estimated date of closure
                        (1) = The staff is currently reviewing the legal draft agreement and restrictive covenant for
                        restricted use.
                          (2) = The Navy's Hunter's Point Shipyard site and the Air Force's McClellan site are being
                          remediated by the Navy and Air Force, respectively. For more information on NRC's
                          "limited involvement approach" to stay informed, please see SECY-08-0077.
                          (3) = The West Valley DP includes plans to release a large portion of the site for
                          unrestricted use, while the remainder of the site may have a perpetual license or be
                          released with restrictions.

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