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									                                  No. 25017/1/2004-GA
                                   Government of India
                             Ministry of Commerce & Industry
                                       (GA Section)
                                Udyog Bhavan, New Delhi
                                                                      Dated 30thApril, 2010

To ,

Subject:               AMC of Fax Machine installed in the Department of Commerce -

       I am directed to say that Department of Commerce intends to award
Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Service Contract of 47 Fax Machines installed in the
Department. The details etc. of machines are enclosed at annexure ’A’

2.       The interested firms may like to inspect the systems on any working day from 4th to
6th May, 2010 between 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm. The Department is looking for service
providers who have a minimum of three years experience in Govt. Sector in respect of
maintenance of Fax Machines of different configurations. The documents in this regard
shall be annexed to the quotation. Other things being equal preference will be given to the
firms having authorization for service/maintenance from Principal manufacturer of the
machines. The service providers capable of maintaining the System and interested in
undertaking the said work, may submit quotation in a sealed cover latest by 11.00 a.m. on
Friday, the 14th May 2010. The Quotations may be dropped in Tender Box placed at R. No.
27-C, Ground floor, Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi. The cover should be super scribed as
“Quotation for maintenance of Fax Machines in Department of Commerce”. The quotation
shall be opened at 11.30 A.M. on the same when you or your representative may like to be
present. The terms and conditions of the tender/contract will be as under:-

1. The contract shall be effective for one year period and consolidated lumpsum amount
for all the system taken together has to be indicated in the proforma enclosed (excluding
taxes). No demand for revision of rates on any account whatsoever shall be entertained
under any circumstances during currency of the rate contract..

2. The quotation shall be accompanied by an earnest money of Rs.900 (Rupees Nine
Hundred only) in the form of Demand Draft in favour of “Under Secretary (Cash),
Department of Commerce, New Delhi” (Cheque/cash will not be accepted). The quotations
received without earnest money or with cheque/cash shall be summarily rejected and no
representation in this regard shall be entertained. The earnest money shall be forfeited if
the contractor declared successful declines the offer or does not accept the work for any
reason, whatsoever. The earnest money of the firm whose quotation are not approved
shall be released only after the award of the contract to the successful tenderer.

3. The contract shall ordinarily be awarded to the lowest evaluated bidder whose bid has
been found to be responsive and who is eligible and qualified to perform the contract
satisfactorily as per the terms and conditions incorporated in the bidding document. The
rates offered shall be kept open for acceptance within 45 days of the tender opening or any
extended period as may be desired by the Department. The contract shall be normally be
awarded for one year period i.e. 18.5.2010 to 17.5.2011 and extendable with mutual
consent, if required.
4. The tenderer whose quotations is finally accepted, shall have to furnish a performance
security of 10% of the value of contract, in favour of “Under Secretary (Cash), Department
of Commerce” by the means of Bank Guarantee/Fixed Deposit receipt from a commercial
bank. Which will be refunded after satisfactory expiry of the contract.

5. The Company shall regularly depute trained engineer(s) only having wide experience of
repairing the Plan System and the complaint received during the day shall be attended to
promptly and rectified within two hours. The company may have to sent their
representatives on holidays in case of emergencies.

6.      This contract includes free replacement of part(s) with genuine ones (except
consumables like cable and adaptor) which may be necessary as a result of normal wear
and tear during the period of contract.

7. The general preventive maintenance of the machine would be undertaken twice a month
for which a separate card will be maintained by the company. The company is liable to
replace the defective parts of the machine with original and new parts strictly as per the
configuration of the manufacturer and will be guaranteed for a period of one year from the
date of replacement. The defective parts will be taken over by the company and the new
parts provided will become the property of the Department.

11.     As new Fax Machines systems purchased from time to time, after the expiry of
warranty/guarantee period, will also have to be serviced/maintained the same terms and
conditions, and the AMC has also to be done at the same terms and conditions for these
new equipments. Department reserve the right to add/remove any item from AMC during
the contract period on pro-rata basis.

8. In the case of major repair where the system or any part of the system has to be taken to
Company’s workshop, the standby arrangement from the company side will be mandatory
without disruption of work of the user. The equipment being taken to the workshop for
repair would be at the company’s expenses.

9. In case the company is found to be failing in rectifying/making functional the system on
the same day, a penalty of Rs. 10/- (Rupees Ten only) per day default would be imposed. In
case of three successive failures, the contract will be terminated forthwith and the
performance security deposit would be forfeited. Under such circumstances only
proportionate charges for the period for which the services rendered shall be payable to
the contractor that too only if the services provided by the firm had been satisfactory.

10. The payment will be made on two equal half yearly installments only on completion of
service to the satisfaction and other formalities as may be requested by the Department.

11. The interpretation of the contractual terms & conditions and disputes, if any, shall be
subject to the sole arbitration of the competent authority in the Department.

                                                                            Yours faithfully

                                                                            (Sher Bahadur)
                                                                            Section Officer
                                                                             Tel: 23062521


I) NAME/ADDRESS OF THE FIRM :-----------------------------------------------------

II) CONTACT NUMBER:---------------------------------------------------------------------

COMPANY ETC.)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------


TO BE ATTACHED)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------


VII) RATE QUOTED (excluding taxes): RS.------------------------------------------------(RUPEES---------

VIII) We hereby undertake to abide by the terms/conditions of the tender
No.25011/3/2007-GA dated 10.3.2010 and undertake that the information(s) furnished Is
true and nothing material has been concealed. We understand that the contract is liable to
be cancelled if the same has been obtained through concealment of
information/fraudulent means.

                                                              (Signature of the Authorised representative)
                                        Details of Fax Machine

   Sl.   Contract Person      R. No.   Print Technology          Model No.           Make
1.       Commerce Secretary    138     Plain Paper               L-220               Canon
2.       AS (PKC)              242     Plain Paper               L-220               Canon
3.       AS (AKM)              240     Plain Paper               L-220               Canon
4.       AS (DKM)              121     Multifunctional Device    SF-5100P            Samsung
5.       AS&FA (SB)            34C     Multifunctional Device    MF-4270             Canon
6.       JS (PKD)              241     Multifunctional Device    SF-565PR            Samsung
7.       JS (DS)               249     Multifunctional Device    MF -4680            Canon
8.       JS (AGM)              162-B   Multifunctional Device    MF -4350            Canon
9.       JS (RK)               216     Plain Paper               FO 1660M            Sharp
10.      JS (BSS)              233     Plain Paper               L-220               Canon
11.      JS ( )                288     Plain Paper               L-220               Canon
12.      JS (SA)               132     Plain Paper               L-295               Canon
13.      EA( NS)               228     Plain Paper               L-220               Canon
14.      EA (Chalam)           225A    Plain Paper               L-220               Canon
15.      Adv. Cost (SKS)       278     Multifunctional Device    MF -4680            Canon
16.       Dir PIO (RJ)         267B    Plain Paper               FO 1660M            Sharp
17.      Dir . (VDA)           224     Multifunctional Device    SF-5100P            Samsung
18.      Dir. (AKB)            225     Multifunctional Device    SF-5100P            Samsung
19.      Dir. (AS)             279-B   Multifunctional Device    4355 (all in one)   HP
20.      Dir. (KP)             224A    Multifunctional Device    2210                HP
21.      Dir (VLKR)            250     Multifunctional Device    M 1522              HP
22.      Dir. (MRS)            263-A                             345TP               Samsung
23.      Dir. (PG)             280B    Plain Paper               L 220               Canon
24.      Dir. (TMS)            223-C   Multifunctional Device    SF-565PR            Samsung
25.      Dir. (MKA)            222     Multifunctional Device    5100                Samsung
26.      AEA (APM)             216-B   Plain Paper               KX- FM-131 BX       Panasonic
27.      AEA(SD)               234     Multifunctional Device    SF-5100P            Samsung
28.      Dir (DPM)             216-A   Plain Paper               L-220               Canon
29.      Dir (S.Garg)          222-B   Multifunctional Device    JX210P              Canon
30.      Dir (AKS)             246A    Plain Paper               L-240               Canon
31.      Dir . (RKJ)           279C    Multifunctional Device    SF-5100P            Samsung
32.      Dir. (NV)             223     Multifunctional Device    SF-5100P            Samsung
33.      Dir. (ADR)            226A    Multifunctional Device    SF-5100P            Samsung
34.      Dir (SKM)             279-D   Plain Paper               L-220               Canon
35.      Work Station          267A    Plain Paper               C-70                Canon
36.      Work Station          -do-    Plain Paper               L-220               Canon
37.      Work Station          -do-    Plain Paper               L-295               Canon
38.      Work Station          -do-    Multifunctional Device    MF -4150            Canon
39.      US (MSK)              346     Plain Paper               KXF-131             Panasonic
40.      US (RK)               349     Plain Paper               1460                Sharp
41.      ESCAPE                19A     Thermal Paper             365                 xerox
42.      Protocol              30C     Multifunctional Device    SF-5100P            Samsung
43.      1st PA to MOS         40      Plain Paper               L-295               Canon
44.      MOS (Personnel        145     Multifunctional Device    F 1528              Canon
45.      Dir. (SK)             285     Plain Paper               KX FP -302          Panasonic
46.      DS (SK)               223-D   Multifunctional Device    3030                HP
47.      Parliament House      48-B    Multifunctional Device    4216                Samsung
Sl.   Contract       R. No.   Print Technology         Model No.   Make      Remarks
No.   Person
 1.   JS (SC)         287     Multifunctional Device   MF4370      Canon     Warranty will expire on
 2.   Dir .(TS)       263C    Multifunctional Device   MF4370      Canon     28.12.09
 3.   JS (AK)         247     Multifunctional Device   SF-5100P    Samsung   Warranty will expire on
4.    JS (AM)         287-B   Multifunctional Device   MF4370      Canon     Warranty will expire on
5.    Dir. (BL)       25A     Multifunctional Device   JX210P      Canon     7.8.09
6.    Dir. (SG)       276     Plain Paper              FO-1660M    Sharp
7.    O/o CIM,        42A     Multifunctional Device   MF-4680     Canon     Warranty will expire on
      C.L. Guleria                                                           27.7.09

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