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					                                   TOWN OF WINDSOR, CO
                               TOWN BOARD REGULAR MEETING
                                 Monday, June 22, 2009 - 7:00 P.M.
                                    Town Board Chambers



  1.   Roll Call

  2.   Pledge of Allegiance

  3.   Review of Agenda by the Board and Addition of Items of New Business to the Agenda for
       Consideration by the Board

  4.   Board Liaison Reports

           •   Chamber of Commerce; Historic Preservation Commission – Town Board Member
           •   Cache La Poudre Trail Board - Town Board Member Kelly
           •   Water and Sewer Board – Mayor Pro-Tem Drake
           •   Library Board; Planning Commission; NFR/MPO Alternate – Town Board Member
           •   Tree Board – Town Board Member Slater
           •   Parks & Recreation Board – Town Board Member Weber
           •   North Front Range/MPO; Positive Weld County Partnerships - Mayor Vazquez

  5.   Public Invited to be Heard


  1.   Minutes of the May 8, 2009 Regular Town Board meeting – P. Garcia
  2.   Liquor License Renewal – Chef’s Basket, Hotel and Restaurant License – P. Garcia
  3.   Special Events Liquor License – Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church Bazaar – P. Garcia
  4.   Appointment of Advisory Board Members – P. Garcia
  5.   Resolution accepting the May 2009 Work Force Housing Study Final Report – J. Plummer
       (Resolution No. 2009 - 43)


  1.   A Resolution of Support for the Town’s Efforts at Seeking a Grant from Weld County Department
       of Human Services for the Purpose of Reimbursing Qualified Expenses Pursuant to the
       Consolidated Security, Disaster Assistance and Continuing Appropriations Act of 2009 – D.
       Jaeger (Resolution No. 2009 - 44)

  2.   A Resolution Approving an Intergovernmental Agreement Between the Town of Windsor,
       Colorado, and the County of Weld Concerning a Maintenance Overlay Project for a Portion of
       Weld County Road 74 – D. Wagner (Resolution No. 2009 - 45)

  3.   Being an Ordinance Repealing and Readopting Portions of Chapter 10 of the Windsor Municipal
       Code Concerning the Establishment of Hours for the Collection of Garbage in the Town of
       Windsor, Colorado, Second Reading – J. Frey (Ordinance No. 2009 - 1343)

   4.   Resolution Further Delaying The Implementation Of Fee Increases Resulting From The Re-
        Establishment Of Road Impact Fees Pursuant To The Readoption Of Article XV Of Chapter 17 Of
        The Windsor Municipal Code – J. Frey (Resolution No. 2009 - 46)

   5.   Site Plan Presentation – Columbine Center Subdivision, Second Filing, Lot 2 – Windsor Police
        Facility – Town of Windsor Police Department, applicant/John Moore, applicant’s representative
        – J. Plummer

   6.   Resolution approving extensions for the preliminary major subdivision approval and the
        preliminary site plan approval for the Poudre Heights Subdivision, Third Filing in the Town of
        Windsor, Colorado – Gail E. “Spike” Rumley, Land Development & Construction Consulting,
        LTD.- applicant – J. Plummer (Resolution No. 2009 - 47)

   7.   Resolution approving a Site Plan revision for less wainscot treatments - Highlands Industrial Park
        Subdivision, Second Filing, Block 2, Lot 4 – Crossroads Volleyball Facility – Norco Juniors, Inc.,
        applicant/Scott Ranweiler, Project Manager, McWhinney, applicant’s representative – J. Plummer
        (Resolution No. 2009 - 48)

   8.   Public Hearing – Proposed amendments to Chapters 15, 16 and 17 of the Windsor Municipal Code
        adding references to the Town’s Electronic Drawing Submittal Standards – J. Plummer

   9.   Ordinance approving amendments to Chapters 15, 16 and 17 of the Municipal Code adding
        references to the Town’s Electronic Drawing Submittal Standards, First Reading – J. Plummer
        (Ordinance No. 2009 - 1344)

   10. Resolution making certain findings of fact concerning the Serfer Annexation to the Town of
       Windsor, Colorado; determining substantial compliance with Section 31-12-101, C.R.S., “The
       Municipal Annexation Act of 1965”; and establishing dates for public hearings before the
       Planning Commission and the Town Board of the Town of Windsor, Colorado with regard to the
       Serfer Annexation – J. Plummer (Resolution No. 2009 - 49)

   11. Resolution Approving And Adopting A Policy For The Use Of Laptop Computers Provided By
       The Town Of Windsor To Its Elected Officials – I. McCargar (Resolution No. 2009 - 50)


   1.   Communications from the Town Attorney

   2.   Communications from Town Staff

   3.   Communications from the Town Manager

   4.   Communications from Town Board Members

        An executive session pursuant to § 24-6-402 (4) (a) to discuss the purchase, acquisition, lease,
        transfer, or sale of any real, personal, or other property interest regarding available real property,
        water storage and water shares/units; and

        An executive session pursuant to § 24-6-402 (4) (e) for the purpose of determining positions
        relative to matters that may be subject to negotiations; developing strategy for negotiations; and
        instructing negotiators regarding available real property, water storage and water shares/units.