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					   Cypress Lake
Presbyterian Church

 Annual Meeting
                    FORT MYERS, FLORIDA
                         JUNE 15, 2008

  1. Call to Order and Opening Prayer
  2. Determination of a Quorum
  3. Report of the Minutes from the last Congregational Meeting (June 24, 2007).
     Specially Called Congregational Meeting (November 4, 2007), Specially Called
     Congregational Meeting (January 6, 2008) and Specially Called Congregational
     meeting (April 20, 2008)
  4. Reception of Written Reports
         a.   Pastor
         b.   Associate Pastor
         c.   Clerk of Session
         d.   Deacons
         e.   Staff
         f.   Ministry Teams
              Support, Church & Community, Faith Sharing, Disciplemaking-(Report
              not received), Commitment to Worship
         g.   Stewardship
         h.   Presbyterian Women
         i.   Treasurer’s Report – (to be a handout at meeting)
         j.   Report of Annual Budget approved by Session
  5. Reception of Verbal Reports:

      Reception of Report from the Church Officer Nominating Committee
         Nomination from the Floor for Church Officers
         Election of Church Officers
  6   Approval of the Pastor’s Terms of Call
      Approval of the Associate Pastor’s Terms of Call
  7   Corporation Meeting Called to Order-Robert LeSage, President
  8   Motion to adjourn Corporation Meeting and return to Congregational Meeting
  9   Motion to adjourn Congregational Meeting
  10 Closing Prayer and Benediction

Meetings of the Congregation
The congregation is made up of all members on the active roll of a particular church. All
such members who are present at a congregational meeting are entitled to vote.

The congregation shall hold an annual meeting and may hold other meetings as
necessary. The annual meeting may consider such business as electing officers, hearing
reports of the session along with plans for the coming year, hearing reports from the
board of deacons and other organizations of the church, and transacting other business as
is appropriate. It shall review the adequacy of the compensation of the pastor or pastors
upon report of the prior review by the session. (G-10.0102n) Public notice of the meeting
shall be given on two successive Sundays.

All meetings of the congregation shall be conducted in accordance with the most recent
edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, or a comparable parliamentary authority adopted by
the congregation, except in those cases where this Constitution provides otherwise.

Business to be transacted at meetings of the congregation shall include the following:
(1) matters related to the electing of elders, deacons, and trustees;
(2) matters related to the calling of a pastor or pastors;
(3) matters related to the pastoral relationship, such as changing the call, or requesting or
consenting or declining to consent to dissolution;
(4) matters related to buying, mortgaging, or selling real property (G-8.0500);
(5) matters related to the permissive powers of a congregation, such as the desire to lodge
all administrative responsibility in the session, or the request to presbytery for exemption
from one or more requirements because of limited size.
(6) Business at congregational meetings shall be limited to the foregoing matters (1)
through (5). Whenever permitted by civil law, both ecclesiastical and corporate business
may be conducted at the same congregational meeting.
                            JUNE 24, 2007

The annual meeting of the congregation of Cypress Lake Presbyterian Church was held
on Sunday, June 24, 2007 at 12:10 pm in the Sanctuary. A quorum was present and Rev.
Clinton C. Cottrell opened the meeting with prayer. Clerk of Session, Bobbi Bancroft,
was appointed to serve as secretary.

The minutes of the Annual Congregational and Corporation Meeting of June 25th, 2006
were accepted with no questions asked.

Highlights of the reports from the Pastor, Clerk of Session, Necrology Report, Deacons,
Experiential Worship, Safe Haven and Office Administration were given by Rev.

The reports from the Ministries as well as the Stewardship Committee, Presbyterian
Women, Building Committee and the Treasurer’s Report were included in the Annual

The report from Church Officer Nominating Committee was presented by Shirley
Stewart, Chairman. The list of nominees to serve as Elders are: Class of 2008-2009 John
Nance; Class of 2009-1010 Harold Carrier, Gordon Coffman, Brian Granstra, Amanda
Kraus, Julie McFadden and Grace Pollock. The list of nominees to serve as Deacons are:
Class of 2007-2008 Jim Wilson; Class of 2009-1010 Jenifer Nance, Hazel Robinson,
Daniela Valmer, Cathy Young and Daisy Graf. The list of nominees to serve on the
2007-2008 Nominating Committee from the congregation are: Terri Bergman, Gordon
Davis, Cammera McQuilkin, Lisa Soots and Bill Witney. Standing position on the
Committee – Clerk of Session. Joe Myers moved that the nominations be closed. It was
seconded by Jim Wilson. The vote was unanimous to elect the foregoing officers.

The annual “Terms of Call” for the Pastor was presented:
                                 Annual Terms of Call
Effective:                           August 15, 2006              July 1, 2007
 (Representing a 2.25% increase effective July 1, 2007)
Salary                                $46,072                      $46,072
Housing                                 31,368                      32,110
Pension/Health                          24,006                      24,236
SECA                                     5,924                        5,981
Continuing Education/Book*1              2,000                        2,000
Auto Allowance                           4,000                        4,000
Personal Bus/Health Care                 3,000                        4,000
Total                                $116,331                     $118,399
*1 Accumulative to 3 years
Study Leave – 3 weeks per year until completion of D. Min., then 2 weeks/yr.
(Accumulative to 6 weeks)

Terms of Call (Con’t)

      Vacation – 4 weeks per year
      Personal Day – 1 Sunday/year
The “Terms of Call” was approved.

A motion was made by Tim Baldwin and seconded by Joe Myers to recess the
Congregational Meeting and turn the meeting over to the Corporation President for the
business meeting. The motion was approved.

The President, Robert LeSage, called the Annual Meeting of the Corporation of Cypress
Lake Presbyterian Church to order.

The Proposed Changes to the By-Laws were read and explained by Rev. Clinton C.
Cottrell. The Pastor on behalf of the session moved that the changes be accepted. The
motion was approved.

The Pastor on behalf of the session moved that the 6.6 acres of adjacent vacant land be
listed for sale. The motion was approved.

With no further business, Rob Coe moved that the Corporation Meeting be closed. It was
seconded by Jim Wilson. The motion was approved and the Congregational Meeting was

There being no further business to bring before the congregation, John Kraus moved that
the meeting be adjourned. Betty Ann Kelly seconded the motion. The motion was
approved and the Annual Congregational Meeting was adjourned by everyone standing
and singing “Bless Be The Tie That Binds” at 12:35 PM.

________________________                            ___________________________
Rev. Clinton C. Cottrell                            Bobbi Bancroft
Moderator                                           Clerk of Session
                          NOVEMBER 4, 2007

A Specially Called Congregational Meeting of Cypress Lake Presbyterian Church was
held on Sunday, November 4, 2007 at 12:15 P.M. in the Sanctuary. The purpose of the
meeting was to receive the report from the Building Committee. A quorum was present
and Rev. Clinton C. Cottrell opened the meeting with prayer.

Rev. Cottrell explained the work that the Building Committee had done from the
beginning to the present.

Rich Meacham presented the plans in detail along with drawings on the screen.
Questions were asked and answered.

A motion was made by Penny Roberts and seconded by Amanda Kraus to approve the
plans of the Building Committee as presented today. The motion was approved with one

A round of applause was given to the Building Committee for their work.

A motion was made by Joe Meyers and seconded by Don White to adjourn the meeting.
The motion was approved. The meeting was adjourned with prayer by Rev. Clinton C.
Cottrell followed by the congregation singing “The Doxology” at 1:10 P.M.

Rev. Clinton C. Cottrell                         Bobbi Bancroft
Moderator                                         Clerk of Session
                            JANUARY 6, 2008

A Specially Called Congregational Meeting of Cypress Lake Presbyterian Church was
held on January 6, 2008 at 12:10 P.M. in the Sanctuary for the purpose of receiving the
report of the APNC/DCE committee.

A quorum was present and the meeting was opened with prayer by Rev. Clinton C.

Rob Coe, Chair of APNC/DCE, gave a report of this committee.

A motion was made from this committee to elect Samantha Keller as AP/DCE beginning
the end of February, 2008.

Questions were asked and answered. The motion was approved unanimously. Samantha
Keller accepted the call to Cypress Lake Presbyterian Church as Associate
Pastor/Director of Christian Education.

A motion was made by Amanda Kraus and seconded by Justin Exline that upon the
ordination and installation of Samantha Keller as Associate Pastor of Cypress Lake
Presbyterian Church, the APNC/DCE be dissolved with the gratitude of the congregation.
The motion was approved.

A motion was made by Doug Wilson and seconded by Don White to adjourn the meeting.
The motion was approved and the meeting was adjourned at 12:35 P.M. with prayer by
Rev. Clinton C. Cottrell.

Terms of Call:- See Attachment

Rev. Clinton C. Cottrell                           Bobbi Bancroft
Moderator                                           Clerk of Session

    Salary                                                                   $25,000
     Housing                                                                  20,000
     FICA (Called SECA for Pastors)                                            3,443
TOTAL INCOME REPORTED TO IRS                                                  45,000

    Health Insurance                                                            8,775
     Pensions                                                                   4,950
     Death & Disability                                                           450
     *Auto Allowance                                                            3.000
     *Continuing Education                                                      1,500
     *Professional Expenses/Medical Allowance                                   1,500

TOTAL PACKAGE                                                                  68,618
*These items are reimbursed through an accountability plan. These items are lumped
into one allowance totaling $6,000.

      One (1) month Vacation
                                                Two (2) Weeks of Study Leave (An
                                                Additional 1 week/year will be
                                                 granted in pursuit of a doctoral
                                                 degree (e.g. D.Min., Th.D., or Ph.D.)
                                                 from an ATS accredited seminary.
        Moving Expenses of up to $5,000.
                             APRIL 20, 2008

 A Specially Called Congregational Meeting of Cypress Lake Presbyterian Church was
held on April 20, 2008 at 12:05P.M. in the sanctuary for the purpose of approving the
sale of the 6.6 acres of land for 2.1 million.

A quorum was present and the meeting was opened with prayer by Rev. Clinton C.

Rich Meacham, Chair of the Building Committee, gave a report from this committee.
The purchaser is Collegiate Development Services, LP with 90 day due diligence period
for buyer and closing 30 days after the end of the due diligence period.

A motion was made by Jim Wray and seconded by Jim Wilson to approve the sale of the
land as stated. Questions were asked and answered. Betty Ann Kelly called for the
question and Lee Schick seconded. The vote was taken and it was unanimous.

A motion was made by Tim Baldwin and seconded by Joe Meyers to adjourn the
meeting. The motion was approved and the meeting was adjourned at 12:15 P.M. with
prayer by Rev. Clinton C. Cottrell.

Rev. Clinton C. Cottrell                       Bobbi Bancroft
Moderator                                      Clerk of Session
Dear Members and Friends:
    Each year annual reports are written, listing numbers of members, providing statistical
data of those who joined, those who moved, those who passed away and information
about a variety of programs. This information is important, perhaps essential, but behind
each of the numbers or names rests the real reason why we are here as a church, that
being, to gather together as believers to worship God and as a result, to love and care for
the bride of Christ, the church. Who IS the church? We are. We, the folks who have
come to love and know Jesus, who have come to worship the Father, the folks who have
been filled with the Holy Spirit, we are the church. And further, as the church, we are to
share this love with others.
   If you read closely, really close, you will see what is in-between the lines. The mother
who was comforted when she lost a son, as well as the family that celebrated when their
elderly father was called home to the Lord. You will see the homeless couple that came
for food and left with not just food but new clothes on their back, jobs and a place to live.
You will see the development of a food pantry to provide nourishment when all of the
other pantries of our area were closing. You will see the joy as a young child asked if he
could skip K4J so that he could be in church while communion was served, and other
children who while squirming and making noise, learned that Jesus loves me this I know,
for the Bible tells me so. You will see people built up when they were down, prayers
offered for the well and the sick, and music sung and played in worship to God. You will
see dedicated staff, paid and unpaid, working side by side, to help ministry happen. You
will see teenagers binding together to lead worship while children of all ages act out skits
to help us understand the Lord better.
     The annual report is not just about numbers or statistics or successes or failures, it is
about the work of God in the people that we call Cypress Lake Presbyterian Church. And
oh yes, it is not our work, but the work of God, in fact, as we are reminded in Mark
20:27, "With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God."
(NIV) Hence, look for the work of God as you read this report. So, let’s begin…

    The Rev. Samantha Keller. Perhaps our greatest joy this past year has been the
ordination and installation of the Reverend Samantha Keller as Associate Pastor. While
Pastor Samantha is an Associate Pastor, and shares all of the duties of myself, Samantha
is concentrating on Disciplemaking (Christian Education and more). (We would also be
remiss if we didn’t remember that Karla Thompson worked hard this past year as Interim
Director of Christian Education to help pave the way for Pastor Samantha.) We are
further blessed in that Samantha’s husband, the Reverend Benjamin Keller has asked to
serve in an unpaid capacity as our Parish Associate.

   The Rev. Craig Countiss. Speaking of Parish Associate, we were also blessed this
past year as the Reverend Craig Countiss served for most of the year as part time, paid,
Parish Associate, teaching classes and helping with visitation. Craig is still very active
around town and is now completing a stint as stated supply at Chapel by the Sea, who has
called their next pastor.
   Membership. Despite a decline in population this past year, we have actually held
our membership fairly steady. We have lost a number of families due to the necessity for
them to move to where they could find gainful employment. Also, a number of our
Northern friends did not return this year, or shortened their stay, due to fiscal reasons. As
a Session, we also work hard to ensure that the membership rolls are accurate. We follow
the Book of Order closely and remove members who have not been active (making
exceptions for those that are shut-in or in military service, of course). As a result, the
numbers that are reported to you, by our Clerk of Session, regarding membership are
accurate and up to date.

    Worship Attendance. Many churches look at membership as the key measure for the
success or growth of the church. This is an important number however, that number only
indicates how many have “joined” the church, not the number that regularly worship God
in the church. As of May 21, 2008, this past year we averaged 365 folks in worship,
meaning that 108% of our “membership” were active in worship.

    The Budget. In the midst of everything else, we have had both blessings, and
challenges, financially (sounds like our personal budgets!!!). For the blessings, we have
raised over half of the money that was pledged for the capital campaign. We also raised
over $100,000 to help pay off money that we had borrowed to pay bills, a separate
$25,000 anonymous gift, and $20,000 donated anonymously to help fund food for the
hungry in Fort Myers through CLPC. Indeed, thanks to these gifts, it appears likely that
we will have a food pantry up and operational before this report is finalized. Lastly, we
had a full church fiscal audit conducted by an outside auditing firm that specializes in
church finances and the result was a “clean audit.” The auditor did make
recommendations to improve our accounting practices but all was well!
    On the challenging side, the church has operated for well over a decade (perhaps
longer) with an unbalanced budget, at times approaching a deficit of $100,000/year. This
past year we made some incredibly difficult decisions to balance the budget. As an
example, we said farewell to our part time bookkeeper and we did not replace our part
time housekeeper. In 2007-2008 the staff received no merit increases and only ½ of the
cost of living raises (while gas and food prices have soared). We have also made some
targeted changes in programming. This coming year will undoubtedly bring its own
challenges but we are working very hard to establish a fully balanced budget.

   Outreach. The Fall Festival was the largest to date with nearly 1,000 total
participants and volunteers. We initiated a Spring Fling to help bring some of our
neighbors back on campus. We have also started cable advertising, trying to use the
medium that will most likely reach the next generation. Much is happening…watch for
more in 08-09!

   Mission. This past year we sent our first two disciples to Guatemala to meet with our
partner church. Mary and Mark had a marvelous time and you will be hearing more
about their journey in the coming year. We also have taken the initiative to start a food
pantry and to assist in the formation of another food pantry in Harlem Heights. Expect
more in the next year. By the way, if you feel called to mission, there IS a place for you
to serve, near or far!!!

   ACTS 16:5. On both a local, and a larger scale, the Presbyterian Church (USA) has
seen a nationwide decline in membership (as have most of the “mainline”
denominations). Within our Presbytery, most of our churches have also seen a decline,
especially with the downturn in the economic climate the past 3 years. At CLPC, we
have been blessed by a steady stream of new members (see Bobbi Bancroft’s report),
however the trend is disconcerting. Have we, as a church, lost our zeal to spread the
gospel of Jesus Christ?
   In answer to that question, CLPC has partnered with 22 other churches across Peace
River Presbytery to participate in a church redevelopment program known as ACTS 16:5.
This multi-year program is designed to help us revisit the fundamentals of who we are, to
help us see the needs of the world around us, and to truly become the hands and feet of
Christ to the world. This process has only just begun, so keep your eyes open as we
move forward.

   The Purpose Driven Church. Lastly, some years ago CLPC made the switch from a
corporate model of church leadership to a Christian, team model. This model isn’t just
                                           about the leadership of the church, it is about
                                           every aspect of the church, including every
                                           member and guest. Indeed, if we are to fulfill
                                           our vision of becoming the church where you
                                           experience Christ, each of us needs to commit
                                           ourselves to growing as Christians. That
                                           process is really quite simple: We first come to
                                           KNOW Jesus as the Son of God, the Messiah.
                                           This occurs by first learning about Christ and
                                           by worshipping God (Father, Son and Spirit).
                                           Next we GROW in our knowledge of God
                                           through prayer and Bible study. Yes, even
                                           grown adults still need Sunday School or small
                                           group Bible studies. Third, we SHOW what it
                                           means to be a Christian in the world through
                                           our missions, the way we act at work or school
and by how we build up and support one another. Lastly, we GO and become dedicated
Christians, be it Elders, Deacons, Ministers or Sunday School and VBS teachers. Watch
in the year ahead as we encourage every one of our members and guests to “run the
bases” and grow as Christians.
Friends, this only scratches the surface of the incredible place that we call CLPC. Please,
in the year ahead, pray for your pastors, your Session and Deacons, and for all of the
ministries of the church. Second, while the church is the “bride of Christ”, it is only what
we make it. Our vision is to become the church where you experience Christ. To make
that happen, it is up to us. This coming year, allow Christ to work in you and may we, in
everything we say and do, reflect the love of God, shown to us by Jesus, by the power of
the Holy Spirit. Hang on…I think great days lie ahead in service of our Lord!!!

                                                             Pastor Clint
                                 Associate Pastor Report

A year ago I would never have imagined that I would now be living in Fort Myers. For
me this has been a particularly eventful year as I first interviewed with the APNC in
October, then came out to interview in person the week before Christmas, came back
again to preach the week after Christmas, and packed up all of my belongings to move
here the end of February.
It has been a big transition, and I am still adjusting, but I am very excited for what God is
going to do in my life as well as in the life of the church in the next few years.
Since I have been here I have spent a great deal of time working with the different
ministries. These include Pioneer Club, Spring Fling, Youth group and youth cluster,
Vacation Bible School, New member luncheons, and K4J. I have also preached, done
hospital visits, and a funeral while Clint was on vacation and study leave.
I have also been spending a great deal of time evaluating the discipleship ministries of the
church and learning how they work, as well as looking at how they can work better.
Most specifically I have been working with the staff and with the discipleship team to
help this school year end well, and to plan for the next year.
My specific goals for the upcoming year are:
       1. To continue to build relationships, especially with children, youth and their parents.
       2. To develop leaders in the areas of children’s ministries (Pioneer Club, Sunday
          School, Children’s worship)
       3. To develop leaders in the youth ministry (identify, encourage and equip youth
          advisers, and mentors for confirmation)
       4. To have a calendar of events for the upcoming school year for children’s ministry
          and youth ministry by August 1.
       5. To create opportunities for adults to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.

I am incredibly excited by the potential of Cypress Lake Presbyterian Church. I have
heard a lot about what CLPC has done in the past and I honor those experiences. My
feeling is that it is now time to begin looking at what God is calling us to do right now,
and to plan for the future. There is great opportunity for us to do the work of God’s


Pastor Samantha
                       CLERK OF SESSION REPORT - 2008

What a wonderful year this has been! So many things have happened for the good of our
beloved Church. Reverend Samantha Keller has joined us and Steve Gardner has settled
in as Praise Leader to name a few.

Our current membership is 332. We have taken in 37 new members this past year
through the New Member Classes, 7 members through the Communicant’s Class and 7
new Affiliate members. Welcome to all.

A big “Well Done” to elders Christina Johnson, Ginny Canning, Rich Meacham and Jim
Warren who will be leaving Session this year and a big “Hello” to the Elders coming on
the Session.

The following members have passed away and joined the Lord: Jack Ellis, Tony
Godonis, Gerald Rabon, Dorothy Hornung, Norma Clemens and Ed Wehner.

To all the members and friends who have contributed their Time, Talent and Treasure to
our beloved Church a big “Thank You”. We could not move forward without all of us
working together for our Lord.

Bobbi Bancroft
Clerk of Session
      In Loving Memory
The following members have passed away and joined the Lord.

                   Jack Ellis
                Tony Godonis
                Gerald Rabon
            Dorothy Hornung
              Norma Clemens
                   Ed Wehner
            They shall always be in our hearts.
                                Board of Deacons Report
                                    June 15, 2008

The Deacons traditionally are the caregivers in the church. The Presbyterian Book of
Order states the Deacons are to minister to those in need of compassion. The word
“deacon” is derived from a word meaning “servant”.

In order to accomplish their mission, the Board of Deacons consists of fourteen ordained
individuals who are responsible for nine distinct ministries. The Deacons are grateful for
those members of the congregation who have been so willing to share their time and
talents to help in the ministering. Assistance has been especially appreciated in preparing
and serving food to those who are bereaved and/or ill in lending a voice, playing the
piano/organ or providing helping hands for our monthly worship service at the Health
Park Care Center, and in delivering lilies after Easter service and poinsettias at Christmas
to our homebound. We also serve the various ministries as follows:

Bereavement: Chaired by Carolyn Hornung. A reception for family and friends
following a memorial service is provided, as well as support as needed. Means and/or
food are also provided for members who are ill and/or for their family. Several meals
were delivered and five receptions were held. Daniel Valmer resigned from this position.

Flowers: Chaired by Dee Cords and Cathy Young. The flowers from the weekly
worship service are delivered to hospitalized and/or shut-in members of our church

Homebound: Chaired by Hazel Robinson. Visits and calls to the homebound are done
on a regular basis. Cards are also sent. A current listing of the homebound is available
with their addresses and telephone numbers. Deacons, as well as church members, are
always welcome to make visits or phone calls.

Hospital Follow-up: Jim Wilson chairs this ministry where he visits those who are
hospitalized and offers help as needed. He advises the Flower Ministry so that flowers
can be taken to the patient.

Member Development/Social: Chaired by Marilyn Gerhardt. Liaison is maintained
with the Session Member Care and Development Ministry Moderator and assistance is
given with potential new member luncheons and the Celebration Luncheon for new
members. Believing the Deacons also need to take care of themselves, a social function is
occasionally held.

Nominating: Eileen Coe represents the Board of Deacons on the Ministry which is made
up of Elders, Members-at-large from the congregation, and a Deacon. Their responsibility
is to obtain candidates and prepare a slate of officers prior to the Annual Meeting as well
as finding replacements to fill vacancies.
Worship/Health Park Care Center: Charlotte Snead and Jenny Nance are co-chairs
and serve as a liaison on the Session Worship Ministry, providing assistance as needed.
They also are responsible for the worship service at Health Park Care Center on the first
Sunday of each month. The residents truly look forward to the singing, a short message,
prayer, and of course, home made cookies as a treat.

Transportation/Communication: Chaired by Jamie Hill, this ministry arranges rides for
members of our church family who need to go to the doctor, a pharmacy, food shopping,
or attend a church function. There were several needs for transportation.
Communication, a new function, was established to contact member who have been
absent from Sunday Worship for a period of time and could possibly need help. Daisy
Graf resigned.

A special thank you is extended to the members of our board whose terms end June 30th.
They are: Eileen Coe, Marilyn Gerhardt, Carolyn Hornung, Charlotte Snead, and Jim

Respectfully submitted,

Dee Cords
                                Annual Report 2007-08
                                     Rachel Carrier
                            Director of Experiential Worship
God has called each of us into His service and that in itself is the highest honor and also
the most difficult task in our earthly life. This report is a short summary and also a
reflection of the past year as I have walked and witnessed as a disciple in Christ.
Gloria Choir members drifted between 17 and 25 for the entire year of singing. We sang
more difficult anthems as the year progressed and improved tremendously in execution,
breathing, and interpretation of music ministry. In December, the entire music program
offered up to God the glory of “The Spirit of Christmas”, using CD track and live music
accompaniment, narratives, and skits. The Drama Troupe added to the Advent worship
experience through the appearance of King Herod and servant girls, the Three Kings, the
Lowest of the shepherds, the innkeeper and wife, and the Angel from the Garden of Eden.
Christmas Eve was celebrated with everyone’s help by ringing their “bells” whenever the
word Angel was spoken or sung and many first time families took part in the candle
lighting ceremonies each week and on Christmas Eve.
In January, I helped with a hand bell presentation by Larry Johnson at Heights
Elementary and assisted in a time of teaching simple bell techniques to Larry’s class
During Lent, the Drama Troupe and Gloria Choir again offered insight and ministry
during Holy week with “The Colors of Grace” and information into the meaning of the
preparation of the Seder meal as well as the meeting between Judas and Chiapas; all part
of the Maundy Thursday service. Special music was offered for Good Friday Service on
into Easter. Two new anthems were presented in memory of my mother, Amber Folkerth,
through donations from the Gloria Choir. VBS found me teaching the pre-school in Bible
Drama and Missions (2008-Power Lab).
I continued to work with Pioneer Club, K4J, Children’s Handbells, Puppets in Christ, and
Voices in Bronze (with help from Karla Thompson, Rev. Samantha Keller, Pam Sharpe,
and Terri Bergman) as well as the Concert Series with help from Walter France. Thanks
to Lisa Soots for directing the “Rockin’ Angels for the last three years, to Steve Gardner
for expertly leading the Praise Team and Douglas Parker for his marvelous gift of organ
and piano skills in this music ministry! Thanks also to the newly formed Tech Team with
Brian Granstra as chairperson and to both Brian and Ty Hill for training all who work the
sound/audio. The music is being catalogued for the first time with help from Pam Sharpe,
Joe and Lee Myers and Daisy Graf.
Thanks for your prayers during and following my Mother’s passing, my carotid surgery
and our final move to Ft. Myers. Special thanks to Rev. Clint Cottrell for his faith and
support and prayers. May I serve this church as God intends in His calling.
Rachel Carrier

          A ministry of Cypress Lake Presbyterian Church
                     Annual Report 2007-2008

Since we started out in 2001, SAFE HAVEN CHRISTIAN SCHOOL
has come a long way! This year, we’ve added a THREE YEAR OLD
PROGRAM due to popular demand from the community. Another
change is we are now limiting our children to 3 to 8 year olds for the
summer, to conserve resources and space. We had a great summer
camp program and a first Summer VPK Program in 2007. Due directly
to our new THREE YEAR OLD PROGRAM, we have the highest
EARLY enrollment in VPK for the upcoming new year that we’ve ever
had. At this time, we have 14 enrolled for VPK and 5 enrolled for the
THREE YEAR OLD PROGRAM for fall of 2008.

We had two classrooms of the voluntary pre-k program for four year
olds. There were a total of 25 children graduated from VOLUNTARY
PRE-KINGERGARTEN on June 5th of 2008. We invited all families and
Session members to the graduation. Children graduated in red caps and
gowns. They received bibles with their diplomas. They recited the
Lord’s Prayer, and sang three songs that they learned in Chapel taught
by Shirley Stewart, Gale Wray and Bennie Jordan. What a great
outreach program to the community!

We had two Safe Haven sponsored activities this year that included the
community. We entered the EDISON’S CHILDREN’S PARADE OF
LIGHT in February. We had more than 20 children in SAFE HAVEN
Shirts and their families in the parade in downtown Fort Myers.We also
sponsored a children’s concert with world renowned singer, Jack
Hartman! We held it in the sanctuary with about three hundred people
in attendance.
We are licensed to operate our programs in rooms 2 through six. My
office in now in room one! Parents seem to like my office being the first
thing you see when entering the gate. It is very convenient for all! This
year I applied and received a grant of $1,000.00 for an appropriate
smaller play area for three year olds. It is located by the bathrooms in
the shade of the old oak tree! Parents have cleared the ground put
landscape fabric and rubber mulch down. They also put together the
climber and sand/water table and all the other fun equipment.
Thanks to donated funds, we were able to pay for fencing and extra
mulch. This area greatly enhances their experience here at Safe Haven
while keeping them safe!

Our staff continues to grow professionally. Ms. Julia Neal has received
her Bachelors Degree in Administration and is now our new Assistant
Director. Ms. Maria Diaz has completed a year long program and
received her Childhood Development Certificate. She is now our
THREE YEAR OLD teacher. Ms. Nelida Torres has come to us from
five years at Faith United Methodist Church and is our VPK teacher in
classroom B. Daniela Valmer continues to take on line courses in order
to enhance her early childhood education.

I am looking forward to another year of assisting children and families
with their spiritual and educational growth here at Safe Haven
Christian School a ministry of Cypress Lake Presbyterian Church.

Chris Shields, Director
                    Karen May – Office Manager

Our volunteers continue to serve the church by working in the office. I
recently held a Volunteer Luncheon for them and presented them with
a Certificate of Appreciation for their continued support. Last year, I
wrote a Volunteer Manual which consists of basic office procedures as
well as general information on programs, ministry team listings, elder
& deacon information, monthly events, Safe Haven information and
Presbyterian Women booklets. This will be especially helpful to new

I continue to coordinate the monthly meetings/events here at CLPC.
Some of our regular outside groups left us this past year. Events and
meetings are listed in the weekly bulletins/announcements, posted
outside my office and also posted on our website under “calendar”.
Please feel free to call the office any time to check on a meeting or
event, as they do change frequently. If you need to reserve a space,
we have a new form called “Building Use Request Form” in the office.
You can fill this out and leave it in my in-box.

The membership database is always changing and new directories are
printed about once a month. You will find them in the church office
and in the Narthex. If you have any changes to your address or phone
number, please write them down and leave them in my mailbox on my

Our Call-Em-All (phone chain) database program has worked very
well. It has been used to notify a variety of groups within the church
of any changes in events or meetings.

Our newsletter will continue to be mailed out; however we will begin
emailing the newsletter to those who prefer email. This will save the
church both time and money. We hope to begin this with the July
Courier. You will now also find the Courier on our website.
                  Support Ministry Team
                  2007-8 Annual Report
The Support Ministry Team has oversight responsibility for the Church
campus and Staff, and support responsibility to the other Ministry
     Chairman – John Nance
     Personnel Committee - Julie McFadden
     Property Management - Doug Wilson & Walt France
     Treasurer – Bonnie LeSage & Jim Wilson
     Finance – Mike Scullion
     Stewardship – Bonnie LeSage & Jim Wilson
     Disaster Planning & Response - John Nance
     Staff Resource Liaison – Karen May

The Personnel Committee continued its on-going responsibilities with
respect to compensation, staff evaluations, total benefit
recommendations, Staff support, and Personnel Policy. The committee
is comprised of Chairman Julie McFadden, Edith Schick, Jim Sharpe,
Jim Warren, Bill Witney, and Jim Wray with Rev. Clint as Staff liaison.

After a lengthy search, the Associate Pastor Nominating Committee
composed of Chairman Rob Coe, Kelly Hayman, John Kraus, Jeni
Nance, Grace Pollock, Rev. Hal Simones, and Charlotte Snead, brought
us the Reverend Samantha Keller. Reverend Samantha joined us in
February bringing us a breath of fresh air and much needed staff relief.
She serves as our Associate Pastor with the primary responsibility of
Christian Education. A special “Thanks” goes to Karla Thompson who
filled the position as interim part-time CE Director. Additional
“Thanks” to Rachel Carrier, and other volunteers who filled in the gaps
to sustain our CE programs while we were short-handed.

Changes, repairs, and additions to the property never end. It’s always
a balance of what needs to be done and what can be done, while being
a good steward of money available. Sexton Chuck Barnhill cared for
the Church campus on a daily basis while providing immeasurable
support to our leaders Doug Wilson and Walt France. Some of the
projects completed were:
    Consolidated Safe Haven to Building 1. This permitted a
      reduction in electrical costs, reduced housekeeping, improved
      utilization of the facility, and reduced the sharing of rooms
      between Christian Education and Safe Haven.
    In the Office Building, rooms were rearranged and refurbished so
      we could establish a private office for our Associate Pastor. The
      new office, while small, is private. New furniture was provided.
    In the Sanctuary, efforts were made to better understand the
      requirements needed to improve the visualization of the
      projected word.
    The roofs of Fellowship Hall and the Office Building were
      replaced. By taking advantage of “hungry” contractor
      conditions, this project was completed with insurance money
      originally received to replace only the Office Building roof.
    Established an “in Case of Emergency” contactor list and protocol
    The soffits of Fellowship Hall were repaired from hurricane
    The front of Building 1 was refurbished
    The office manager’s room was made more secure
    Electrical usage continues to be monitored to maintain the 25%
      reduction started last summer
    A new playground for Safe Haven 3 year olds was contracted

Building Committee:
The Building Committee, composed of Chairman Rich Meacham, Eileen
Coe, Walt France, Bill Henderson, Bonnie LeSage, Lee Schick, Beth
Watson, Jim Wilson, and Bill Witney, has been extremely busy and had
a very productive year. A revised building plan, based on expected
funds available, was finalized. The actual building plans from the
architect should be available by June. Lee County and the South
Florida Water Management District are reviewing our development
order at this time. Fowler was selected to provide the audio visual
specifications. A $2.1M contract for the sale of our 6.6 acre vacant
land has been signed and should close by September 5, 2008,
assuming the buyers find everything to their satisfaction.

Disaster Preparedness and Response:
Our emergency contact data base continues to be updated for new
members and friends. By the grace of God we have not had to
activate the plan. This committee is looking for new leadership.

Our Church is a small business, with all the financial headaches
associated with such. Mike Scullion has done a wonderful job in
managing our church business. With the staff reduction of the
bookkeeper position, Mike and Office Manager Karen May picked up
the slack and have continued to keep things under control. Mike
continues to work with all Staff and Ministry teams in an effort to
balance the budget. An independent Audit was successfully completed
this year and suggestions from the audit for security improvements
are underway.

After years of leadership by Bonnie LeSage, Jim Wilson agreed to take
over mid-year. This committee composed of Chairman Jim Wilson,
Bonnie LeSage, Marietta Meacham, Rich Meacham, Joe Myers, and Lee
Schick has worked hard. The number of pledges is up 9%! See
separate report for details.
A pleasant surprise this year was the Dump the Operating Debt
challenge presented to us by an anonymous member. This donor
challenged the friends and members of Cypress Lake Presbyterian
Church to raise $50,000 by June 30th towards eliminating years of
operating debt and offered to match the $50,000. On May 4, only 15
weeks into the campaign, we had donations of over $52,000! Thanks
again to all!

Respectfully Submitted,

John Nance
Ministry Chair 2007-2008
      Church & Community Session Committee - 2007-2008

Elders: Ginny Canning, Harold Carrier, Jim Sharpe, Shirley Stewart
Members: Pat France, Tom Gwaltney, Connie Johnson, Barb Pappalardo, Carol
            Sarosik, Gene Whitney, Mat Wilson
Staff Rep.: Chris Shields, Dir. Safe Haven

       This committee meets on the first Tuesday of the month to plan and discuss
the life of the church with respect to mission and fellowship opportunities. It
takes passion, hard work, and dedication to complete all the tasks for which this
team is responsible. The people listed above give of their time and talent with
enthusiasm and energy.

       Our MISSIONS for the past year included the PC,USA Offerings of
Peacemaking, Joy, & One Great Hour of Sharing; 2-cents a Meal; Harry Chapin Food
Bank; SHARE; The Giving Tree for Tanglewood/Riverside School; Samaritan’s Purse
Shoebox Ministry; Immokalee Friendship House; our Sister Church in Guatemala;
Habitat for Humanity; the Soup Kitchen; Santa’s Helpers over Christmas Break. We
are also the committee responsible for overseeing Safe Haven Christian School.
This past year SH began a 3-yr. old program. It has been very successful and will
be full again next year. We are also in the process of establishing a playground,
with age appropriate equipment, for this program. It will be located at the east
end of Bldg. 1 in the shade of a very large tree. Stop by and see it.

       Our FELLOWSHIP endeavors for the year were 4-F Dinners; Thanksgiving
Sunday Dinner; Maundy Thursday Dinner; Easter Sunrise Breakfast; Coffee Hours
every Sunday; the Church Picnic and Concert Receptions throughout the year. We
are proud to tell you that have conducted 4-F Dinners this year...and come in under
budget on this line item. We believe this was due to the diligence and expertise of
our fabulous “Chef Harold”.

       We have entered into an accelerated ministry with Ebenezer Presbyterian
Church in Guatemala.        Last summer two of their members visited us and
participated in VBS. This spring we sent two members of our church to Guatemala
to determine best how we could help them. Mary Soucek and Mark Johnson were
received with open arms, treated royally, and “spoiled tremendously”. They have
determined some needs and the committee is currently planning to go to Guatemala
again next year with a “team” to lend a hand in some projects. If you are
interested in joining the “team”, please let the committee know.
      Remember, our mission is “Living God’s Presence Through Love and Service”.
Come “live and serve” with us...we’d love to have you!!

                                    Faith Sharing Report

Many thanks to our dedicated team members who give regularly and with expertise in their areas
to help get the word out to the community about our church: George and Dottie Ulman, Marietta
Meacham, Becky Potts, Rob Coe, Jim Wray, Linda Baldwin, Jean Dodd, Dee Jordan, Gordon
Cauffman, Rachel Carrier, Ben Keller, plus ad hoc members Ken Sneeden, Jackie Oestreich, and
Nancy Wheeler.

Our budget was increased several-fold in an effort to bring more people to our campus and
ultimately, into our worship experience. We spent the funds judiciously, stretching to include 2
events that were not planned for as the year began. To highlight our collective efforts for the
fiscal year, we offer the following:

Comcast cable television ads were aired on USA Network, Home & Garden, and Discovery
channel on Saturday and Sundays from 6 a m until midnight at a frequency that ranges from 60-
120/month. These spots were chosen for their warm, inviting messages and should attract folks
to come and try us out.

New, full-color, professionally printed brochures were produced that highlight our youth activities
and adult offerrings.

New logo nametags for all to wear at church events.

An October Fall Fun Fest that put a thousand people on our campus one Saturday afternoon.
We successfully collected emails, addresses and phone numbers for most in an effort to re-invite
them to other activities at a later date.

Colorful banners with artwork involved and large cowboy boots or pirates or flamingoes to accent
the message and attract passersby to our advertised activity. We commissioned a new banner
for the 4-f dinners that hangs in Fellowship Hall above the service window.

Bloodmobile donations about every 8 weeks that provide the greater community with the
continuing gift of life. CLPC was awarded BEST CHURCH in Lee county by the Florida Blood
Centers in May.

Inviting CLPC Friends to a precursor-to-membership dinner on a quarterly basis. This is proving
to be a very effective and efficient way to bring more people to join by explaining how our church
works from a staff and chairperson perspective. Over 30 folks joined us this fiscal year as a
direct result of these dinners.

Attending the Faith night at the Everblades game with our church's name in lights on the
marquis. 42 of us enjoyed a raucous time cheering on the local hockey team. This is so
successful that we plan to organize a group to attend a similar event supporting our local baseball
team, the Miracles, on their Faith night in August.

Gift card/scrip program is in full swing to bring additional funds into our operating budget via
usage of these essentially debit cards where a portion of the face value comes to CLPC without
any additional cost to you. We are still endeavoring to explain the concept to everyone as this
could bring significant monies to defray expenses.

We have now conducted 3 golf outings at 2 local country clubs with excellent response and lots of
fun together.

Products with our logo---umbrellas, T-shirts, collared shirts, frisbees, koozies, pens, golf hats, car
window stickers---all are now spread around the congregation and are offerred for sale at cost to
get our new logo out to the public via parishioners displaying it as they mingle.

We have labelled over 2000 water bottles for handout at Fellowship Hall when it becomes a
voting precinct plus the spring and fall flings.

An additional event was introduced into the schedule, a Spring Fling that was intended to bring
back gradeschool kids to our campus for another good time. Our eventual goal is to have these
children cajole their parents into Vacation Bible School where they will learn more about Christ
from us.

A new church directory project was undertaken to update our 4 year-old pamphlet. Olan Mills
was chosen as the photographer and over 170 families signed up for this event. They should be
ready for distribution by the end of June and be a handy reference for members and friends alike.

We continue to meet and greet visitors as they pull into Guest Parking. By being warm and
friendly, the intention is to make them immediately comfortable and hopefully return for another
nice experience.

After trying 4 inserts into Parent & Child magazine, we decided to cease using that medium to
spread our message.

Cypress Lake High School distributes a newsletter to parents 5 times a year and we have
purchased a warm, appealing, welcoming ad for one year.

We helped to create a full-color Concert Series Brochure that depicted the variety of attractions,
dates and times. This was distributed to churches in the area plus Edison College and some
school music teachers.

There will be a Princess Cruise to the Carribean for our church-goers and friends that leaves from
Ft. Lauderdale during the first week of December. A substantial portion of the cost will come
back to our operating budget via contributions from both the cruiseline and the travel agency.

Cub scout den recruiting has been a focus in recent months as we try to get some younger-age
boys started into scouting. This will logically feed our existing 30 year-old troop. Names of
interested families were gathered at the Spring Fling and the scoutmaster is pursuing those

In the fall, we discontinued mailing a postcard welcoming new home buyers in the 3 zipcodes
surrounding our church. The cost versus results did not justify the effort.

Respectfully Submitted, Tim Baldwin, chair
Tim Baldwin
Baldwin Financial Group, Inc.

                           Commitment to Worship
                                      Annual Report

        The Commitment to Worship team has been working very hard this year. The
emphasis of our team is to assist the pastors in creating a worship experience that fits
with the vision of the church. Below you will find a brief summary of the highlights of
the previous year.

2007-2008 Highlights
    New Paraments for the sanctuary
    Improvements to the sound system in the sanctuary
    New florist for the sanctuary flowers
    Audio recordings of the sermons posted on the church website
    Pentecost birthday cakes
    Hanging of the Greens Event
    New Communion server schedule
    Praise Team for Fall Fest and Spring Fling
    Revival of the Bell Choir
    Expansion of the tech team
    Outdoor Easter Sunrise Service
    Successful Concert Season

   We have spent a great amount of time visioning for the future. Here are a few ideas
   that we are looking into for next year. Please feel free to attend our monthly meetings
   in the fellowship hall. We are always looking for new ideas and input.

Goals for 2008-2009
   New goal of increased worship attendance of 10% by May 31st 2009
   To seek the feasibility of broadcasting the morning worship services on a Low
       Power FM station
   Reform K4J to address the wide range of ages attending
   Attract musicians for special services (ex. Bagpipe players, Brass Ensembles)

Respectfully submitted by Brian Granstra, Chairman of Commitment to Worship Team

FIRST THINGS FIRST is our current program for pledges covering current
expenses from July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2009. We have increased the
number of pledges, but are still falling short of covering the actual expenses
for the essential ministry of our church family. If you can give more, it can
make a HUGH difference.

Pledges received (members and friends)                            158 units
Pledged amount                                                    $350,000.00
Estimated giving by non-pledging members and friends              $ 35,000.00
Donations and loose cash                                          $ 65,000.00

             TOTAL                                                $450,000.00

JOURNEY OF FAITH is our current program for pledges covering the
building fund from April 1, 2007 to March 30, 2010.

Pledges received (members and friends)                            130 units
Pledged amount                                                    $808,767.00
Amount received to May 18, 2008                                   $470,526.00

We have received over 58% of the amount pledged in just 14 months.

Our church has received $841,894.00 since last July which proves we are a
giving church. However we are still looking for more help in the current
expense area.

Respectfully submitted,

Stewardship Committee
     Marietta Meacham
     Bonnie LeSage
     Richard Meacham
       Joe Meyers
       Lee Schick
       Jim Wilson

                          ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2007-2008
                                 MAY 20, 2008

Our first Gathering was October 17, 2007 with a presentation from Immokalee
Friendship House. We gave food donations as well as a cash offering for them. On
October 20, 2007, several of us attended the Peace River PW Helpshop at First
Presbyterian of Lehigh. We also started a new evening circle called “Eve” which meets
the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Barbara Stewart is the circle leader.

On November 11, 2007 we hosted a bake sale which generated several hundred dollars
for us.

On December 12, 2007 we had our Gathering with a presentation by Elaine Nesselroade,
Chaplin at Shell Point Village. She spoke about her son who is a medical missionary in
Mali, Africa, one of the most impoverished countries in the world.

2008 has been a very busy year so far for us! In January, we held our annual Spaghetti
Dinner which is one of our major fund-raisers for the year. We made over $2000 which
we were thrilled about. The next day we hosted Make a Difference Day, at which time
The Linus Blanket Program of Lee County showed all the blankets they have made for
various organizations. They had roughly 1125 blankets on hand to donate to young
people who need a blanket to hug! The Linus blanket group meets the first Monday of
each month in Fellowship Hall from 9:00 – 11:00 a.m.

In February we attended the Peace River Gathering at Faith Presbyterian in Cape Coral. We had
21 attendees, and had a great time. On February 20, 2008 we had our winter Gathering. We had
a wonderful lunch, and then the Sweet Sioux singers gave a lovely performance.

March 1, 2008 found us having our annual Attic Treasure Sale. This is our biggest fund-raiser for
the year, and we raised just under $5000! On March 9, 2008, we celebrated The Gifts of Women
Sunday. At all three services Presbyterian Women were the ushers, greeters, liturgists, readers, etc.
We did a great job!

In April, we hosted the Lee County Church Women United Scholarship Luncheon. We had a
beautiful lunch, and then the Scholarship recipients each got up and spoke about their lives, and
what they’re doing with their scholarship money. We contribute every year to the CWU fund.

Our Spring Gathering was May 3, 2008. We held our election for two board positions that were
open: Charlotte Snead will be our new Historian, and Pat France is our new Treasurer, with
Betty Ann Kelly staying on as co-treasurer. We also approved our proposed budget.
Our program was given by Irene Thiessen and Gail Stagner on Scrapbooking.

Throughout the year, we use the money we earn to give to various organizations including: our own
church youth programs and scholarship funds, CCMI Soup Kitchen, Harry Chapin Food Bank,
Immokalee Friendship House, Beth-El Farmworker Ministry, Ronald McDonald House, Thornwell
Home, Duval Home, and many others. We will give over $6000 for 2008-2009. We also collect items
for the Immokalee House, and give birthday cakes for children at Brightest Horizons. We are so happy
to be able to assist those in need in our community!

Our circles all meet monthly throughout the year. We have no official gatherings or circle meetings
during the summer, however, many of our circle members get together for lunch or breakfast
through-out the summer to keep on top of things. God is truly blessing our Presbyterian Women and all our

Respectfully submitted,

Carolyn B. Hornung
Moderator, Cypress Lake Presbyterian Women

                                  PRESBYTERIAN WOMEN PURPOSE

Forgiven and freed by God in Jesus Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we commit ourselves:

To nurture our faith through prayer and bible study

To support the mission of the church worldwide

To work for justice and peace, and

To build an inclusive, caring community of women that strengthens the Presbyterian Church (USA)
and witnesses to the promise of God’s kingdom.
                               Presbyterian Women
                               Linus Blanket Report

                               July 2007 to May 2008

This is a group of ladies from our church and the community that make blankets for
young people at the Children’s Hospital at HealthPark, police departments, fire
departments and any place that needs a “security blanket” for children under stress. We
met the first Monday of each month in Fellowship Hall from 9 AM until 11 AM. These
blankets can be knitted, crocheted, or quilted.

This past year we have made and distributed 193 blankets to the above organizations.

In January 2008, our church hosted The Linus Blanket Program of Lee County with 135
ladies in attendance from all over the country. They made and brought with them 1125
blankets for the young people in our area who need a blanket to hug, just like Linus does
in the Peanuts comic strip.

Matilda Wilson and Pat France, Co-chairladies
                          Budget 2008-2009
2000 Safe Haven
2100 Operating Expenses
2105                      Advertising            $561
2110                      Equipment              $1,000
2115                      Maintenance            $3,693
2120                      Food/Snacks            $1,800
2125                      Insurance              $1,920
2130                      Licensing              $150
2135                      Materials              $3,454
2140                      Office Supplies        $1,009
2145                      Telephone              $1,042
2150                      Training               $2,000
2155                      Transportation         $300
2156                      Bank Fees              $67
2157                      Electric               $3,600
Total                                            $20,596

2200 Human Resources
2201.1                    Disability Insurance   $3,468
2201.2                    Dental Insurance       $569
2203                      Health Insurance       $10,200
2205                      Life Insurance         $3,418
2207                      FICA                   $0
2210 Director             Salary                 $46,640
                          FICA                   $3,578
2212 Assistant Director   Salary                 $30,338
                          FICA                   $2,320
2214 VPK Teacher          Salary                 $26,458
                          FICA                   $2,024
2216 VPK Asst. Teacher    Salary                 $12,875
                          FICA                   $984
2218 3 Year Old Teacher   Salary                 $24,363
                          FICA                   $1,863
2220 Summer VPK Salary    Salary                 $4,800
                          FICA                   $367
2230                      Percent to Pastor      $0
2240                            Irregular Overtime            $6,000
Total                                                         $200,861

3000 Human Resrce & Trng
3310 Senior Pastor
3310.1                          Salary                        $49,763
3310.2                          Housing                       $32,110
3310.3                          Medical/Pension               $25,790
3310.4                          SECA                          $6,263
3310.5                          Continuing Education          $2,000
3310.6                          Travel/Mileage                $4,000
3310.7                          Personal Buisness/Medical     $5,000
3320 Office Manager
3320.1                          Salary                        $36,293
3320.2                          FICA                          $2,784
3330 Custodian
3330.1                          Salary                        $35,444
3330.2                          FICA                          $3,856
3322 Housekeeper
3322.1                          Salary                        $0
3322.2                          FICA                          $0
3330 Bookkeeper
3330.1                          Salary                        $0
3330.2                          FICA                          $0
3340 Dir of Exp. Worship
3340.1                          Salary                        $65,031
3340.2                          FICA                          $4,975
3342 Director of Praise Music
3342.1                          Salary                        $17,643
3342.2                          FICA                          $1,349
3344 Organist
3344.1                          Salary                        $22,048
3344.2                          FICA                          $1,687
3350 Associate Pastor
3350.1                          Salary                        $25,495
3350.2                          Housing                       $20,396
3350.3                          Medical/Pension               $14,456
3350.4                          SECA                          $3,511
3350.5                          Personal/Business Allowance   $6,800
3352 Nursery Attendant
3352.1                Salary                             $2,951
3352.2                FICA                               $226
Total                                                    $389,645

4000 Disciplemaking
4010                  Adult Education                    $750
4012                  Bible Study/Small Group            $100
4020                  Conference/Camps                   $2,500
4030                  Curriculum                         $2,000
4032                  Leadership Training                $500
4034                  Pioneer Club                       $900
4036                  Supplies                           $500
4038                  Teacher Training                   $100
4040                  Vacation Bible Study               $2,500
4050                  Youth Group/Teens                  $700
4060                  Family Retreat                     $800
4070                  Confirmation                       $350
4080                  New Member Supplies                $100
4081                  New Member Luncheon                $400
Total                                                    $12,200

5000 Faith Sharing
5010                  Advertising                        $2,600
5010.1                Brochures                          $100
5010.2                Welcome Gift                       $0
5010.3                Parent/Child Magazine              $0
5020.4                Banners                            $300
5010.5                Zip Code                           $0
5010.6                Cable Advertising                  $10,000
5010.7                TV Commercial License              $0
5011                  Name Tags                          $50
5012                  Invitation to Membership Dinners   $600
5013                  Golf Outing                        $0
5014                  Logo Labels                        $150
5014.2                Logo Merchandise                   $500
5020                  Fall Fun Festival                  $1,500
5021                  Spring Fling                       $800
5022                  Bottle Water                       $150
5023                  Edison College Outreach            $400
5024                  Leadership Retreat                 $200
5025                  Boomer Outreach                    $1,000
Total                                                           $18,350

6000     Church & Community
6011                          CCMI Soup Kitchen                 $700
6012                          Habitat for Humanity              $700
6013                          Life Education                    $0
6014                          Immokalee Freindship House        $700
6014                          Guatemala - Sister Church         $700
6015                          Thornwell Home                    $0
6016                          Mission Trip                      $500
6015                          Presbytery Unified Giving         $12,000
6016                          Teen Challenge                    $700
6017                          Misc. Missions                    $500
6022                          Supplies                          $1,000
6024                          4F Dinners                        $250
6026                          Utensil Replacement               $100
6027                          All Church Picnic                 $250
6028                          Maundy Thurs./Easter Breakfast    $200
6029                          Concert Receptions                $300
6030                          Deacon Expenses                   $400
6031                          Sunday AM Coffee Hr. (Pastries)   $150
Total                                                           $19,150

8000 Support
8012                          Copy Machine                      $7,360
8014                          Office Supplies                   $6,000
8016                          Insurance                         $20,000
8018                          Per Capita                        $4,290
8123                          Initial Offering                  $0
8124                          Member Statements                 $0
8125                          Offering Envelopes                $0
8126                          Pledge Cards                      $0
8127                          Stewardship                       $0
8128                          Stewardship Mailing               $0
8128.1                        Stweardship Lunch                 $0
8270                          Bulk Mailing                      $2,500
8290                          Building Repair                   $10,000
8291                          Property Supplies                 $1,500
8292                          Electricity                       $21,000
8293                          Lawn Service                      $5,900
8294                          Rental Income                     ($7,000)
8295                         Pest Control Contract        $1,020
8296                         Waste Disposal               $3,000
8297                         Water & Sewage               $1,000
8298                         Phone Service                $2,400
8299                         Internet                     $912
8299.1                       Computer Maintenance         $300
8299.2                       Audit                        $0
8299.3                       State Tax                    $60
8299.4                       Sam's Club                   $210
Total                                                     $80,452

9000 Commitment to Worship
9010                         Bulletins                    $400
9020                         Choir Music                  $1,200
9030                         Preparation Tableware        $50
9030                         Communion                    $500
9040                         Praise Worship               $500
9050                         CCLI/CVLI                    $500
9060                         Flowers-Palms                $100
9070                         Flowers-Sanctuary            $100
9080                         Flowers-Misc.                $400
9100                         Organ Maintenance            $500
9120                         Piano Tuning & Maintenance   $250
9130                         Robe Cleaning                $150
9140                         Training Events              $300
9200                         Misc. Worship                $2,500
9200                         Worship Supplies             $500
9300                         Rockin Angels                $150
9400                         K4J                          $750
9500                         Extreme Teens                $500
9600                         Bells                        $1,000
9610                         Drama                        $1,000
9620                         Puppets                      $300
9700                         Media/Sound                  $0
9800                         ACTS 16:5                    $1,450
9810                         Projector Bulb               $0
Total                                                     $13,100
Total Budget (Excludes SH)                                $532,897
Projected Income                                          ($470,000)
Projected Deficit                                         $62,897
 Safe Haven Budget                                                                    $200,861
 Safe Haven Income                                                                    ($202,945)
 Projected Overage                                                                    ($2,084)


10 parishioners ( Gordon Davis, Bobbi Bancroft, Clint Cottrell, Lisa Soots, Eileen Coe, Bill Witney,
Teri Bergman, Cammie Mc Quilken, Irene Thiessen, and Tim Baldwin )spent several weeks in
prayerful meetings and appointments to follow up nominations from both the congregation and
our collective efforts. We are pleased to report that the following have accepted this 3 year call,
been duly trained/oriented and approved by Session in May ( full Congregational approval will be
voted on in mid June ):

ELDERS---Jim Wray, Ken Kendall, Nate Burley, Cammie Mc Quilken, Kirk Charles, and Walt
France ( one year term )

DEACONS---Jeni Nance, Jackie Oestreich, Daniela Valmer, Barb Pappalardo, Anne
Belanger/Burley, and Michael Sneeden

COMMITTEE MEMBERS FOR NEXT FISCAL YEAR---Teri Bergman, Lisa Soots, Amaris Soots,
Eileen Coe, Bobbi Bancroft, Bill Witney, Irene Thiessen, Tim Baldwin, Clint Cottrell

Respectfully Submitted, Tim Baldwin, Elder and Chair

Tim Baldwin
Baldwin Financial Group, Inc.
                        Proposed Terms of Call
                   Cypress Lake Presbyterian Church
Pastor                             FY 07-08       FY 08-09
Salary                               $46,072.00       $49,763.00
Housing                              $32,110.00       $32,110.00
Pension/Health                       $24,236.00       $25,790.00
Personal Business/Medical             $4,000.00        $5,000.00
Mileage                               $4,000.00        $3,800.00
Continuing Education/Books *2         $2,000.00        $2,000.00
SECA                                  $5,981.00        $6,263.00
TOTAL                               $118,399.00      $124,726.00

Assoc. Pastor
Salary                               $25,000.00       $25,495.00
Housing                              $20,000.00       $20,396.00
Personal Business Allowance *1*2      $6,000.00        $6,800.00
SECA                                  $3,443.00        $3,511.00
Pension/Health                       $14,175.00       $14,456.00
TOTAL                                $68,618.00       $70,658.00

(Raises are based on a COLA of 4.25% and merit increase of 1.75% for Pastor Clint; the
same for Pastor Samantha but prorated for the partial year. An additional $800 was
added to Pastor Samantha’s mileage component due to requirements from the Committee
on Ministry.)
*1 The allowance includes, per annum, $3,800 for mileage, $1,500 for continuing
education/books, $1,500 for medical reimbursement/personal expenses. By placing into
one account, Pastor Samantha may spend the allowance as needed, shifting allocated
resources, provided they do not exceed $6,800/annum. Mileage is reimbursed at the
ongoing IRS rate.
*2 A total of $1,500/annum may be accrued from one year to the next, to a maximum of
$4,500, to be used for continuing education only/books.
One Months Vacation
Continuing Education/Study Leave
2 weeks/year
(accumulable over 3 years to a maximum of 6 weeks)
An additional 1 week/year will be granted in pursuit of a doctoral degree (e.g., D. Min.,
Th.D., or Ph.D.) from an ATS accredited seminary.
Personal Day
1 Sunday/Year