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									                                                            U-JIN TECH

Post 426 –901
Address: 705, RIT Center, Gyeonggi Techno Park, Sa 3-dong
          Sangrok-gu Ansan-si, Gyunggi-do, Korea.
TEL:+82-31-415-8448 FAX:+82-31-416-8448
Contact : /
                                          U-JIN TECH


1. Company Introduction

2. Equipment of the Friction Welding

3. Records of achievements

4. Application of Friction Welding

5. Patents and ISO 9000 Certification

6. Special Purpose Machine Sales status
                                                                             U-JIN TECH
1. Company Introduction
1.1 Introduction

 Company Name      U-JIN TECH CORP.

 CEO               Kim Sung Yoon

                                                     - CNC Pattern Machine
                   - Rotary Friction Welding M/C

 Business Scope                                      - Cutting M/C Line
                   - Center Drive Friction Welding
                                                     - Assembly M/C Line

                   705, RIT Center, Gyeonggi Techno Park, Sa 3-dong, Sangrok-gu,
                   Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
 Contact number    +82.31.415.8448

 Established       February 2009

                                                                                  U-JIN TECH

1.2 Management Philosophy and Target

     Vision : Leader of Friction welding technology in the world

     Philosophy
      Social contribution – Contribute to social prosperity through
                             research and development of new technology.
       Company environment – Intent to first priority is Human, Technology, Safety.
       Company continuance – Realize the customer and society for mutual benefit.

     Quality Manual
      Quality – Continuous improvement for product quality and Quality management system.
      Customer satisfaction – Quality, Price, Delivery improve through
                              grasp of the customer requirement.
                                                                                            U-JIN TECH
1.3 Company History

     –   2000.04   Established Semi-Tech company. President : Kim Sung Yoon
                   Special purpose cutting M/C and Assembly M/C
     –   2003.02   Semi-Tech company was merged by Hyun-Yang company
     –   2005.10   Start to develop the Friction welding M/C (15Ton Position controlling double head
                   Friction welding M/C)
     –   2006.03   Start to develop C.N.C pattern machine center
     –   2006.10   Developed C.N.C pattern machine center
     –   2007.07   Developed the Friction welding M/C
     –   2008.03 Contracted 15Ton Position controlling double head Friction welding M/C
     –   2008.04 Contracted 60Ton Position controlling double head Friction welding M/C
     –   2009.02 Established U-Jin Tech CORP. CEO : Kim Sung Yoon
                   Rotary Friction welding M/C production and Marketing
                   Submitting the patent(Friction welding M/C and Hyd. chuck for Friction welding)
     -   2009.04 Certificated ISO 9001:2008
                                                                      U-JIN TECH

1.4 Manpower and Plan

                        Current                  Plan
                       Year 2011   2012   2013          2014   2015

        Director          1

   Administration         1                                             University

          Mechanical      2                              1              University
          Electronic      1                1                             College

     Production           2         1                    1      1

     Sub. Total           7         1      1             2      1

         Total            7         8      9             11    12
                                                                                 U-JIN TECH

1.5 Organization


                  Management Consulter

    Administration                Sales                R&D             Production

   - Account                                                         - Production
                                                  - Research &
                              - Sales M/C
   - HR                                                              - M/C T/O
                              - Marketing
                                                  - Product design
   - Purchasing                                                      - Quality
                                                                                                            U-JIN TECH

      2. Knowledge of Friction welding

          2-1 Principle of Friction Welding

               In friction welding one component is rotated and one component is held stationary.
               The part that is rotated is brought into contact with the stationary component and
               when enough heat has been generated to bring the components to a plastic state
               and the desired burnoff has been achieved, rotation is stopped. More axial force is
               then applied between the two components resulting in a solid state bond at the
                interface forming a friction welded joint.

                                                                    Friction welding history
                                                                 1954 : A.I.Chudicov who was live in the soviet union succeed
                                                                         of friction welding trial

                                                                 1956 : Friction welding technology had been developing by
                                                                         the soviet union welding R&D center(VNIESO)

                                                                 1961 : BWRA(British welding R&D) and Japan also start to
The primitive man discovered
 the fire by friction when the                                   Since middle of year 1960, friction welding start to use until
    original state of nature                                             now a days
                                                                                                                 U-JIN TECH
  2.2 Friction Welding Process
                                                                                               Stop to turning and
  Process prepare / Start    Contact                 Friction welding   Thermal conductivity                          Completed
                                                                                               forging pressed

 Spindle rotating,          Start to heating and    Fantastic         Contact face          Stop to tuning and
the other part moving       maintain under melting   Flash appear       thermal conduction     forging pressed finally.
toward to friction face     point temperature.
with high press load.
                                                                                                   U-JIN TECH

2.3 Advantage of Friction Welding

 ◈ Contribute to reduce the global warming with minimize CO2 emission
 ◈ Good working environment for operators with minimize the smoke, gas, scratch, dust, Waste
Cost Savings
◈ Power requirements are as low as 20% of that required of conventional welding processes
◈ No consumables required - no flux, filler, or shielding gases required, Joint preparation isn't critical...
machined, saw cut, and even sheared surfaces are weldable..
◈ It is possible to friction welding dissimilar metals (aluminum to steel, copper to aluminum, titanium to
copper, and nickel alloys to steel) and save material, reduce process cycle time.
Quality Improvement가능하다.
 절감 및 공수의 저감이
 ◈ Very high mechanical strength at welding area equivalent to original part and able to obtain an
accuracy of dimension.
◈ No pin hole at welding points and secure of high welding quality constantly.
Productivity Improvement
◈ Friction Welding equipment is easily automated for high production rates.
◈ The Friction Welding process is at least twice - and up to 100 times - as fast as other welding
                                                                                   U-JIN TECH

2.4 Compare with Friction welding and alternative welding

   Alternative                    Problems                  Effectiveness with Friction welding

                     • NG by deformed with heating
                                                             Low thermal strain
                     • Appear the pin hole
  ARC welding                                           ⇒    Improve working environment
                     • weld spatter
                                                             Very low CO2 emission
                     • a lot CO2 emission

                     • Lack welding strength               High material strength of the
Flash butt welding
                     • Bended owing to heat deforming   ⇒ connection
                     • Variance of welding quality         Secure of quality constantly

                                                             Reduce forging die cost with be
     Forging         • Cost of entire forging die       ⇒
                                                            divided each small part.

                     • Material cost high                    Low material cost
     Machine         • Machining cost high                   Reduce machine cost
  of forging part    • Weight                                Reduce weight with pipe
                     • Disposal of machined chip             No need to disposal of machine chip
                                                                                                  U-JIN TECH

2.5 Combination of materials

       ◦ Simplify the welding process and reduce weight

         ◦ If some part is needed to be different conduct heat

         ◦ If some part is needed the electric and mechanical characteristics

         ◦ Magnetic and non-Magnetic             ◦ Corrosion resistance and mechanical strength

         ◦ High cost material saving and reduce material(Heat and corrosion resistance)

         ◦ Impossible with alternative welding (Wear and impact resistance)
                                                                                                    U-JIN TECH

2.6 Outline of friction welding M/C

                   D (Double Spindle)                                          S (Single Spindle)

 Technical Data                               8DF/SF   15DF/SF   50DF/SF    60DF/SF    80DF/SF      125DF/SF
 Nominal forge load                     ton        8        15         50        60          80           125
 Nominal forge pressure                 KN        80       150        500       600         800          1250
 Typical spindle power                  KW        15        18         37        45          60           112
 Range weldable (mild steel)            mm      4~25      8~36     20~70      25~75      35~90        50~125
 Max Tube dia (mild steel)              mm        40        60        110       140         250           180
 Max length in chuck                    mm       150       450        600       600         600           750

 Max weld area (mild steel)         mm2          500      1000       4000      4500        6500         12500
                                                                                              U-JIN TECH

3. Records of achievements

  No   Model   Q’TY         Customer      Application part                           Remarks
                                                                        Double head position control
   1   15DF     1     Dae –Seung        Propeller Shaft      2007.2     Data saving and Graph function(PC)

   2   8SF      1     Ho-San Industry   Copy Roller          2007.8     AC motor inverter control

   3   15SF     1     Hwa-in Kowak      Test equipment       2007.9     Servo motor Position control

                                                                        Double head position control
   4   15DF     1     Dae-Seung         Propeller Shaft      2009.5     Data saving and Graph function(PC)

                                                                        Double head position control
   5   45DF     1     KPS               Propeller Shaft      2009.6     Data saving and Graph function(PC)

                                                                        Single head position control
   6   100SF    1     JIN SUNG T.E.C    Track Roller         2010.2     Data saving and Graph Function(PC)

                                                                        Single head position control
   7   10SF     5     SEO JIN CAM       Cam Shaft            2010.5     Flash Removal

   8   10SF     4     SEO JIN CAM       Cam Shaft            2011.9     Single head position control
                                                                        Flash Removal

                                                                        Single head position control
   9   10SF     1     HAN WHA           AIR BAG              2011.2     Flash Removal
                                                                                                        U-JIN TECH

- Friction Welding Machine

      • Work       : Propeller Shift

      • Material   : S45C , STKM13
      • Process    : Friction welding


      MODEL                                                                                          SPINDLE DRIVE MOTOR
                     Variable                 TON                 mm                    ㎟

      20DF             2300                   20                 Ø 35                 1000                  60 KW
                                                                                                    U-JIN TECH

- Friction Welding Machine

      • Work       : Track Roller

      • Material   : S45C
      • Process    : Friction welding


                                        MAX. Forge       MAX.        MAX. Tubular
                            RPM(Max)                                    Area        Spindle Drive
            Model                         Force      Tube Diameter
                             Variable                                                  Motor
                                          (Ton)          (mm)           (㎟)
            100 SF            1000         100          Ø 180           7000           108KW
                                                                                                         U-JIN TECH

- Friction Welding Machine

      • Work       : Cam Shaft

      • Material   : S45C
      • Process    : Friction welding


                                             MAX. Forge       MAX.        MAX. Tubular
                                 RPM(Max)                                    Area        Spindle Drive
                   Model                       Force      Tube Diameter
                                  Variable                                                  Motor
                                               (Ton)          (mm)           (㎟)
                   10 SF           1700         10            Ø 50            750           18KW
                                                                                                             U-JIN TECH

- Friction Welding Machine

      • Work       : Connector

      • Material   : Cu, Al Cable
      • Process    : Friction welding


                                                MAX. Forge        MAX.        MAX. Tubular
                                    RPM(Max)                                     Area        Spindle Drive
                     Model                        Force      Solid Diameter
                                     Variable                                                   Motor
                                                  (Ton)           (mm)           (㎟)
                    15SF-X            2000         15            Ø 35            1000           30KW
                                                               U-JIN TECH

- 15SF Position control friction welding M/C(AC servo motor)
                                                                                                                       U-JIN TECH

  Machine Operator Interface

                                                             ∙ Friction welding machines supplied by U-JIN TECH
                                                               use an industrial computer(PC) to provide an operator

                                                              Functions :
                                                              ∙ Machine Conditions
                                                              ∙ Alarm Conditions
                                                              ∙ Database of weld Prameter
                                                              ∙ Record of each welding cycle
                                                              ∙ Graph display

   Flash Removal

   ▷   TURNING

       ∙ The turning method of flash removal is widely used and is
         available single or double axis hydraulically driven or as a
         dual axis A/C servo motor programmable system.


       ∙ For external flash removal when the component cannot
         be rotated
                                                                        U-JIN TECH


  Angular Orientation

                        ∙ The eyes in a forged yoke at one end of a
                          propeller shaft with the splines or yoke at
                          the other end.
                                                                                U-JIN TECH

  4. Friction welding application                                           • Motor shaft
                                                                            • Electric connector
                                                                            • High pressure hose
                                                                            • Raxhet wrench
• Engine Valve
• Cam shaft                                                   Electronic part
• Torque convert
• Turbo Inpeller shaft Automotive part                       Piping work part
• Propeller shaft
• Side gear
• Rear axle housing
• Steering Rack bar
                                         Friction welding

                                                                          • Copy Roller
• Drill                                                Construction M/C   • Track Roller
• Tap              Machining Tool                                         • Track Roller Bush
                                                            OA part       • Oil pressure cylinder
• End Mill
• Bite                                                                    • Piston Rod
                                                                                                        U-JIN TECH
                                     – Automotive Components
                                                                                                                 Q: Quality
                                Problems before changed to friction                                              C : Cost
Part name / Material   Photos                                                 Target and effectiveness           W: Weight
                                        welding process.
                                                                                                                 Q    C   W
   Engine Valve                 - Flash butt welding                    -Abolition of non-destructive
                                                                         inspection process
  SUH3×Incone                   -Frequent occurrences of                - It is possible to remove the burr in
                                                                        Press process(Reduce process)            ○    ○   ○
     1713C                      defective joining
    (ø4 ~9)                     - Non-destructive inspection            - Reduce electricity, process,
                                                                        material loss.
                                process is necessary.

  Hollow camshaft               -Grinding out from forging stock
                                                                        - Weight reduce by using hollow pipe
                                                                        - Enhanced revolution balance
S45C×around S45C                - Larger gross weight                   - Optimum material with higher           ○    ○   ○
      Pipe                      - Inferior revolution balance           abrasion resistance can be used
    (ø29×t5)                    - Larger cost due to many machining     at the cam section.

 Torque Convertor               - CO2 Arc Welding                       -Improve the sealing function at
    Pump shell                                                          welding area
                                - Oil leak from un-welded section       -Remove the leak test process            ○    ○
   SHP45 ×S15C                  - 100% leak test                        -Eliminate the spatter remove
     (ø32×t3)                   - Need to remove Spatter process        process at Hub

Turbo impeller Shaft            -Grinding out of solid lost wax stock   - Expensive material can be used
                                                                        only for impeller as a result of
                                -Higher material cost as solid item     - Since dividing allows using hollow
      Inconel                                                                                                    ○
  713C×SCM440H                                                          material at joining section, effect of
     (ø18 ×t4)
                                - Difficulty of grinding                heat insulation at shaft side is
                                                                                                                      U-JIN TECH
Application of Friction welding – Automotive Components
                                                                                                                          Q: Quality
                                                                                                                          C : Cost
                                   Problems before changed to
Part name / Material    Photos                                                     Target and effectiveness               W: Weight
                                     friction welding process.
                                                                                                                          Q    C       W
                                 - CO2 Arc Welding                       - Reduced amount of unbalance
   Propeller Shaft
                                                                         - Unification of shapes at joining section of
                                                                         yoke to butt joint
                                 - Larger amount of unbalance
S35C×STKM13B×S35                                                         - Zero release of defective parts by             ○    ○       ○
                                 - Many kinds of fitting shape at yoke
        C                                                                management of friction joining conditions
    (ø65×t1.6)                                                           -Weight reduction owing to increased joining
                                 - Difficult to find welding defect

                                 -Grinding out from solid forging        - Cold forging of common gear section by
     Side Gear                   stock                                   dividing for adaptation to mass production
                                                                         - Reduce forging cost
                                                                         - Eliminate Gear tooth cutting                        ○
                                 - High forging costs                    - Easy to modify to change the Pipe length
    S45C ×S45C                   -Larger number of man-hour in
      (ø48×t7)                   gear-cutting process

                                 - CO2 Arc welding                       - Improve sealing function at welding area
Rear Axle Housing End                                                    Eliminate leak test
                                 - Oil leak from un-welded section       - Remove machine and reduce number of
                                 - 100% leak test                        component                                        ○    ○       ○
S45C×STKM45×S45C                 - Higher cost of welded sections
    (ø75×t4.2)                   (edge preparation, number of parts)

 Steering Rack Shaft             - Grinding out from solid round bar     -Abolition of gun drill process by changing to
                                                                         divided pipe joining
                                 - High cost of Gun drill process        - Completed heat treatment before welding the
                                 - High tooling cost                     Rack tooth part.                                      ○
                                 - Larger number of machining            - Reduce tooling cost
                                 man-hour                                - Reduce machine cost
                                                                                                              U-JIN TECH

                                          – Electronic Components and Piping
                                                                                                               Q: Quality
    Part name /                    Problems before changed to                                                  C : Cost
                       Photos                                                Target and effectiveness          W: Weight
     Material                        friction welding process.
                                                                                                                Q    C      W
    Motor Shaft                 Grinding out from solid SUS stock       - Reduce machine cycle time
                                                                        - using Sus material where is
                                                                        required the corrosion resistance.
SUS304 * S35C(ø46)              - increase machine cycle time                                                        ○
                                - Increase material cost

Electronic connector            Solid copper parts                      -Butt friction joining of aluminum
                                                                        and copper
  A1100 * C1020                  - Electric corrosion at caulked
                                                                        -Trouble of electric corrosion has      ○
    (ø47* t1)                   section of aluminum electric wire
                                                                        been eradicated

High Pressure Mouth             CO2 arc welding                         - Enhanced air tightness at joining
       piece                                                            section (No Oil leakage)
                                - Problem of oil leak (Implementation   - No need Oil leakage test and
                                of oil leak test)                       remove spatter                          ○    ○
                                - Spatter removal process is            - Reduced base material cost
   (Ø21.8 * t3.2)
                                necessary.                              - Increasing welding strength

  Ratchet Wrench                Solid forging item of SS stock
                                                                        - Can use common head part (Head
 SCM435 * SS400                                                         part can produce by cold forging)
     (Ø15)                      - Need to be forging Head area by
                                                                        - Saving forging cost                   ○    ○
                                separated forging process
                                                                        - Can be use the SCM material at
                                - Difficult to mass production
                                                                        Head part after separated from rod
                                 - Problem of deform on head
                                                                                                         U-JIN TECH
                                          – Tooling

                                                                                                          Q: Quality
                                  Problems before changed to                                              C : Cost
Part name / Material   Photos                                           Target and effectiveness          W: Weight
                                    friction welding process.
                                                                                                           Q    C      W
        Drill                   Flash butt welding                - Improve welding quality(No joining
    SKH3 * S55C                 - Problem of joining defect       -Enhancement of joining accuracy
                                                                   (Deflection or bend)                    ○    ○
       (ø22)                    - Difficult to discover
                                                                  -No edge preparation is required.
                                - Poor accuracy (Deflection or
                                                                  (Sawing only OK)

        TAP                     Flash butt Welding                - Improve welding quality(No joining
 SKH51 * SCM435                 - Problem of joining defect       -Enhancement of joining accuracy
     (Ø40)                      - Difficult to discover            (Deflection or bend)                    ○    ○
                                -Poor accuracy (Deflection or     -No edge preparation is required.
                                bend)                             (Sawing only OK)

     END MILL                   Grinding out from solid stock     - Material cost saving by divided
                                                                  - Machining cost saving
 SCN435 * SCM435                - Increase machining cycle time

     Drilling bit               Brazing                           -Significant increase in joining
Hard metal*Nickel               - Problem of breakage caused by   - Butt joint at joining section
steel*Hard metal                cutting heat
                                - Fitting of joining section
                                                                                                                U-JIN TECH
                                             – Construction and OA
                                                                                                                 Q: Quality
                                                                                                                 C : Cost
    Part name /                  Problems before changed to friction                                             W: Weight
                        Photos                                                  Target and effectiveness
     Material                            welding process.
                                                                                                                 Q     C      W

    Copy Roller                  Press fitting                             -Abolition of pressure leak
                                                                           inspection process
     SUS304 *                    - Problem of sheet feed failure caused
  SUS304(ø50* t4)                by air leak from fitting section          - Machining cost reduction            ○     ○
A6063*A6063(Ø45*t4)              - Machining is necessary at press
S15C*STKM13B*S15                 fitting section.

    Track roller                 CO2 ARC Welding                           - Educed number of manufacturing
   S45C * S45C                   - Need to pre-heating                     - Adaptation to weight reduction
    (Ø145* t18)                  - Deforming after welding                                                       ○     ○      ○
                                                                           - Enhancement of joining quality
                                 - Larger wall-thickness at fitting        (Also appearance)
                                 section (Heavier weight)

  Track roller Bush              One body casting part                     - Cladding of SPC stock with metal
                                                                           stock by dividing
   SPC1 * SPC1                    - Higher base material cost              - Reduced base material cost          ○     ○
    (Ø90 * t3.2)                 -Problem of poor abrasion                 - Enhanced abrasion resistance

Oil Pressure cylinder            CO2 arc welding                           - Enhanced joining strength
      Piston rod                                                           -Abolition of spatter removal
    S45C * S45C                  - Insufficient welding strength                                                 ○     ○
       (Ø50)                     - Spatter removal process is necessary.
                                                                                    U-JIN TECH

5. Patents and ISO 9000 Certification

   Hyd. Chuck for Friction Welding   Steering Shaft for Friction Welding   ISO Certification
                                                    U-JIN TECH

6. Special purpose machine Sales history

      - CNC Pattern Machine Center

      - Cutting Machine
         • Shuttle Type Machine
         • Rotary Index Type Machine
         • Work Transfer Type Machine

      - Assembly LINE
         • Outer & Inner Ball Joint assembly M/C
         • Tube Assembly Machine
         • Pinion Housing & Tube Assembly Machine
                                                                                                      U-JIN TECH

- CNC Pattern Machine Center
                                                     • Work       : Mold pattern
                                                     • Material   : Styrofoam

  This NC M/C purpose for High speed, High precision, high efficiency build up casting die pattern.
                                                                                                             U-JIN TECH

- Machining Machine
   • Shuttle Type Machine
      • Work       : Pinion Housing

      • Material   : ADC10,12

      • Process    : Boring , Turning , Tapping , Grooving
                    Facing , Drilling

    Pinion Housing both face boring and OD Turning ,         Fine Boring, Tapping ,Grooving , Facing , Drilling for Pinion
    Grooving by CNC controlling                              Housing
                                                                                                                                     U-JIN TECH

- Machining Machine
  • Rotary Index Type Machine
        • Work       : Outer Socket

        • Material    : S20C, S25C

        • Process : Facing , Drilling , Tapping , Deburring , Tap checking

If there will be clamped on the 6sta. Hyd Index Table, Facing (Hyd Unit) , Drilling (NC) , Tapping(NC) ,Deburring(Air) ,Tap checking(HYD) are
processing gradually.
                                                                                                                                      U-JIN TECH
    - Machining Machine
        • Rotary Index Type Machine
             • Work       : Con-Rod

             • Material   : S20C, S25C

             • Process    : Drilling , Boring , Milling , Chamfering , Tapping , Reaming
                            Slotting, Teeth Milling

                                                                                Large hole Drilling, Tapping , Reaming by 3-Axis Unit of Turret Head
Large hole Boring & Chamfering, Small hole Drilling, Boring & Chamfering and
enable to bolt set face Milling simultaneously. 3-Axis unit using the Fanuc     (6-Spindle) .
                                                                                             U-JIN TECH

- Assembly Machine
  • Outer Ball Joint Assembly Machine
       • Work      : Outer Socket , Ball Stud , Bearing, Dust Seal

       • Process : Grease Injection , Pre-Press , Spinning , Stamping , Dust Seal Assembly

  Outer Ball Joint Assembly Line

   - Pre Press M/C (Grease Injection)

   - Spinning M/C(Stamping & Inspection)

   - Dust Cover Press M/C(Grease Injection)
                                                                              U-JIN TECH
- Assembly Machine
  • Tube assembly Machine
        • Work      : Tube , Stud

        • Process   : Tube expansion, Piercing , Stud Welding , Ball Sizing
                      Leak testing , Washing

 Cylinder Tube Manufacturing Line for Power Steering
                                                                               U-JIN TECH
- Assembly Machine
  • Power Steering Housing & Tube Sub Assembly Machine
     •- Work       : Pinion Housing , Rack Tube

     •- Process     : Press , Caulking

               Pinion Housing Sub Assembly M/c           Pinion Housing & Rack Tube Press M/C
bly M/c           Pinion Housing & Rack Tube Press M/C

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