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May, 2011

                          Perspective:               A Great Analogy of Socialism -- Internet
                              An economics professor at Texas Tech said he had never failed a single student before but had, oncfailed an entire class.
                          That class had insisted that socialism worked and that no one would be poor and no one would be rich, a great equzlizer.
                            The professor then said OK, we will have an experiment in this class on socialism. All grades were averaged and everyone
In This Issue             would receive the same grade so no one would fail and no one would receive an A.
                            After the first test the grades were averaged and everyone got a B. The students who studied hard were upset and the
 Perspective             students who studied very little were happy.
                            But, as the second test was given, the students who had studied little studied even less and the ones who studied hard
 OPEN HOUSE              decided they wanted a free ride also: so they studied little. The second test average was a D. No one was happy.
  NOTICES                   When the third test rolled around thee average was F. The scores never increased as bickering, blame, name calling all
                          resulted in hard feelings and no one would study for the benefit or anyone else.
 Special Programs          All failed, to their great surprise, and the professor told them that socialism would also ultimately fail because when the
  College Counselors      reward is great, the effort to succeed is great; but when takes all the reward away; no one will try or want to succeed.
                            Could not be any simpler than that.
 Special Programs for
  College Applicants
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Publisher                     Special Programs for Guidance Counselors
                              Special Programs for Students & Parents
Arthur P. Mullaney            A Volunteer Program Samaritans                                            Page     4
64 Shore Drive                C.I. Listing of Counselor College Tours
Kingston, MA 02364            & Summer College Counselor Visitations                                     Page 4 to 6

Contact Us

(781) 585-4070

Worth Repeating…
Family Meals        This just makes sense.
University of Minnesota researchers surveyed more than 800 adolescents, first when they were around 13, and again around 17. They
found that frequent family meals significantly lowered the girls’ odds of engaging in risky behavior like smoking and the use of
alcohol and marijuana. The benefits don’t end there: research shows that kids who eat with their families eat more healthfully and
even get better grades. Most important, scheduling family meals gives everyone a chance to connect.
               Source: USA Weekend 11/22/08
                              Suggestion: Prior to the event, call the admissions office of the host college and verify the date/time.
April 30, 2011 Canisius Col., Buffalo, NY April 30 -OH- call (800) 843-1517
May, 2011
Adelphia U., Garden City, NY May 1 -IS- call (800) ADELPHIA
Anna Maria Col., Paxton, MA May 7 -Saturday IS- call (800) 344 4586
Bridgeport, U. of, Bridgeport, CT, May 21 -Saturday Campus Tour- call (800) EXCEL-UB
Canisius Col., Buffalo, NY May 14 -Saturday Visit- call (800) 843-1517
Castleton State Col., Castleton, VT, May 7 –Group Info. Day- 9 am to 3 pm, call (800) 639-8521
Champlain Col., Burlington, VT, May 7, 14, 21, 28 -Saturday Information Days- call (800) 570-5858
Claremont College Consortia, CA May, 2011 Receptions in Boston, New York (Metro) & Wash. DC see Special Prog Section
Culinary Institite of America, St. Helens,CA May 25 –OH-
Elizabethtown col., Elizabethtown, PA, May 1 -OH for Juniors- call ((717) 361-1400
Elmira Col., Elmira, NY May 26 –ON & Visit Days- call (800) 935-6472
Franklin Col., Franklin, IN, May 14 –Saturday Information Session-, call
Hartwick Col., Oneonta, NYMay 8 -OH for Juniors- call (800) HARTWICK
Hood Col., Frederick, MD, May 7 & 14 -Saturday Visit Days-, 10 am, call (800) 922-1599
Johnson & Wales U., Providence, RI, May 14 –OH, Bus., Tech.,/Hospitality/Culinary - Downcity Campus, call (800) 342-5598
Lafayette Col., PA, Jan. 8 through May 14 –Saturday Visits- call : (610) 330-5100
Lawrence Memorial-Regis Col., Collaborative ASN Program, Medford, MA, May 5 –OH, Nursing- 7 to 9 pm , call (781) 306-6657
Lesley U., Cambridge, MA, May 1 –Sneak Preview -, for details call (800) 999-1959 ext. 8800
Lincoln Col., Southington, CT, (formerly Briarwood Col.), May 8 & 12 –OH-, call (800)
Maine, U. of, Farmington, ME., May 16 -OH- 9:30 am to 2:30 pm, call (207) 778-7050
Mass Col. of Pharmacy, Sch. of Nursing, Manchester, NH, May 4, 11, 18, 25, -Walk in Wednesday- call (508) 373-5607
Mass Maritime Aca., Buzzards Bay, MA, May 7 – Spring OH- 9:30 am, call (800) 544-3411
UMass, Boston, Boston, MA., May 14 –Showcase Saturday, Mini OH- call (617) 287-6106
Meredith Manor, W.VA., International Equestrian Ctr. May 14 -OH- (800) 679-2603
Mt. Ida Col., Newton, MA May 7 –Mustang Information Session + On Line Chat- call (617) 928-4500
Newbury Col., Boston, MA May TBA -OH for high school juniors- call (617) 730-7004
New England Institute of Art, Brookline, MA May 21 -OH- recommend an RSVP, call (800) 903-4425
Quinnipiac U., Hamden, CT, May 16 -OH, sophomore & junior class members-, call (800) 462-1944
Randolph-Macon Col., Ashland, VA, May 14 –OH- call (800) 888-1762
St. Joseph’s Col., West Hartford, CT, May 1 -OH, Discover SJC Day-, 10 am, call (860) 231-5216
Swarthmore Col., Swarthmore, PA, May 14 -Junior Visit Day, OH- call (800) 667-3110
Towson St. Col., Towson, MD, May 6 -OH- (800) 225-5878
Union Col., Schenectady, NY, May 30 – OH-, full day, 8 am to 3 pm, (888) 843-6688
Wheelock Col., Boston, MA May 17 -College Exploration Days, OH- call (617) 879-2200

Special Professional Programs for Guidance Counselors
Summer Training Institutes for Addiction Studies, 2011 at the New England Institute of Addiction Studies
    1.   The 42nd Annual N.E. School of Addiction Studies is scheduled to take place June 13to 16, 2011 at Worcester State U. ,
         Worcester, MA All information is available on the web site at
    2. The 19th Annual N.E. School of Prevention Studies is scheduled to tale place June 13 to 16, 2011 at Worcester State
         University, Worcester, MA. All information is available at the above mentioned site.
    3. The 19th Annual N.E. School of Best Practices in Addiction Treatment (Advanced Clinical Coursework & Opioid treatment
         Will take place on Sept. 11 to 15, 2011 at the Waterville Valley Conference Ctr., Waterville Valley, NH
For greater detail or should printed catalogues are needed, they can be downloaded on the above cited web site or by contacting either
Denise Adams if Carrie McFadden at the N.E. Institute of Addiction Studies at (207) 621-2549

N.E.A.C.A.C. Annual Meeting June 8 - 10, 2011 at Stonehill College, Easton,
This is a must attend professional meeting for guidance and college counselors. To pre register or to obtain greater detail contact
Lynne O’Shaughney, Executive Administrator at (603) 637-3292 or at

N.E.A.C.A.C. New England College Admissions Counselors Association will sponsor a Summer Workshop for secondary school
college/guidance counselors on July 25 to 28, 2011 at Southern New Hampshire University. This Workshop is being prepared for new counselors
and educators and new admissions professionals who will be entering the college counseling field and college admissions field this fall. There is a
fee involved which is $525 for members or $545 for non members, but there is scholarship aid available for secondary school counselors. Online
registration NEACAC.ORG/SI SIGNUP.cfm Former participants award this program 4 stars and it has the endorsement of the College Impressions

NEACAC Advanced Secondary School Counselor Institute 2011 will take place at Wheaton College, Norton, MA, July 12 – 14,
2011. Space is limited therefore early application is recommended. For course definition or just greater information contact: Kelly
Richards at St. George School or Amy Cumber at Wheaton College
The Harvard Summer Institute on College Admissions presented by Harvard University and the College Board, June 19 to 24,
2011. The Institute will address: The Search for Appropriate Admissions Practices; Managing Enrollments in Light of Increasing
Costs; Improving the Quality of Schooling in America; Professional Growth and Personal Development.
Cost (approx.): Resident $1,830 Commuter $1,350. For greater detail contact: judy Kelly, Associate Director (781) 663-2720

33rd Annual P.A.C.A.C. Summer Institute on College Admissions at Bucknell University, Lewisberg, PA.
Will be held July 12 to 15 , 2011.This Institute is for secondary school counselors & university professionals. For more complete
detail call Jack Ditzky Morro (610) 898-9251 or (717) 968-8728 or or visit on the web.

Special Admissions Programs for Students and Parents

Castleton State College, Castleton, VT will host a Saturday Group Information Session and an Open House Day.
April 16, 2011 Spring Open House Program, 9 am to 3 pm, a pre registration is requested
April 20, 2011 Saturday Information Session beginning at 9:24 am and ending at noon., a pre registration is requested
For greater detail and to pre register call (800) 639-8521

The Claremont College Consortia, California – Harvey Mudd College, Claremont McKenna College, Pitzer College and
Scripps College will host three admissions receptions in the northeast area in May 15 to 18, 2011. All meetings will occur at 7 pm
except the meeting which occurs on a Sunday and that will occur during the mid afternoon.
Washington D.C. Area May 15            2 pm to 4 pm      Bethesda, MD       Bethesda Marriott
New York Metro Area May 17            7 pm to 9 pm       New York City Doubletree Metropolitan Hotel
Boston, MA Area         May 18         7 pm to 9 pm      Cambridge, MA Boston Marriott Cambridge
To obtain an invitation/pre register for this breakfast contact: Office of Admissions & financial Aid, Baver Ctr. North, 500 East
North St, Claremont, CA., 91711, (909) 621-8088

Colleges That Change Lives” Tour, to visit; Bethesda, MD, New York City, Boston, MA in May 2011 and San Francisco, Ca in
July & August, 2011. A collection of 40 liberal arts colleges located throughout the country will make presentations in it’s eastern
swing during the week of May, 25 - 27, 2011. The Tour features a panel discussion on the benefits of a residential liberal arts
education with admissions officials from the participating colleges and universities. A college fair for students, parents and counselors
follows the panel discussion. There is no fee for this event and more detailed information can be found at the web site A few of the colleges which comprise membership in the “Colleges That Change Lives” are: Allegheny Col.,
Antioch Col., Beloit Col., Clark U., Col. of Wooster, Cornell Col., Denison U., Eckerd Col., Emory & Henry Col., Goucher Col.,
Hampshire Col., Hiram Col., Hope Col., Kalamazoo Col., Lawrence U., Lynchburg Col., Marlboro Col., Ohio Wesleyan U.,
Reed Col., Rhodes Col., Southwestern U., St. Olaf Col., Ursinus Col., Wabash Col., Wheaton Col..

Colleges That Change Our Lives” Tour Schedule for May, 2011:
Washington, DC,   May 22, Bethesda, MD at the Marriott Bethesda Noth Hotel, 5701 Mariner Rd., 2:00 pm
New York City, NY, May 24 & 25 at the NY Penn Hotel, 401 7th Ave., 7 pm
Boston, MA, area May 26 , Boston, MA, Seaport World Trade Ctr., 7:00 pm
San Francisco area July 31 in Santa Clara at the Mission City Ballroom at 3 pm and August 1 in San Rafael, Exhibition Hall, 7 pm
The entire program itinerary can be obtained at web site
Martha “Mary” O’Connell is the Spokesperson for CTCL and is available for speaking engagements and in the event that she is
unavailable CTCL has an active Speakers Bureau. Mary can be contacted at (410) 857-8748 or at the CTCL web site

Exploring College Options -- Duke University, Harvard University, Georgetown University, University of Pennsylvania,
Stanford University is scheduled to be held in various cities during the Spring of 2011
It’s program is designed for prospective college students and their parents. Each evening program will commence at 7:30 pm and end
at approximately 9:30 pm. The format of the program is: 1.) Each college representative will give a five to seven minute
presentation, 2.) A question & answer panel discussion with questions & answers, 3.) Representatives will be available to
individually answer specific questions from members of the audience.
Boston, MA.      May 15 in Burlington, MA at the Boston/Burlington Marriott, One Burlington Mall Road
                 May 16 in Quincy, MA at the Boston/Quincy Marriott, 100 Marriott Drive
Hartford, CT May 18 in Rocky Hill, CT at the Marriott rocky Hill, 100 Capitol Blvd.
Fairfield, CT May 19 in Trumbull, CT at the Trumbull Marriott Merritt Pkwy., 180 Hawley Lane
Rhode Island May 17 in Providence, RI at the Providence Downtown Marriott, One Oms Street
New York         May 22 in Uniondale at the Long Island Marriott, 101 James Doolittle blvd.
                 May 23 in New York City at Fiorello LaGuardia High School, 100 Amsterdam Avenue
                 May 24 in Tarrytown, N Y at the Westchester Marriott, 670 Great Plains Road
California       May 15 in San Francisco, CA at the Hyatt San Francisco, 5 Embarcadero Center

Johnson & Wales U., Providence, RI, will host the following Open House and Information Session Programs on May 14, 2011
              May 14 at Downcity Campus, Saturday Tour: Business, Hospitality, & Technology
              May 14 at Harborside Campus, Saturday Tour: Culinary

New England Regional College Fair -- Tuesday June 21, 2011 at Regis College, Weston, MA at 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
High School Students and their parents are invited to meet representatives from colleges. Financial Aid And College Prep.
organizations will also be invited to talk to parents.
For greater detail contact: Lorraine O’Donnell, Gatehouse Media New England at 781-433-6955

Meredith Manor International Equestrian Center, Waverly, WV is hosting it’s annual Open House Program for prospective
students and their family’s on Saturday May 14, 2011. There will be demonstrations which will include: Dressage, Western, and
Jumping Performances, a peek at MM’s unique Training System, a Teaching Dept. Exhibit, Bucking Machine Display, Massage
Therapy, a Horse Health Presentation, Farrier Program Demonstration & Display, Kiddy Coral for younger participants and siblings.
For greater detail call (800) 679-2603 ext. 204 & 206 or Email

62th Annual Massachusetts State High School Science & Engineering Fair 2011 at M.I.T., May 5 through May 7, 2011 has
open registration to all public, parochial, and independent school students in grades 9 through 12. The fair will be held at the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, MA on May 5 through May 7, 2011. Over $350,000 in scholarships, prizes, and
awards will be presented. To enter, high school students must complete an independent project and participate at either a local or
regional fair. Each high school is invited to select and send and official student delegate to compete. In addition, the top 40 students
from each regional fair will advance to the state fair. This is the seventh year in which middle school students will be judged at the
Middle School Fair at the Worcester Technical High School, Worcester, MA on June 4, 2011. For information on the Massachusetts
State Science Fair or to receive a registration packet consult the Web Page
NOTE: There are Science Fairs in the other five New England states. Interested students should check with the Science
Departments at their high schools for specific information regarding Science Fair opportunities in their state.

Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pa will host it’s spring Open House Program “Junior Visit Day on May 14, 2011.
This is a complete OH program featuring: A Mock Admissions Committee Meeting – An Interview Workshop - An Essay Workshop
A Financial Aid Workshop -- a seminar on “How To Stay Calm for Eleven Months” . For details call (800) 667-31

A Volunteer Program for secondary school students
Samaritans Program The Samaritans of Boston (and throughout New England) is offering a Summer Internship Program. A summer
intern will become a trained and experienced telephone befriender and have the opportunity to work with an agency staff on projects
related to volunteer recruitment, community education, of development. Internships will run from mid May to mid August. For more
information and an application contact the Samaritans Office nearest you.Massachusetts -- Boston (617) 536-2460 Falmouth (508)
872-1780 Framingham (508) 7000         Methuen (978) 688-0030Connecticut -- Hartford (860) 232-2121New Hampshire -- Keene
(603) 357-5505 Manchester (603) 622-3836          Rhode Island -- Providence (401) 272-4044

C. I. Listing of Summer 2011       Guidance Counselor – College Counselor Summer Tours & Summer Hosting
The Council of Independent Colleges of Virginia (CICV) The Annual Guidance Counselor Tour has been scheduled for the
late October of 2011. Look for the complete three year plan in the September 2011 issue of the CI Newsletter
The Council of Independent Colleges of Virginia (CICV) 21st Annual Guidance Counselor Tour The tour is organized by the
Eastern Group and the Western Group on alternating years.

Council of Independent Colleges of Virginia Eastern Tour, 2011
University of Richmond                 Randolph-Macon College               Virginia Union College Hampton University
Virginia Wesleyan University           St. Paul’s College                   Averett University      Hamden-Sydney University
The tours are sponsored by the Educational Foundation of the Council of Independent Colleges of Virginia (CICV). A $50
registration fee and transportation to and from the points of departure will be the only expenses. Meals and lodging are provided.
After the tour, CIVC will provide each counselor with five application wavers to be used by their students next year.
For greater detail or to register to participate contact: Lisa Ghidotti, Dir. Gov.Relats. & Member Services for CICV at (540) 586-0606
or There will be two Open House Programs daily for prospective students and their families. The programs will
include campus tours, financial aid and admissions workshops and curriculum overviews. These programs will take place on Monday
through Friday June 22 to June 27, 2008 at 9 am in the morning and 2 pm in the afternoon.

Montana College Tour, July 18 to 22, 2011 -- four Colleges in Montana Cost: $150
Participating colleges: University of Montana, Montana Tech., Montana State University. There is a Pre and a Post Tour Activity
Program : Pre July 11 & 17 -- Post July 22 & 23, 2011. Positions on this tour are on a space available basis. Contact: Shannon
Marr at 406- 788-7431 or Email to

PNACAC College Admission Counselor Tour, 2011 -- State of Washington & Western Canada on July, 10 through 15, 2011
Washington: Cornish College of /Arts & Science (Seattle), Evergreen State College (Olympia), Pacific Lutheran University
(Tacoma), St. Martin’s University, Seattle University, Seattle Pacific University, University of Pugit Sound (Tacoma),
University of /Washington, Western Washington University (Bellingham),
Canada: Simon Fraser University, Trinity Western University (Langley), University of /British Columbia (Vancover)
Cost: $400 PNAC members $450 non-members
Contact: Kathy Garrett, Counselor, Wilson High School, Portland -- 508-232-7940
          Eric R. Pedersen, Dean of Enrollment, St. Martin’s University --

Mid Hudson Consortium College Tour – usually hosted during the second or third week of May will be visiting Marist College, Vassar
College and the Culinary Institute of America in the Poughkeepsie area of New York State. This is a terrific tour coordinated by Sue Goulet,
Associate Director of Admissions at Marist College. To reserve a space on the tour call Sue at (800) 436-5483.

Counselor Summer Visits and Overnight Housing Notices Summer 2011

American University, Washington D.C . invites counselors who may be in the area to drop in for some conversation, a tour and possibly a lunch.
The American U. requests that counselors intending to visit AU call announcing their intent well in advance. Call Keri Thorn, Sr. Asst. Dir. of
Admission at (800) 428-4632

Canisius College, Buffalo, NY will host guidance counselors passing through the area during the summer 2011. Prospective guests are
requested to pre register for overnight housing at least three weeks prior to arrival for overnight accommodations will be on a room available basis .
Counselors would receive a tour and some conversation on the friendly environs of the Canisius College community. For greater detail Contact:
Molly Stresser, Assistant dir. of Admissions at the Canisius College Admissions Office at (800) 843-1517 Molly Stresser D/A

Carlton College, Northfield, MN will treat visiting counselors to meals with a tour and conversation should they be traveling through Minnesota
during the summer 2011. Call (800) 995-CARL

Champlain College, Burlington, VT will host a Summer Dorm Program for guidance counselors. There will be two programs
which will extend from July 13 to15 & July 20to 22, 2011 and counselors and their families may spend two to three nights at
Champlain College. Only telephone reservations will be accepted. To make a reservation please call Brad Kelly, Asst. director of
admissions (800) 570-5858

Colby-Sawyer College, New London, NH will host visiting guidance counselors who travel through the area for a tour of the campus and an
Information Session with a member of the Admissions Team. Colby-Sawyer is ideally situated with an incredible view of the White Mountains.
Should you visit Colby-Sawyer be sure to tour their library and look up as you enter the library. You will see something unique. Call Shannon Farr,
Admissions Counselor at (800) 272-1015

Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA will welcome visiting counselors and offer a tour, some conversation and a meal. Contact Katherine Davenport,
Asst. Dir. of Admiss. at (800) 644-1773

Elmira College, Elmira, NY will host three, two day counselor visits (Counselors Institute) at it’s Elmira campus. There are three dates during
which accommodations can be arranged and they are: June 24 to June 26, July 13 to 15, and July 27 to 29, 2011. The program is by invitation. A
counselor may call Brett Moore, Director of Admissions at (800) 935-6472 to obtain an invitation. This will be a most pleasant college visit for the
hospitality is second to none. This program has the enthusiastic endorsement of College Impressions.

Elizabethtown College, Elizabethtown, PA It will host visiting counselors with a tour some conversation with an admissions counselor and dining
in the “Marketplace” dining facility on campus. Elizabethtown is located in Amish country about 10 minutes from Hersey, Pennsylvania. Traveling
counselors and their families can visit colleges, historical sites and stay at Elizabethtown College, which is rated #2 Comprehensive Liberal Arts
College in the North by U.S. News. Contact: Paula Orenstein, Director of Admissions (717) 361-1400

Franklin Pierce University, Rindge, NH Counselors are invited to visit and spend a day at Franklin Pierce., 2011. A visit would include; a tour,
admissions conversation and lunch. Franklin Pierce U. is most proud of it’s small intimate classroom situations and especially its Mass
Communication, Recreational Mgmt. & Business programs. Franklin Pierce is located in Southern New Hampshire, Monadnock Region, an area of
spectacular vistas. Also, Mt. Monadnock is the most climbed mountain in the U.S. and the second most climbed in the world. Suggestion; Call the
Franklin Pierce College Admissions Office at (800) 437-0048

Hamilton College Clinton, NY will host visiting guidance counselors during the summer of 2011. The accommodations are excellent, the rooms
overlook the campus and the Mohawk Valley the accommodations are based on availability.. College Impressions enthusiastically endorses a visit to
Hamilton College. To make a reservation call (800) 843-2655

Hartwick College, Oneonta, NY will host visiting counselors by providing overnight accommodations and meals with a tour and orientation to
Hartwick. Visiting counselors are asked to call and make a reservation prior to the visit. Contact: John Montana, Assistant Director of Admissions,
at (888) HARTWICK. The Hartwick Admissions Dept. will also treat visiting counselors to tickets to the Baseball Hall of Fame

Hobart – William Smith Colleges, Geneva, N.Y Will offer it’s “Summer Counselor Program” in July, 2011. Counselors should call and make a
reservation well in advance of their arrival. The dates which Hobart William Smith Colleges has set aside are July 21 & 22 , 2011. Hobart - William
Smith Colleges is located in a delightful area of up-state New York. New England counselors who would plan to visit Hobart / William Smith are
asked to call Peter Hagan, Associate Director of Admissions at (800) 852-2256

Hood College, Frederick, MD Extends an invitation to high school guidance counselors, independent counselors and their families to visit our
campus during the summer of 2011 for a tour and conversation with an admissions staff member. Depending on the time of the visit we would also
like to invite our guests to lunch or dinner. Hood does not have overnight facilities available but will offer advice on an overnight stay in the area at a
college discount For details call Mike Deegan, Associate Director of Admissions at (800) 922-1599

Johnson & Wales University, Providence, RI will host visiting guidance counselors with tours and orientations at both the Business and Culinary
Arts areas of Johnson & Wales in the Providence area. I have experienced Johnson & Wales hospitality and it is outstanding . Call in advance either
Liz, or Debby for Culinary Arts and Mary for Business & Technology at (401) 598-2310

Lafayette College, Easton, Pa extends an invitation for guidance/college counselors who may be visiting the area to drop in for some conversation a
meal and tour this summer. Contact: Alex Bates, Assistant Director of Admission at ((610) 330-5100

Maine Maritime Academy, Castine, ME will host guidance counselors who are passing through the area during the summer of 2010. Maine
Maritime will provide meals and housing for the night. You will receive a tour or the campus and some admissions conversation during your stay.
Please call the Maine Maritime Admissions Office at least two weeks prior to your visit. Call Emma or Jeannie in the Admissions Dept. at Maine
Maritime at: In state telephone number (800) 464-6565 or Out of State telephone number (800) 227-8465

Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, North Adams will host a Summer Guidance Counselor Visiting Program during which guidance
counselors are invited to spend a night with the Mass. College of Liberal Arts North Adams a the Porches Inn in North Adams, MA. Josh Mendel,
Associate Director of Admissions at (800) 696-MCLA The and will take place in late July. For information call the Office of Admission at MCLA
Invitations will be mailed in early April

The Nova Scotia University Professional Development Tours for High School Counselors If you haven’t made a connection for this summers
trips (July and August) call the Nova Scotia Universities Marketing Office regarding the summer 2011 & ask about a summer 2012 program. Call
(902) 424-8274 Note: this counselor tour has not been confirmed in three years.

Regis College, Weston, MA invites visiting guidance counselors who may be traveling through the area to meet with an admissions counselor, tour
the campus and have either lunch or dinner at it’s Weston campus during the summer of 2011. Contact the Admissions Office at (866) 438-7344

Saint Joseph College, Standish, ME invites guidance counselors to spend a night or two at St. Joseph College during the summer from early July
through mid August, 2011. St. Joseph College is in the lake region of Maine, a summer paradise. St. Joseph’s is proud of its boast regarding the
Sisters of Mercy who found St. Joseph College and their commitment to providing hospitality to travelers. A reservation is requested. Call the
Admissions Office at (800) 338-7057.

Salve Regina U, Newport, RI has reinstated it’s “Newport Visit Program” to be held on July 13 to 15, 2011. There is a fee of $25 for the two day
experience. On the first night there will be a cocktail reception at which counselors are expected to attend. To make a reservation or to obtain greater
information call Mary Beth Luzitano, Admissions Counselor at the Salve Regina Admissions Office at (800) 321-7124
There will be Optional additional experiences.

St. Martins University, Lacey, WA is offering to tour, converse and share a luncheon with counselors visiting the area this summer. St. Martins is
a University with can be compared with Hampshire College in Amherst, MA. Prior to visiting St. Martins counselors are advised to contact Eric
Pedersen, Director of Admissions at (360) 438-4590 Last verified 3/09/09

St. Michael’s College, Colchester, VT will provide overnight accommodations for guidance counselors visiting the Burlington area this summer
(early July thru mid August , 2011 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday &Thursday nights). Guidance professionals will have an opportunity to tour
the campus, attend an information session or meet with a member of the admissions staff. For more information about visit opportunities or to make a
reservation, call the St. Mikes Admissions Office at 800-SMC-8000. College Impressions has experienced St. Michael’s hospitality and extends an
enthusiastic endorsement that counselors visit and experience the ambience of St. Mike’s this summer (terrific food service!)

Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY. Counselors are invited to stay overnight in the Skidmore Guest House on an room availability basis. The
only condition is that the counselor take a tour of the campus and spend some time in conversation with an admissions counselor. It is recommend
that a counselor call three to four weeks in advance for the room availability is limited. I have experienced Skidmore hospitality. Mary Lou Bates,
Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid is a superb hostess. A Great Experience! Call (800)-867-6007

Trinity University, Washington D.C. welcomes counselors and independent counselors to visit their campus whenever they are in Washington D.C.
Counselors will receive a tour and personal information session. Please call the Admissions Office at (800) 492-6882. The Admissions Office will
put you in touch with the conference planner.

Union College, Schenectady, NY, will welcome guidance counselors passing through the area during the summer of 2010. Union will offer some
conversation a tour and lunch. Contact Lilia Tiemann, Event Planning Counselor at (888) 843-6688

Wagner College, Staten Island, NY will welcome guidance counselors who are passing through the area with a tour, conversation and either
breakfast, lunch or dinner during the summer of 2011. Should a group of counselors or a counselor with students want to visit contact Robert
Kaercher, New England Representative or Jake Brown, Director of Admissions at (800) 221-1010

Wheelock Col., Boston, MA will welcome counselors passing through the area. Conversation and a tour and lunch will be offered.
Wheelock is an interesting college and one at which anyone with interests in human relations, people assisting and counseling skills would find the
Wheelock experience an enriching and professionally rewarding one. Call Lisa Slavin at 617-879-2209

Wittenberg University, Springfield, OH will host counselors passing through the area with a meal, tour, conversation and offer suggestions
regarding overnight arrangements at a local motel during the summer of 2011. Must call and make a reservation well before the visit. Call: Sara
Jusiewicz, Assistant Dir. of Admiss. at (937) 327-6370

Massachusetts Students           The Koplik Certificate of Mastery with Distinction
The Koplik Certificate of Mastery with Distinction waives tuition at Massachusetts public colleges and universities
Class of 2011
Koplik coordinators need to notify the parents and guardians of students in the Class of 2011 who have met the initial requirements for
the Koplik Certificate of Mastery with Distinction. The list of these students 2010 is in Drop Box Central. The form parent/guardian
letter is also found in the DropBox Central
Please note: The Koplik Certificate of Mastery materials are now located in DropBox Central
With the move to DropBox Central, every secondary public school is asked to assign a person to serve as the Koplik coordinator. The
Koplik coordinator has access to the school’s roster of students who initially qualify for the Koplik Certificate of Mastery as well as
the supporting documents and templates. The Koplik coordinator is responsible for:
     o notifying the parents of students who meet the initial qualifications;
     o advising students who choose to pursue this Certificate; and
     o processing applications, issuing Koplik Certificates and updating student status on the computer fileFor questions regarding
           the Koplik Certificate of Mastery, please contact Richard Salus at 781.338.6252 or by e-mail at: rsalus@doe.mass.ed

An assumption is being made and that all current subscribers to the College Impressions Newsletter will maintain their
subscription through the school year 2011 – 2012. This assumption is being made because the address files are, at this
moment, being set up for 2011-12 school year Email & U.S. Mailing. This may seem presumptuous on my part but the
organization of the mailing files is an arduous task which will take up most of my spring and summer and it is a task that just
doesn’t lend itself to a last minute push. The billing for year 2011– 12 will be mailed during the summer and early fall. The
subscription fee will be $80. Should your system prefer to be billed prior to July, 2011 please drop me an Email note stating
that and I’ll bill you before July 1, 2011. This note will be repeated in the Summer issue which should be arriving during the
3rd week of May.

College Impressions Seeks Your Help….
Should the opportunity ever present itself for you to offer a complimentary endorsement of the College Impressions Newsletter to a
colleague, please do. Know that I am grateful for any help in spreading the word that this publication is a valuable information source
for guidance professionals. One hundred percent of the feedback that I receive enthusiastically states that the College Impressions
Newsletter saves Guidance Directors time, research labor and provides information that is appreciated by their clientele.

Traits of a Professional
Five primary characteristics of professionalism:
      1. Personal interaction skills, including courtesy and respect.
      2. Skills to communicate, and listen.
      3. A great work ethic .
      4. Being motivated and staying on task until the job is completed.
      5. Professional appearance, self confidence, and awareness.
                 Source: Center for Professional Excellence at York College of Pennsylvania; The Herman Group

The summer is approaching and many seniors will be seeking employment.

 Some job interview advice. Smile & Sit Up Straight!
Poor body language during job interviews may be keeping an applicant from landing a job (permanent or seasonal)
according to a receipt survey of 2,500 hiring managers by “CareerBuilder”. More than 67% kpf hiring managers said that an
applicant’s failure to make eye contact might be a deal-breaker when it came time to make a hiring decision. And more than
33% said a lack of a smile or poor posture would deter them from hiring the individual.
     Source: CareerBuilder, Aug. 8, 2010 & CAM Report Facts & Trends, October 15, 2010


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