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									                                                                                                  February 2011
                                                                                                    Issue 165


Melodrama Time! Mark your calendars for the                 homemade pies, cookies and cakes. A freewill
Robinson Lions Club’s 44th annual melodrama, the            donation will be taken and the proceeds will go to
first two weekends in March at the Birdcage Theatre         Matt Hedrick, a Robinson resident who sustained
in Robinson. This year’s production is entitled             permanent disabilites from a recent car accident.
Granny Smyth Goes to                                           Saturday, March 12: Robinson Boy Scouts will
Washington Or…She Was                                                                   serve a soup and chili
the Apple of His Pie.                                                                   supper from 5-7:30 pm.
Performances will be                                                                    Free will donation.
Friday, March 4, Saturday,
March 5, Friday, March 11                                                               A big thank you to Harlan
and Saturday, March 12 at                                                               Kneisel and Dalton Covert
7:00 pm.; and there will be                                                             for their many years of
a matinee performance on                                                                dedicated service to the
Sunday, March 6 at 2:00                                                                 Robinson Volunteer Fire
pm. Dinners will be held                                                                Department. Both Harlan
in the community building                                                               and Dalton have retired
next door to the Birdcage                                                               their positions and will
before each performance.                                                                certainly be missed. They
And, as always, redeye and                                                              have given of their time
popcorn will be served at                                                               and taken many risks to
the Birdcage. Tickets can      Glenda Foley, Charlene Chellew rehearse the Melodrama. serve the department.
be purchased at the door before the performances, and Thank you Harlan and Dalton. We owe a lot to all of
tables can be reserved by calling Pat Aller at 742-         our volunteer firemen for the work and dedication to
2567.                                                       the community that they give.
    Bring your family for an evening of fun hissing and
booing the villain and cheering on the hero!                Thank you to Marty Rhyne for donating a freezer to the
                                                            Robinson Community Store!
Pre-Melodrama dinners—Before each of the five
Melodrama performances, a local organization will           March 6 Sunday Dinner—These community dinners
serve a supper in the Community Center next door to         are held the first Sunday of the month at the Robinson
the Bird Cage Theatre:                                      Community Center from 11 am to 1 pm. Free-will
    Friday, March 4: The Robinson Girl Scouts and           donations support community projects.
Cub Scouts will serve a free-will donation spaghetti           This month dinner immediately precedes the
dinner from 5-7 pm.                                         Melodrama matinee; see details under “Pre-
    Saturday, March 5: Robinson United Methodist            Melodrama dinners” at left.
Church will serve supper from 5 till shortly before the
Melodrama. Free-will donation.                              “Constructing A Cure” for Cancer—The American
    Sunday, March 6: Robinson Community Building Cancer Society Relay For Life of Brown County will
Association’s regular first-Sunday dinner will              take place from 6 pm on Friday, June 10 until 6 am on
continue to serve from 11:00 until shortly before the 2 June 11, 2011. This year’s theme is “Constructing A
pm Melodrama matinee. Free-will donation. This              Cure”. The planning committee is looking for team
month’s dinner is roast beef, real mashed potatoes and captains to help form teams to participate in this fun-
gravy, homemade bread, corn, and homemade dessert. filled, overnight event that mobilizes communities
    Friday, March 11: The Upper Wolf Lutheran               throughout the country to celebrate survivors,
Church will hold its annual chili and soup supper at        remember loved ones lost, and raise money for the
the Robinson Community Center from 5 to 7 pm,               fight against cancer. The Relay unites friends,
preceding the Melodrama. Serving homemade soups             families, businesses, hospitals, schools and
(chicken noodle, vegetable beef, and chili),
churches…people from all walks of life.                  Zion United Methodist Church—Sunday school is at
    A Team Captain Kick Off is planned for Sunday,       9:30 am, followed by worship service at 10:45.
March 6 from 1:30-2:30 p.m. at the Fisher Center in
Hiawatha (located at 201 E. Iowa St.). If you are        Bellevue United Methodist Church—Saturday
interested in being a Team Captain, please come and      morning, February 26 at 8:30: Fellowship breakfast at
let us answer any questions you might have. All team     Hiawatha Inn.
supplies will be available for you to pick up, along     Sundays:
with computer access, if desired, for registering your   • Bible School, 10 am
team online. Check the website out at                    • Worship Service, 11 am
www.relayforlife.org/browncoks. For more info            • Contemporary praise worship, 6:30 pm at HUMPC
about how to form a team or become involved in the       Wednesdays:
Relay For Life, call Lora Brobst at 742-2385.            • Spiritual Wellness, Highland Care Center, 6:30 pm
                                                         Bible study:
Upper Wolf Lutheran Church—Sunday worship is at          • Tuesdays, 9:30 am at HUMPC
10:30 am. We’re 4½ miles southeast of Robinson.          • Thursdays, 7:30 pm at Bellevue
Church phone: 544-6816. Pastor Annette Minderman
church cell phone: 741-2564.                             Raise the Roof !—Our collection for the roof repair on
• Communion—1st Sunday.                                  the store/Scouts building is up to just under $3,500.
• Donut Sunday—2nd Sunday                                To contribute, contact Greg Bryant (544-7735).
• Bible Study at Gertrude Erdley’s—3rd Tuesday
                                                         Milestones—Death: Jack Willard Sample, father of
Robinson United Methodist Church—Kids’ Time is           Jack Sample, February 1.
Sundays 8:45-9:25 am for ages 5-12. Church service
is at 9:30.                                                     Printed on recycled paper
                                                                Published by the Publicity Committee,
                                                                Robinson Community Building Association

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