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									Job for 2011   7/7/11          Google Panda                    Page 1 of 2

Make the most of your website – with tips and advice from Jill Davies,
MD of Chamber members Granite 5, website development and e-
marketing specialists.

Google’s Panda update kung fus rankings
Fresh, strong and original content on websites is good for users
and Google rankings. And this was underlined recently
following a major algorithm update by the search engine giant,
called Google Panda.

The update aimed to reduce rankings for websites which copy content
from others or are seen as poor “value” in information terms for
visitors, and reward sites with original copy, strong information and
analysis with a better showing on results pages.

The update was rolled out to the UK and other English-language users
in June. Search engine experts reckon it has affected the rankings of
around 1 in 12 websites worldwide, with visitor numbers to some sites
allegedly halved.

Hardest hit included:
• price comparison sites, which have numerous outbound links but
little unique content
• article sites with content duplicated on other article sites
• sites with too many adverts

In the UK, so-called “winners” in the new Panda-based rankings
included ITV, the Mirror and Independent sites thanks to their
continuous updates on news content and associated reader comments.
Ebay and Econsultancy have also had a boost.

Job for 2011   7/7/11           Google Panda                        Page 2 of 2

5 ways to avoid the Panda penalty
Panda has once again emphasised the need to make website content
useful. Users want good quality, value information that’s clear,
concise and relevant to their search.

Are your pages focused from their perspective? Are they credible and
up to date? Now’s the time for an honest review of your site content.

1. Delete duplicate copy from your site or improve the quality of
information on your pages - it’s good for everyone including your
users and Google’s ranking system.

2. Pages that are “over optimised” (stuffed with keywords and
phrases) could be damaging your Google rating. Look at softening the
text and adding in information and analysis that are really useful to
your audience rather than search engine spiders.

3. Include videos and images on your pages – this will score points
with Google and your users. Low bounce rates and longer visit times to
your pages are part of Google’s quality measure, so stronger content
that’s regularly updated will attract visitors and encourage them to
return. Repeat visitors show Google that your site is worthwhile.

4. Promote your site through twitter and Facebook or social book-
marking sites like Digg and Delicious. Google prizes online
conversations about useful sites, so building social media connections
will help boost your website’s relevance and reputation.

5. Continue to build quality inbound links to your site or pages.

• Call Granite 5 for help and advice or to book a consultancy
session. Contact Jill Davies at Granite 5, Unit 5, Valley Court
Offices, Lower Road, Croydon, Royston. Tel: 01223 208008.

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