Olivia Newton John Advanced Seating for Paris Hotel Las Vegas (PDF)

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					  Olivia Newton-John Advanced Seating for Paris Hotel, Las
                   Vegas, October 2003

 This form must be faxed to the Paris, Las Vegas, at 1-702-946-4883, beginning July 2,
2003, 9 A.M. PDT. Orders faxed before this date WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. FAX

Please note: you do not need to be a member of this fan club or any other to obtain these
                       seats. You need only be a fan of Olivia’s.

                These are the seats available for advanced purchases:
              Golden Circle (GC*) seats are the FIRST five center rows.
               AA 15-39, BB 15-42, CC 15-42, DD 15-43, EE 15-44.

                   All seats are $85.00 each. Limit 4 seats per night.

               __________Tickets for Thu, Oct. 16th at 9 P.M. (limit 4)
               __________Tickets for Fri, Oct. 17th at 9 P.M. (limit 4)
               __________Tickets for Sat, Oct. 18th at 9 P.M. (limit 4)
               __________Tickets for Sun, Oct. 19th at 9 P.M. (limit 4)

                       Total charged to my credit card ________

             Name ____________________________________________

             Address 1_________________________________________

             Address 2_________________________________________


             State and Zip Code__________________________________

             Email address______________________________________

             Phone Number_____________________________________

             Credit card number__________________________________

             Expiration date_____________________________________

Please note: only the credit card holder may pick up tickets with the same credit
card and ID. There are no refunds or exchanges. No re-sales.