2009 TENTATIVE CONFERENCE AGENDA
 Sunday, October 4, 2009                                                                                    *KEYNOTE: “The Competitive Advantage”
                                                     roundabouts, smart lights, speed bumps, and
 12:00 noon REGISTRATION                                                                                     Kent Rader
                                                     other traffic calming tools.
 12:00 noon CCFOA ADVANCED                                                                                  *BUSINESS MEETING/ADOPTION OF
  ACADEMY: “Secrets For Building                     12:00 Noon GENERAL LUNCHEON                             2009-2010 MISSOURI MUNICIPAL
  Community Involvement” – Karen Sussman.             - Box Lunch in Exhibit Hall                            POLICY/ PRESIDENT’S ADDRESS/
  The Academy is open to all Conference                                                                      ELECTION OF OFFICERS
                                                     1:15 p.m. CONCURRENT SESSIONS
  attendees, but registration is through the
  Missouri Local Government Program at MSU            1) GOING LEAN WITHOUT GOING MEAN 12:00 Noon GENERAL LUNCHEON
                                                      (Sponsored by CCFOA): Missouri                   “Federal Perspective” - Don Borut,
  ($125). For registration or questions contact
                                                      municipalities are experiencing severe            Executive Director, NLC
  the Missouri Local Government Program at
  417-836-6423                                        economic hard times. Session will focus on     2:00 p.m. CONCURRENT SESSIONS
1:00 p.m. GOLF – The Oaks                             ways to cope with the strain of tight budgets.
                                                                                                       1) WHAT YOUR LIBRARY CAN DO FOR
4:00 p.m. MML SERVICES                               2) ANNEXATIONS (outside St. Louis                 YOUR CITY: This session will focus on the
5:00 p.m. NOMINATING COMMITTEE                       County): Session will cover the nuts and bolts    partnership opportunities your community’s
         (Open Session)                              of annexation.                                    local library can provide for your city.
5:30 p.m. NOMINATING COMMITTEE                       3) AUTOMATED POLICING: How can                     2) THE CHANGING FACE OF
         (Closed Session)                            technology help improve public safety and         COMMUNICATION – GETTING YOUR
6:00 p.m. OPENING RECEPTION                          reduce costs? Session will review both the        MESSAGE OUT WITH 21ST CENTURY
                                                     current legal status of red light cameras as     MEDIA: Twitter, Mashup, Facebook – the
 Monday, October 5, 2009                             well as the use of surveillance cameras in        Internet has reached stage two. As citizens
8:00 a.m. REGISTRATION                               public areas.                                     increase their use of new media municipal
8:00 a.m. EXHIBITS OPEN                              4) VERBAL JUDO – THE ART OF DE-                   officials have an opportunity to leverage these
                                                     ESCALATION: Municipal officials often have        tools for citizen outreach.
                                                     to interact with citizens who are upset or        3) THE PROPERTY TAX PROCESS –
  1) LEGAL ISSUES AND COUNCIL                        unbalanced. The speaker will provide tools        ASSESSMENTS, RATE SETTING, AND
  PROCEDURES (Part I): Municipal                     that can be used to turn unruly situations into   COLLECTIONS ON DELINQUENTS:
  Government 101. This session reviews all the       calm ones and avert confrontations.               From the new reporting requirements to the
  basics: from conflicts of interest to Sunshine                                                       basics of property tax collection this session
  Law to contracts to personnel law.                 2:30 p.m. CONCURRENT SESSIONS                     will provide municipal officials with the
  2) SUSTAINING SUSTAINABILITY IN                                                                      knowledge they need to comply with the law as
                                                      1) MISSOURI’S RESPONSE TO TODAY’S
  MISSOURI: This panel discussion will focus                                                           well as insure their city is getting it’s full due.
                                                      ECONOMIC CHALLENGES: Session’s
  on two parts of the green equation: the many
                                                     speaker will discuss actions the state of              4) CODE ENFORCEMENT: From derelict
  new green initiatives available to Missouri
                                                     Missouri is taking in response to the current          vehicles to dilapidated buildings to detestable
  municipalities and green themes that resonate
                                                     economic turmoil and the use of American               yards, this session will review the nuts and
  with a skeptical public.
                                                     Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds.                   bolts of code enforcement.
  Storms! Swine Flu! Session will review what         2) PERVIOUS CONCRETE FOR                             3:30 p.m. CONCURRENT SESSIONS
  plans and policies cities need to have in place.    MUNICIPAL APPLICATIONS (Sponsored                     1) MISSOURI ETHICS COMMISSION
                                                      by MPRA): Pervious concrete is a storm-               (Sponsored by CCFOA): Officials from the
                                                      water mitigator and a recognized best                 Missouri Ethics Commission will explain their
 COUNT: Session will focus on insuring the
                                                      practice. It’s perfect for city park parking lots,    interpretations of Missouri laws affecting
 Census gets an accurate count.
                                                      bike trails, sidewalks, and more. Session will        municipal officials.
10:45 a.m. CONCURRENT SESSIONS                        cover LEED credits, freeze and thaw issues,
                                                                                                           2) INNOVATION AWARDS SHOWCASE:
 1) LEGAL ISSUES AND COUNCIL                          and cost saving.
                                                                                                           2009 marks the fourth year of the MML
 PROCEDURES (Part II): This is a                       3) FRAUD PREVENTION (Sponsored by                   Innovation Awards. This roundtable session
 continuation, not a repeat, of the 9 a.m.            Mo-GFOA): From big cities to small towns,            will allow attendees to ask questions face-to-
 session.                                             embezzlement is sadly all too common. This           face with officials from nominated programs.
 2) WATER AND SEWER CAPITAL                           session will provide attendees with tools they       3) MISSOURI’S IMMIGRATION LAW:
 IMPROVEMENT FINANCING: Session will                  can take back to their cities to lessen the city’s   What do Missouri cities need to do to comply
 look at the various options for financing water      fraud exposure.                                      with Missouri’s Immigration Law? The
 and sewer improvements, the status of DNR’s         4) WHEN THE COUNCIL SPEAKS, WHAT                      session’s speaker will discuss the current state
 SRF Program, and an overview of the bond            THE STAFF HEARS (Sponsored by MCMA):                  of thought on what is required.
 provisions included in the American Recovery        This session explores the various ways a city         4) PLANNING AND ZONING BASICS:
 and Reinvestment Act of 2009.                       council communicates policy decisions and             Session will review the nuts and bolts of
 3) PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: Economic                 how the city staff interprets those decisions.        planning and zoning.
 development and redevelopment proposals can         3:30 p.m. EXHIBIT HALL RECEPTION –
 generate resistance at various stages. This                                                               6:00 p.m. HOSPITALITY HOUR
                                                             Snack Party
 session will provide proven tools and                                                                     7:00 p.m. ANNUAL BANQUET
 strategies to anticipate, address, and mediate      Tuesday, October 6, 2009                                Entertainment: David Naster, Humorist
 concerns of potential stakeholders.                 7:30 a.m. REGISTRATION                                Wednesday, October 7, 2009
  4) TRAFFIC CALMING: New technologies               9:00 a.m. GENERAL SESSION                             7:30 a.m. REGISTRATION
  are available to improve public safety and to        *NEW MML PUBLIC RELATIONS                           7:30 a.m. BREAKFAST BUFFET
  ease congestion. Session will review the use of       CAMPAIGN                                                     ADJOURNMENT

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