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          FINANCIAL AID OFFICE • 206 CULKIN HALL • TELEPHONE 315-312-2248 • FAX 315-312-3696

                       2011 SUMMER SCHOOL FINANCIAL AID FORM
If you wish to apply for financial aid for the summer, please thoroughly read, complete, and return this form to
the Financial Aid Office. In order to apply for a loan, you must register for at least 6 credit hours. We
encourage you to register for your summer classes as early as possible. If you are an undergraduate student
registering for classes at another institution, please contact the Financial Aid Office to find out how you may
receive financial aid.

Student Name ________________________________________________ ID# _________________________

Email _____________________________________________________________________________________

Spring 2011 Address _________________________________________________ Phone__________________

Summer 2011 Address _______________________________________________ Phone__________________

1. The date my first summer course will start is __________________________.

2. Anticipated number of credits I will register for:
      Summer 2011_____          Fall 2011_____          Spring 2012_____
       Are you registered for these classes through SUNY Oswego?        □Yes      □No (contact Financial Aid)
3. Expected graduation date (circle one):     □August 20__          □December 20__            □May 20__
4. During the summer, I plan to:        □ live with my parents    □ live on campus       □ live off campus
   During the fall/spring, I plan to:   □ live with my parents    □ live on campus       □ live off campus
5. Please list any scholarships, grants, assistantships, fellowships, AmeriCorps, tuition waivers, veteran’s
   benefits, RA position benefits, VESID, Vocational Rehab, or any other resource to be received for
   summer/fall/spring. Please specify semester, type and amount of resource. (It is your responsibility to
   notify the Financial Aid Office if later you receive additional resources.)

I certify that I have read the Summer 2011 Information Fact Sheet (on the back of this form), and that all
information given on this form is correct. I will notify the Financial Aid Office of any changes in resources or
credits. I realize if I receive summer Pell and do not complete hours enrolled for summer and fall, it may
affect my spring Pell payment.

Signature __________________________________________________                 Date _________________________

                                                 OFFICE USE ONLY
                                       Summer 2011 Information Fact Sheet

To apply for Summer 2011 Financial Aid you must do the following:
    Complete the 2011-2012 FAFSA
    Complete and return the 2011 Summer School Financial Aid Form

For timely processing of your summer aid, these forms should be on file in the Financial Aid Office by April 15, 2011.
Applications received after April 15, 2011 will be processed as timely as possible.

If you are planning to attend an overseas program or apply for an alternative loan, it is strongly encouraged that you meet
with a financial aid advisor to go over and understand your options.

       All required documents and necessary corrections must be on file before the last day of your summer attendance.
       To apply for summer Pell, you must be receiving your undergraduate degree in August 2011 or December 2011 or will
        not be a full-time undergraduate during the fall or spring semester.

   If you didn’t link over to the NYS TAP application at the time you submitted your FAFSA, you can apply on-line at
     www.tapweb.org. TAP is for students who will be full-time during the summer, fall and/or spring semesters and in
     some cases students that are attending at least 6 credits in the summer may be eligible. If you are pursuing summer
     TAP, we encourage you to verify your academic eligibility. Prior to Summer 2011, you must have been full-time for
     Spring 2011 and have earned at least 24 credits at Oswego. Only confirmed TAP awards may be used as a deferment
     on your summer bill. TAP awards are not confirmed until NY State’s budget is passed. TAP for Summer 2011 could be
     paid as late as October 2012. Use of summer TAP will reduce future eligibility.
   If you plan to register for less than 12 credits for the fall or spring, you may wish to apply for APTS (Aid to Part-Time
     Study). To complete an APTS application go to www.oswego.edu/financial, select Download Forms, select APTS
     application, complete and submit to the Financial Aid Office with appropriate tax forms. APTS is not available for the
     summer session.

Teach Grant:
    If you are planning a career in teaching, please visit our website at www.oswego.edu/financial and select Teach Grants.
       Information and applications are available on-line.

Federal Direct Stafford Loan:
    All required documents and necessary corrections to your FAFSA application must be on file before the last day of your
       summer attendance. Once complete, eligibility will be determined and certified. If you are applying for a loan for
       the first time, be sure to complete a new e-mpn (electronic master promissory note) and loan entrance session at
    To qualify for a Direct Stafford Loan you must be enrolled for a minimum of 6 credits.
    If summer is your last period of enrollment toward your undergraduate degree, your loan eligibility will be pro-rated
       according to federal regulations.
    Your yearly loan eligibility will be divided by the number of semesters you will attend during 2011-12. (Example
       – if you will attend summer, fall and spring and are eligible for a total of $5,500, you will receive 1/3 of this loan
       for the summer, 1/3 for the fall and 1/3 for the spring.) There may be some exceptions to this for graduate and/or
       independent students. Check with the Financial Aid Office on your options.
    Maximum loan limits (per year): Freshman (1-26 credits) $5,500; Sophomores (27-56 credits) $6,500; Junior/Senior
       (57-122 credits) $7,500; Graduate $20,500.

Parent Direct Plus Loan (PLUS):
If your parent is interested in pursuing a Parent Loan for the summer, contact the Financial Aid Office.

Student Employment:
There are limited jobs available on campus during the summer. If you are interested in summer employment, please contact the
Financial Aid Office or visit our website, www.oswego.edu/financial and click on student employment for more information.

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