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									    GILBERT H HOOD MIDDLE SCHOOL!                           NOVEMBER" 2010

              Husky Herald
                                  2010!2011 school year

                    Editorial                             photo found by Jon Bobek

      Welcome to the Husky Herald Newspaper!
Since this is the November issue, I want to talk
first about Thanksgiving. I personally love
Thanksgiving. I love being able to hang out with
my family and relax. Of course, I like
Thanksgiving Dinner, too. It’s always fun to sit
down, have a meal and simply enjoy each other’s
      Next, I want to talk about fall. Even though it
gets colder, and the days get shorter, it is one of
the most popular times in New Hampshire. I am
speaking, of course, of the Leaf Peepers. Many
tourists from around the country come to our state
to observe the colorful assortment of leaves. With
colors ranging from the brightest yellows and
oranges to the deepest hues of brown and red, our
leaves continue to dazzle people year after year.
      From all of us here at the Husky Herald to
you, Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Fall.

                         Your Editor, Rachel Pepin

                                                 Emily Sharretts
     Chelsea hopped off the Gilbert H. Hood Middle School
bus, her shoulder-length brown hair flopping in the warm,
early-June breeze in Derry, NH. She ran to her house to find
her mom waiting for her in the family room. “ I have a
surprise!” exclaimed her mom excitedly.“ What is it?” asked
     !   !    picture by Emily Sharretts & Danielle Tompkins
   GILBERT H HOOD MIDDLE SCHOOL!                           NOVEMBER" 2010

                    The 7th Floor 2:
                         Emily’s Escape
                             By: Rachel Pepin
… continued from The 7th Floor
!     Emily Whatson screamed and pounded at the Habberson’s cold, dead hands, as
they ran to some unknown destination, carrying her along with them. Tears clouded
her vision, but she could tell that they had left the Willowcrest. She screamed again,
but silenced quickly, because she thought she heard… voices. Calling her name.
They were far off, but not far enough away that they could not catch up. The
Habbersons ducked around the side of the nearest building, and set her on her feet,
Ellis and Lizzy each holding onto one of her arms. She screamed again, trying to
make herself heard, but the same big hand that had done it once before closed over
her mouth for a second time, the same light, deadly voice whispering in her ear.
      “Now, now dearest,” Robert whispered, his voice making her skin crawl. “I
thought you had learned your lesson last time.” Since her parents were chasing after
her, no being held hostage as they had last time, Emily bit his hand. Hard. He ripped
his hand away in pain, which surprised her. He was a ghost, but somehow, the
Habbersons were solid, just like a normal human. She took advantage of this
opportunity to scream again, to make her whereabouts known to her friends and
family. She managed to leak a pretty decent scream of help before something hard
and rectangular clubbed the back of her head. She was dizzy now, and wobbled on
her feet, but she managed to see Robert holding a brick, one that had been pried
loose from the side of the building no doubt. He was wearing a malicious grin, a
smile of sure evil, before he clubbed her over the head with the brick again, and
everything went dark.

                                                                   To be continued…
 GILBERT H HOOD MIDDLE SCHOOL!                                                   NOVEMBER" 2010

       Husky                                                          Sports
         Dates and times are subject to change...Please check with your athlete, coaches or school for changes

Class “I”                                                         Class “A2”
Basketball                                                        Basketball

November                                                          November

             Thursday 11-18-10         @ Amherst                                  Home vs. Sanborn

             Monday 11-22-10           Home vs. Windham                           @ St. Joe!s

             Monday 11-29-10           @ Milford

December                                                          December

             Thursday 12-2-10          @N Catholic                                Home vs. Nashua

             Monday 12-6-10            @ WRB                                      Home vs. WRB

             Thursday 12-9-10          Home vs. Hollis

             Monday 12-13-10           Home vs. Mt. View                          @ Hampstead

             Thursday 12-16-10         Home vs. Amherst                           @ Raymond

             Monday 12-20-10           @Windham                                   Home vs. St. Joe!s
 GILBERT H HOOD MIDDLE SCHOOL!                         NOVEMBER" 2010

        Husky                                Sports
                                    SPORTS ARE ALMOST DONE
                                 by Danielle Rogers
                                 Sports are so much fun to do!!!! Especially for
                                 GHHMS!! Go Huskies!!! The Fall is almost over so
                                 let’s make our best of the last few games. But
                                 don’t be to upset there are Winter Sports as well!
                                 The most popular sport at GHHMS is Basketball
                                 (girls and boys). Tryouts for Basketball will be this
                                 month so ask your advisor for info on that. Have
                                 fun on the last few games of the season!!!!!!
                                 GOOD LUCK HUSKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Derry Demons by Michael Faragi
It was a blowout from the Derry Demons and the Bedford Jaguars two weeks
ago. The whole Demons team played an excellent game. Number 7 from the
Bedford Jaguars threw a punch at Deene Hill and slapped him in the face
mask. He got ejected. The offense played an immaculate game, as well as the
defense. The final score was 32-0. Now, the Demons record is 3-3 on the
year. On October 10, The Demons faced the Concord team and shut them out
32-0 and finally on October 17 , though Londonderry was able to score it did
not keep the Demons from winning their fifth game. October 20th found our
6th grade Demons in the semi-Quarter finals where they beat the Nashua Elks
41-12 and went to face the Pelham team on Saturday.
    GILBERT H HOOD MIDDLE SCHOOL!                                  NOVEMBER" 2010

         Around Town
    Karate Interview With Sensei Nick by Callista Lemeiux &
!   ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !             !    Ashley Sanville
!    1) How long did it take you to become a black belt?
!    Answer: It took me about 4 to 5 years.
!    2) What classes do you teach? What’s your favorite class?
!    Answer: I teach all aspects of karate at our dojo. That includes the traditional classes, as
well as sparring and weapons class.
!    3)What weapons do you know?Which is your favorite?Why?
!    Answer: My best weapon and the one I love the most is the double nun chucks a close
second would the katana or sword. But I also know a bit of staff , kamas , sais , fighting fan ,
club , and knife. I like the challenge that comes with learning each weapon as they all have their
own advantages. Double nun chucks became my favorite because I found them especially
challenging but fun to do as well.
!    4)What is your favorite form?Why?
!    Answer: Including weapons and more traditional forms my favorite would be a double nun
chuck form that i made up. As for a traditional form that i need to progress in rank I like the
Circle of the Tiger because it has a lot of different movement and footwork that separates it
from the more traditional low stances in forms.
!    5)What did you do before you did karate?
!    Answer: I love sports, as a kid I played soccer in the fall and baseball in the spring. As I
got older I played soccer in both the spring and fall. I also played pop Warner Football and was
going to play in high school but decided to focus full time on my martial arts.
!    6) What got you into karate?
!    Answer: I found interest in it as a little kid, I loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and
always tried to impersonate them. You would think that Michealangelo would be my favorite
because of the chucks but it was Rapheal. So I joined Tae Kwon Do as a kid but didn’t stick
with it and didn’t join Tokyo Joe’s until I was about fifteen.
!    7) What do you love most about martial arts?
!    Answer: Everything. I’ve always loved to challenge myself, both physically and mentally;
karate does both things. It’s more than just a sport; It is as the name says it is an art, a
lifestyle. It ‘s also a great workout and keeps you in great shape.
    GILBERT H HOOD MIDDLE SCHOOL!                                    NOVEMBER" 2010

          Around Town
     Karate Interview With Sensei Nick (cont...)

!     8) How does someone become a sensei? What inspired you to become a sensei?
!     Answer: Being a sensei is more than being a black belt, not every black belt is a one, to
become a sensei you have to commit yourself to the school, it’s more than just coming to
class. You have to help the school in anyway that you can including countless hours of
volunteer teaching, helping out at parties, cleaning the dojo , and anything else you can do to help.
Coming into karate I didn’t think about becoming a sensei, it’s not that I didn’t want to achieve
that status I just didn’t think really think about it. I involved myself in school any way that I
could. When I became a black belt and was awarded sensei I was definitely proud.
!     9)There seems to be a lot of misconception about what karate really is, people see the
kicking and punching and think it’s about fighting, others see the low stances,breathing and
meditation and think it’s pointless and weird. What do you say to these people?
!     Answer: People say similar things about all sports. Some people say only big dumb people
play football don’t need anything else, well it’s untrue they lack to understand the strategy and
intelligence that goes into it,same thing with karate. Martial Arts is about bettering yourself and
those around you. It encourages you to avoid fights and situations in which you may have to
fight. Focus,self discipline, effort, etiquette, and character are the foundation of what we
teach at Tokyo Joe’s Studios and help teach self confidence. Self defense is an important part
but it alone is not karate. I’ve never had to use my karate because I can avoid the situation
through self confidence.

photo by Callista Lemieux
  GILBERT H HOOD MIDDLE SCHOOL!                              NOVEMBER" 2010

             School News
 Interview with an Average 6th Grader by Lucas
" " " " " " " " " " " " Goudreault

Student Interview
with Danielle Rogers from Team 6-2 Terriers.





    GILBERT H HOOD MIDDLE SCHOOL!                 NOVEMBER" 2010

              Holiday Happenings
The Turkey!s Point of View
"    "    "    by Ashley Sanville        Traditions
                                            by jordan bell
"    Oh dear, oh dear! They!re                   Some people eat while
chasing after me! I run with all             watching Thanksgiving
my might but I do not think I                football, but my family has a
can fight. Oh no!!! He!s                      much busier Turkey Day.
catching up to me!!! I!ve got to             We start out by waking up,
run faster! Almost home.                     getting in nicer clothes than
OWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! Just to                    usual, and heading out the
let you know, I hate Thanksgiving.      door. We are on our way to my
                                        Nana!s house just to visit and
                                        say hi. Then we usually visit my
                                        Mimi and hang for an hour or so.
                                        Next we finally go eat a big
                                        turkey dinner, but not around the
                                        t.v. watching football. We sit at
                                        the table and all love the
                                        delicious food.

                                     photos found at
                            by jon bobek
      GILBERT H HOOD MIDDLE SCHOOL!                                          NOVEMBER" 2010

             Holiday Happenings
cranberry delight salad!!!!
1 large can crushed                         recipe found by
pineapple                                          Jakob

1 small package raspberry Jell-o

1! 16-ounce can whole cranberry sauce

1 can mandarin oranges (I cut them into 1/3's or 1/2's)

1/2 cup mini-marshmallows
(I cut these into halves or fourths with scissors ~ which I need to
rinse off in hot water every so often as they get gooey.! It's a pain, but
definitely worth it to me as I don't like large marshmallows.)

1 cup cool whip
(I usually end up using closer to 2 cups)

1/2 cup chopped nuts
(I add this to half of the made-up recipe as half my family likes nuts and half

1 envelope unflavored gelatin
(This is optional and wasn't in the original recipe but guarantees that the finished
                  product will stay nice and firm and not disintegrate by the end of the meal.)
1 - Drain the pineapple in a colander over a wide-topped 1-quart glass measure, reserving the syrup.!
Add enough boiling water to the syrup to make 1 cup.
2 - Mix the unflavored gelatin with the dry Jello.! Dissolve in the hot pineapple/water mixture.
3 - Stir in cranberry sauce, and then chill until partially set.! (I stir it every 20 minutes or so since
the outside starts setting first.! Takes about an hour to get it "partially set.")
4 - Fold in oranges, pineapple, whipped cream, and marshmallows.! At this point I divide it in half,
into two bowls, and mix the nuts (yes, all of them; I like it nutty) into just one half.! Chill until set.!
(At least 2 hours.)
    GILBERT H HOOD MIDDLE SCHOOL!                                            NOVEMBER" 2010

         Holiday Happenings

                                               T urkey in my stomach.
                                            U nder delicious thick gravy.
                                               R unning down my mouth.
                                                K enny sure loves his turkey.
                                               K enny sure loves his dinner.
                                                Y ummy! so delicious.
                                       * Story by Kalie Sullivan

                                                 What Thanksgiving Turkey are you? by Rebecca Bobek

November                        !      1: If you were to be cooked, what style would you want to cook at?
"     by Jordan Bell            A-medium rare
No snow yet                     D- well done
Overflowing leaves               2: If you had feathers, what color would they be?
                                A-red white and blue
Very out of the way             B-orange, red, and yellow
                                C-red, white, and green
Every tree loses their leaves   -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
                                3: Would you want to be killed, or would you fight for your comrades
Month before December           freedom?
                                A-I would want to be killed
Big turkey dinner               B-try to save my comrades before it was too late
Everybody eats a lot on         4: What family would you like to be served to?
                                A-A nice, gentle, family
Thanksgiving                    B-A mean, cruel, man/woman
Really COLD                     C-A family of poor people
                                5: (last question) What kind of turkey would you like to be?
                                A-A patriotic turkey
                                B-A turkey that loves autumn
                                C-An Italian turkey

                                Answers on Page 13
     GILBERT H HOOD MIDDLE SCHOOL!                   NOVEMBER" 2010

            Information & FUN!!
        " "       ??Trivia Question??
 "      "     "    submitted by Amber Quinlan
 As I was going to St. Ives, I met a man with 7 wives. Each wife had 7
 sacks, each sack had 7 cats. Each cat had 7 kittens. Kittens, cats,
 sacks, and wives, how many were going to St. Ives?

 Daisy, Lilly, and Simone had 2 bananas each. Lilly and Ricky had 1
 bag of potato chips each. Michelle, Bobby, Jack, and Nicole had a
 glass of apple cider. Caitlin, Bobby, and Simone had 3 pieces of
 pizza each. Jack had 2 pieces of cake and 2 pieces of pizza. Caitlin
 and Ricky had a glass of water. Daisy and James had 4 pieces of
 cake. Who had the most to eat?

 If you know the answer to any one of these questions, you will be a
 guest star on the Monday Morning Show! Please have your advisor
 email Ms. Parsons if you have the answer.

Music Reviews           by Sabbian Robinson
After a week of reviews, the tallies are in.
The tie of “Solo” by Jason Derulo, “If I Had You” by Adam Lambert,
and “California Girls” by Katy Perry
the tie was broken. And the tie was broken with the winner is...........
Adam Lambert If I Had You.
     GILBERT H HOOD MIDDLE SCHOOL!                                                  NOVEMBER" 2010

                Information & FUN!!
 Green Tips 2            by Michael Agresti
 1. Go outside and play instead of watching TV
 2. Buy reusable bags
 3. Plant trees
 4. Don’t feed bears

#1: If you got A, you get one point-If you got B, you get 2 points –If you got C, you got 3 points-If you got D,
well, you get the picture
#2: If you got A, you get one point-If you got B, you get 2 points –If you got C, you got 3 points-If you got D,
you get 4 points.
#3: If you got A, you get one point-If you got B, you get 2 points –If you got C, you got 3 points-If you got D,
you get 4 points.
#4: If you got A, you get one point-If you got B, you get 2 points –If you got C, you got 3 points-If you got D,
you get 4 points.
#5: If you got A, you get one point-If you got B, you get 2 points –If you got C, you got 3 points-If you got D,
you get 4 points.

 Add up the sums of your answers, and check the number you got with the totals below.
1-5 points: You are a very patriotic turkey, who supports their country with the greatest amount of hope and
courage you can manage!

5-10 points: You are an all about turkey, don’t have a care for patriotic events much, and can make friends with
almost everyone that you meet within a fifty foot radius.
10+: You are very Italian turkey, who cares about people’s health and fortune.
Have a good time eatin’ that turkey of yours!
GILBERT H HOOD MIDDLE SCHOOL!                                   NOVEMBER" 2010

 The Husky Herald is always looking
 for photo journalists, creative                          Calendar of Events
 writers and reporters. If you are               Tuesday November 2, 2010
 interested please see Ms. Parsons in            No School - Parent/ Student/ Teacher
 Room 348 for a permission slip.                 Conferences

    We also have a Monday morning
                                                 Wednesday, November 3, 2010
 news program on Channel 23, so if               Picture Retake Day
 that sounds interesting to you, be
 sure and join us.                               Friday November 5, 2010
                                                 Talent Show

                                                 Thursday, November 11, 2010
                                                 No School - Veterans’ Day
    Most meetings are on Thursdays
 from 2:00-2:45 in Room 348                      Wednesday November 17, 2010
                                                 PTSA Meeting 6:30pm

                                                 Wednesday November 24-26, 2010
                                                 Thanksgiving Recess
MS. PARSONS # ADVISOR      6th Grade             Saturday, November 27, 2010
                            Michael Agresti      Holiday Parade - Downtown Derry

   Rachel Pepin #           Jordan Bell
                                                 Friday, December 3, 2010
                            Jon Bobek
   Editor#in#chief                               Due date for all Reflection Program Entires
                            Rebecca Bobek
                            Jacob Cormier
   8th Grade
                            Michael Faragi
                            Kelsey Flannery
                            Callista Lemieux
                            Amber Quinlan
   7th Grade
                            Sabbien Robinson
   "Rachel Pepin
                            Danielle Rogers
   "Kalie Sullivan
                            Ashley Sanville
                            Emily Sharretts
                            Danielle Thompkins

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